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Hello and thanks once more for selecting to learn one of our guides. This guide covers The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D , a remake of the unique Nintendo 64 online game.

There are some adjustments each visually and mechanically with the sport and there are just a few additions and relocations of objects, so you’ll want to observe alongside and never miss something.

The essential walkthrough will cowl getting 100%, however if you need to deviate a little bit bit or decide up halfway by means of you could seek the advice of the sections after that element all collectables.

The objective of this guide like all others we produce is to perform as an encylopedia of data about this sport. I hope you get pleasure from studying this guide and taking part in the sport as a lot as we did.



The Story

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D is an action-adventure sport that takes place just a few months after the occasions of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The Hero of Time, Link, is on a quest to discover a misplaced pal (presumably Navi).

Along the best way he finds himself in Termina, the place rumor has it the moon will come crashing down in three days’ time! Our Hylian hero meets with an “unlucky destiny” alongside the best way and should as soon as once more battle towards time to save lots of the day.


Name Details
Items Deku Nut, Map of Clock Tower, Ocarina of Time
Pieces of Heart #1
Upgrades Bubble Blast
Masks Deku Mask
Songs Song of Time, Song of Double Time, Inverted Song of Time

At the beginning of your sport you have got the chance to call the Hero, the default might be Link for this guide.

The opening cinematic particulars the Skull Kid with two fairies, Tatl and Tael , as they knock Link off of his horse Epona and steal his Ocarina. The Skull Kid escapes on Epona and Link is left in a small space of the forest.

Take a second to familiarize your self with the controls and filter the bushes right here for just a few rupees. When you might be prepared, transfer by means of the tunnel and leap from stump to stump to achieve the tunnel above.

Inside, Link will fall down and meet with the Skull Kid who promptly makes use of his magic to show our hero right into a Deku Scrub. Skull Kid and Tael depart, however Tatl will get caught behind.

Check out the flower behind you, it is a Deku Flower and as a Deku you possibly can enter it by urgent A. Once a puff of air is launched you possibly can launch A and fly into the air, gliding round!

Go by means of the door now the place Tatl formally introduces herself. Launch your self from the Deku Flower and throughout the best way, you possibly can drop right down to bust the bushes if you’d like.

The door locks behind you, however that is alright. Fly straight throughout to the platform with the chest, inside you will discover a Deku Nut ! Press B whereas flying to drop a Deku Bomb, this may blind enemies and freeze them of their tracks.

Fly throughout the higher platforms till you possibly can attain the one close to the tree stump. You can test it out proper now, however there’s nothing particular in the meanwhile. Proceed by means of the hallway because the door closes behind you.

Climb as much as the highest of this room and attempt to undergo the door. Here you meet the Happy Mask Salesman , “You’ve met with a horrible destiny, have not you?”

A quick rationalization from this man explains a strategy to return our hero to his former self. You must retrieve the Ocarina, but additionally return Majora’s Mask which was stolen by the Skull Kid.

There is one other catch, the Happy Mask Salesman could be very busy and also you solely have three days to finish this process.

The Happy Mask Saleman will level of the Sheikah Stone , you should utilize it should you get caught and want route however it is a walkthrough. Head by means of the door now into Clocktown, the Dawn of the First Day begins.

Clock Town has 5 sections you will need to familiarize your self with: North Clock Town, South Clock Town, East Clock Town, West Clock Town, and the Laundry Pool.

Right now you are in South Clock Town and it is advisable to go to the Great Fairy in North Clock Town. As you enter North Clock Town go to Tingle , the green-clothed, ornamental and energetic man, and buy a map of Clock Town .

Head to the west finish and into the Fairy Fountain the place you will discover the Great Fairy break up into a number of Stray Fairies because of the Skull Kid. Head out and discover the Stray Fairy then carry it again to the Fairy Fountain.

The Stray Fairy

  • During the day head to the Laundry Pool, the southwest space on the map, the place you possibly can hop throughout the water to gather the Stray Fairy.
  • At evening you will have to go to East Clock Town. Use the Deku Flower close to the Treasure Chest Shop to fly by means of the air and acquire the Stray Fairy.

The Great Fairy of Magic is fashioned as soon as you come back the Stray Fairy, she grants Link the facility of magic. Now you possibly can press B to fireplace bubble blasts or maintain down B to fireplace an enormous bubble!

Back in North Clock Town you will spot a boy with a purple bandana capturing at a balloon. Pop this balloon with a bubble blast then speak to the boy. You want to search out all 5 of them and quick, use your spin assault to hit them!

Bomber Locations

  • North Clock Town – Northeast nook close to the playground.
  • South Clock Town – Underneath a crate within the center of the realm.
  • East Clock Town – On the balcony of the Stock Pot Inn. Use the Deku Flower to achieve him.
  • Laundry Pool – Inside a crate close to the bench to the left.
  • West Clock Town – In the primary plaza, north finish close to the Post Office.

Afterwards you will obtain a code consisting of 1-2-3-4-5 however in a random order, the code is exclusive to you so write it down or bear in mind it. Go to East Clock Town and communicate with the boy guarding the key base.

