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Chapter 1: Childhood


On start-up, you’ll need to verify your recreation settings and ensure that you simply like them. You can change these at any time within the Options menu, so you may go away the default for now in order for you.

From now on, all headings for brand new areas may have a guidelines on the prime, which embrace:

Gald; Eleth; Consumables (C); Dishes (D); Weapons (W) / Armor (A) / Unique Equipment (U), together with objects obtained via new characters’ preliminary gear; Gems (G); Valuables (V); Attachments; Skits; Title; and Enemies.

All objects can be marked with an entry quantity and checkbox, in case you’ve got printed out this guide and/or Library and want to mark them off as you discover/make each merchandise.

Items Checklist
Aston’s Sword | Lefty & Righty | Casual Parka | Casual Jacket | **User’s Guide** | **Collector’s Book**
Titles Checklist
Asbel: Little Rascal | Hubert: Prudent Sibling

Note: To attempt to save spoilers, rather a lot of instances I can’t embrace the data on a brand new character the minute they be part of and as a substitute add it within the following part.

Lhant Hill – North Lhant Road

Items Checklist
Apple Gel x3 | **Glassphere** | Life Bottle | Gauntlets | Misty Blouse | **Plucked Flower** | **Glassphere**
Skits Checklist
Wellspring of Deceit | Rebel Without a Cause | Seek the Sparkles!
Titles Checklist
???: Amnesiac

Note: Soul Orbs are dropped from enemies that you’ve got killed quite a few instances. You can solely get one per enemy sort after which a star will seem within the Enemy Book subsequent to their identify. These are helpful later within the recreation and for the completionists you may wish to get this star for every enemy sort.

As quickly as you acquire management, comply with the trail and on the left is a treasure chest with Apple Gel x3 . Continue on and encounter your first monster and the primary battle tutorial. This will educate you the fundamentals of fight.

Important: You will encounter many tutorials all through your first couple battles. Pay consideration to them.

After the battle proceed ahead to the small waterfall space to study skits, watching the Wellspring of Deceit skit. Now, head east on the cut up to a different treasure with a Glassphere inside.

You can now go north and encounter your first save level, straight throughout from a treasure with a Life Bottle . Now, proceed to the subsequent display for a scene after which drop by the save for the skit Rebel Without a Cause .

Instead of heading straight to Lhant, return to North Lhant Road and head west previous the guards to a shining spot on the bottom.

Note: These glowing factors randomly seem, that means generally they’re there and different instances they don’t seem to be. The objects they drop is at all times random too, so I can’t record each merchandise that you would be able to get, however I recommend you at all times verify these anytime you see one without cost (probably uncommon) objects.

Continue northwest for a treasure chest with one other Glassphere after which head east to the save for the skit Seek the Sparkles ! You can now head south to succeed in Lhant.


Items Checklist
Apple Gel | Pickled Plum | Pork x2 | **Enemy Book** | **Discovery Book** | Apple x3 | 100 Gald | **Manual Manual**
Apple Trees | Lord Windegarde | Family Portrait
Skits Checklist
Poor Choice of Words | Family Ties | Rash Justice | The Fruit of Ignorance | Full of Hot Air | Age Is Just a Number

After the scene, Cheria will be part of your occasion and snag your flower. You can now freely roam the city and discuss to whoever you need, together with the rooster.

Important: I recommend you discuss to everybody in each city not less than as soon as. Not solely is that this nice data, however you must do that to realize a title for a personality later.

We cannot go to Cheria’s home within the northeast of city, however we will discover all over the place else. Head to the home simply south of the city’s windmill and discuss to the canine to obtain an Apple Gel after which communicate to the Elderly Woman for a Pickled Plum . Make positive to verify the closet for some Pork x2 after which return exterior.

Continue down the steps and head to the middle of the bridge for the skit, Poor Choice of Words . Now, comply with the wall to Asbel’s home (the dude has a city in his households identify… of course he has a mansion). After a scene, you may head inside and look at the skit Family Ties on the save level. If you discuss to the maid you may take a nap by speaking or you may discuss Frederic for info. Head upstairs to the proper and enter the youngsters’ room and verify by Asbels’ desk for the skit Rash Justice after which get hold of the Enemy Book .

