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Important Note: This walkthrough was written for the ‘Hard’ issue. It is in any case really helpful that you simply play the sport on Hard yourfirst time by, or it could very nicely be a lot too straightforward.

Only in the event you’re an inexperienced gamer and have difficulties with the controls must you play on Normal (or Easy). The most notable distinction between difficulties is the quantity of objects you may discover throughout your journey.

The simpler the issue, the less objects you may discover. It’s thus fairly possible you may discover objects not listed in (the present model of) this guide whenever you’re taking part in on Normal or Easy, though you may nonetheless discover every little thing else simply nice (which needs to be greater than sufficient).


After the scene you may get out mattress as Sarah. You can examine the telephone yet one more time, but it surely would not do a lot good. It’s additionally attainable to take a look at the birthday card on the desk. After this, head by the door and search the toilet to learn a newspaper which has a front-page article concerning the contaminated.

Inspect Joel’s bed room to seek out used tissues in every single place indicating his single man’s life and… Well, truly not, he cleaned them up of course. Looks like the town’s in huge hassle in keeping with the journal.

Head downstairs after this and test the ringing cellphone within the kitchen; Uncle Tommy once more. Looks like dad left a word on the fridge saying he is house late. Well, life occurs, proper? Maybe he is in his working room on the opposite facet of the home? Indeed, an extended scene triggers quickly after you enter. While you are within the automotive you’ll be able to go searching and zoom in by urgent L1.

When you are required to take action, press sq. a number of occasions to get out of the automotive. After this, run down the road whereas staying near Tommy. Do not wander too far off otherwise you’ll be immediately killed. Should you get grabbed by one of the Runners strolling on the street, you may have an opportunity of pushing them away.

Follow the road and head round the proper nook; transfer previous the hearth truck and go into the alley on the proper facet of the road when Tommy tells you to.

Push away the Runner and observe Tommy by the again alleys. Quickly head contained in the restaurant, then transfer to the far finish of the hill to conclude the prologue.

The Quarantine Zone

20 Years Later

Walk shut in direction of the couple and overhear their dialog, then observe Tess by the primary avenue. If you stumble upon one of the safety guards, they’re going to push Joel down on the road; do it a second time, they’re going to kill him. You can see what occurs with contaminated individuals on the nook of the road; evidently, that is not what you need.

Speak with the couple on the proper facet of the road to set off an non-compulsory dialog. If you progress nearer to the safety guards within the armored car you’ll be able to overhear their dialog; the identical applies to the 2 guys standing on the nook of the constructing across the nook. When you are prepared, observe Tess to the gate, then head contained in the constructing she’s headed in direction of. Move to the again and assist Tess transfer a cupboard out of the way in which.


Items to Find

**Trophy Collectibles** **Weapons and Ammo** **Healing Items**
Firefly Pendant x 2 9mm Handgun Health Bar
Note To Brother 4 Handgun Ammo Health Bar x 2
2 Handgun Ammo

Drop down and transfer across the nook to get your gear (backpack, flash-light and [9MM HANDGUN + 4 AMMO] ). Boost Tess up on the picket planks and head contained in the constructing. Outside you’ll be able to have a brief non-compulsory dialog with Tess; observe her to the opposite facet of the realm and search for the ladder behind the automotive.

Place it towards the constructing and go inside. Inside the kitchen you could find [3 PARTS] (that are used for upgrading weapons, one thing that may solely be finished at Workbenches). Search the opposite room to discover a [FIREFLY PENDANT (DAVID MICHAEL VIGIL – 102)] .

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Head downstairs and undergo the corridor. Whenever there are spores, Joel will mechanically placed on his fuel masks, so you do not have to fret about him getting contaminated. Move by the outlet within the wall within the subsequent room and take away the beams to proceed. In the following room, seize the [2 HANDGUN AMMO] and both kill or ignore the man that obtained caught.

Not too far up forward you may encounter three Runners. You’ll need to strangle the primary one by sneaking up behind it and urgent triangle to seize it, adopted by sq. to strangle it. Ignore the 2 feasting Runners and transfer contained in the kitchen, the place you could find a [HEALTH BAR] . You cannot take it with you, so in the event you’re not injured merely ignore it.

Head upstairs and enter the room behind the closed door, however stay crouched in order that the 2 Runners beneath cannot hear you. Here you may discover a [HEALTH BAR] **** and a [NOTE TO BROTHER] .

$$$merchandise 3036

Sneak over the picket planks and drop down, then observe Tess inside one other constructing. Move by the outlet within the wall and get the plank for Tess, then go up and transfer throughout. You can discover one other [HEALTH BAR] on the finish of the catwalk, must you want it.

Drop down and on the finish of the alley, transfer beneath the hearth escape to achieve a small sq.. Look on the tree instantly in entrance of you; it has a [FIREFLY PENDANT (BEN GLUECK – 106)] hanging in it, which you may have to shoot so as to accumulate it.

$$$merchandise 3035

Enter the constructing Tess goes into, then enter the market space.

