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Recreation Overview

Welcome to the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End strategy guide.

The aim of this information is to steer you thru the uncharted waters of Drake’s most up-to-date journey whereas declaring helpful treasures, journal entries, journal notes, and non-obligatory dialog to your assortment. Whereas doing this we’ll warn you of any risks forward and counsel ensuring actions to keep away from as a lot battle as doable.

To do the above we’ve got created a step-by-step information that leads you thru every chapter with all collectibles identified alongside the best way. As well as, you will discover an inventory of every treasure location by chapter, with photos, within the appendix part of the information, in addition to a trophy walkthrough for any trophies you could be lacking.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the fourth recreation within the action-adventure franchise from the American developer Naughty Canine, finest identified for the Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter franchises and the critically acclaimed The Final of Us.

Uncharted Four takes place three years after Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception , with Nathan Drake and his spouse Elena Fisher now retired from treasure looking and residing a traditional life in New Orleans.

Fifteen years in the past, earlier than the occasions of the primary Uncharted recreation, Nathan and his older brother Samuel Drake are on the path of Henry Avery, an notorious pirate who plundered 400 million {dollars} from the Gunsway heist after which vanished. Considered useless as a consequence of occasions of the previous, Nathan is drawn out of retirement when his brother returns from the useless to proceed their journey.


On a small boat in Panama, reporter Elena Fisher and treasure hunter Nathan Drake retrieve the coffin of well-known explorer Sir Frances Drake.

Nate, a self proclaimed descendant of Drake, finds throughout the journal crammed with hand-drawn charts, illustrations and notes by the adventurer himself.

In accordance with Nate, “When Drake sailed into the Pacific he took the Spanish fleet fully abruptly. He captured their ships, he took all their maps, their letters, their journals – and he recorded every thing on this diary. However when he obtained again to England, Queen Elizabeth confiscated all of his charts and logbooks,” together with the one present in his coffin. In accordance with the journal it was the grand treasure of El Dorado that Drake discovered on his journey. Nate and Victor “Sully” Sullivan shortly set sail for the Amazon, the place the journal notes the start of their journey.

After some grand messes and shut calls, Nathan ultimately finds a projector and doc in Drake’s personal hand:

“My finish is close to. The devils hunt for me within the darkness. The gold of El Dorado bears a horrible curse; the Spaniards have unleashed hell, and change into as demons. My males have all been murdered, leaving the duty to me alone. No ship will depart this island; I destroyed all of them, and drowned the cursed metropolis. A factor of such nice evil must not ever go away these shores. In my closing hour, I commend my soul to God. Could He have mercy on this unholy place.”

Seems that El Dorado, the famed metropolis of gold, is definitely a big gold sarcophagus that carries a curse. Making his method towards El Dorado’s new location whereas being pursued by Gabriel Roman, Atoq Navarro, and their goons – Sully and Nate arrive too late as Roman reveals the horrified mummy inside and unleashes a horrible virus that turns him into the feral creatures Nate has been battling.

Navarro orders the treasure be taken away by helicopter and Nate clings to the web, hitching a experience to a cargo ship. A closing showdown with Navarro results in the statue and Navarro being dragged to the underside of the ocean flooring.

Nate and Harry Flynn, an previous acquaintance and accomplice in crime, break into the Istanbul Palace Museum in the hunt for a clay oil lamp associated to Marco Polo.

Polo’s fleet left China with 600 passengers aboard fourteen ships loaded with treasure from the nice Kublai Khan. It landed in Persia a yr and a half later, diminished to 1 vessel and eighteen passengers. Polo documented each element of the expedition – however didn’t disclose the destiny of the lacking ships and passengers.

The lamp reveals that Polo’s fleet was caught up in a tsunami off the coast of Borneo and that the cargo was from Shambhala. Believing that the Cintamani Stone should be there, Nate prepares to go out. Betrayed by Flynn and captured by the Turkish police, Nate spends the following three months in jail.

Bailed out by Sully and Chloe, an previous flame, they head out to catch Flynn. Flynn and his shopper Lazarevic are near discovering the “Buddhist holy grail”, an ideal uncooked sapphire price lots of of thousands and thousands of {dollars}. Following the clues, Nate finds himself within the Tibetan mountains in a monastery the place he finds the doorway to Shambhala. Surrounded by Lazarevic’s males, all of them enter the town and discover it overgrown with the Tree of Life.

Coming into, the lads are attacked by the guardians of the town, permitting Nate to flee. Making his method by means of the town, Nate enters a pyramidal temple to search out the Cintamani Stone. Realizing that the stone is the truth is amber from the bushes sap, not sapphire, it turns into clear that the Tree of Life is the true treasure.

On the base of the tree, Nate enters a showdown with Lazarevic. Imbued with the ability of the tree’s sap, Nate makes use of the sap’s explosive response to wreck Lazarevic and win. Because the Tree of Life dies, Nate and the others escape.

Nate and Victor stroll right into a pub in London to satisfy a person named Talbot, who’s eager about buying Nate’s ring that belonged to Sir Frances Drake.