You ought to now head again exterior and again to the primary half of city. Cross the bridge and ensure to speak to the guard on the bridge to open up the west exit of city. On the opposite facet, head west for a scene that nets you the Discovery Book after which verify the tree for Apple x3 , the Apple Trees discovery, and the skit The Fruit of Ignorance . Now discuss to the guard who gave you the apples and say, “We’re not little youngsters!” to reply his questions as follows: Wolf Pup, Wooly Boar, and Giant Bee for 100 Gald .

Note: Discoveries give anyplace from 1-Three objects once you study them. I’ll at all times write x3, however this doesn’t imply you’ll at all times get three.

You can now go east to the outlets and I recommend you purchase the Manual Manual from the Item Shop (promote some random drops you bought if wanted). Head again to the windmill for the Lord Windegarde discovery, now that you’ve got the Discovery Book, and ensure to climb up and get the Full of Hot Air skit. Now go to Asbel’s home for the Family Portrait discovery and the Age Is Just a Number skit inside.

When you are prepared, go away city to West Lhant Road by the apple tree.

West Lhant Road

Items Checklist
Gel Seed x3 | **Glassphere** | Rice x5 | **Magic Carta No. 3**
Gel Seeds
Skits Checklist
Boys and Boats | Not for Human Consumption | Abracadabra

Head to the save level and watch the Boys and Boats skit earlier than you proceed up the highway. Check the tree the traveler is to find the Gel Seeds discovery, netting you Gel Seed x3 and the skit Not for Human Consumption , after which seize the treasure chest right here comprises a Glassphere .

Continue alongside the trail and proceed alongside the trail to the seashore to speak to Turtlez, who teaches you about Dualizing (Synthesis). To the west of that is the Traveling Beastmaster you may must strategy for a scene concerning the unknown lady. Afterward, head to the save for the Abracadabra skit after which head southwest on the seashore for a treasure with Rice x5 .

On your approach again to Lhant you may discuss to the Gel Seeds once more for extra objects, as these respawn identical to the flicker factors once you go away a zone for any cause.

Note: A uncommon merchandise referred to as Magic Carta No. 3 will be gained from the glowing factors right here.

Many area maps produce other playing cards corresponding to these and though you don’t NEED to get them, they do provide some unique unlockables in the event you acquire them.

Return to Lhant

Items Checklist
Apple Gel
Skits Checklist
Chronic Uncertainty
Titles Checklist
Asbel: Lord’s Heir | Sophie: Named After a Flower

The apple tree has respawned, so seize extra apples after which head to the manor for a scene, however don’t go inside. Instead, go to Cheria’s home and discuss to her for an attention-grabbing scene. Afterward, discuss to her once more to get an Apple Gel .

Head again to the manor and contained in the west room on the primary flooring to satisfy Asbel’s dad. Afterward, you’ll get the Lord’s Heir title and may head upstairs to the west room to overhear a dialog.

You ought to head out of the manor for an additional scene that ultimately will get you the Named after a Flower title. Finally, head again to Asbel’s room once more and verify the desk for the skit Chronic Uncertainty .

East Lhant Highroad – Lhant

Items Checklist
Apple Gel x2 | **Magic Carta No. 1**
Cryas Shards
Skits Checklist
A Cheeky Retort | Little Treasures | A Wild Seed Takes Root | A Wild Seed Bears Fruit

Head on to the save level for the skit A Cheeky Retort . You will wish to head north, all the way down to the river, to get the treasure with Apple Gel x2 and in the event you stroll via the blue rocks within the riverbed you may uncover the Cryas Shards for the Little Treasures skit. You can now proceed alongside the trail east for a scene and a struggle.

There is nothing else to do, so head again towards Lhant, ensuring to get the A Wild Seed Takes Root skit on the save level earlier than coming into city.

Note: The uncommon Magic Carta No. 1 from a glowing level on this space can truly be gotten later when you’ve got extra factors accessible.

Head for the Lhant Manor, however as a substitute of coming into the entrance doorways go east to the facet of the constructing by strolling proper as much as the entrance door and going behind the pillar. Enter the constructing for a scene after which exit to the entrance of the manor for an additional scene.

Your occasion setup will change to simply Sophie and Asbel in your preventing occasion after the scene, as the brand new member doesn’t struggle, so head towards the bridge for the skit A Wild Seed Bears Fruit after which go away for Lhant Hill.

