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Switching Characters

The sport requires you to make use of three characters to make your method by way of the cave. Characters can solely maintain one merchandise every, however, they will nonetheless carry out actions whereas holding merchandise, corresponding to pulling a lever or pushing a field. To change between characters, use the D-Pad. Be conscious of the place every character is on the D-Pad, as a result of some puzzles would require you to change rapidly.

Special Abilities

Each character has their very own particular means, and whereas some are very helpful others aren’t. You can full each part of the sport with any set of characters, however, sure ones allow you to bypass complete sections. The following is a fast overview of the characters and their talents.

Character Ability Usefulness
The Knight Invincibility Allows you to get by way of areas the place it’s important to stroll round a great distance by ignoring fall injury.
The Hillbilly Hold Breath Allows you to undergo lengthy water sections, actually solely helpful in his part.
The Time Traveller Phase Shift Allows you to bypass loads of doorways, actually helpful.
The Scientist Hacking Allows you to bypass puzzles that require you to open doorways by merely hacking them open.
The Adventurer Grappling Allows you to bypass small sections by grappling, however not overly helpful.
The Twins Ghost Allows you to skip sections that usually require 2+ folks.
The Monk Telekinesis Allows you to bypass the entire Zoo degree by sucking the Hot Dog out of the machine, in addition to different circumstances.

Campaign Walkthrough

The Campfire

Firstly, this sport has distinctive gameplay and you might surprise, “Why is not the sport beginning” as you toggle by way of the characters. This is as a result of the sport has already begun and you’ll freely transfer any of the seven characters. Taking three into the cave will lock your character set to these three.

While this sport lets you skip sure puzzles primarily based on the gamers you select, I’m going to at all times assume it’s important to clear up the puzzle the great distance.

Start by heading proper and grabbing the Crowbar with O/B after which go left and use it (Square/Y) to pry your method by way of to the Shoddy Barricade. Follow the trail till you’re unable to leap up and over an excessive ledge and discover the close by field to the appropriate, which you’ll be able to seize and push/pull by holding Square/Y. Pick three characters and stand them on the bridge to proceed.


Campaign Walkthrough

The Gift Shop

Head proper and speak to the Gift Shop Clerk with Square/Y and as you stroll away he ought to ask you to carry three trinkets and drop the Novelty-Sized Key. Grab the important thing and head left to unlock the “Employees Only” Door.

Drop all the way down to the Broken Old Well and spot your first hidden Cave Painting. While we can’t get it this second, until you could have the time traveller, we’ll get it in a bit.

Note: Cave work are scattered all through the cave and are the sport’s model of collectables. Note that the pictures they show are primarily based on the characters you could have with you. This means you’ll have to accumulate them whereas taking part in all of the characters to get 100%.

In order to cross the door in your left, you may want to drag the Lever within the basement, by the door, and on the opposite aspect of the door. Once open, it would keep open for good and you’ll freely transfer your characters round. Take whoever has the Crowbar and proceed left and leap up the platforms simply earlier than the Bell to succeed in one other Cave Painting and the Old Well. Pry the Rusty Crank off it and take the crank again to the Broken Old Well and use it to get the Bucket.

This can even break the nicely and assist you to accumulate the Cave Painting you noticed beforehand.

Return to the Old Well and proceed as much as the Fuse Box and place the bucket on high so as to seize the Fuse. Now, return to the basement with the merchandising machines and place it within the Empty Fuse Box. The New Grog Machine will come out a Can of Grog that your characters can drink, however, what you need is the Hot Dog from the Hot Dog Machine.

Grab the Hot Dog and return to the bell and throw it on the Pit of Spikes.

Note: To get the trophy/achievement Well Done leap throughout and sacrifice a personality to have the cave monster shoot hearth at them and cook dinner the recent canine.

Trophy icon


Well Done

Witnessed a sizzling canine cooked with the monster’s breath.


Switch characters and seize the Fuse and return it to the place you bought it from. You ought to now have one character by the bell and one up by the Levers and Such. You have to ring the bell with one character after which change and use the levers to maneuver the dog-like creature out of your method. Proceed down the brand new tunnel, grabbing the Cave Painting , after which drop into the water under.

Your different character will mechanically transfer as much as you while you attain a brand new checkpoint, so there is no such thing as a want to fret about them.

Climb out of the water to your proper and head down the ladders to the Box of Dynamite and seize a stick. Now head again up the ladder and light-weight the Dynamite by way of the Flame and rush over to the appropriate and toss it by hitting O/B by the rocks. Continue down the tunnel and hop up the primary ledge to seize the primary Trinket after which change characters.

Follow the trail and go down and thru the water to search out the second Trinket after which return to the fork and go as much as stand on a weighted platform to open the door. Switch to your remaining character not holding merchandise and stroll by way of the door. Take the primary ladder you see to seize the third, and remaining, Trinket after which head down and use the Elevator Call Button additional down the tunnel. Press it once more and rapidly hop on to return to the beginning of the tunnel and take all three objects to the Gift Shop Owner.

Before heading into the tunnel, verify the Postcard Display and seize the Postcard that pops out. Now, speak to the proprietor and head contained in the cave with the Postcard to get the trophy/achievement Shoplifting.

Note: There is one other trophy/achievement for taking the postcard throughout the cave. To do that you’ll at all times wish to ensure that the postcard is provided to whoever you’re advancing with or that one among your allies is holding it, since they’ll teleport ahead with it.

Follow the cave into the following pool of water after which leap on the rope to drag down the counterweight. Switch characters and leap throughout the hole, now open with the load pulled up, and hop to the opposite aspect the place a Cave Painting is.

Continue to the appropriate and take away the character from the rope so you may pull the field left, simply between the hole above. The fall is often too far to your characters, however with the field now in place, they will rigorously fall to security. Move all three characters on the weighted ground lever and proceed.