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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Social Site Gaming on Your Phone Basics
Chapter 2:
How to Use the Application Launcher
Chapter 3:
Facebook Farmville
Chapter 4:
Facebook Words with Friends
Chapter 5:
Social City
Chapter 6:
Finding Free Social Games
Chapter 7:
Being A Hero In Social Site Game
Chapter 8:
The Best Social Site Games
Chapter 9:
Learning To Separate These Games From Reality

Ever since social sites were introduced to the public, many people became a fan of various social site games. In fact, millions of social site users are also taking advantage of the social site games that are made to provide fun and entertainment. If you are a social site gamer, there are several things that you need to know about social gaming. In this book, you will learn some known social site games and you will find out what it takes to be a hero in the world of social site gaming.

Chapter 1
Social Site Gaming On Your Phone Basics
Prior to the success of social sites, more and more people are becoming an addict of the games that were featured on such sites. Because of the demand, there are now lots of games that are being developed just to meet the needs of gamers and other people who want to have fun and be entertained through social site games. But, what is social site gaming? Why is it so popular?

Social Site Gaming Defined
Social games aren’t a new thing in today’s society. With the booming industry of social sites, there is no wonder why there are lots of people who are becoming social site gamers.
Social site gaming is a kind of gaming that is played on social sites like Facebook. Typically, games on this gaming form feature asynchronous and multiplayer gameplay mechanics. Social site games are commonly known as browser games, but ever since mobile devices were introduced in the market, these games are also implemented in these platforms.
Social site games are known for being one of the most popular types of games that are played across the world with millions of players. Some of the successful and first known games are Happy Farm, YoVille, Farm Town, Mob Wars, and Lil Green Patch. But, recently, CityVille, FrontierVille, Kantai Collection, and The Sims Social are the popular games in the world of social site gaming. Although social site games share lots of aspects of tranditional games, they have distinct features that make them exceptional.
Social site gaming on your phone are popular because many people spend most of their time on using smartphones rather than computers or laptops. In fact, it is predicted that billions of revenue is possible if users continue play games through their smartphones.

Chapter 2
How to Use the Application Launcher
With the availability of social site games, the use for an application launcher became important as this assists gamers to enjoy the most of their preferred games without experiencing any inconvenience or issues. Due to this, it is essential that gamers know how to use an application launcher properly.

What is an Application Launcher?
An application launcher is a kind of computer program that helps users to locate and start other computer programs like games. This provides shortcuts to various programs and stores shortcuts in one place so that they are much easier to find. When compared to desktop application launchers, each section follows the guidelines for desktop environment.
How to Use Application Launchers?
There are many ways on how to use application launchers. But, the first thing that you need to do is to find one and install it in your computer or mobile device. You can pick any application launcher you want. However, make sure that your chosen one would benefit you in the long run.
Once you have installed an application launcher, the next thing that you need to do is to download your preferred social site games. There are various games you can download at present. But, see to it that you have chosen the right application launcher for you to reap off the benefits of your selected games.
When downloading games, ensure that your device’s memory is still high. There are instances that some devices have small memory space. So, better check the system requirements of your device before you decide to install some games that will give you full entertainment and enjoyment.

Chapter 3
Facebook Farmville
If you are one of the million users of Facebook, you have probably heard about FarmVille and even tried to play this social site game. If so, it is wise to be knowledgeable about this game especially if you want to level up or master it. In this chapter, you will gain depth understanding about FarmVille and its features.

