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Guide Information

You are Geralt of Rivia, an expert monster-hunter often known as a Witcher. This additionally means you are a super-human, unaging, sterile mutant. A freak. A relic of bygone occasions. You’re additionally lifeless. Or relatively, you had been purported to be. Somehow you’ve got returned to the dwelling after being struck down within the Rivian Pogrom. However you’ve got managed to come back again to life, the prices have been nice; you’ve got misplaced your recollections, and are being hounded by a spectral military of the lifeless often known as the Wild Hunt.

Recovered by mates from a forgotten life, you had been taken to the Witcher fortress of Kaer Morhen to recover-and bear in mind. You recuperation is interrupted when a mysterious group assaults Kaer Morhen and steals useful Witcher relics, with which all method of horrors could be unleashed on the world. Despite your amnesia, Geralt and the remainder of the Witchers from Kaer Morhen set out on a quest to recuperate their stolen mutagens-and revenge.

In the nation of Temeria you start your hunt. Along the best way you will meet outdated mates and make new ones and get caught up in politics and struggles for social justice. There are few white and black ethical decisions – The world of the Witcher is inhabited by morally ambiguous people. Racism and homicide abound, and atrocities are commited by each of the competing factions that vie for Geralt’s help. Amidst the countless shades of grey that make up the ethical panorama of The Witcher, just one factor is for certain – remaining impartial will earn you the hatred of all people.

During the sport you will must determine whether or not, as an expert monster-slayer, you embody ethical monsters in addition to undead and beasts with scales and claws, and in that case, which aspect’s beliefs are extra worthy of preventing for? Along the best way you will even have to unravel quests, struggle each males and monsters, accumulate wealth, and typically, achieve energy as you achieve this. You may also have interaction in varied diversions – from boxing, to Dice Poker, to indulging in varied flings…

All of which will probably be coated on this guide. We sincerely hope you take pleasure in utilizing it as a lot as we loved creating it. The Witcher collection is timeless and is rightly thought-about one of many important RPG collection of our time.

Nathan “Haeravon” Garvin (Author) and Claire Farnworth (Editor-in-Chief)

The Witchers Three

This is a story-based sport. Did that scare anyone off? Good, we did not like these folks anyhow. Not only a story-based sport, however one the place there may be not often a lot black-and-white. What’s using a deep, story-based sport with advanced ethical points that does not help you make decisions? None, it is a contradiction in impact. On that word, there will probably be decisions, you’ll have to choose sides, and there may be not often a transparent right-or-wrong option to make. It’s a serious a part of the sport, and therefore, it should be a serious a part of any guide written about this sport that is worthy of your time.

To handle to cowl all sides, three totally different Witchers are potrayed on this guide, ideologically seperated from one another. The division begins out merely. Early on, once you’re getting your toes moist, there are two decisions to make-whether you are an ethical Witcher, or a consumate Witcher. The ethical Witcher strives to be good (being evil is not a lot of a chance, however maybe you can be morally ambiguous, with darker shades). He will assist these at risk, and views the time period ‘monster’ loosely. A Ghoul is as a lot of a monster as a rapist, and each deserve the identical fate-to really feel the sting of a Witcher’s sword.

The consumate Witcher, nonetheless, stays true to the Witcher code-it is almost unattainable to implement, in impact, however all good codes are. That does not imply it is not price attempting to stick to, at any time when potential. This code is simple-Witchers kill monsters and keep out of politics. Beasts, undead, and magical aberations are all honest game-the native crime boss just isn’t… permitting, after all, for self-defense. He will not essentially be an unfeeling husk, both, but when given the selection to struggle a horde of insectoids to assist some misguided rebels escape after their caper or preventing these rebels, he’ll kill the monsters. Of course, if he has to decide on between preventing any person else’s political battle or operating and incomes the ire of either side, he’ll keep away from the battle solely and lose mates.

The ethical Witcher won’t keep easy, both. Two competing factions drive the politics of the sport, and with out stepping into particulars, they are not mates. Both factions have good and dangerous sides, and neither is wholly worthwhile of our help, nor incapable of evoking some sympathy. The representatives of both aspect are flawed, however fascinating characters who genuinely really feel they’re in the appropriate, and that their causes are price fighting-and dying for. The two ethical Geralts will divide of their help for both faction… though maybe out of loyalty to at least one buddy or the opposite, or as a result of they agree with the benevolent points of the ideology, relatively than as a result of they agree with the bigger (messier) political goals of the group as an entire.

These three Geralts will probably be refered to typically within the guide-more incessantly as we progress additional into the story and plotlines diverge increasingly. The consumate Witcher will probably be synonymous with the “impartial” Geralt, who avoids each factions and stays politically impartial. The different two “ethical” Geralts will bear the names of their respective factions, as they’re launched into the story and as occasions pressure us to choose sides.

Chapter 1 (The Outskirts of Vizima)

Getting Started within the Outskirts

The Beast Attacks

This chapter begins with a struggle, so do not get too complacent throughout the cutscenes. You’ll must take care of 4 Barghests as quickly as you achieve management of Geralt once more, and though you will initially have assist, do not count on them to final too lengthy… and watch out to not assault your allies. Even although the Mercenaries suck at coping with Barghests, they’ll positive as hell trigger Geralt sufficient bother. Just swap to the Group Style and you should have no bother taking the Barghests down. When most of them are lifeless, take care of any stragglers by switching to the Fast Style.

Once the Barghests are lifeless, the redhead in inexperienced we noticed earlier will discuss to us, and the now-orphaned boy who escaped the Barghests will begin glowing and uttering the Ithlinne Prophecy. As mysterious as that’s, his outburst of magical vitality appears to have pushed off the Beast… for now. Shani-the redhead-will inform us that the Reverend, the group chief right here, may find out about some males with Salamander badges… and he could be price speaking to in regards to the Beast. Seems sort of like a monster Witchers ought to take care of, would not it? Continue speaking to Shani and she or he’ll inform you a bit about herself, Alvin (the creepy magical boy), and Salamander exercise within the outskirts.

Now you are free to go do no matter you would like, and for the primary time within the sport it is beginning to really feel like an RPG. You have loads of quests to pursue in a reasonably non-linear vogue, you possibly can grind, you possibly can run round and loot, or you possibly can simply discuss to NPCs. Sounds enjoyable, proper? The very first thing we should always do once we get to a brand new space is use the largest monsters and kill them-repeatedly. That’s proper, the nice outdated grind. No, it is not obligatory, however since quests give static expertise, and monsters give much less expertise every stage, it is a good suggestion to grind first, then full quests. Before we start grinding, nonetheless, there are some things we should do first.

The Country Inn

Head into the Country Inn, and ignore the Notice Board for now. Yes, it is stuffed with scrumptious quests we’ll need to full ultimately, however for now it’s going to begin quests we needn’t begin but. Also ignore Vesna Hood in case you see her-she’s price speaking to later, however for now, she’ll simply complicate issues for us within the short-term.

