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A Word from the Author

Thank you for selecting to learn my Super Mario 3D World guide. This sport felt prefer it actually wanted footage in order that’s the rationale I took this route. Hopefully, the photographs are helpful in exhibiting you the places I describe, that manner you’ll be able to declare each Green Star, each Stamp, and cap each Goal Pole to finish the sport in it is entirety.

World 01

Stars Stamps Goal Posts Warp Zone
24 6 6 World 1-2 to World 2

World 1-1: Super Bell Hill

Start off by working straight forward to the? Block to acquire a Super Bell and obtain the Cat Power-Up. Run to the precise and accumulate the cash, defeating the Goombas as you go. Head alongside the close to aspect the place the sand is positioned to discover a hidden coin block and likewise begin a series of cash. Back up prime you’ll be able to bounce into the clear pipe and maintain as much as declare Green Star #1. Continue to the precise and into the second clear pipe which drops you off on the midway level. From right here you’ll be able to go to the Sprixie with binoculars to get a have a look at what’s forward. Run over to the Rabbit and catch it to acquire Green Star #2.

Then head into the pipe towards the wall. In this room, you will see the Stamp atop the pipe, simply head inside to achieve it.

Back exterior, climb the big again wall to the highest the place you will discover a Rabbit and Mega Rabbit. Catch the Mega Rabbit to launch a Mega Mushroom and snag the Green +Clock so as to add a while. Use the Mega Mushroom and drop off the ledge heading proper over the bridge demolishing every part in your path. Your aim is to achieve the blocks after the bridge that you’re going to break. Drop down the outlet to search out Green Star #3 then use the Warp Box to return out.

Secret 1-Up Mushroom: If you may have time you’ll be able to head beneath the bridge to find a hidden 1-Up Mushroom.

From right here, head to the top of the extent the place you can begin a coin chain. With the Cat Power-Up, you don’t must cap the flag, as a result of you’ll climb up in the direction of the highest however solely thus far.

World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave

Proceed by means of the tube firstly of the extent. You can declare a Fire Flower from one of many? Blocks however you will need to hold a Cat Power-Up in standby for those who seize this. Break the purple blocks to achieve a hidden space the place you will need to defeat the Koopa Troopa then toss it is shell round to shortly accumulate all of the cash. Continue heading proper and defeat one other Koopa Troopa, however, attempt to hold it is shell intact in case you are trying to find a secret.

Maximum Lives: If you are taking this turtle shell and stand on the south aspect of the narrowest path to your proper, face north then toss the shell and instantly bounce. This will trigger Mario to leap on the shell repeatedly without requiring you to do something. You’ll accumulate 1-Ups in a short time and may cap at Triple Crown (1110 lives).

As you progress in the direction of the top of this section hit the blocks alongside the again wall. There are literally three in a row going straight up, the highest one is a 1-Up Mushroom. Head by means of the pipe to achieve a piece with transferring cloud platforms. Jump between them to assert Green Star #1 then experience the precise platform all the best way to the highest and bounce off. Dash throughout this higher tier till you attain a pipe, then take it to an inexperienced pipe that results in a room with three Gold Koopa Shells. Kick them around for a ton of cash then head again to the cloud platforms. Snag the Green +Clock on the mid stage then undergo the tube to achieve the checkpoint. The again wall has a second stage of blocks that yields a Fire Flower for those who want it.

Climb up the blocks to the precise and bounce into the Mystery Box . Defeat the 2 Koopa Troopas in time to assert Green Star #2 then exit. Another block alongside the best way accommodates a Fire Flower — proceed by means of the subsequent pipe.

Secret Exit: There is a secret exit to this stage and it takes you to World 2-1: Conkdor Canyon . Above the realm with the Stamp is a wall that leads as much as a crimson pipe, you will want a Cat Power-Up so as to attain it although. It’s simple to achieve, simply climb the wall.

In this ultimate part climb up the blocks to a ledge guarded by a Koopa Troopa. Defeat it then enter the pipe to be taken beneath this platform the place the Stamp could also be discovered. Claim it and return to the highest, grabbing the Super Star from the block throughout the hole. Defeat the tower of Goombas to search out Green Star #3 then proceed to the exit.

For finishing this world you will acquire entry to a Toad House which you will need to benefit from.

World 1-A: Chargin Chuck Blockade

In this tiny world you face off towards two Chargin’ Chucks. Jump on their heads or shoot fireballs (or use the Cat Power-Up to claw them) to take away their helmet then end them off. Once they’re defeated a bunch of cash and Green Star #1 seems within the middle.

Collect your reward and head to the subsequent stage.

World 1-3: Mount Beanpole

At the very begin of the extent climb the tree on the left to assert Green Star #1. Continue throughout the bridge and work your approach to the Red Pow Block that can take out the Piranha Plant. Collect the Super Bell from the? Block then look proper of the Pow Block for a hidden 1-Up Mushroom in a block. Climb up handed one other Pow Block to identify the Stamp between two ledges.

Just previous this part on the left finish is one other Pow Block. Hitting this and the subsequent one will open up a path to a pipe. In this new room is a P Switch that spawns a number of blue cash. Collect all of them shortly so you’ll be able to unlock Green Star #2.