The Slums

Items to Find

**Trophy Collectables** **Weapons and Ammo** **Healing Items**
Drafting Notice Shiv x 2 Health Bar
Wanted Poster Wooden Stick Health Can
Warehouse Key Health Kit
Shipping Manifest
Docks Note

You can get extra non-compulsory dialogue by going over to the shops to the proper. Follow Tess by the market whenever you need to proceed with the story. Move by the bus and you may attain a small sq.. Before persevering with, search for the [DRAFTING NOTICE] close to retailer within the left nook.

$$$merchandise 3037

You can even discover the [WANTED POSTER] subsequent to the fence, that includes Marlene of the Fireflies.

$$$merchandise 3038

Follow Tess and you may stumble upon a pair of employed goons of Robert. You haven’t got quite a bit of ammo, so make each shot depend and loot their our bodies afterwards. If you run out of ammunition fully, you may need to take them out with melee assaults, however this might value you some of your well being as an alternative. Follow Tess by the alleys till it’s important to drop by a gap in a fence. Here, shortly transfer down the road to sneak up on the patrol outdoors to strangle him, then transfer near the home windows of the constructing.

When the 2 guards inside are finished conversing, sneak up on the one closest to the window and strangle him; Tess will kill the opposite one. Loot his physique for the [WAREHOUSE KEY] and search the opposite room for a [HEALTH BAR] must you want it. There’s additionally a [HEALTH CAN] subsequent to the trash close to the doorway.

$$$merchandise 3039

In the following space, look ahead to the man standing within the doorway to cease trying your route; he’ll truly solely do that as soon as, so you’ll be able to strangle him pretty shortly. Do wait till the opposite man heads upstairs. Hide behind the door and observe the guard upstairs so you’ll be able to strangle him right here.

Don’t contact something that would make a sound and proceed over the walkway, however do not come too near the railing or the guard downstairs may spot you. Grab the [HEALTH KIT] on the nook and conceal behind the wall till one of the 2 guards comes strolling your route. He’ll simply flip his face towards the wall – the dumbest AI transfer ever – so you’ll be able to safely strangle him.

Head again and go across the different means – once more steer clear of the opening within the railing – and search for a [SHIV] . Now head again the way in which you got here, return down and quietly strategy the man beneath, however beware of the man on the primary ground. You can strangle the man at any time when the guard on the primary ground begins transferring away so that you simply’re simply out of sight. With him gone, return up, head left and strangle the ultimate guard. Open the storage door on the bottom ground by flattening the chain.

In the cargo space are rather a lot of guards on patrol, so you may need to take a sneaky path to take out each single one of them with out squandering precious ammunition. Head left and transfer past the containers till you attain one of the guards; he’ll quickly be strolling away from you inside a container, so strangle him there.

Now transfer in direction of the hangar, however be sure to’re not noticed. There are two guards on patrol right here, and a number of other standing on watch. It’s attainable to take all of them out by stealth, and one such approach to do it’s the following.

First you may need to conceal behind the small brown container subsequent to a inexperienced one. There are to the left of a stacked pile of containers, to the proper of a big cargo container you’ll be able to stroll by, and one of the guards shall be standing subsequent to it each now and again.

That’s the proper time to strangle him, however solely when the second guard on patrol is already about to lean again towards the bigger stack of crates; at the moment, strangle the primary guard, instantly sneak to the second and take him out as nicely. It could require a brief wait, but it surely’s undoubtedly a protected and sound technique for doing it.

You can now return outdoors the way in which you got here and transfer behind the guard standing on watch there. Search close by the railing to additionally discover the [SHIPPING MANIFEST].

$$$merchandise 3040

It’s additionally worthwhile to look between the containers you sneaked previous on the very starting to discover a [SHIV] between those within the center.

If you head again inside and search the proper facet of the hangar, you could find the [DOCKS NOTE] behind a small container.

$$$merchandise 3041

There’s additionally a [WOODEN STICK] right here in the event you hadn’t already gotten one from the guard you strangled.

The Cargo

Items to Find

**Trophy Collectables** **Weapons and Ammo** **Crafting/Upgrade Items**
Firefly Pendant x1 Wooden Stick Binding x 2
Blades x 7
13 Parts

Enter the workplace and chase Robert as shortly as you’ll be able to; if he will get away you may need to attempt once more. When you have caught up with him, a scene performs. Afterwards, search the desk within the center of the realm for [(1/2) BINDING] , [(1/4) BLADES] and [7 PARTS].

There’s additionally a [WOODEN STICK] close to the automotive wreck must you want it. Follow Marlene by the alley and go up the hearth escape’s ladder. Drop down by one of the roof’s home windows that Marlene enters and search this room for [3 PARTS] . Help open the heavy blue door and observe Marlene outdoors.

You’ll need to sneak previous (or strangle) a number of guards on this space. Go upstairs and sneak into the constructing. When you strangle the one guard, Marlene will take care of the opposite. Search one of the cupboards on this room for [(1/2) BLADES] and transfer to the far again. Hop by the window to sneak up on the guard standing near the crates (not the one additional away) and keep crouched.

A guard within the distance will execute somebody and stand within the center of the road. There’s additionally one last guard who patrols the steps. Whenever he is going again down, first dispatch the guard closest to you (additionally close to some crates) after which take out the opposite guard out within the open.

Wait for the final guard to return whereas hiding behind some crates close to the steps and sneak up on him; and that is that! You can have an non-compulsory dialogue with Marlene in the event you stroll in direction of the our bodies of the executed Fireflies on the bridge.

Head downstairs and observe Marlene by the constructing till a scene performs. After that, Ellie will be a part of you. Check on one of the our bodies on the street to discover a [FIREFLY PENDANT (PHILIP LIU – 105)].

$$$merchandise 3042

Move down the steps and head by the alley. In order to achieve the hearth escape, pull the container close to the fence in direction of it. Simply head up and make your approach to the room on the finish of the halls.