North Lhant Road – Lhant Hill

Items Checklist
**Magic Carta No. 4** | Apple Gel
Spring of Healing

While we have already cleared out this space you could not have gotten the Magic Carta No. 4 from the glowing factors in your final go to, so if wanted you may get that now. Make positive to speak to the 2 guards close to Lhant Hill to get an Apple Gel after which enter Lhant Hill.

You can now uncover the Spring of Healing , which you’ve got most likely used a number of instances, and when prepared head for the meadow the place we met Sophie. I knew Bryce was a douchebag, however severely?

Boss: Bryce

Bryce is definitely a push-over contemplating how a lot of a present he placed on again on the manor, although this doesn’t imply you may destroy him and you have to be cautious. Use your guarding successfully and combo your assaults with Sophie for injury. If you are fortunate, he will not use any of his Artes on you. Note that Sophie can heal, so in the event you get thrashed somewhat, again off and provides her an opportunity to heal you.

Defeating Bryce in 60 seconds will internet you a trophy.

Trophy icon


Bryce in 60 Seconds

Defeated that jerk with the claw in a minute or much less.


Lhant Hill Cliffs

Items Checklist
Pickled Plum x3 | Life Bottle x2 | **Glassphere**
Abandoned Nest | Friendship Tree
Skits Checklist
Face Time | A Brother’s Pride | About Face | The Meaning of Friendship | The Facts on Pacts | Fight or Fright
Titles Checklist
Richard: Prince of Windor | Asbel: Pact Maker | Sophie: Pact Maker | Richard: Pact Maker

Richard has lastly determined to contribute one thing to the occasion, which is sweet of him, so make sure that to verify his gear and AI settings. Before you even take one step up the ramp, seize the treasure with the Pickled Plum x3 and also you also needs to be capable of get the skit Face Time within the seashore space.

Head up the ramp and you will probably run into the primary of many occasions that require you to faucet X rapidly to keep away from falling, so keep away from these by holding O to stroll. Continue across the nook, hugging the wall, and throughout the small bridge that results in a treasure with Life Bottle x2 . If you strategy the nest just a bit additional up the trail you may uncover the Abandoned Nest and get the skit A Brother’s Pride .

Now proceed for a scene simply previous the save level for a minor story struggle.

After the struggle you may watch the skit About Face after which head east to seize the Glassphere earlier than climbing up the roots. After the scene, you may get the Pact Maker title and the skit The Meaning of Friendship . Make positive to look at the tree to find the Friendship Tree and watch The Facts on Pacts skit.

You now want to go again towards Lhant, however make sure that to get the skit Fight or Fright on the therapeutic spring first.

Lhant – East Lhant Highroad

Items Checklist
**Richard’s Ring** | **Glassphere** | 100 Gald or **Manual Manual** | **Magic Carta No. 1** | 300 Gald | Milk x3 |
Windor Cows
Skits Checklist
You Can’t Force It | Weird Is Weird | Stick and Mooove

Back in Lhant, you may get a putting scene with Aston! After some extra scenes you may get Richard’s Ring and may head to East Lhant Highroad.

At the save level, make sure that to get the skit You Can’t Force It after which head east throughout the stone bridge and switch proper for a Glassphere . Follow the trail for a humorous scene after which head to the save to entry the skit Weird Is Weird . Inside the cottage, seize the 100 Gald / Manual Manual after which head again exterior and seize the glowing level to the southeast.

Note: If you did not get the Magic Carta No. 1 earlier than, you may probably get it now earlier than you allow the realm and proceed via the sport. The greatest place to do that is to exit and enter the cottage and seize the close by glowing level till you get it.

Head up the hill and comply with the trail till you attain a cut up. To the south (compass south) of the cut up is a treasure with 300 Gald , whereas on the other path you may study the odd coloured cow to find the Windor Cows discovery and get Milk x3 , in addition to the Stick and Mooove skit.

Now head down the northern path towards the port and enter city.

Port to Barona – Barona

Items Checklist
Rice | Bread x2 | Lettuce x2 | Dried Seaweed | Feather | Tomato | Dried Seaweed x3 | Pie Sheet x2 | Egg x2
Skits Checklist
Through the Ringer | Everything Worth Knowing | To Be a Knight | Pact Attack

Talk to the child hanging exterior the store full of chairs and tables to obtain some Rice after which head into the constructing. Check the cupboards right here for Bread x2 and Lettuce x2 after which head again exterior. Talk to the traveler subsequent to the Turtlez for Dried Seaweed and when prepared board the ship for Barona.