If you forgot the code for some purpose speak to 1 of the Bombers. Input the code appropriately to achieve entry to the Astral Observatory.

Acquiring the Moons Tear

The path by means of the sewer is pretty simple. There is a Skulltula that may impede your path, defeat it with just a few bubble blasts after its again has been uncovered.

At the top of the hallway is a balloon blocking the ladder, pop it with a bubble blast. Break the pots and climb the ladder to search out Pierre the Scarecrow .

Bypass him for now and as a substitute ascend to the highest of the steps the place you possibly can communicate with the previous man; agree to make use of the telescope. Look to the highest of the Clock Tower and zoom in on the Skull Kid.

Here you will see the moon after which a Moon’s Tear will fall simply outdoors. Exit through the close by door and purchase it, now head again to South Clock Town.

In South Clock Town go to the west aspect the place a Deku Flower is situated. A Business Scrub will float in if you get shut, that is his personal property.

He is keen to commerce this property, together with the Deku Flower, for a Moon’s Tear to provide to his spouse. This is nice information, you have got a Moon’s Tear! Equip it and present it to the Business Scrub to amass the Land Title Deed .

Piece of Heart #1 – Use the Deku Flower to fly to the doorway of the Clock Tower and purchase this Piece of Heart.

You cannot enter the Clock Tower till midnight of the third day, so now is an efficient time to gather rupees and retailer them within the financial institution in South Clock Town.

At midnight on the third day the doorway to the Clock Tower will open. Proceed up the steps to confront the Skull Kid, the Moon overhead. You cannot damage the Skull Kid, he is a bit out of your league in the meanwhile.

What it is advisable to do is what the Happy Mask Salesman mentioned and retrieve the Ocarina of Time . This is achieved by hitting Skull Kid with a bubble blast.

A flashback is triggered if you declare the Ocarina of Time the place Link remembers Zelda taking part in the Song of Time . Take out the Ocarina (which is now a set of brass pipes) and play the Song of Time to return to the Dawn of the First Day.

Enter the Clock Tower and communicate with the Happy Mask Salesman and he’ll educate you the Song of Healing . This will remedy the curse that the Skull Kid positioned on Link and also you purchase the Deku Mask which lets you turn out to be a Deku Scrub at will.

The Happy Mask Salesman could be very upset that you haven’t returned Majora’s Mask, you don’t have any selection however to amass it earlier than the top of the third day or else one thing horrible will occur.

Head again to South Clock Town and Tatl will inform you of Tael’s phrases in regards to the 4 areas outdoors of city, suggesting that you simply begin on the close by swamp.

Note : You will obtain the Bomber’s Notebook at this level. In the unique sport you would wish to search out the Bombers once more or return to the Astral Observatory.

Clock Town


Name Details
Items Bomber’s Notebook, Adult Wallet, Bomb Bag, Big Bomb Bag
Pieces of Heart #2-#7
Masks Great Fairy’s Mask, Blast Mask, Bremen Mask, Kafei’s Mask
Songs Song of Healing

North Clock Town

Piece of Heart #2 – At the northeast nook of is a collection of wood pillars. Leap as much as the slide then throughout to the tree to gather this Piece of Heart.

Piece of Heart #3 – You’ll want to finish the Deku Scrub Playground mini-game thrice in a row to earn this Piece of Heart.

The Great Fairy Mask

You’ll need to restore the Great Fairy of Magic such as you beforehand did, so go to the Laundry Pool and acquire the Stray Fairy then head by means of North Clock Town and into the Great Fairy Fountain.

She mentions 4 Great Fairies, one in every of the temples, that must be restored. You’ll be amassing the Stray Fairies later utilizing your new masks.

“Beckons Stray Fairies which might be misplaced in temples. The masks’s hair will shimmer when one is close by.”

The Blast Mask

At 12:00 AM of the First Night the previous woman from the Bomb Shop will move by and Sakon the Thief will steal from her. Play the Song of Double Time to skip forward whilst you’re ready for her.

When Sakon takes the bag run him down and slash him to make him drop the bag. The Bomb Shop will now inventory the Big Bomb Bag and you will obtain the Blast Mask.

“Press “B” whereas carrying it to have a blast! Losing half a coronary heart from the explosion is a aspect impact.”

Deku Scrub Playground

This space is open each day from 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM. Use the Deku Flower close to the Great Fairy Fountain to fly over the fence and down the outlet.

You can win a number of occasions a day and successful will earn you a Fishing Hole Pass . Win three days in a row to be rewarded with a Piece of Heart. It prices 10 Rupees to play and the format of the platforms is totally different each day.

  • Day 1 – Must full in below 1’15″00. Platforms transfer vertically.
  • Day 2 – Must full in below 1’15″00. Platforms transfer horizontally.
  • Day 3 – Must full in below 1’16″00. Some platforms transfer vertically, some horizontally.

**Fishing Hole Pass** – Lets you borrow a fishing rod without spending a dime. Can be redeemed at both the Swamp or Ocean Fishing Hole.