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Welcome to the Tales of Zestiria technique guide.

The objective of this guide is to guide you thru the world of Glenwood whereas main you to each treasure and occasion on your assortment. While doing this we’ll warn you of any trophies you would possibly miss to permit you to full as a lot of the sport in a single playthrough.

To do the above we’ve created a step-by-step guide that leads you thru every part of the sport with skits and treasures identified alongside the way in which and methods for every of the bosses. In addition, you will discover an inventory of the Discovery and Normin areas within the appendix part of the guide, in addition to a trophy walkthrough for any trophies it’s possible you’ll be lacking.

Tales of Zestiria is the fifteenth sport within the Japanese role-playing franchise from the Japanese developer Bandai Namco and the primary to launched on the PlayStation 4.

Development started in 2011 as a 20th anniversary title for the sequence, the sport makes use of a revamped model of the Linear Motion Battle System, which the Tales video games are identified for, and focuses on incorporating basic parts with new gameplay concepts.

Tales of Zestiria takes place on the continent of Glenwood, which is ruled over by two warring counties.

Through the hatred of man an impurity referred to as “malevolence” is generated and all residing issues on the continent are became beasts referred to as Hellions. Humans reside unaware of the corruption that circulates their world and of a hidden race referred to as the Seraphim, who reside among the many people and grant blessings to those that nonetheless imagine in them.

The story begins with a younger explorer named Sorey, who was adopted as an toddler and raised among the many Seraphim. One day, whereas exploring the ruins close to his village, Sorey and his seraphim good friend, Mikleo, discover am unconcious human lady named Alisha and produce her again to their village. Little do they know that this lady will draw the younger males away from their peaceable village right into a world on the verge of breaking into items from chaos.


The Beginning

Upon beginning up the sport you’ll be requested to pick a language and you then’ll have to verify your Options settings. Note that these settings could be modified at any time from the sport menu, together with the problem, so do not feel obligated to make the proper picks should you aren’t positive.

Once you’ve gotten confirmed your Options that sport will introduce you to the story of the Shepherd legend by way of a cutscene.

Mt. Mabinogio Ruins

After the into cutscene you will get a fast overview of the controls, however you should not have very a lot bother with them should you’ve performed a JRPG earlier than.

Control the unknown boy across the round paths till you attain a small set of steps close to the target marker and make your solution to the mural for an additional scene. The boy, named Sorey, and his good friend, Mikleo, talk about the character of the mural after which determine to maneuver on when thunder begins to rumble.

After coming into the decrease part of the ruins you will now have the power to verify your Menu and study invaluable data by way of the in-game tutorials. In addition, anytime you’ve gotten one other character following you on the map you may converse to them for extra dialogue or hints as to the place to go subsequent within the sport.

Note: It’s price looking at your characters every time you acquire a brand new one and optimize them on your play fashion. Note that you may change the Support Talents of your characters relying in your wants and lots of Support Talents even have skits connected to your proficiency stage with them.

Change Mikleo from “Snack Preparation” to “Treasure Detection” till you get your subsequent occasion member after which verify the plant on the south facet of the straight path for a Sage , which can permit you to completely elevate a personality’s most HP by 10.

These crops will seem all through your journey and are sometimes straightforward to overlook as a result of they seem like widespread setting objects, so ensure that to maintain a detailed eye out for the glowing aura round them. You can now head to the purple orb, which can unfurl right into a golden dragon image to symbolize that it’s now energetic, and save your first file of the sport earlier than exiting the realm.

After one other scene that units up your subsequent vacation spot, in addition to some questions, head west towards the massive cobweb and hit Square to activate Sorey’s map motion. Continue by way of one other cobweb whilst you hearken to some dialogue and whenever you attempt to assault the subsequent cobweb a scene will happen that pushes you into your first combat.

Follow the tutorial to carry out martial artes and chain them collectively to defeat the spider with Mikleo’s assist. After one other scene that describes the enemy as a Hellion, open your Menu and verify the Artes part for extra particulars about martial artes if you have not already.

Destroy the cobweb and enter the subsequent room to discover a chest on the west facet with some Ancient Earrings after which verify if these are any higher than your present earrings, both as a consequence of stats or as a consequence of further expertise. To the south is a stone rock, which Sorey ought to level out if you have not modified his Support Talent from Point of Interest Detection, that you may verify to activate your first Monolith after which open the chest to the east for an Apple Gel .

Continue by way of the door and downstairs to the subsequent giant room with the save and ensure to open the chest within the northeast nook for an additional Apple Gel . At the save it is best to be capable of watch the skits The Cause of Thunder and A Mysterious Monolith after which you may verify the Monolith on the south facet of the realm for an additional AP enhance.

Make your manner upstairs by way of the southern passage and flip a u-turn within the giant room to identify a cobweb blocking a chest with an Ancient Circlet for Mikleo. The subsequent space has an goal marker on the chest to your left, which incorporates an merchandise that you’ll obtain later it doesn’t matter what you do right here, and should you take the skinny passage to the north you will discover a Lavender .

You can now take the steps to a different Monolith , a chest with a Life Bottle and stroll to the sting of the platform the place the target marker is for a scene. Guess you haven’t any selection besides to backtrack to the save, so get a transfer on!

Walk to the sting of the pit for a scene that can immediate you with a choice that merely determines the upcoming skit after which stroll to the middle of the bridge and study the bridge to find The Invisible Bridge . Depending on the choice you made a second in the past the skit that follows will probably be one of the next:

  • **An Incredible Bridge (Discovered by Mikleo)** – Choose “Yup, there is a staircase…”
  • **An Incredible Bridge (Discovered by Sorey)** – Choose “Who would have thought…”

You can now stroll up the lady for an additional scene after which exit behind the massive statue to depart the ruins, since there may be nothing else right here for the time being.

