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Welcome to a different of my guides for the Nintendo 3DS; this time for Shin Megami Tensei IV . Like my previous couple of 3DS guides, it’s for a recreation collection I’ll be largely unfamiliar with, this being my first time even having touched it, regardless of my familiarity with well-liked RPGs.

Shin Megami Tensei is, in any case, somewhat infamous amongst us guide writers for just about one motive – not the gameplay (that is often nice), however the truth that it has a number of endings which might be arduous to discern the situations for underneath regular circumstances.

This might be one of many first occasions I find yourself critically leaning on exterior support past these of straightforward translations. Still, this may also make for greater than a fascinating guide writing expertise … virtually like that Chrono Trigger guide I want I might’ve gotten to.

All of my meaningless babbling apart, I hope you get pleasure from my guide!

Important Notes

As you in all probability already know, Shin Megami Tensei IV has a number of endings to its storyline. Like another recreation, these endings are triggered by what you do within the recreation – the way you reply to individuals, stuff like that.

However, regardless of this, a number of the sport nonetheless rides on the identical rails – should you’ve ever performed Chrono Trigger, you in all probability get what I imply. And if you have not performed it, go seize it.

For this motive, this guide really tries to cowl every little thing actually “doable” within the recreation. If you really want one thing associated to an ending’s situations, see the Ending Conditions part for a kind of mini-walkthrough.

What particulars I can glean on the alternatives you make within the recreation are detailed the place doable. Primarily, take into account this information about alignment:

  • It is on a scale from -100 to +100, measured integrally
  • The decrease (unfavourable) you might be, the extra you might be angled to the “Chaos” ending
  • The larger (optimistic) you might be, the extra you might be angled to the “Law” ending
  • The Neutral ending happens from -Eight to +8

Remember, this entire walkthrough is written from the completionistic facet just so I haven’t got to put in writing 4 massive friggin’ walkthroughs, 90% of which might be fixed all through all 4.Finally, nomenclature… There are particular factors within the recreation the place you to decide on the identify for one thing. At these factors ahead, I’ll merely discuss with them by their default names. This consists of…

  • The essential character: “Flynn” (or “you”)
  • The second Terminal: “Mikado Terminal”


Mikado & Naraku

The Gauntlet Rite

Once a brand new recreation is chosen, you might be made conscious that the sport’s plotline is fictional (no, actually, it was utterly essential to notice that…), and that you’ll quickly get to decide on a reputation. You will first expertise a dream-like state with some random ramblings within the background earlier than getting to take action

For the needs of this walkthrough, “you” and “Flynn” – the primary character’s default identify – are one and the identical. Press the Y Button when you’re positive of your identify.

Soon thereafter, you awaken in a city, ruined and in flames. A voice emanates from the sunshine within the distance; transfer in direction of it with the Circle Pad. It abruptly transforms into Walter. After some temporary speaking from him, you reawaken elsewhere, surrounded by sand.

Approach the sunshine within the distance and, like earlier than, this one will take form as Jonathan. Finally, after that, there is a bit extra cutscene and the opening sequence to the sport.

After that, you actually emerge from the dream, woke up by Issachar, urging the 2 of you to the Gauntlet Rite. The two of you progress right down to the fort city, confused as to the place the Rite may be held. The native residents are of no actual assist, too snobbish to offer a crap. So, we’re mainly on our personal. Where to go?

You can go to the Luxuror and Casualry Districts to talk with numerous individuals. This will assist a bit of with the subplot of the sport’s society and to determine the place the Rite is being held. But, roughly, that is feudalistic Japan set close to the tip of the fifteenth century, nonetheless counting on a caste-like system.

The Gauntlet Rite can also be a ceremony occurring at Mikado Castle for individuals who flip the age of eighteen to be chosen as samurai.

At Mikado Castle itself, you’ll be able to go to Obelisk Plaza to learn the epitaph on it for extra spoilerific backstory. At Aquila Statue Plaza, you’ll be able to be a part of the gang. There, the samurai tells everybody to line up

Meanwhile, Issachar elaborates on some rumors, together with that which means samurai should stay in Mikado Castle and can’t return house, barring missions. Soon, Issachars’s flip comes up. And, later, Flynn’s. Nervously, he approaches the blue-clothed samurai on the Aquila Statue.

