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Chapter I

The Exodus

The game opens with the film of Autobots’ Ark flying to the portal, however they’re chased by Megatron’s ship and the 2 conflict in house battle.

Bumblebee is knocked down by one of tow cables. When he comes round, use RS to go searching – look left, then up, then proper, then affirm your settings. Three Cons (quick for Decepticons) will board the bridge, however the medic Auto will fireplace a flash of gentle blinding them. Use the Neutron Rifle Bumblebee comes with to kill all Cons, then acquire ammo clip and wipe all intruders from the bridge.

Here’s a quick rundown of controls – X button reloads, B button switches your shoulder view, and Y button switched between major and heavy weapons (you may solely carry one of every kind of weapon). Hold LT to zoom in along with your outfitted weapon and RT fires the outfitted weapon. To carry out a melee assault, it’s essential to press RS (quick for proper stick).

After the protection grid is deactivated, an goal marker seems onscreen. Generally these present you the course it’s essential to go, and on this case it factors to a lockbox. Approach it to retrieve the moleculon fuse, then flip round and comply with two Autos (quick for Autobots) within the hall, leaping with A over particles as you go.

When you get to the jammed door, a fellow Auto will open it from different facet. Press LB to sprint through it, and a tow cable will smash through the facet of the hull sucking out all people however Bumblebee. To get throughout the outlet in flooring, press A to leap after which LB to leap sprint. Makes you surprise why there is not many Autos who might remodel into flying autos, whereas Cons are swarming with these.

Make your approach ahead and insert the fuse into the machine to revive the service carry, then enter the carry and melee each locks to get the carry transferring. At the highest you must get throughout the bridge solely to be stopped by two flame jets from the edges. Hold LB to dash, and your HPs is decreased to 1. Collect a blue energon dice to revive each your shields and HPs. Note that defend ultimately recovers by itself, however HPs don’t. You have to gather energon cubes or enter Teletraan shops by shopping for a respective perk.

Enter subsequent room and assist fellow Auto clear all enemies, then get near the panel subsequent to the door. Hold LB to dash after which press RS to dash melee the Con engaged on the safety grid panel. After a brief scene now you can change varieties by urgent LS (quick for left stick).

Now reworked into the auto kind, these are extra controls – maintain LT to spice up, after which maintain RB for turbo increase. You also can soar with A. Press RT to fireplace automobile’s weapons (some Transformers in marketing campaign solely have one automobile weapon, whereas others have two).

Just comply with the street and arrow markers displaying you the place to go (you may destroy boundaries blocking the street by capturing them or boosting into them), and ultimately you’re greeted with a bunch of fellow Autos guarding the doorway to subsequent space. Follow them and resupply your major weapon ammo. You can method numerous Autos and press X to speak to them. Sprint to subsequent room and seize Thermo Rocket Cannon from the cache, then dash up the ramp and defeat a wave of Cons guarding the pathway to subsequent arch (Rocket Cannon sends them flying properly).

Here you’ll find your first heavy ammo packs and selecting them up will refill ammo for any kind of heavy weapon your presently have outfitted. Same factor applies for ammo packs for major weapons. Ahead is an Auto titan preventing a wave of Cons – assist him out by capturing the pink container which explodes and destroy close by Cons. More Cons seem forward, in addition to two on the excessive floor, so listen for these.

Move as much as the marker, then push LS up and this chapter is full.