Inside the Inn, discuss to Innkeeper Olaf, who after a relatively unfriendly introduction will lastly communicate with you. We needn’t pursue pleasantries with him proper now, nonetheless. Instead, click on on chest to the left of the textual content choices to convey up the storage display screen. This is the place you can-and should-store all of the crap you are carrying which you don’t want to stroll round with… which is just about every thing.

Once every thing is saved, head over to the nook of the Inn the place boxing matches are being held. Not solely is there loot to be saved, however you possibly can have interaction in some boxing matches. We ought to keep away from preventing Fat Fred till we’re executed grinding, since felling him will advance the hunt “Fistfight” and provides us juicy, static quest expertise. Your fists needn’t be lonely, nonetheless, as this nonetheless leaves two Fist Fighters and a Wimpy Fist Fighter for me to field with. Most boxers will go as much as at the least double their inital wager, and for this assortment of thugs it means we are able to rating 50 Orens every go to. It’s going to be one of many few methods to earn cash till we begin doing quests, so get used to it.

Once you are executed preventing, go discuss to a “Drunkard” who ought to be sitting round one of many tables. When the beer mug icon seems to the left of his textual content choices, click on it to start out a consuming contest with him. There are fairly just a few characters you possibly can drink with on this sport, and a few are fairly heavy hitters. For this man, nonetheless, simply be sure you have some Kaedwenian Stout or Viziman Champion in your stock. Whenever potential, you must make sure that you utilize weak alcohol once you attempt to out-drink any person, to keep away from passing out your self… and to chop down on prices. After downing 5 mugs of Viziman Champion, he’ll concede defeat and provide you with “The Tome of Fear and Loathing, quantity I” . This e book would have price you 250 Orens if you need to purchase it at an Antiquary.

Now that we have stashed our loot, fought for some Orens, and acquired drunk for a e book, it is time to relaxation. Either pay Innkeeper Olaf 5 Orens to sleep, or head exterior and try to mooch off any person else’s fire, if one’s lit. If not, you possibly can at all times use some Flint to start out a fireplace up. Rest and distribute extra skills. Everybody ought to be stage three, closing on stage 4 proper now. This time you must choose Monster Lore (within the Intelligence tree), Strong Steel (stage 2), and Stun (within the Aard tree)… all for a really particular endeavor we’re about to to embark upon. Once executed, relaxation till the afternoon.

Once you get up, head over to the Dwarven Blacksmith who’s lurking to the north of the gate. Listen to him rant about discrimination and when he is executed whining, ask him about weapons and he’ll supply to promote you some oil for 35 Orens. At that worth, it is a steal, and he will not simply provide you with some oil, he’ll provide the Crinfrid Oil recipe so you may make it at will.

Enroute to the Reverend

Head by the gate of the palisade surrounding the Country Inn. It’s time to go see the Reverend… and to loot deserted homes alongside the best way. There are two routes we are able to take to achieve the Reverend’s House, both by going north from the Country Inn, or by going west. In order to finish some minor encounters alongside the best way, take the western route-past the Royal Huntsman, relatively than previous Abigail’s Hut, being positive to gather herbs and search homes to attain minor loot alongside the best way. Below are listed some random encounters you may discover in case you’re diligent about speaking to NPCs alongside the best way.

Along the best way you may discover a “Traveller” who will acknowledge you in case you discuss to him. Recognizing you because the legendary Witcher Geralt who helped him out previously, he decides to repay you for companies rendered. It’s a nice-and unexpected-way to attain 100 Orens from a stranger.

Near a number of the homes alongside the best way (or maybe on the town) you will discover a “Beggar”, an outdated woman who will ask you to offer a White Gull Potion so her dying grandson can expire much less painfully. If you present one she’ll provide the “Eternal Fire Signet Ring” she stole from the Reverend-who refused to assist. This is an merchandise we’ll acquire at much less price to ourselves later, however hey, it is at all times good to make word of alternate options.

Also alongside the best way you may encounter a blonde “Peasant Woman” with a inexperienced and yellow high. You’ll know it is the appropriate woman as a result of she’ll greet you with “Greetings, good-looking traveler.” Give her some Tulips (which could be present in one of many homes, or obtained from a “Townswoman” sporting white by giving her another flowers) and she or he’ll ask in case you discover her fetching. Suggest that you just discover a nook someplace to get the “People of the Outskirts” Sex Card . If you are having bother discovering flowers, the Viziman Herbalist close to the Country Inn sells Daisies (10 Orens) and Orchids (50 Orens) which could work to get you some Tulips from the Townswoman in white. Or if all that is an excessive amount of for you, Declan Leuvaarden, a service provider staying on the Country Inn (discover him throughout the day, normally round midday) will simply promote you some Tulips (20 Orens).

Lastly, alongside the best way yow will discover an ‘Old Woman’ who insists she would not discuss to strangers. What she actually means is that she would not discuss to strangers except they pay her about 20 Orens, first. She’ll solely inform you one factor, both she’ll inform you a couple of random herb, together with Hellebore Petals, Sewant Mushrooms, Celandine, Verbena, and Beggartick Blossoms come up, or she’ll inform you a narrative about plagues and cannibalism. Frankly, you will get all these herbs from different sources, most of them could be obtained by studying the e book “Field Plants”, and the final two talked about will not even come up till Chapter 2. Still, if you wish to bribe some data out of her, that is an possibility.

The Outskirts Village

When you lastly attain the outskirts of the… outskirts village, you will be harassed by some Village Militia, who finally determine that you just’re not price messing with. Continue previous them to search out the Reverend, who’s most certainly exterior of the Chapel. He’s not too pleasant, and he tells you that to earn his belief you will must mild to fires on the 5 “Eternal Fire Shrines” across the outskirts. Of course, this needs to be executed at evening whereas it is most harmful… however we’re not right here to do his silly quests. At least, not but.

Pick dialogue possibility #1 and he’ll inform you to unravel the issues of Mikul, Haren, and Odo, three outstanding residents of the outskirts earlier than he’ll inform you extra about Salamandra. To show that he despatched you, he’ll provide the “Eternal Fire Signet Ring” , which is what we got here for. Equip it now and put together to do some extra operating round.

Since we’re at this village, we would as effectively loot it, too. There are a number of books to search out, however extra importantly there are some “Old Townswomen” who complain about not having any meals. Give them some and so they’ll inform you outdated stories-one tells you a couple of Miller’s daughter killing herself and changing into a Drowned Dead, one other tells you about Barghests, a 3rd will inform you about Fleders, and a fourth will inform you about Werewolves, and provides you journal details about Werewolf Fur . What morbid folks.

On the opposite hand, in case you discuss to a “Townswoman” clad in white she’ll ask for some flowers. Give her some and she or he’ll provide you with Tulips in return, and inform you about some Salamanders mendacity in look ahead to you. Lastly, discuss to a Stall-Keeper and she or he’ll inform you about one other Witcher who talked to Reverened, which the Reverend himself talked about. You may also purchase meals from her, in case you’re so inclined.

We’re executed with the village for now, so head north-east previous the Stall-Keeper and head all the way down to the riverside. There are extra homes to loot, however most significantly you will discover Zoltan Chivay, who’s being harassed by a number of human racists. Getting shut (and the phrase “shut” ought to be taken very loosely on this case) will begin the hunt “Racists” , one of many few quests we’ll do earlier than grinding. Get near the encounter and a human will query your intent, or wait round and a struggle will begin.