Facts about FarmVille
FarmVille is a simulation social site game that revolves around farming. It was created by Zynga in the year 2009. It is quite the same with Farm Town, Happy Farm, and several video games like the Harvest Moon series.
The gameplay of FarmVille involves various aspects of managing a farm such as planting, plowing land, harvesting and growing crops, harvesting bushes and trees, and livestock raising. In September 2012, FarmVille 2 was released. It is the sequel version of FarmVille.
FarmVille is available as an Adobe Flash application in social sites and to other mobile devices. Like most social site games, it comes for free. This just means that you don’t need to spend any amount of cash in playing the game. However, players have options to purchase premium content. It was once considered as the most famous Facebook game, but recently, many have seen a decline in its popularity. In fact, as of the month of May in the year 2012, FarmVille does not belong to the top 5 of the best social site games.
Once players start a farm, the first thing they need to do is to make a customizable avatar that may be changed anytime. Then, the player will start with an empty farm as well as fixed amount of Farm coins, which is the major currency in the said social site game.
Players will earn XP or experience points for doing particular actions in the game including buying items or plowing land. The level of the player increases as the XP rises. In addition to that, animals and crops will become available throughthe market where items can be bought with the use of Farm Cash or Farm Coins. These are earned every time a player completed the offer or leveled up.
The best way for a player to earn Farm Coins is by harvesting crops or through visiting their neighbors. The players do this through paying coins for plowing a particular area of land. After plowing, the land is now ready for planting seeds, which will be harvested after a certain period of time. The amount of time to harvest crops and how much money you will get depend on the crop you planted. These details are noted in the shop where you have purchased the crop. If you haven’t harvested the crops and the time for harvesting them has exceeded, the crops will wither and will not be used.
Every player has his or her own farm. There are various themes for farms that players can consider. Depending on the amount of coins or cash you have, you can choose any themed farms for you to get daily coins. Some of the themed farms released are the following:
 Home Farm
 Lighthouse Cove
 English Countryside
 Winter Wonderland
 Jade Falls
 Hawaiian Paradise
 Haunted Hollow
 Lavender Meadows
 Mistletoe Lane
 Sunflower Meadows
 Angler’s Pond
 Atlantis
 Enchanted Glen
 Australia
 Hanging Gardens
 Celestial Pastures
 Mystical Groves
 Sweet Acres
 Emerald Valley
 Farmer’s Square
 Fields of El Dorado

There are various decorations you can purchase in FarmVille. You can even send a free gift to your friend. Some of the decorations included are hay bales, fences, buildings, nutcrackers, flags, gnomes, and many more. There are also limited edition items that celebrate the themes including Valentine’s Day, winter holidays, Halloween, etc. Getting decorations also give players XP.
For several years in the world of social site gaming, FarmVille has added tons of expansions where players’ farm can be located in some areas including Japan, England, Atlantis, Hawaii, Australia, and so on.
What Others Say about FarmVille
Though FarmVille became the most popular social site game, it has received some negative reactions due to some reasons. But, despite of this, many people have enjoyed playing the game especially by those who are fond of gardening or farming.

Chapter 4
Facebook Words with Friends
One of the most known social site game at present is the word game like Words with Friends. It works like Scrabble, but it has added features and will allow you to have fun playing with some of your friends and even strangers. That is the reason why at present, it is still considered as one of the best and top social site games even though there are many games that were already released in the social site world.
Words with Friends is a social site multi-player word game that was created by Zynga with Friends, which is actually the former Newtoy, Inc. Gamers can take turns in creating words in a crossword style with opponents in a way that is the same with the classic Scrabble.

What is Words with Friends?
Though the rules are quite similar, Words with Friends has nothing to do with Scrabble brand. Its main difference is that with the use of push notifications, up to twenty games can be played at the same time. The notifications are the one that alert players for their turn. Those who are playing Words with Friends can look for friends to be their opponent or the game will assigned one randomly.
Words with Friends was released in the month of July of 2009. It is available for several operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, and so on. It is also available on Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire, and Facebook. Moreover, there’s a chat feature built in the game, which allows opponents to exchange messages. At present, this social site game belongs to the top ranking game in the iOS app store.
More about Words with Friends
Words with Friends is best described as a simple game that will both expand and test your vocabulary. That is the reason there is no doubt that it is a hit for many players.
What makes Words with Friends unique from Scrabble is that is comes with a stable 1-on-1 setting and it is friendly approach that makes it easy to play. It has also light features. That is why anyone can find it easy to use without the need to follow any instructions.
There are several differences you will find from Words with Friends and Scrabble. One of these differences is the similar size, but there is a new letter distribution. Also, the letter values are also not the same and the places of word squares, triple or double word have also change.
How to Play Words with Friends
For those who are not familiar with playing Scrabble, here is how you can enjoy the most of Words with Friends. Players will draw 7 letters from a pool of letters that are scattered randomly. On their turn, the very first player will place a word on the board’s center and will add points listed on the letters he or she used. After the 1st turn, players will play the game like a crossword puzzle. Every new word played should connect to the past ones and all other adjacent letters should form valid words.
Although Words with Friends is not the type of a game that is groundbreaking, the real fun will be seen during gameplay. Like most social site games, you don’t need to have both gamers playing simultaneously. Though there are times, but you can also play the game for a long time.
Why Play Words with Friends
Words with Friends is free and won’t let you spend a particular amount of money. Though there are options you can purchase, the choice still depends on yours. Other than that, Words with Friends can give you the best experience, which you can share with your friends or strangers. Therefore, if you want to play Scrabble in a unique way, don’t miss your chance to play this one of a kind game as this can offer you convenience and can help you relax at the same time.