Continue to climb to the summit of the mountain. With the Cat Power-Up, climb up the big wall to your proper simply earlier than the bridge to assert 1-Up Mushroom then bounce throughout to the left. Hit the Cat Wheel to lift a tower, climb it to the Cloud Cannon that launches you into the clouds! From right here hit the? Block to spawn a Super Star then sprint by means of the clouds defeating enemies and claiming Green Star #3 on the finish.

Defeat the Mega Piranha Plant after you cross the bridge and use the Warp Box to achieve the Goal Pole.

Hidden Toad House: If you head north of World 1-Four you’ll be able to enter the doorway to a grassy mountain which is definitely a Toad House, use it for those who want some objects.

World 1-4: Plessis Plunging Falls

This is a stage you will play greater than as soon as however the first time round it is best to simply seize all of the Green Stars then seize the Stamp in your second journey. Start by hopping on Plessie and just little methods down use the Splounders to bounce as much as Green Star #1.

From right here stick with the precise aspect and bounce as much as the Red Ring and accumulate all eight Red Coins alongside the higher path for a 1-Up. Stick to the left aspect and bounce up the tiered water ranges to achieve a 1-Up Mushroom then sprint by means of the waterfall on the left aspect. Claim Green Star #2 right here and a Super Star which can assist you to transfer by means of the ultimate space.

Use the Dash Panels to get some velocity and bounce off the useless middle of the ultimate platform to achieve Green Star #3 and loads of Coin Rings.

In a replay of this world take the precise path on the waterfall. It winds left and proper however the Stamp is discovered right here.

World 1-5: Switch Scramble Circus

The rooms on this stage are full of Switch Panels that each one has to be flipped inexperienced so as to proceed. Hit the coin blocks and flip all of the Switch Panels then proceed alongside the best way to some Stingbies. Defeat them and use the Roulette Block earlier than making your climb up the cliff. Hit all of the Switch Panels alongside the best way to open the best way through Warp Box. Don’t use it although, as an alternative wall bounce up one of many sides to achieve a platform above the Warp Box the place Green Star #1 is discovered.

Now use the Warp Box to achieve the Checkpoint Flag. The subsequent space is full of Switch Panels that have to be flipped, however, watch out with the Biddybuds. Climb up the subsequent cliff and use the Red Ring to gather eight Red Coins for a Power-Up. Head to the left aspect a right into a Mystery Box to a room with a bunch of crates. Destroy the again left ones to disclose Green Star #2 then head to the subsequent space.

Here a Magikoopa guards Green Star #3 so you will have to run by means of the middle and defeat it. Run across the edge to gather some Green +Clocks then make your approach to the cannon. Launch by means of the Coin Rings and hit all of the Switch Panels within the final room. Climb to the highest to search out the Stamp then leap to the highest of the Goal Pole.

World 1-Toad: Captain Toad Goes Forth

Toad ranges power you to make use of the Gamepad and play as Captain Toad. Captain Toad can’t bounce however you’ll be able to spin the digicam around and use numerous options of the Gamepad to finish the extent.

Start by strolling around and claiming Green Star #1 from the underside stage. Head up the ramp and experience the platform to Green Star #2 then again onto the platform. Move by means of the left gap to search out Green Star #3 then again out by means of the opposite gap. Pass by the Biddybuds and up the ramp to the highest stage, sneaking in between the big group of Biddybuds to seize Green Star #4. Take your time as you progress throughout the skinny board to Green Star #5 and the top of this stage.

World 1-Castle: Bowsers Highway Showdown

Unlock Requirement: This stage requires that you’ve got at the very least 10 Green Stars so as to unlock it. It’s not troublesome at this level within the sport to have collected that many stars, simply be sure you have them.

Start by transferring as much as the Green Star Ring and accumulating the eight Green Coins to spawn Green Star #1.

Collect a Super Bell to realize the Cat Power-Up, then climb atop the again wall for a Green +Clock earlier than persevering with proper. Ride the transferring platforms over the hole then kick one of many Kick Bombs into the wall to the precise revealing the Stamp.

Now climb up the wall above the Stamp and hit the Cat Wheel to lift the platform. Climb to the highest and bounce throughout to the precise to search out Green Star #2. If you drop down from right here you’ll be able to land atop some Thwomps to search out extra Green +Clocks. Continue up the pathway and defeat the tower of Goombas to get Green Star #3 then proceed to the ultimate space earlier than the boss struggle. Use the Kick Bombs to blast away the again wall and attain the Warp Box.

Highway Showdown with Bowser

Bowser rides in his automobile tossing Kick Bombs at you however you’ll be able to kick them again to deal harm. Direct hits to Bowser deal extra harm than hitting the automobile however both manner is efficient. You have to be careful for the Kick Balls which might be about to blow up and the lava swimming pools that Bowser will spew onto the trail. If you progress by means of this battle lengthy sufficient the surroundings will change a bit and Goombas be a part of the fray. Land a number of hits on Bowser or the automobile to finish the battle then use the Warp Box to achieve the ultimate space.

Claim the Green +Clock and bounce atop the Goal Pole to avoid wasting the Sprixie Princess. She will create a pipe to entry World 2 if you have not already finished so in World 1-2. Head on over to the subsequent World!