If you are taking part in a strictly impartial Witcher, you may need to sit this one out. Racists are dangerous, positive, however they are not the form of “monsters” that ought to concern a Witcher. Besides, in case you attempt to defend each non-human in Temeria, you will not be a lot of a impartial Witcher for lengthy.

After the racists are lifeless, Zoltan will discuss to you (and be understandably upset in case you simply sat again and watched), the place he’ll reveal that he is one more outdated buddy of yours. Exhaust all of Zoltan’s dialogue choices and he’ll go away. He’ll keep on the Country Inn for the remainder of the Chapter, and we’ll have extra to do with him later, however for now, we have different issues to hassle with… specifically grinding, serving to out the three males the Reverend informed us to assist, and lighting the “Eternal Fire Shrines.”

First, nonetheless, loot the our bodies for some Dice Boxes, which can begin the hunt “A Game of Dice” . You may also choose up a Rusty Sword, in case you missed your outdated one. Loot the remainder of this fishing village, simply keep away from speaking to Haren Brogg for now… though do not be afraid to loot his home.

Mikuls Mission

Continue north-east alongside the river financial institution till you attain a bridge. Cross the bridge to achieve the Merchant’s Gate, exterior of which you will discover Mikul. Talk to him and he’ll inform you that there is a quarantine in impact and that solely people with passes are allowed in. He’s not too vivid, and earlier than he actually will get chatty he calls for proof that the Reverend despatched you. Show him the ring you got (you probably have it geared up you possibly can click on on the “hand” icon to the left of the dialogue choices) to get him to open up. Pick dialogue possibility #1 and he’ll inform you that he was purported to kill some ‘lifeless’uns’ within the crypt down the street. Offer to kill the undead for 200 Orens and he’ll provide you with a key, which can open the door to the crypt.

From the Merchant’s gate, cross the bridge once more and proceed down the street to the east, once more, looting homes as you go. Eventually you’ll come to a fork within the street close to an “Eternal Fire Shrine”. From this shrine (which ought to be marked in your map with an apparent pink circle) head alongside the jap street till you attain the Crypt Entrance. Save your sport and head inside.

Once inside you will get a custcene exhibiting the physique of a lifeless lady, who clearly poisoned herself. The troublesome Ghouls Mikul was purported to kill had been drawn to her corpse. The sport additionally helpfully tells you to drink a Cat Potion… which we’ll do once we come again right here to full discover this place, however till then, setting the gamma as much as 2.00 within the choices/video choices menu will work fantastic for now. Anyways, seize the Glass Vial off the ground earlier than you do anything.

Head deeper into the Crypt till you come across a Ghoul. Ghouls are pretty powerful at this level within the sport, however a single Ghoul is not a lot of a risk. Get used to preventing it, then proceed to the east till you attain some branching tunnels. Very fastidiously head into the room to the north. Once you are inside sufficient, three Ghouls will come out and assault you. Run again to the doorway and hopefully you will lose a few of them-three Ghouls generally is a hell of a struggle at this stage. If not, with just a little luck your Aard signal will stun one among them, which you’ll then end off with a coup-de-grace. Two Ghouls should not be an excessive amount of bother, however three directly are deadly. Use the Strong Style (you will not deal sufficient injury with the Group Style to defeat them, most certainly) and use Aard at any time when they group up. With some ways, just a little luck, and persistence you must have the ability to win this struggle, even at stage three. And in case you fail, strive, strive again-after all, you saved, proper?

In the room the place the three Ghouls spawned you will discover a corpse with some goodies price looting, however better of all is the “Circle of Inner Fire” . Activate it the study the Igni signal. It’s a useful signal, however for our current functions, we’ll use it to relaxation between grinding runs while not having to make use of any Flint, or with out having to pay the Innkeeper 5 Orens to relaxation.

Finally, in any case that work we are able to start to grind. If you did not discuss to Vesna Hood within the Country Inn (and therefore do not have her in your Journal beneath the “Characters” part) her quest “She’s No Early Bird” will not begin. How to grind this space? Just run circuts across the map at evening, killing Barghests and Drowners (close to the river) and the occassional Ghoul lurking round. If there’s greater than three enemies, use the Group Style, in opposition to Barghests and Drowners use the Fast Style, and in opposition to Ghouls use the Strong Style. After you’ve got executed a full circut, return to the Country Inn and relaxation by lighting a campfire within the palisade with Igni. Also contemplating performing some boxing as soon as per run… Just do not stay out too lengthy or else the realm will change into secure throughout the day-which means you possibly can’t use your Igni signal to start out fires. If that is the case, you will must run round hoping to bum a fireplace off of others, otherwise you’ll must mild one your self with some Flint, otherwise you’ll must pay the Innkeeper to relaxation.

To make these runs additional worthwhile, you may take into account shopping for the e book “Field Plants” from the Viziman Herbalist who stays exterior the Country Inn. It’s 200 Orens, however in case you begin accumulating the herbs rising round (Celandine, Berbercane, Balisse, Hellebore) you possibly can refill fairly a horde whereas grinding. It’ll turn out to be useful later. Also, hold a number of the Barghest Skulls you will discover, as they will be wanted in an upcoming quest, in addition to in a quest a lot later.

Consider leveling up till about stage six or so, after which level Barghests simply aren’t giving sufficient expertise anymore. Sure, you possibly can nonetheless give attention to the Drowners close to the river, nevertheless it’s extra tedious, and actually, simply not definitely worth the time. As you stage up, you should purchase ranks in Dexterity (ranges one and two), Fast Steel (stage two) and Group Steel (stage two), which can make additional leveling simpler. After that, convey Igni and Aard as much as stage two, then give attention to the injury boosting skills inside the fight model bushes.

It may take some time, however once we’re stage six (on the most), we’re executed grinding. Intermitent boxing ought to have left us with just a few hundred Orens (even after buying the e book “Field Plants” ), looting the fallen ought to have resulted in us scoring loads of Barghest Skulls, Death Dust, Beast Fangs, Ectoplasm, Drowner Brains, and trying to find herbs could have gained up loads of Celandine, Hellebore Petals, Balisse Fruit, White Myrtle Petals, and Berbercane Fruit. Needless to say, so far as alchemy is worried, we’re set for some time. On that word, it is time to begin questing in Chapter 1. Rest exterior the Country Inn till morning, and we’ll begin from there.

The Viziman Herbalist and the Notice Board

Let’s speak about a number of the characters that we have been ignoring for some time. First, yow will discover a Viziman Herbalist hanging out close to the Country Inn. Talk to him and he’ll inform you in regards to the plague and different ineffective info. He will, nonetheless, promote you varied alchemical components (at a monstrous mark-up), however extra imporantly he’ll promote flowers (in case you nonetheless want to offer them to the white-clad woman for some Tulips), and he additionally sells two books “Field Plants” , and “Subterranean Plants” . The former is immensely helpful on this chapter.