Chapter 5
Social City
If you are fond of construction or building your own city, Social City can allow you to do whatever you want with your city. This real-time and building simulation game will take you to a new level of gaming, which will let you experience the highest level of enjoyment while meeting or cooperating some friends or strangers in the social site world.

All About Social City
Social City was developed by Playdom and released in Facebook in March 2010. This social site game allows you to create your own virtual city. Once you get started with this game, you will place homes in the neighborhoods to add businesses, population, and décor for you to make your residents happy. Factories can also be added to your city. These will allow you to take contracts and once you have completed them, you will earn additional money to invest in your own virtual city.
As its name implies, Social City revolves around being social when constructing a cool city that you can considered as yours in the virtual world. For you to acquire great game experience, you will depend heavily on your neighbors because they will be the one that will give you some gift items, which you can use for your city. Visiting other cities will let you earn extra XP and income.
If you are playing through Facebook, you can invite your friends to play Social City as your neighbors. You can also send free gifts to them and help them create their city. Through your help and their assistance, you will be able to make your city successful.
There are 2 kinds of currency in Social City. These are coins and City Bucks. Coins are the main currency that are usually used in this game. City bucks, on the other hand, can be purchased using real money. This currency will offer you high-end buildings that will also let you earn more XP as well as population than items that are purchased using coins.

XP (Experience Points)
When playing Social City, you will earn more money and XP. Every time you perform a particular action, you will earn coins and increase your XP. With XP, you will be able to level up in this game. So, the higher your XP, the greater possibility that you will level up.
Items and Contracts
Each week, there are new items added to the game. These items may include new house styles or businesses. You will buy these and put them in your city in any way you want. You may also place roads and the game will give you animations of people who are working, driving, and playing around.
When it comes to contracts and other items that will be made in your own factories, the choice is yours. You can pick any item that would best suit for your preferences. However, you have to take note that contracts also expire for a particular period of time. So, if you fail to collect the items on your contract on the right time, you will lose your investment.
Game Strategies and Tips
If you want to increase your level in Social City, you can do anything just to get coins and increase your XP. These are some of the things you can consider for you to level up:
 Try to acquire at least twenty neighbors because there are some items that require a certain number of neighbors. If you have a total of twenty neighbors, you can unlock some items that you can use to make your city much appealing.
 The longer you play the game, the more money you will earn. If you will not play for a long period of time, you must choose only the short contracts that will only last for several minutes. In this way, you will be able to earn money efficiently.
 When investing, choose to invest only on housing. This will add population to your city, which will also let you earn XP and coins
Why Play Social City?
There are various reasons why you should play Social City. Whether you are a game addict or just want to have fun, Social City is worth playing for. With its distinct features and simple navigation, you can guarantee that you will experience the thrill, entertainment, and fun that you have always looking for a particular game. So, don’t hesitate to try this wonderful social site game because this can make a difference and may offer a whole new level of gaming experience.

Chapter 6
Finding Free Social Games
With the popularity of social sites, more and more social games are developed and released to meet the needs of millions of users across the globe especially those who are fond of gaming for various purposes. That is why it is not surprising why there are many people who are searching for free social games.

