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Welcome to the Tomb Raider technique guide.

This guide is designed that can assist you beat Tomb Raider with ease, with little to no backtracking. It will level out all obtainable salvage areas and collectibles on every map that can assist you buy abilities and improve weapons early, in addition to detailed and uncomplicated puzzle options.

Lara’s journey via the island is not a simple one. Prepare to expertise the start of a survivor…

Tomb Raider (2013) is a reboot to the Tomb Raider franchise of action-adventure video games, and is developed by Crystal Dynamics and revealed by Square Enix.

Development started in 2008, quickly after the discharge of Tomb Raider: Underworld , with the group specializing in the origins of Lara Croft. The thought was to take a naive and untested Lara and drop her right into a state of affairs the place she could be pressured to grow to be battle-hardened to outlive and save her buddies.

Tomb Raider follows the crew of the Endurance, captained by Conrad Roth, as they search out the island of Yamatai, a misplaced kingdom within the Dragon’s Triangle close to Japan.

After a violent storm leaves the crew shipwrecked on a mysterious island, Lara finds herself separated from the principle group and is shortly captured by its savage inhabitants. After escaping, Lara should search the island for her buddies and uncover the darkish secrets and techniques of the island, however doing so would require her to do something to outlive the cult-like group that lives there.

Act 1

Woman Versus Wild

Search for Food

With the rain abating and Lara most likely ravenous, head down the ridge and into the forest to search for grub to identify a corpse hanging from the tree above.

Find a Weapon to Hunt Deer

To attain the Makeshift Longbow , climb the facet of the bunker and soar off the opposite facet to the tree throughout from the bow. Reach for the bow on the proper second, when it’s closest, to make all of it yours. [250 XP]

Collect Meat from the Deer

Time to check out your new bow! Using customary goal and fireplace instructions (L1 or L2/LB to goal and R1 or R2/RB to fireplace) head out into the forest in quest of deer.

Move slowly and maintain your distance to keep away from scaring the animals, making them tougher to hit, and when you have got an animal in your sights maintain down the hearth button whereas aiming on the goal’s head to focus the hearth for a one-hit kill. If the deer does not die, observe the wounded creature and take a second shot to kill it after which method for a scene. [150 XP]

Return to Camp with the Meat

At this level the sport begins to open up and there are a great deal of collectibles on this space, in addition to a Challenge.

From the bunker look into the tree that the corpse was hanging from to shoot the Totem (1/10) after which run previous the tree, following the trail to an overturned truck with the Wartime Intelligence – Soldier: Oni Stalkers doc. Return to the stream and head upstream a bit after which flip round to identify a picket walkway you can scramble as much as. Follow the walkway to the top and scramble up one other wall to the precise to succeed in a lifeless finish with the GPS Cache 1 .

Return to the stream and observe all of it the way in which to the underside, the place you drop down a brief waterfall, and switch round to seek out the GPS Cache 2 . Facing the waterfall, flip proper to identify a fallen tree throughout a niche and a Totem (2/10) hanging from the precise facet of the tree. Head again to the highest of the waterfall and test the big rock within the middle of the world to seek out one other walkway with the GPS Cache 3 .

Hop off the opposite facet of the walkway to drop again to the bottom after which flip proper and test the timber for one more Totem (3/10) , simply noticed with Survival Instincts to focus on it. Check the darkish outskirts of the forest to the south for a Plant .

Walk west right into a clearing after which north, the place two rocks will kind a niche, and test the left facet of the left rock formation for one more Totem (4/10) . If you proceed west to the wall after which observe the wall again towards the Base Camp you may discover one other Plant and may then return to camp.

The ultimate Totem (5/10) for this space is situated previous the camp, so crawl beneath the outcropping and when Lara uncrouches look out on the timber to seek out it hanging from the branches.

Return to Base Camp as soon as once more and use it to buy a talent after which again out of the menu for a scene. [150 XP]

Act 1

Just Keep Moving

Find a Way Out of the Forest

Head again down into the forest and you may discover the door to the bunker is now mysteriously left open. Head indoors for a fast scene [100 XP] after which take the ladder down by urgent O/B.

Explore the Bunker

Climb down the ladder, then wade via the tunnel to succeed in a room. There’s a Food Cache within the nook that merely offers some XP when opened and a Hannya Mask on the desk. You can now burn the picket particles within the reverse nook to gather the Pry Axe . [250 XP]

With your new software in hand, pry the door by repeatedly urgent Square/X to open it.