Now head over to the Notice Board and seize the notices-along with the “Arrest Warrant”. Read the three notices to get the next quests: “The Barghest Contract” , “The Drowner Contract” , and “The Ghoul Contract” . We’ve accomplished all three of those quests by now-at least you must have killed sufficient Barghests, Drowners, and Ghouls by now-we simply want to show them in, which we’ll get round to doing later. Reading the Arrest Warrant begins the hunt “Wanted” . Anyways, head on into the Country Inn.

Playing Dice Poker With Zoltan

If that is the primary time you’ve got entered the Country Inn since serving to Zoltan, he’ll discuss to you. Ask him in regards to the cube you discovered and he’ll supply to play a sport with you. Play a sport with him (and hopefully win), and discuss to Zoltan once more when the dialog ends and ask about taking part in the sport for severe cash, which can begin the hunt “Dice Poker: The Novice” , and help you play with Odo, Haren, and Mikul. It’ll give us one thing extra to do once we go to assist with their issues, and save us some bother operating forwards and backwards. Now that we’re executed with Zoltan, it is time to end up consideration to different bar flies.

Chatting With the Bar Flies

Sitting round one of many tables throughout the day you will discover an Antiquary, who serves as a bookseller. It’s not a nasty thought to attempt to purchase each e book the antiquarian sells… which implies quite a lot of boxing. Reading books provides codex entries to your Journal, permits you to loot varied monsters and harvest varied herbs, so it is price doing, simply purchase them as you possibly can.

Talk to Vesna Hood, the native day-time bar wench. She would not have an excessive amount of to say, however simply speaking to her will get you her Journal entry, which can permit the hunt “She’s No Early Bird” to start out. You may also purchase varied alcohol from her, ought to it’s essential outdrink any person or make a potion.

By now you must have the ability to discover a service provider named Declan Leuvaarden someplace within the bar. Unlike a lot of the people right here, he is acquired a job for you, a paying job, at that. He desires you to discover a cave close to town partitions and rescue his friend-or failing that, present him with a good burial. Accept his supply to start out the hunt “Dead Hand of the Past” . This is one we’ll save for later. You may also purchase jewellery from Leuvaarden, which is generally nugatory proper now. He additionally sells Flint (we’ve the Igni signal, so who cares?), Mettina Rose (if you haven’t any, get one, however we should always have discovered a bottle of this by now), and Tulips (in case you nonetheless must seduce the green-and-yellow-clad woman to acquire the “People of the Outskirts” Sex Card .)

Now for the much less noteworthy people. You can discuss to Shani once more to search out out that Alvin-whom had been in her care-she despatched to go stick with Abigail, the native witch. Who is aware of higher the best way to deal with a mage than one other mage, proper? Near one of many tables you will discover a Gambler, who talks about an unfortunate hunter. You can play very, very, very low-stakes Poker with him. There’s additionally a Bard you possibly can chat up, who is aware of of some “Geralt of Rivia”, whom you resemble. If you pay him 5 Orens he’ll sing a relatively terrible little song-but you will get a Journal entry about Dandelion, presumably a a lot better bard. Lastly, you possibly can chat up the Innkeeper. For 5 Orens he’ll inform you in regards to the plague and the at all times ineffective spiritual response to it, nevertheless it’s actually only a waste of cash.

Fighting Fat Fred

Since all that is out of the best way, lets go take care of Fat Fred. Talk to him and put up 25 Orens to get him to struggle. He’s stronger than the opposite fistfighters, however he’ll nonetheless fall to the identical ways we have been utilizing to abuse the others. When you win you will get a alternative of prizes, money-which seems to be 100 Orens, which we may win in two rounds of boxing the lesser fighters, a ring-which seems to be a Gold Diamond Ring (sells for 120 Orens) or vodka and chaser, which implies two bottles of Zerrikanian Spirit, a loaf of bread, a mutton leg, and cheese. All the prizes suck, as Zerrikanian Spirit is not so potent as to be price discover. I are inclined to take the ring, which is price essentially the most, and hold it for a wet day. Now that Fat Fred has been overwhelmed, we’ll want to attend till Chapter 2 to proceed with this quest.

Drinking With Zoltan

We’re virtually executed with the bar, there’s just one factor left to do. Stash the loot earned from Fat Fred and withdraw ten mugs of Kaedwenian Stount. Talk to Zoltan and interact him in a consuming contest. Down seven mugs and Zoltan will admit defeat, and current you with a Diamond for successful (price 60 Orens). Now that we’re trashed once more, discover someplace to relaxation and sleep till midnight.

The Wench and the Rapists

Once Geralt wakes up-fresh and sober-leave the Country Inn and take the street north to search out Vesna Hood being bothered by some “Bandits”. If you are taking part in a “consummate” Witcher-or a impartial one, because the case could be-you’ll understand that this incident actually has nothing to do with you, nor your occupation. Still, it is onerous to not step in, given the circumstances. Regardless of how you are feeling about politics afterward, it is onerous to play a Geralt that would depart any person on this predicament-especially a fairly woman. As far as gameplay goes, in case you do not step in, Vesna’s lifeless. No quest, no expertise, no “Vesna” Sex Card . So, offered with morality and an unrewarding various, we would as effectively assist out poor Vesna. The two “ethical” Witchers will at all times assist Vesna, after all.

Approach Vesna and her “mates” and so they’ll tactfully inform you to shove off. Threaten them and a struggle will ensue. Despite performing powerful, they will all die from two combos of the Group Style. When they’re lifeless, Vesna will ask you to escort her residence, seeing as how unsafe the world clearly is for a bar-wench within the Outskirts. Again, it has nothing to do with Witchering-save for the truth that you will be defending any person from monsters… wait, that DOES sound like Witcher’s work. And after all, you get expertise for serving to her. Save your sport now, in case one thing goes incorrect throughout the escort.

Take the western path to city, previous the Royal Huntsman. Stay near Vesna so you possibly can shield her-she’s acquired extra well being than a standard Townsperson (at the least, she should not die in two-or-three hits) however she nonetheless has nearly no likelihood of fending for herself. She makes it troublesome by staying a display screen away from you more often than not. Just take it gradual. When you attain the second “Eternal Fire Shrine” alongside the street two Barghests will seem and assault. Dispatch them and Vesna and Geralt could have some very quick dialogue. At the third “Eternal Fire Shrine” you will encounter one other group of Barghests-this time three of them. You know, it looks as if these shrines are doing the precise reverse of what they’re purported to be doing. A faith whose militant department fights monsters has shrines that pulls Barghests!

Anyways, you are virtually there now. In truth, make a splash for her home (which is conveniently the primary home of the village strip approaching from this course) and wait close to the door. When Vesna catches up she’s going to chat with you, asking how she will repay you. Pick the primary choice to ask for a date, or the second choice to be a boner and go away with out getting a reward. If you choose the primary possibility she’ll inform you to fulfill her by the Mill at nightfall tomorrow-and convey some wine. If you choose the second possibility… effectively, nothing occurs, she simply leaves.