Elysia, Home of the Seraphim

After one other scene you will be in your solution to the city, however slightly than head straight for it you will wish to take the scenic route to gather the numerous treasures on this space.

Start by heading round to the north facet of the ruins’ entrance to identify one other Monolith after which verify the northwest nook, to the left of the massive boulder, for an additional Life Bottle . If you circle across the boulder you will discover a Saffron within the grass and you then’ll wish to head down the steps to the east by backtracking a bit.

Grab the Ice Pop from the useless finish to the north after which make your manner south, staying on the east facet of the crumbled wall to discover a Rosemary close to the tree. You can now circle across the south facet of the wall for a chest with a Life Bottle and verify the Monolith to the southwest, close to the steps main again up.

Head southwest from the ruins and it is best to spot some goats, which you’ll be able to verify for the Hyland Goat discovers and The Elysian Goat skit, after which proceed south to a save level close to one other Monolith . You can now make your manner north towards the target marker to achieve the village for an additional prolonged scene that is fairly humorous.

Head north towards the Inn marker to activate the save and open a chest with a Natural Waistcoat after which ensure that to seize the Verbena from the grass to the south of the pool of water, close to some white flowers.

Don’t enter the home marked on the map to the north, since this can activate a scene, and enter the alley between the buildings to search out some steps to find the Elysalark Nest and watch the Elysalark Fledglings skit. You can now enter the home to verify in with Gramps, who is not all to please {that a} human has been dropped at the village.

There is not a lot left to do within the village, so head again to Sorey’s home to get a scene with Mikleo and the merchandise that he snagged within the ruins. Head again exterior to talk with the lady, who nonetheless hasn’t come to your own home, after which watch one other scene to study extra about her hometown.

In the morning you will head out to hunt the Prickleboars for provides whereas Mikleo offers together with his personal enterprise, so head again towards the ruins. After a scene together with your first Prickleboar, adopted by a combat, you will want to search out and defeat extra Prickleboars to gather all of the hides. You’ll know whenever you’ve attain the required quantity as a consequence of post-battle dialogue, so hold preventing across the ruins till you get this after which return to the village.

Stop by the save exterior Sorey’s home for the Battling the Prickleboars skit after which enter your own home for an additional scene concerning the state of the world beneath.

In the morning, speak to the lady once more for an additional scene after which make your solution to Gramps’ House to let him know that she will probably be leaving within the morning. After one other lengthy scene, wherein you study Alisha’s identify, you will must search out the Hellion that has invaded the land by making your solution to the target marker close to the ruins.

Boss: ???

HP Category Weakness Resistance
1,113 Unknown Water Neutral, Wind
Drops: **Windmaster Talisman: Tempest**

This is a tutorial battle for hidden artes, however that does not imply this boss is a pushover. The excellent news is that between Mikleo’s water-based seraphic artes and Sorey’s newly acquired Heavenly Torrent it is best to be capable of dish out lots of injury shortly, however do not go all out and get your self in an excessive amount of bother.

The key to this battle is to use the enemy’s weak point to water by opening up a combo with Heavenly Torrent, which can enable all of your remaining hits within the combo to be Power Hits. This means that you can do most injury and enhance any assaults that different occasion members dish out alongside you, irrespective of their factor. Make positive to dam when your combo is full, because the boss likes to make use of Blazing Ax to push you again whereas inflicting lots of injury, and do not be afraid to again up when that you must be healed by Mikleo’s Resilient Aid.

After one other lengthy scene, which fits properly into the center of the night time, you will collect your belongings and may depart the village towards the south exit for an additional scene. This will finish the prologue part of the sport and you’ll lastly view the intro to the sport.

Part 1: The Path of the Shepherd

Aroundight Forest

The forest is quiet and it is virtually a straight shot to the opposite facet, since you do not have the map motion that breaks the massive boulders.

Make your manner by way of the forest whereas checking either side of the street for vines that you may minimize by way of with Sorey for a Life Bottle , Battle Boots , and Chamomile .

Lakehaven Heights

This is the final discipline earlier than you attain Ladylake and in contrast to the forest it’s infested with Hellions, so be looking out. Head east to the save level to observe the skit To the Outside World after which observe the southeast wall alongside the outskirts of the realm till you discover a chest with a Life Bottle .

The boulder close by, with the signpost in entrance of it, could be climbed to find the Natural Lookout Poin t and watch the First Trip to the Land Below skit and should you head downhill and cross the stream you will discover a Monolith on the opposite facet.

After a fast scene on the goal marker proceed downhill, however do not method the carts by the bridge simply but. Instead, swing proper to go south throughout a special bridge after which hug the precise wall to search out the Beautiful Butterfly uncover close to the waterfall.

After watching the skit following the invention head immediately south to discover a Verbena by a small tree and a chest with a Soft-Serve Ice Cream simply past that. You can now seize the Monolith on the opposite facet of the street and return to the cart close to the doorway to Ladylake.

There are quite a few folks you may converse to right here, together with a canine that has a reasonably humorous dialog connected to it, however your fundamental goal is to talk with the Sparrowfeathers. If you converse with them once more after the scene Rose will supply to buy Alisha’s Royal Knife for 1,000 gald and you’ll select to promote it or not.

Sell the knife if you wish to get a vogue merchandise later, since you may get the knife again, and stroll away from the Sparrowfeathers to overhear some rumors from the close by folks. You can now converse to the guard on the bridge for a scene after which can enter Ladylake for an additional scene.