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Campaign Missions

Horror Night

After the introduction, run to the far finish of the practice platform utilizing the dodge roll and double leap to keep away from the mutants and leap over the indicated fence. Run up and hop onto the air con vent to bounce as much as a platform above and do it as soon as once more.

This part is basically introducing you to manoeuvring within the recreation, so at this level it would be best to observe the marker arrows. Drop right down to the roof beneath after which use the umbrella to cross the road and climb to the roof.

Hop throughout the vehicles within the subsequent space earlier than grinding throughout a wire between two rooftops. Grind up the fallen cell tower after which as much as the indicated space. As you strategy an enemy will seem. Reverse course in your grind, and as soon as the enemy leaves, return to the platform it appeared on and work together with the door.

Hop onto the wire and use your undergrind (hanging from beneath) as required. Alternate between grinding and undergrinding to keep away from the enemies alongside the way in which to the subsequent goal marker. When you arrive a scene will play… And you’ll have your first weapon – The Flaming Compensator .

At this level, it’s essential kill eight mutants while grinding or throughout a bounce to proceed. There are a lot within the space, so use this chance to get used to the grinding/bouncing gameplay – you’ll be doing a whole lot of it!

Once you have got killed the requisite quantity, the enormous mutant will re-appear. He will throw objects at you, so maintain an eye fixed out for crimson circles showing on the bottom. To beat him simply, simply proceed to grind across the space while taking pictures him and avoiding his projectiles and he’ll fall very quickly.

After the scene, observe the markers to return dwelling and work together with the door to finish the prologue.

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Oh the Horror

Survive Horror Night.



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You earned an achievement.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
10 x Overcharge N/A
Weapon: Flaming Compensator



After the introductory scene, and the menu tutorial, run up and seize the Crowbar . You will now have to make use of melee assaults to kill 5 OD enemies that seem. For essentially the most half, they may come one after the other, however in the direction of the tip, maintain an eye fixed out simply in case you get two directly.

Once all 5 are lifeless, leap right down to the basketball court docket close by and bomb-dive the crate for a brand new weapon – High Fidelity .

Soon after selecting up the weapon, numerous OD enemies will present up, so that you’ll should defend your self together with your new toy. You will quickly be taught that staying on the bottom results in rapidly being overwhelmed and killed, a lesson that’s true for the remainder of the sport! As such, use the crates and prime of the fence to grinding across the space, taking pictures as you go.

Once you have got killed every part, observe Walter. He’ll lead you to the Brewery, a base that’s comparatively protected from mutants between missions that embrace a brand new buddy Floyd and a vendor – Two Hat Jack who sells weapons, ammo and collectible maps. For now, purchase the Dirty Harry weapon from Jack. Afterwards, head up the steps and discuss to Floyd for a scene.

When you regain management, you’ll want to move out and destroy the military of scabs who’re attacking the barricades close by. Again, use this as follow to hone your grinding, bouncing and taking pictures mixture expertise.

After killing every part, return to Floyd to finish the mission.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
Weapon: Crowbar Fast Travel: Brewery
Weapon: High Fidelity
Weapon: Dirty Harry


One Man’s Trash…

Following the beginning, we have to head over to the crash website close to the Crown Blades Factory to the north marked by the target marker. You’ll be capable to determine it as a tipped over van with orange liquid unfold out on the bottom beneath it and OD ingesting it.

Once you attain the crash website, it’s essential look out for Vat Parts . One needs to be close to the spill, while an additional 4 could be discovered alongside the practice tracks resulting in the best of the crash space. Collect these and proceed to grind alongside the rails, utilizing your melee assaults to clear the trail via the OD swarm till you attain the subsequent goal marker.

You’ll finally come throughout a second crashed van alongside the rails. Approach it for a scene – this may introduce us to the Poppers, a sort of enemy that may explode when shot. Clear out the Popper earlier than it reaches you after which loot the crash website for extra Vat Parts .

Again, the primary half shall be proper on the crash, with the remaining 4 situated on the road main up the hill to the best. Be cautious although as if you happen to go too far up the hill, a big group of Poppers will try and swarm you!

Once you have got grabbed all the Vat Parts , grind, leap and wall run your manner again to the Brewery and discuss with Floyd to finish the mission.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
$ 1,000 N/A
1,000 x Overcharge

Amp it Up

This is an extremely brief mission that simply has us working out and grabbing 3 Fizzboy Balloons from the rapid space. They shall be arrange with goal markers and are all situated throughout the confines of the Brewery space.

They could be discovered within the following places:

  • On the highest of the pipes on to the best (North) of Floyd’s workplace.
  • On a parasol on the north facet of the Brewery, just under Floyd’s platform.
  • On an air con vent on prime of the constructing within the northeast nook of the Brewery.

Once you have got all three, return to Floyd and work together with the close by machine to finish the gathering mission.

Reward/s: Unlock/s:
Amp: Damage Dodge Roll N/A
Amp: Stun Rounds