How to Find Free Social Games
Most social games are available free of charge. However, not all sites can offer you comfort and convenience. If you want reap off the benefits of free social games while experiencing satisfaction, there are various ways on how you can do it and these are as follows:
Seek for Your Friend’s Help
One of the best ways to find free social games is to seek for your friend’s help. If you have friends in social sites that are also fond of searching free social games, you can consider their suggestions or recommendations. With this, you will be able to save your time and effort. Plus, you won’t experience any hassles when searching. However, the choice still depends on you. If you don’t want the suggested website, you can always look for another websites that can provide you free of charge social games.
Shop Around
At present, there are thousands or even millions of websites that are offering free social games. If you have more time and you want to make a thorough research on the best website that provides such games, shopping around is the key.
Researching is now made easier with the advanced and newly improved browsers. Depending on your browser or search engine, the only thing that you need to do when searching is to key in the terms “free social games”, then within several seconds, the results will appear. You can pick any of the websites listed. However, before you choose one, it is wise to be aware of the things that you need to consider for you to make the most of your gaming experience.
Things to Consider When Finding Free Social Games
Although there are countless websites that are offering free social games, you have to take note that only few of them can meet your needs and some may not give you the convenience and comfort that you want. So, keep in mind the following:
Reputation of the Website
When choosing among the available websites that offer free social games, checking their reputation is important. Through this, you will be able to find the best one that will serve what you deserve. Also, the reputation of your chosen website will also tell you that the games are all made with fun and quality in mind. So, always pick a reputable one as this can make a difference.
Make Comparison
Though the choice depends on your needs or preferences, making comparison is never been a bad idea. With this, you will be able to filter the best ones from the not-so-good websites that have social games for free. Even though this task can be time consuming for some people, this can offer you benefits in the end.

Chapter 7
Being A Hero In Social Site Game
Being the best gamer in the world of social site gaming is not that easy and may take time for you to master a particular game. But, what it takes to be a hero in a social site game? Are there any required skills or abilities to be a hero? Or, are there any guidelines to follow?

Be a Hero, Be the Best One
To become a hero in a social site game, you don’t need to master the game or consider following any guidelines because anyone can be the best player in their own way. But, if you wanted to be a hero, there is nothing to worry about as you can consider some of these ways:
 To be a hero, you have to play daily. Addictiveness is not really a problem that destroys the game play, but do not forget to play for fun all the time.
 If you have the opportunity, work with your team members, they might help you and give you support whenever you need assistance on healing, reviving or so on.
 Try to spend some of your time playing with your friends. It is much funnier and enjoyable if you are playing your favorite circle of friends. In this way, you will be able to learn cooperation in a fun way.
 Since there is a wide variety of social site games, if you are fond of playing a fighting game, do not mash buttons because a good player does not actually smash buttons when gaming.
 Never be afraid to lose. If you have experienced loss, it is okay. You don’t need to be depressed or frustrated about it as the skills of the gamers are not measured on their wins. It is on how they play the game. You have to keep in mind that not all players who are at the top positions are always that great.

 Be open-minded when playing games. Don’t be angry if you think that the game is unfair. Take note you are the one who is manipulating the game. So, it is all up to you because you are the one who is making decisions.
 Keep in mind ethics in gaming. Never ever cheat. A good player does not make use of cheats. Therefore, even if cheats can give the top position in the game, it will not still worth it because cheats will not give you the thrill and enjoyment that others experienced when playing.
It’s a long journey to be a hero in a social site game. But, by following those aforementioned details, you can be assured that you can become the hero you want to be in the world of social site gaming. So, don’t lose hope! All you need is to believe in yourself, in your skills and abilities. Then, everything will be according to your plan.

Chapter 8
The Best Social Site Games
More than 300 million people are playing social site games through various social websites. For this reason, many games are introduced to provide entertainment and meet their needs for them to be satisfied. But, among the available social site games, what are the best ones? Is your mostly played game belongs to the top social site games?