Exit the Bunker

To proceed, head to the door close to the relic to pry it open and observe the linear path to exit the bunker. [100 XP]

Investigate the Strange Voices

As you exit the bunker the target will change, so observe the voices till you attain the Forest Ruins Base Camp for a scene.

Survive the Wolf Attack

Once you acquire management you may be unable to maneuver because the wolves circle in. Ready your bow and cost a shot, which can stay drawn till you fireplace, and observe the motion of the wolves. When you hear a growl, put together to fireplace and defeat all three wolves. [100 XP]

Catch Up with Whitman

Before going wherever it’s best to use the Base Camp to spend any talent factors, whereas listening to Lara’s Journal: Shipwrecked doc.

While your goal is to make your solution to Whitman, there is a forest filled with goodies you may need to accumulate earlier than talking with him. Start by utilizing the close by flame to gentle your torch after which burn the netting hanging close by to assert the Salvage inside earlier than checking the close by desk for the Endurance Crew – Sam: Family Story doc.

Head towards the steps behind the camp, however as an alternative of taking the steps you may need to take the trail on the precise. Follow the trail to the picket planks and soar all the way down to the rocks under to seek out the GPS Cache 4 on the left facet of the rock.

Cross the tree towards the white markings on the far wall to seek out the Endurance Crew – Sam: Feelings of Unease on the crate after which drop beneath the bridge to seek out the Female Noh Mask relic in a field.

Exit from beneath the bridge towards the jap wall and head north to come across some extra wolves. These will be shot with the bow or combated with QTE’s, however be ready and use Survival Instinct to focus on them in case you are having bother recognizing them.

Continue north to seek out some Salvage to the left of the damaged bridge, on the base of a tree, after which take the small ridge to the precise of the damaged bridge to seek out extra Salvage .

Look towards the hole within the bridge to identify a Totem (6/10) , utilizing Survival Instincts if wanted to focus on it, after which use the arches above the bridge to leap throughout to a platform within the timber with the Coastal Forest Treasure Map .

Take the zipline to discover a Plant close to the lantern after which observe the sting of the stream to the precise, straight towards some Salvage . Follow the stream west to seek out extra Salvage on the left facet of the stream, simply previous the bridge, and test behind it for much more Salvage in opposition to the wall. Cross the stream for one more crate with Salvage after which proceed up the stone steps to the north.

Collect the Endurance Crew – Sam: Filmmaker doc off the bottom after which shoot the Totem (7/10) hanging from the roofing. Make certain to gentle your torch through the hearth on the opposite facet of the statue after which burn down the Salvage earlier than dropping into the courtyard under for extra Salvage .

Follow the wall north to discover a small cave with the Oni Noh Mask , however watch out as a result of should you go to far you may encounter extra wolves.

Return to the stream and test beneath the bridge for one more Totem (8/10) after which look left to seek out extra Salvage , one other set of wolves, and a Plant . The tree on the north facet of the bridge has the Totem (9/10) , so destroy it after which climb the rocks to the west to seek out the GPS Cache 5 .

Drop off the rocks on the left facet and observe the trail as much as discover some Salvage within the bushes and much more Salvage as you flip the nook across the rocks to the precise.

You can now head to the day camp to make use of your talent factors earlier than heading to the gate to meet up with Whitman. [100 XP]

Act 1

At an Impasse

Find a Camp and Upgrade the Axe

Since the Pry Axe is just too weak to maneuver the wheel you may must strengthen it, however do not do this simply but. Before upgrading the axe you may want to speak to Whitman a number of instances, till the dialog bubble now not seems, to make progress on the trophy/achievement Chatterbox.

Once you might be completed talking with Whitman, test the precise facet of the gate for the ultimate Totem (10/10) and the left facet for the Endurance Officers – Whitman: Don’t Leave Me doc.

Using the Gate day camp, improve the Pry Axe with Strengthen and open the big steel container on the camp for Salvage .

Open the Large Gate

Before you come to Whitman head south via the arches, throughout the bridge, and straight to the Salvage beneath the tree bridge you crossed earlier. You can now return to the Base Camp to seek out one other steel case with Salvage on the high of the steps earlier than returning to Whitman to open the gate. [400 XP]