Objective Reward
For escorting Vesna safely residence 1000 XP

Helping Haren Brogg

Now, lets do some issues alongside the best way again. Head all the way down to the riverside and enter Haren Brogg’s House. Talk to him and current the ring the Reverend gave you to get him to open up. Ask him about cube and get him to play. Beat him in a match to safe your self your second Novice victory. When that is executed, ask him what he sells, and be sure you purchase the Blue Meteorite off of him you probably have the 300 Orens. Lastly, ask about Witcher’s work and he’ll inform you about some Drowners that come out of the river and threaten his items. This begins the hunt “Strangers within the Night” , which we’ll conclude shortly. Note that after getting gained Haren’s belief (by exhibiting him the Reverend’s ring) you possibly can relaxation right here, freed from cost.

Objective Reward
For defeating a second Novice participant 100 XP

After you are executed speaking to Haren, head exterior and proceed east, as in case you had been heading to the Merchant’s Bridge… which you’re, simply not but. Along the best way you will be attacked by quite a few Drowners. Kill about eight of them and the hunt will replace. Don’t dread the numbers, eight seems like quite a bit, however you will in all probability solely must take care of three or 4 at a time, tops.

Once they’re lifeless an elf-a member of the Scoia’tael-will present up and demand that you just hand over the goods-or relatively, permit them to take what belongs to them. Apparently Haren is a Hawker, a service provider who illegally sells items to nonhuman rebels. Regardless of whether or not you propose to favor nonhumans or people later, refusing at hand over the products is not a nasty thought. Not actually for any ethical reason-giving help to partisans or letting them starve-either manner, individuals are going to die-but as a result of letting these items go along with the non-humans will get an NPC within the subsequent chapter killed (see the word beneath for guaranteed-but useful-spoilers). Granted, not a massively vital NPC, however nonetheless.

On the opposite hand, the consumate Witcher should not care what occurs to Haren’s items now that the Drowners are lifeless, and gladly pockets the additional 200 Orens the Scoia’tael offers you for letting them take the products. If you refuse them, you will must struggle the Scoia’tael chief, a Dwarf, and two Elven archers, which is a sadly straightforward struggle. Use Fast Style on the chief and the archers, and Strong Style one the Dwarf. Either manner, report back to Haren once you’re executed to your reward.

Objective Reward
For killing the Drowners close to Haren’s items 500 XP
For permitting the Scoia’tael to take the products 200 Orens
For reporting your success to Haren Brogg 3500 XP 200 Orens

Note (Spoilers): Depending on the way you resolve “Strangers within the Night” , the NPC Coleman within the subsequent chapter may undergo from an assassination-induced case of deathitude. He’s a Fisstech vendor, and an all-around slimy particular person, however he does have a quest hooked up to him. If you kill the Scoia-tael right here, Coleman will not be anxious later, however in case you do not, he’ll get assassinated. No huge deal, both manner, particularly contemplating we’re unlikely going to be overly variety to him, ourselves. Just be sure you take care of Coleman and his minor quest “The Rat” earlier than you go go to detective Raymond and set in movement the hunt “The Crown Witness” … which you will find yourself doing in case you observe this guide.

During our keep within the Country Inn earlier, you may need seen {that a} man named “Kalkstein” was on the tavern once we first reached Chapter 1, however not could be discovered there. Head to the Merchant’s Bridge (the place we met Mikul earlier) the place you will discover Kalkstein trying-unsuccessfully-to achieve entry into Vizima.

Talk to him and you will be interrupted by Salamandra assailants. If you fought the Frightener, this group will embody a “Mutated Hound”-signs that the actual fact Geralt’s delay in reaching the laboratory allowed Salamandra to steal greater than they in any other case would have, and have since progressed with their stolen mutations. If you went with Triss you will solely struggle some common Salamandra bandits. Use the Strong Style to eliminate the Mutated Hound and the Mage that comes with it-hopefully you will get fortunate and have the ability to stun the Mage with Aard. If it is simply regular Salamandra thugs, the Group Style works simply fantastic to kill most of them. When you are executed Kalkstein and Mikul will each remark.

Once that risk has been handled, discuss to Kalkstein, who will babble on about alchemy, and be only a bit too ahead with Geralt. Give him his Ghoul Blood to complete that quest. He could be absent-minded and annoying, nevertheless it’s onerous to hate NPCs who reward you effectively.

Objective Reward
For bringing Kalkstein three vials of Ghoul Blood 3000 XP 100 Orens

When you are executed with Kalkstein, discuss to Mikul and ask him about cube. Get him to play with you, after which problem him to a round of Dice Poker. Beat him, and end the ultimate leg of the “Dice Poker: The Novice” quest, then inform him in regards to the crypt. Mikul appears distraught in regards to the lifeless lady, whom he calls “his Ilsa”. All Mikul will do now’s whine about Ilsa. Fair sufficient, we’re executed with him, anyhow.

Objective Reward
For defeating a second Novice participant 100 XP
For changing into a Novice at Dice Poker 500 XP
For telling Mikul in regards to the Ghouls 300 XP 200 Orens

Head again to the Country Inn, and alongside the best way pay Abigail a go to. She’ll inform you in regards to the man exterior her hut in the beginning of the chapter, who apparently was a bit too ahead together with her. Talk to her once more and exhaust her dialogue choices. She’ll supply to promote you the recipe to Specter Oil for thirty Orens. Considering what we’re up in opposition to, it is a good funding.

You may also ask her about Alvin, for what good that does us. Turn in ten Barghest Skulls to finish the hunt “The Barghest Contract” , after which see what Abigail has on the market. She’s acquired a number of books, varied alcohols, greases, and powders (the bases required to create potions, oils, and bombs), and a Red Ribbon, which repels Drowners. The latter is an unusual merchandise, however you possibly can simply wait till the following chapter to buy it, if you want. Drowners will stop being a risk shortly, regardless of their numbers, however they’re nonetheless annoying sufficient that having an merchandise that simply makes them run away may turn out to be useful. Needless to say, you probably have any alchemical wants, Abigail is the one to see-although she’ll rip you off in case you’re shopping for accomplished potions or oils, or in case you purchase any Alchemical Ingredients. Consider shopping for some alcohol and a few grease, then go away.

Objective Reward
For bringing Abigail ten Barghest Skulls 2000 XP, 100 Orens, Mandrake Root x2

Return to the Country Inn and stash the loot you’ve got gained. Take out a bottle of Mettina Rose or Toussaint Red, and any three bottles of sturdy alcohol-that’s proper, it is virtually time to make some Potions. If you need to be just a little forward, seize some grease, too. It ought to be morning now, or at the least practically so. If not, it would not actually matter, it is time to take our second lap across the Outskirts, which principally simply units up tonight’s actions.

Haunting The Mill

Leave the Country Inn and head alongside the western path to city. Along the best way, cease and discuss to the Royal Huntsman. He’ll inform you about two distinctive monsters-a Drowned Dead close to the outdated Mill, and an Alghoul that haunts the crypts. This would not offically begin any quests, nevertheless it ought to provide you with a good suggestion what we’ll be doing tonight… Anyways, you too can discuss to him about his commerce… and discover out that Witchers get screwed on bounties.