What Makes a Good Game?
With the number of gamers at present, it is not surprising why there are more games introduced. However, you have to take note that it takes a great game to be on top. It must pit strangers against strangers, friends against friends in a constant battle of notifications for an ultimate social networking supremacy. Games that are worth playing for should also come with high-end yet easy to use features as well as navigation to provide convenience and satisfaction to players. With these characteristics, here are some of the best social site games.
Top Social Site Games
Whether you like building civilizations or you want to manage your own farm, below are some of the social site games that you should not dare to miss:
 Words with Friends- This social site game remains one of the finest options if you are searching for diehard and casual word game. This works like Scrabble, which allows players to spell out words for various point values and allowing you to challenge both strangers and friends alike. In addition to that, you can play up to twenty games at ones and communicate to your opponents through its built-in chat feature.
 Texas HoldEm Poker- Even though Zynga debuted Texas HoldEm Poker more than 5 years ago, this remains one of the flagship games of the company at present. You may not be able to get actual money, yet you can still join any table from tournament to casual style and face off with up to 9 players from across the globe in what its developer claims is the largest free-to-play poker game online in the world.
 Farmville 2- Farmville 2 is a simulation game and a successor of the original and popular Facebook game that sets apart among other games. Whether you have played it or not, you will probably have a clue on how to play it successfully. The game works by cultivating your farmland by planting, plowing, and harvesting several crops as well as trees. Players may also raise give gifts, livestock, participate in other farming jobs with your friends, and even attend the market of farmers where they can swap their agricultural wares with some players.
 Bejeweled Blitz- This social site game belongs to action and arcade game and it’s a slight but familiar, deviation from the known classic strategy game of PopCap. This game has been around for several years and provides players certain time frame to challenge other players and gain gems. It is easy and quick. However, due to the competition, it has now newly improved rankings which keep players to strive for more.
 SongPop- If you are fond of making music or anything related to music, SongPop is perfect for companion for you as this will allow you to show off your skills with your online friends. It functions like a typical trivia game. Players will listen to a song clip. Then, try to select the right answer among several multiple options. Players of this game will discover various music genres.

 Dragon City- If you want an adventure, there is no need to worry as this game will give you the thrill that you have been waiting for. This social site game will let you raise, hatch, and even train dragons for combat. It is like Pokemon but it has a combination of some aspects, which make it different.
You can choose any social site games mentioned above. But, there are other games you can play. Depending on your preferences or needs, you can play whatever you want.

Chapter 9
Learning to Separate These Games From Reality
If you are addicted to social site gaming, it is always important to learn how to separate games from reality. The reason behind it is that gaming might have an impact to some aspects of your life. In fact, there are cases that others became brutal due to the games they play. Therefore, it is essential that you, as a social site gamer, must know how to discipline yourself in order for you to be a gamer in a better way.

Tips on How to Separate Games from Reality
Separating games from reality isn’t always an easy thing. That is the reason why most gamers find it hard to know the difference between the two dimensions. Gamers must take note that reality is not like the games they play. Although some concepts are connected to reality, there is still a difference.
If you are fond of social site gaming, here are some of the tips on how to separate games from reality:
Tip #1: Discipline
Every gamer must know how to discipline themselves. It is because without this, most gamers will become addicted to social site gaming and won’t be able to focus on their daily duties and responsibilities, which they should do for them to be a better individual in the society as this is the world they lived in.
Tip #2: Know Your Limitations
Whether you are a newbie in the world of social site gaming or you’re an experienced social site gamer, it is always vital to know your limitations. Through this, it would be a lot easier for you to separate games from reality. Moreover, you will be able to control yourself from gaming or consuming most of your time in leveling up your preferred games.
Tip #3: Find Out the Difference of Gaming and Reality
Many people are fond of gaming. Regardless of its type, it is essential to know the difference of reality and gaming. Unfortunately, only few gamers know how to determine the main difference of gaming and reality. That is why many became an addict to gaming.
Following those tips above will not just allow you to separate games from reality, but also you will know how to become a better gamer in social site gaming. So, always keep them in mind as they can make a difference in the long run.