20 years earlier, a younger Nathan seeks out the identical ring in a museum in Cartagena, Columbia. Unbeknownst to him a lady by the title or Marlowe and her companion, Victor Sullivan, additionally search the ring and catch Nathan. Fortunately, Sully sees greatness in Nate and rescues him, taking him as a protege from that day ahead.

Again within the current day, the group comply with Talbot and Marlowe to an underground library and retrieve T. E. Lawrence’s pocket book that confirms Sir Frances Drake’s secret voyage to Arabia. Commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I and John Dee, it’s believed that Sir Frances’ voyage was in the hunt for the misplaced metropolis of Ubar.

The group splits up – with Nate and Sully heading to a chateau in France whereas Chloe and Cutter make their approach to a citadel in Syria, each of which include a chunk of a mysterious amulet that factors the best way to Yemen. In Yemen, Nate reluctantly seeks assistance from his estranged spouse, Elena Fisher, to search out the underground tomb and uncover the situation of the misplaced metropolis throughout the huge Rub’ al Khali desert.

After making his approach to the Rub’ al Khali desert, Nate beneficial properties assist from a Bedouin named Salim. Salim warns Nate that the town of Ubar was doomed 1000’s of years in the past by King Solomon when he imprisoned evil Djinn inside a brass vessel and solid it into the center of the town, however Nate continues ahead in an try to rescue Sully.

Discovering his approach to the town of Ubar, Nate learns that the outcomes of King Solomon’s actions left the water tainted with minerals that trigger vivid hallucinations brokers. These brokers are what Marlowe seeks to realize for her personal evil objective and the rationale Sir Francis Drake deserted his his quest way back.

In an effort to cease Marlow, Nate by accident blows up the central cistern of Iram and causes the town to start to break down round them. As Nate and Sully escape, they’re corned by Talbot and Marlowe, however the flooring offers method and Marlowe falls right into a sinkhole together with Drake’s ring. Ending off Talbot as Ubar collapses, the pair escape and are rescued by Salim as soon as once more.

Chaper 1

The Lure of Journey

The story now jumps again in time, exploring Nate’s childhood the place he appears to be stepping into hassle at an early age.

After leaping out the window and following the roof proper over a small ledge you will discover that the roof to the left is simply too steep for Nate, who does not hasn’t had years of honing his spectacular terrain expertise at this level. Climb the air conditioner unit and use the small ornamental ledges to climb up and over the wall after which hop again over the ledge while you’re on the opposite aspect of the roof’s slope.

Enter the window on the adjoining roof and open the door straight forward by urgent Triangle. As you head down the corridor a priest and the nun will enter the room forward, so keep on with the left aspect of the corridor and take cowl by urgent O.

After they each flip away from you, maintain up on the Left Analog and press O to hurry across the nook after which shortly take cowl behind the white desk earlier than the 2 flip round. From right here, look ahead to the dialog to finish and the nun to open the door in your left after which head into the room on the correct if you wish to see Nate’s file.

Observe the nun into the following room and take cowl behind the row of bins straight forward after which comply with it proper, holding up on the Left Analog and urgent O to go across the nook.

Anticipate the nun to stay her head out the window as she smokes and make a run for the plaid sofa to the correct and enter cowl once more after which flip the nook and wait on the fringe of the tip desk. Wait till she pokes her head out the window once more after which make a run for the window on the correct.

Press O to drop from the window ledge to the ledges beneath and shimmy left to achieve the aspect of the roof and climb up.

Observe the roof and bounce throughout to the adjoining constructing after which hop as much as the ledge and shimmy proper, whereas urgent X to leap throughout the gaps. Now you can hop to the drain pipe and climb as much as the roof to look at the backpack by urgent Triangle.

After the cutscene comply with Sam throughout the rooftop and climb the chimney, utilizing the Left Analog and X to again bounce from the chimney to the alternative roof. Jump over the railing to slip down the roof after which jump over the ledge to the left for a cutscene.

The grappling hook is a brand new function within the Uncharted collection and it turns out to be useful all through the sport. After Sam climbs up, press X to seize the rope after which maintain L1 whereas urgent up on the Left Analog to climb up.

On the high you will have to shimmy left across the ledge earlier than you possibly can pull up after which proceed to comply with Sam throughout the rooftops. Make the leap throughout the massive hole, barely making it to security, and climb up the ledges after which shimmy alongside the surface of the ledge and bounce throughout the hole.

Crawl below the inexperienced netting and proceed to comply with Sam throughout the rooftop, swinging on the cross, after which seize the rope from Sam by urgent Triangle and swing throughout the hole, urgent X to launch.

Bounce throughout to the adjoining constructing after which bounce once more to the ledge close to Sam, however since Nate cannot attain the upper ledge he’ll should go round to the correct earlier than he can climb as much as the steeple.

Observe Sam throughout the roof and up the following tower after which watch as he slides down the roof and jumps on the final second to achieve the alternative rooftop. Observe swimsuit by shimmying to the tip of the publish after which drop by urgent O, however be sure you do not press X too early otherwise you’ll miss the bounce.

Circle the roof and seize the grappling hook from Sam and press L1 to make a line to the phone pole. Now you can bounce and swing to the hearth escape and climb down the ladder for a cutscene.