Continue to city and discuss to the Reverend (if it is nonetheless early, you could have to enter his home to search out him). Feel free to speak to him about every thing now-we’re not grinding, we’re questing. The most vital factor to do right here is give him the Drowner Brain Tissue we’ve to finish the hunt “The Drowner Contract” .

Objective Reward
For bringing the Reverend three Drowner Brain Tissues 2000 XP 100 Orens

Return to Haren Brogg’s House. Talk to him and settle for one other quest, this time he desires you to ship a query to a person named Coleman in Vizima-no questions requested. Accepting begins the hunt “Hot Potato” , which is good, however we additionally got here right here to relaxation totally free. Click on the Alchemy tab and create two Cat potions and a Swallow potion. Don’t hassle worrying about secondary components at this level, as we simply do not have a flexible sufficient collection of components to attempt to make ingredient-dominant potions. If you introduced some grease, take into account making some Specter Oil. Finally, in case you actually need to be forward of the sport and to play issues as secure as potential, make a Wive’s Tears Potion, consisting of 1 measure of Rebic, Quebrith, and Aether (Cadaverine, Balisse Fruit, and Hellebore Petals are frequent components that work fantastic for this potion). When that is executed, meditate till nightfall.

Once you get up, go away Haren’s House and cross the Maribor Gate Bridge (the bridge reverse the city) and go down the steps on the far finish of the bridge to achieve the Mill. Outside you must discover Vesna Hood. Give her the wine and watch a really amusing cutscene, after which you will acquire the “Vesna” Sex Card .

Lighting the Holy Flame

When you are executed frolicking, return to the Maribor Gate Bridge and go down some stairs on the other aspect of the bridge (to the west) and proceed alongside the river financial institution till you discover a “Cave Entrance”. Geralt feedback on the bones exterior of the cave, and he is right-nothing pleasant waits for us inside. You do not really want a Cat potion to navigate the cave, nevertheless it’ll assist. Inside you will discover Echinops-plant monsters that emerge from the bottom and assault. They’re sturdy at this level within the sport, and might assault at a variety, however we’re not weak Witchers anymore. Use the Strong Style and Igni at any time when potential. If you are fortunate, you will handle to incinerate them, which can deal quite a lot of injury. Take it gradual, and attempt to struggle as few Echinops as potential. They have one weakness-they cannot transfer. If you are getting overwhelmed up attempt to discover some cowl and permit your self to heal. At the far western finish of the cavern you will discover a Sated Echinops, which is stronger than regular, however in no way unbeatable. Use Igni on it and smite it-hopefully with as few Echinops preventing you as potential. When all Echinops are lifeless, search some stays close to the Sated Echinops to search out some Human Remains. This is what’s left of Leuvaarden’s buddy.

Objective Reward
For recovering the stays of Leuvaarden’s buddy 500 XP

When you’ve got the stays go away the cave and head east previous the Mill. It ought to now be night-time, and forward of try to be a bunch of Drowners led by a novel Drowned Dead named “Nadir” . Try to keep away from participating too many enemies directly, as Nadir is actually fairly sturdy. It can do upwards of fifty injury per hit, which isn’t any joke. If you are fortunate, nonetheless, one good Aard can knock Nadir inclined and go away it open for a coup-de-grace. If that is not working, whittle it down with the Fast Style. Once it is lifeless, search Nadir’s stays for the Drowned Dead’s Head trophy.

Now, lets kill two birds with a number of candles. We have the stays of Leuvaarden’s buddy, however in an effort to proceed with the hunt we’ll must mild the flames of every of the 5 Eternal Fire Shrines. Since we additionally want to go again to the Royal Huntsman to money in on Nadir’s head, we would as effectively mild as most of the shrines as we are able to. Go again by the village and lightweight the shrine reverse the Chapel, then mild the 2 alongside the trail resulting in the Royal Huntsman. Finally mild the fourth Shrine close to the Royal Huntsman earlier than turning the trophy in. Note that after inserting the primary “Holy Flame” in an Eternal Fire Shrine, a Barghest will seem to problem you on the second shrine you method. At the third shrine you will must struggle two Barghests, and so forth. This is why we did not hassle with this quest whereas we had been escorting Vesna-we certainly did not want extra bother whereas escorting her.

Objective Reward
For giving Nadir’s Head to the Royal Huntsman 1000 XP 200 Orens

Once you’ve got lit the 4 shrines and have turned in Nadir’s head to the Royal Huntsman, take the northern street away from the Country Inn (previous Abigail’s Hut) till you attain the fifth and remaining Eternal Fire Shrine. Once right here you will be challenged by a pair of Barghests, and some extra will spawn after inserting the “Holy Flame”, nevertheless it’s nothing you possibly can’t deal with. Once executed, return to the Crypt the place we discovered Ilsa’s physique.

Clearing the Crypt

No turning up the gamma this time, you want a Cat potion to soundly discover the depths of this crypt. So chug a potion and proceed east from the doorway, previous the our bodies of two lifeless guards and into some new tunnels. On the best way, it could be a good suggestion to make use of the Place of Power earlier than the lifeless guards. Perform the “Ritual of Magic” and luxuriate in a 100% increase to signal depth for 5 hours, which is greater than lengthy sufficient to clear this Crypt.

Take the primary left and use the Aard signal to destroy the wall to the north west to entry a room with a trunk that accommodates fourty Orens, Stammelford’s Dust, Goose Fat, and Quicksilver Solution. In the primary room on the appropriate you will discover a physique with twelve Orens on it. Continue down the primary tunnel till it forks once more, and as soon as once more take a left, use Aard to knock down a wall to the north west. Beyond are a pair of Ghouls who could be simply dispatched with our boosted Aard signal.

Wait to your Endurance to replenish and head again to the primary tunnel and proceed till you discover one other wall that must be knocked down. Beyond this final wall is the distinctive Alghoul, Ozzrel , which like Nadir is fairly rattling sturdy. Not solely does it do a good quantity of melee injury, however it might probably knock you down. On our aspect, nonetheless, we’ve an empowered Aard, which may doubtless stun Ozzrel and provides us a budget win by way of a coup-de-grace. When Ozzrel is lifeless, loot its physique for the Alghoul Head trophy, then loot the room it was guarding. There’s a trunk with thirty Orens inside, and one other trunk containing a Ham Sandwich, Suet, Stammelford’s Dust, a Chicken Leg, a chunk of Flint, a Torch, a bit of Red Meteorite , and seventy Orens. There’s nothing shabby about that loot.

The Garden of Horrors

Return to the Royal Huntsman and declare your due reward for disposing of Ozzrel . Now we’re executed with a lot of the aspect quests on this chapter, however there’s nonetheless yet another factor we should always do earlier than returning to the Country Inn and resting.

Objective Reward
For giving Ozzrel’s Head to the Royal Huntsman 1000 XP 200 Orens

Head down the street as in case you had been returning to the Country Inn, however as an alternative of coming into the palisade, head south to achieve Odo’s House. Talk to Odo and along with making you present him the Reverend’s ring, he’ll make you drink with him… since spies do not drink, you see. At least he is variety sufficient to offer the liquor. He’ll additionally play Dice Poker with you, if you have not defeated three opponents but.