Important: Cats seem in virtually each city and will be feed fish as half of a Side Quest. While you cannot feed them within the Childhood Arc, you may wish to maintain an eye fixed out for these beginning now. I’ll go into element concerning the cats later and start to level them out within the Adulthood Arcs.

Head into city for a scene with a well-recognized face after which head up the steps and discuss to the Elderly Woman on the bench for a Feather . Continue down the steps to speak to a guard for a Tomato and head into the constructing to the east.

At the save, view the Through the Ringer skit after which head upstairs to enter a room that has a closet full of Dried Seaweed x3 . You can now exit and head north previous the outlets to the Castle District.

Head east right away and enter the home to look at the cupboards for Pie Sheet x2 and Egg x2 and exit, Head all the best way west this time and once you see the 2 ladies chatting, veer up the steps to the northeast and discuss to the left guard for a scene. The two ladies have moved now, so go to the place they have been.

After the hilarious scene, study the valkines cryas to get the invention Gloandi and the skit Everything Worth Knowing . Head again to the decrease metropolis and discuss to the Equipment Shop proprietor for a humorous dialog after which verify the Inn for the skits To Be a Knight and Pact Attack on the save level. If you proceed east you may get a scene on the Knight Academy and may then return to the Castle District and exit the north gate.

You can now go away Barona to the north to succeed in the North Barona highway.

North Barona Road

Items Checklist
Short Rapier | Haute Couture | **Glassphere** | Beef x2 | **Magic Carta No. 2**

Head west on the cut up to discover a treasure with a Glassphere inside after which head again and north. Continue north for a treasure with Beef x2 inside after which go previous the cabin and up the hill for a scene.

Note: I recommend you head into the cabin, despite the fact that there’s nothing there, to respawn the glowing factors to get the uncommon Magic Carta No. 2 earlier than heading again to city.

Barona – Barona Catacombs

Items Checklist
Rice x3 | Water of Absolution x3 | 500 Gald | Apple Gel x3 | **Glassphere** | Life Bottle
Water of Absolution (Discovery)
Skits Checklist
The Boy Who Knew Everything | Revenge Will Be Mine! | Sticky Situation
Titles Checklist
Hubert: Second-Born Son

Head again to the Inn for a scene…okay, what occurred to him? Get the Second-Born Son title for Hubert, who rejoins the occasion, after which communicate to the Innkeeper to relaxation till dusk. Upstairs, enter the beforehand locked room to seize the Rice x3 from the closet and as soon as it’s dusk you may exit the Inn and head to the Castle District, flip proper, and head to the Royal Sanctuary for a scene.

Once on the within, study the shining water to find the Water of Absolution (Discovery) and procure Water of Absolution x3 for a skit The Boy Who Knew Everything . You can now verify the opposite facet of the altar to enter the catacombs.

Note: Enemies right here will change in maturity, so I recommend you’re taking the time to gather the Soul Orbs now and save your self the difficulty later in looking for the previous enemies when there’s a bigger pool of enemies to spawn from.

Follow the trail till you attain a stone door, the place you may view the Revenge Will Be Mine! skit, after which proceed over the bridge to a chest with 500 Gald inside. You’ll then wish to head down the trail to get the Apple Gel x3 after which head again up the primary path and proceed for a chest with a Glassphere inside.

At the subsequent cut up go up the trail to get a Life Bottle after which backtrack to the decrease path with a save for the skit Sticky Situation .

Boss: Monarch Bat

You’ll need your self and your AI companions to deal with taking out the smaller bats first, permitting you to decrease the general injury put out by the group. The Monarch Bat favored to make use of Photon Strike, a 3 strike assault that throws balls of mild on the bottom and damages the targets inside it, and Dark Sliver, a single goal assault. Setting Sophie to deal with therapeutic with First Aid will enable you to survive this assault and as soon as you may deal with the Monarch Bat you should not have an excessive amount of bother to combo it to loss of life.

Kill it and benefit from the cutscenes and say goodbye to your childhood.

Trophy icon


Childhood’s End

Completed Chapter 1.