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Chapter 1

Agent Training Facility

Item Checklist
Life Bottle | Orange Gel x2 | Melange Gel | 500 Gald

The sport begins with a battle you aren’t supposed to win, simply take a look at out the controls throughout some quick scenes.

Ludger will get up in his room and must rush off to his entrance examination and the primary of set of decisions for will seem.

The new determination system means that you can make completely different decisions which will grant Affinity and in some circumstances could change the result of an occasion.

Note that solely questions with Affinity or a consequence might be included on this guide.

Note: While most of the time you possibly can acquire Affinity via linking with a personality in battle, there are three NPC’s who you can’t occasion with and subsequently the Affinity earned with then can solely be gained via dialog choices. These characters are as observe: Julius, Elle, and Bisley.

Why does Affinity matter with NPC’s? Because on the finish of Chapter 15 you’ll earn a weapon from every of these NPC’s in case your Affinity is excessive with them.

After making two decisions, neither of which has an Affinity hooked up to them, you’ll acquire your weapons and start your examination, beginning off with the Combat tutorial. Your goal is to beat the 5 required enemies and return to your brother, however first there are a couple of treasures to gather.

Take the north path and soar down and the top and head down the southeast path to the decrease stage. Turn left and observe the trail to a Life Bottle after which backtrack to the west facet for Orange Gel x2 . Directly north of the earlier chest you must be capable to crawl via a gap to succeed in a Melange Gel .

Head again towards Julius’ location to the west, however be certain to take the south path for 500 Gald earlier than returning to your brother with all of the kills required.

I counsel you go forward and save the girl your self, in spite of everything you’re the hero of the story, proper?

Boss: ???

This boss just isn’t troublesome, offered you keep away from its Thunder Breath assault and tail whip. Hold down L2 to free run away and across the beast and simply block when wanted whilst you focus your assault throughout its breath assault. Remember you could drop it to the bottom with a leg swipe of Artes to get lengthy streams of combos in to take it down quicker.

No matter when you win or lose, you can be destined to fail the take a look at. After the “fascinating’ cutscene that follows your failure you will note the intro video to the sport full of acquainted faces but to return.


Item Checklist
Mini-Jude | Mini-Milla | Huggable Sophie | Danger Jr. | Sage | Beautiful Feathers | Beautiful Insect Wings | 10 Gald | Apple Gel x3 | “Ex Machine” Whiskey
Skits Checklist
The Boy Aims for the Station

Although you failed the doorway examination there are nonetheless a lot of locations to work in Trigleph and it seems that Ludger bought a job on the cafeteria.

Question: Listen to your brother’s pep speak?

  • L1 – I’d respect that, Julius. (Julius Affinity +500)
  • R1 – I’ll cross.

Question: What’s the particular?

  • L1 – Tomato omelettes. (Julius Affinity +500)
  • R1 – Mabo curry.

Julius appears overly completely happy along with your new place, not at Spirius Corp., and needs to have a good time it by getting you a present.

Note: After the scene you may depart the house and encounter an information verify for extra gadgets within the sport. If you’ve gotten a save information file and/or clear information from Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces f you’ll get the next:

  • **Mini-Jude**
  • **Mini-Milla**
  • **Huggable Sophie**
  • **Danger Jr.**

Now it is time to take a look at the town, although a lot of it is going to be locked till later within the sport. Your vacation spot is the Central Station, however there’s nonetheless a lot to discover. Start by trying out the plant on the primary flooring of the Freres Apartments for a Sage after which head to the Residential Quarter and verify the planter to the left of the door for Beautiful Feathers . The flowerbed in entrance of the Rodo Apartments, on the north facet, has some Beautiful Insect Wings so that you can seize earlier than you enter the Rodo Apartments.

Inside the Rodo Apartments verify the plant to the correct of the door for 10 Gald , oh boy you are wealthy now, after which enter room 102 to seek out Apple Gel x3 from the nightstand. Although you possibly can enter Balan’s Apartment on the second flooring, no gadgets will seem there till later within the sport. On the third flooring enter room 306 to seek out “Ex Machine” Whiskey within the bookshelf.

Head for the plaza and you will run into an previous pal of ours, although Ludger has no thought who he’s.

Question: I do not even know which prepare is within the ceremony.

  • L1 – Want me to point out you? I’m headed to the station. (Jude Affinity +200)
  • R1 – Just head to the station. You’ll determine which prepare is the correct one.

When you acquire management you’ll get the primary skit within the sport, The Boy Aims for the Station .

Question: Were you heading to the station too?