Ask him what job he wants executed and he’ll inform you that some blood-thirsty vegetation has grown from his backyard. We’ve confronted Echinops earlier than, so this should not be an issue… aside from the truth that Odo forces you to drink when you negotiate costs. Once you decide on 100 Orens he’ll ship you outside-quite drunk-to take care of the crops.

If you made a Wive’s Tears Potion earlier, drink it now and treatment your drunkenness so you possibly can struggle safely… if not, you will simply must powerful it out. Immediately seize your sword and run to the gate of his property so solely one of many Echinops can strike at you. When it is a one-on-one struggle, use the Igni signal and the Fast Style (normally you’d use the Strong Style, however being drunk you are extra prone to hit with the Fast Style). Once the primary plant is lifeless, wait till your Endurance recovers earlier than attacking the second, and repeat the identical course of.

Note that the Echinops earlier spawned as a result of presence of a corpse (Leuvaarden’s buddy), and likewise word that Geralt feedback on the armor in Odo’s house-armor that apparently belonged to Odo’s brother, who’s nowhere to be seen. Why would Odo’s brother have left his armor-his livelihood as a soldier-in a home occupied by his brother? It would not actually matter at this level. Return to Odo and acquire your reward.

Objective Reward
For killing the Echinops in Odo’s backyard 4000 XP 100 Orens

A Decent Burial

Return to the Country Inn and inform Leuvaarden about his buddy. In a uncommon case of sloppiness on Geralt’s half, he forgets that the deal was to rescue Leuvaarden’s buddy or present for a “first rate” burial. Instead of getting our pay, he insists that we accomplish the latter, first. In this case “first rate” means we have to inter his stays within the crypt beneath the chapel on the town. Seems all indicators are pointing to the Reverend.

Go and communicate to the outdated nutter and inform him about your profitable candle-lighting. He’ll naturally blame the ineffecacy of his ritual on the efficiency of the Beast-not the inadequacy of his god, and blame Abigail for the existence of the Beast. Geralt performs the extra impartial angle and means that they communicate to the witch earlier than assuming something sinister. The Reverend will agree and supply to pay you 200 Orens, must you uncover the Beast’s origins. You may also inform the Reverend about your different successes, specifically these of coping with Haren, Mikul, and Odo’s issues. He appears genuinely impressed, however earlier than he’ll inform you something about Salamandra he insists you exterminate the Beast.

Objective Reward
For returning to the Reverend after lighting all 5 shrines 500 XP

Now discuss to the Reverend once more and ask to bury Leuvaarden’s buddy within the Chapel. He’ll give you a crumbling sarcophagus, because you had been good sufficient to mild the Eternal Fires. Given the state of Leuvaarden’s buddy, it would not actually matter that the lodging are shabby. Head into-and loot-the Chapel earlier than going downstairs.

Put the stays into the sarcophagus and you will be bothered by the “King of the Wild Hunt” a relatively corny-looking wraith that has been hounded Geralt. He’ll communicate of prophecies unfulfilled, and different typicial nonesense. The solely strategy to keep away from a struggle right here is to disclaim that future exists, and name the wraith’s bluff by promising to “give him what I’ve, however don’t count on.”

Of course, all people is aware of higher than to make impetuous guarantees to a artful specter, and we do not actually need to keep away from a struggle, in any case. With some other response the ghost will conjure up the apparation of Leo, who accuses us inflicting the dying of others-since dying can’t catch us, it satiates itself on these round us. After talking, Leo’s ghost assaults. Use the Strong Style and Leo will show straightforward to dispatch-he may need been promising, however he was no Witcher. When he dies, loot him for a chunk of Red Meteorite .

Note: With the meteorite items we have discovered thus far, we are able to create a Meteorite Sword, which is considerably stronger than our Witcher’s Steel Sword. It is, nonetheless, costly, and actually, we’ll discover a higher sword totally free within the subsequent chapter. Good issues come to those that wait.

Objective Reward
For interring the stays of Leuvaarden’s buddy within the Chapel 500 XP

Once that is executed, return to the Country Inn and report back to Declan. Again, keep in mind that he wakes late and goes to mattress earlier, so attempt to discover him round midday. Talk to him and get your well-deserved reward. Now we’re prepared to go into the ultimate phases of this Chapter, so we would finest put together whereas we are able to. If you need to play it secure, make some extra Swallow Potions… however so long as you’ve got one try to be fantastic. To be rather well ready, create a Willow Potion-it’s straightforward to make, and could be created out of low-cost Temerian Rye (or some related high quality alcohol). Mix one measure of Quebrith and two measures of Aether collectively (use Balisse Fruit and two Hellebore Petals to make a Potion that’s Rubedo-dominant.) In truth, make two when you’re at it.

Objective Reward
For reporting to Leuvaarden after buring his buddy 1000 XP 200 Orens

It’s time to find the character of the beast, and to uncover the actual monsters stalking this group. These quests lead us headlong into the climax for this chapter, and as soon as began, there’s actually no level in turning again. Make positive you’ve got acquired all of your loot stashed, all of your potions ready, and usually, make sure that you are able to go. It could be sensible to make a security save right here, simply in case you do not like how one thing performed out, or in case you later need to make extra potions, stash some loot, and so forth. You’re the one one who’s going to remorse it later in case you do not.

Born of Sin

Now that you just’re ready, return to Abigail’s Hut and discuss to her in regards to the Beast. She confesses that the Beast is past her, however Alvin, the little dork we rescued in the beginning of the chapter, may have the ability to divine the Beast’s origin. To make a potion that may permit Abigail to get this info out of Alvin, nonetheless, we have to convey her 5 White Myrtle Petals. If you have not been maintaining together with your books, here is the place the sport calls for that you just achieve this. Pay Abigail 200 Orens for the e book “Field Plants” , (in case you’ve been following this guide) you must have already got it… and therefore, you must also have the White Myrtle Petals, as effectively. If not, they’re in all places, simply go exterior and seek for them. Once executed, return and she or he’ll take a while to brew the Potion.

Leave and return and she or he’ll have it executed. Alvin will do his job admirably-enough in order that Geralt decides to tug the plug on the divination when it begins to sound like a possession, relatively than a divination. After ending the spell, Abigail will give us “Berengar’s notes on the Beast”. Now it is time to return to the Reverend, however who’s keen to wager he will not like what we discovered?

Note: After speaking to the Reverend, the entire actions in and across the Country Inn are not potential. Be positive to field, full all quests, and stash/retreive loot as obligatory earlier than you discuss to the Reverend.

Return to the Reverend, who will appear to simply accept what Geralt has to say relatively stoicly. Even higher, he’ll pay you, and inform you about Salamandra. Apparently they’ve taken over the tavern, and it’s essential get a key to their hideout from the Innkeeper. Ignore the truth that the extra outstanding villagers have been harboring Salamandra for now, and head over to the Country Inn.