  • L1 – I work on the station’s cafeteria. What about you? (Jude Affinity +250)
  • R1 – Ignore him. Maybe then he’ll thoughts his personal enterprise.

There is a lot of individuals to speak to on the streets, some from Reiza Maxia and a few from Elympios, however none have a lot to supply aside from dialog and story background.

When you attain the Central Station one other scene will set off after which you possibly can take a look at the service provider kiosk on the correct earlier than speaking to the NPC marked with a star for an additional scene.

Question: What’ll you do?

  • L1 – Board the prepare.
  • R1 – Flee the scene. (Elle Affinity +100)


Stribog Line

Item Checklist
Trenchcoat | Knit Cap | 200 Gald
Skits Checklist
Who’s That Girl?

The motion on the prepare station has spilled over into the Stribog Line to the Oscore Plant and you will find your self within the center of all of it.

Question: What’ll you do?

  • L1 – Fight again. (Elle Affinity +100)
  • R1 – Surrender.

Our buddy Jude is on board, in addition to the CEO of Spirius Corp., and you must take this time to extend your Affinity with Bisley.

Question: What’ll you do?

  • L1 – Shake arms and introduce your self. (Bisley Affinity +400)
  • R1 – Refuse the handshake and stay silent.

Question: What’ll you say?

  • L1 – I’ll cease the prepare! (Elle Affinity +100)
  • R1 – If I cease the prepare will you rent me? (Bisley Affinity +400)

After the scenes Jude will be part of your occasion and you may head off in search of treasure and journey…uh, fight! Head into the primary eating space and get the treasure with a Trenchcoat and ensure to equip it to Ludger. Head into the following automotive for a battle and you will get the tutorial for Allium Orbs and Linking, in addition to Jude’s particular Restore capability.

After the battle proceed via the automotive to the following door and within the eating space seize the Knit Cap and equip it. As you progress Jude will introduce the Allium Orbs in additional element, permitting you to develop your abilities in a really new system. With all this in place you’ve gotten all of the fundamentals of Combat and may be certain to take a look at your Artes, Allium Orb, and Skills.

Continue into the following eating automotive, the place an merchandising machine offers you entry to the merchandise store when you want any gadgets. As you enter the following automotive you may get a scene after which a skit Who’s That Girl?

Head via the eating automotive and earlier than coming into the door seize the 200 Gald from the chest. In the following automotive you may get a brief scene and may then proceed up the steps for a for much longer scene.

Question: Look Out!

  • L1 – Protect the lady. (Elle Affinity +250)
  • R1 – Protect the CEO. (Bisley Affinity +400)

Stribog Line (Fractured)

Item Checklist
Life Bottle x2 | Pudding Cake (Small) | 800 Gald
Skits Checklist
Why is Elle Alone? | The Mysterious Figure

The motion on the prepare station has spilled over into the Stribog Line to the Oscore Plant and you will find your self within the center of all of it.Looks like there’s a secret to the Kresnik line we did not learn about, or at the very least you would not when you did not learn up on this sport forward of time. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, so simply cope with the unusual new individuals you do not know and make a alternative as to what you may do.

Question: What’ll you say?

  • L1 – We nonetheless must cease the prepare.
  • R1 – Let’s search for Julius. (Julius Affinity +500)

Head via the automotive to the door after which seize the Life Bottle x2 earlier than you proceed via to the following automotive. There are two skits right here, Why is Elle Alone? and The Mysterious Figure .

↵ Question: Elle’s on their own, is not she?

  • L1 – Probably. And it is approach too harmful to go away her by herself.
  • R1 – Her mother and father may need been killed by the terrorists. (Elle Affinity +250)

Continue via the automotive and simply after the following eating automotive verify the correct seating space for a chest with Pudding Cake (Small) earlier than you proceed. There is not a lot within the subsequent automotive besides the Item Shop, once more, so head into the following automotive. Just previous the eating automotive yow will discover 800 Gald within the second seating space on the left after which proceed to the save, encountering one other tutorial about parts on the best way.

No matter which choice you select you can be compelled right into a battle.

Boss: Julius

You want to dam rather a lot on this battle and solely concentrate on attacking whenever you see the blue (!). In addition you MUST block whenever you see the crimson (!) or take the Time Disintegration ability within the face. If you saved up your Over Limit for the boss battle you possibly can set off this by performing Azure Blade or Time Disintegration after which hyperlink the opposite arte on the top. If you are able to do that twice within the Over Limit time you must take down Julius simply.

After the battle you can be confronted with an choice, however just one appears believable in my thoughts.

Question: Hurry and end him off!

  • L1 – I am unable to kill Julius! (Julius Affinity +500)
  • R1 – I’ll kill Julius.