Objective Reward
For telling the Reverend in regards to the origins of the Beast 500 XP

Inside you will discover that the Innkeeper has been murdered, however extra importantly, Shani is being harassed by a band of “Troublemakers”. Don’t folks on this village have something higher to do than attempt to rape ladies? Anyways, head over there. For this encounter, you do not have a alternative, you are going to choose a struggle and rescue Shani. Use the Group Style and also you should not have an excessive amount of bother placing them down. Once they’re lifeless Shani will chat with you. Grab the Key off the Innkeeper and loot the our bodies of the slain earlier than leaving the Country Inn.

Objective Reward
For rescuing Shani 500 XP

It’s time to take care of the Salamanders within the outskirts. Head previous the Royal Huntsman and go down the trail that results in the southern cave. Near a home you will discover two Salamandra Lackies, who will demand tribute within the type of kids. Not having any in his pockets, Geralts as an alternative decides to choose a struggle. Use the Strong Style to take them down and loot their our bodies.

Switch to the Group Style and enter the home they had been guarding. Inside you will get attacked by 4 Salamanders. The Group Style will kill off the weaker ones fairly shortly, then swap to the Strong Style and end off the heavier two, together with the Salamandra Boss. Loot and permit your self to recuperate any misplaced Vitality and Endurance earlier than taking place the trapdoor within the nook. Before Geralt complies he makes a word in regards to the frustratingly acquainted items within the Salamandra abode-apparently Haren is not only a Hawker, he trades with Salamandra, too.

If you fought the Frightener within the Prologue, the cave will comprise some gear stolen from Kaer Morhen. If not, it’s going to simply comprise the Salamanders and their kidnapped children-including Alvin. Somebody has some explaining to do, however we’ll get to that later. Move ahead and the Salamandra Boss will chat with Geralt and inform him that he is working for rapists and murders, and spills the beans on Odo’s fratricide. The dialog appropriately ends in a struggle, and in case you repeat the ways used upstairs you will be fantastic.

Once they’re lifeless Alvin will discuss to you and inform you that the Reverend despatched him into the clutches of the Salamanders. Apparently his thought of coping with the Beast did not embody getting the villagers to repent for his or her sins. Alvin additionally means that we break down a close-by wall with the Aard signal. First, loot the lifeless, the crates, the coffers… absolutely anything that may be interacted with. You’ll rating two Books of the Tawny Owl and a bit of Blue Meteorite .

Objective Reward
For rescuing Alvin 500 XP

Go discover Alvin and smash the wall close to him, then proceed down the newly opened hall to search out Abigail brewing one thing. Geralt’s preliminary accustations are confirmed when Abigail outright admits that she’s casting a spell in opposition to the Villagers, however in her personal protection, the Villagers have gathered exterior the cave, forming an offended mob wanting to homicide her in a useless try to blame others for his or her crimes.

She now provides you the entire story, Mikul raped Ilsa, who killed herself, Odo murdered his brother, Haren bought a Squirrel to the guards for gold and the trustworthy Reverend banished his daughter for getting pregnant. And after all, he led this mob of rapists and murders in opposition to Abigail and bought Alvin to Salamandra. Abigail benefited from their misdeeds, however who’s the larger legal, the one who provides the means for mischief, or those that have the will to hunt out and use these means? She then makes an attempt to seduce Geralt and show her innocence.

The ethical Witcher has no bother siding with Abigail, however the consummate Witcher is aware of effectively sufficient to keep away from a determined witch. Either acquire the “Abigail” Sex Card or not, then head exterior. Honestly, there isn’t any purpose to not acquire it-just since you permit your self to be seduced right here does not imply you possibly can’t aspect with the villagers shortly.

The Beast

Once exterior the Villagers have gathered, and the worst of the perpetrators-Odo, Haren, and the Reverend, will spin their tales in such methods as accountable Abigail for his or her crimes. It’s actually fairly a stretch to imagine that every one their actions had been beneath the duress of magical compulsion, however the consummate Geralt has no need to get entangled in politics. On the opposite hand, these savages, murderers, liars, rapists, and thieves, have already managed to conjure one supernatural evil by their actions. Should they be allowed to reside to conjure one other? No matter what Witcher you are taking part in, it is troublesome to aspect with the Villagers. Geralt’s no paladin, however on the finish of the day he would not like being screwed over, and whereas politics later within the sport appear safely exterior the bounds of the Witcher, this sort of evil is the form of factor that ought to be stopped.

If you aspect with the Villagers, Geralt will get Abigail and go away her to her destiny. If you stick up for Abigail and condemn the Villagers, Geralt will threaten the townsfolk and escort Abigail away. If you assist the Villagers, they will help you in your struggle in opposition to the Beast, in case you save Abigail, she’ll enable you as an alternative. Only the impartial Witcher leaves Abigail on the mercy of the mob.

Note (Spoilers): If you let Abigail die right here, just a few issues will probably be modified in Chapter 4… specifically, Abigail won’t be there, and the hunt “The Heat of the Day” will probably be affected.

After deciding Geralt goes to confront the Beast, which exhibits up presumably both as a result of the sinners have been uncovered, or as a result of Abigail was killed, and one other atrocity drew its ire. Tactics differ barely relying on who you sided with earlier. If you sided with the Villagers, go proper after the Beast and use the Strong Style to take it down. The Villagers ought to distract the remainder of the Barghests. If you sided with Abigail, run to defend her by killing the Barghests close to her with the Group Style. After they’re lifeless, give attention to the Beast. Abigail will heal you throughout the struggle, supplied she is not knocked out by the Barghests or Beast. Either manner, with the Potions and Oils we’ve, killing the Beast ought to be a breeze. The Beast can inflict Stun and Pain, however with Willow, we do not have to concern the worst of its assaults.

Objective Reward
For slaying the Beast 2500 XP

After the Beast dies, the Villagers will present up and assault you (in case you sided with Abigail.) Kill them and loot them for gold and the “Letter of Safe Conduct” we have to enter Vizima. If you sided with the Villagers, the Reverend will thanks for defeating the Beast, and pay you 300 Orens and provide the “Letter of Safe Conduct” . Or you can assault him and kill him for the cash and the “Letter of Safe Conduct” . If you let him reside, Geralt warns him to not squander his second likelihood, and chastises him for promoting the youngsters to Salamandra. Be positive to loot the Beast earlier than you go to acquire the ingredient “Trace of the Beyond” . In any occasion, head again to the Country Inn to get Shani. It’s time to depart the Outskirts for good.

Note: In the following chapter, be sure you combine up a “Hellhound’s Soul” potion, consisting of the next components: Vitriol/Rebis/Rebis, and the “Trace of the Beyond” . This will get you a Silver Talent to spend.

Exiting the Outskirts

Talk to Shani and Geralt will inform her how the Beast was created, and categorical his disdain for the outskirts. With Shani following us, all we have to do is make our strategy to Vizima and discuss to Mikul, who’s close to the Miller’s Gate. Mikul will apologize, and Geralt misconstrue’s Mikul’s apology as an indication of repentence. When we get to the gate, it turns into clear that Mikul set us up, and nothing extra. Chapter 1 ends with us surrendering ourselves on the gates of Vizima. If solely we knew that to achieve entry into Vizima all we needed to do is get arrested…

Objective Reward
For coming into Vizima 3000 XP