There, you’ll be able to select to increase your left arm.

  • Alignment +1 = Extend your arm
  • Alignment -1 = Don’t lengthen your arm

Either approach, after some extra speech, contact the Touch Screen to “Engage”.Suddenly, a lightweight seems on the Gauntlet – it has accepted you as its proprietor, as a samurai. You then observe Hope out of the plaza to the residence space. There, he introduces himself as the pinnacle of the samurai. Hope offers you the cliché stuff – you’ll start coaching tomorrow, get to mattress early, and so on. – earlier than leaving.

Meanwhile, you comply, uncertainly pondering your life, your mates, your loved ones, and the expectations of the samurai earlier than falling right into a dreamless slumber.

Practical Training Preparation

The subsequent morning, you awaken to discover a younger samurai – new, such as you – merely watching you sleep. He introduces himself as Walter, one other Casualry such as you. He wonders should you’ve met him someplace earlier than – you look acquainted. Your selections as in your response?

  • Alignment -1 = Possibly…
  • Alignment +1 = I do not consider so

Walter decides to go on to the coaching; he’ll met you on the Naraku entranceway.Meanwhile, you’ll be able to discover as you’ll. There are 4 “???” choices you’ll be able to take a look at. … Okay, superb, it isn’t an “as you’ll” factor. No outlets or something have been correctly arrange, so you can not store. For now, simply head to the Naraku Entranceway.

There, you’ll meet the 4 different new samurai – Navarre, Jonathan, Isabeau, and Walter clearly – one in all whom is somewhat driving a excessive horse in a figurative method. The different two, Jonathan and Isabeau, prove to not be all that dangerous for Luxurors. The latter of those asks in your identify.

  • Alignment +1 = Introduce your self
  • Alignment -1 = Remain silent

Soon, Jonathan will point out himself additionally having a dream with you in it.After some introductions are handed round, Commander Hope arrives, noting that you’re the 5 new apprentices. According to Navarre, that is greater than standard, however he is reduce off as Hope decides to begin coaching.

You might be making journeys into the demon-infested Naraku to … effectively, battle demons. You are given 300 Macca and 5 Healing Waters earlier than being dismissed.

There are two outlets to take a look at – see B’s Apothecary and Q’s Blacksmith for particulars. Sadly sufficient, most of these gadgets can’t be bought, past these out there at B’s. There, it would not be too dangerous an thought to replenish on a number of extra Healing Waters, for now or one other time. When you are prepared, head to the Naraku Entrance.


Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Centaur 1 Yes Yoma Electric
Chagrin 6 Yes Wilder Electric
Fuxi 1 Yes Raptor Gun
Gryphon 3 Yes Beast Gun
Lham Dearg 1 Yes Jaki Ice
Mokoi 2 Yes Night Force
Napaea 2 Yes Fairy Ice
Slime 2 Yes Foul Physical, Ice, Fire, Electric, Force, Light

First Stratum

When you enter the dungeon, go ahead and look to the left to see an indication. Read it, then flip round and proceed down the staircase. Feel free to learn the indicators on the backside, then go strategy the doorway. Suddenly, a lightweight seems on the Gauntlet – Burroughs, an AI designed for aiding you, primarily by way of navigation.

Hope then calls, noting that he is you thru Burroughs. Seeing as all of you might be in Naraku, your first coaching train is defined.

Obviously, it is a fight coaching train. You have to beat any demon inside Naraku. After Hope closes the connection, you’ll be able to decide to study in regards to the “Menu” interface, discovered with the Y Button.

Through the “Burroughs” choice there, it can save you and cargo knowledge. I like to recommend doing so regularly. Go by way of the door if you’re prepared.

Go ahead and you will note a pixellated factor close by. Approach and Burroughs will notify you that it’s a demon. To enter battle with it, contact it – or, like in Paper Mario, assault it with the X Button to get an additional strike in. (Bosses and such often forestall this.)

So, anyhow, assault the demon – be aware that it’s going to give chase if it sees you, so watch out on the timing.

During battle, you may wish to look within the top-right – the variety of icons there exhibits what number of occasions you’ll be able to act this flip. For now, merely press the A Button to assault in your turns. The Slime is the optimum first goal as a result of its decrease HP and weak spot to bodily assaults.

Note that hitting a weak spot will enable one further assault at occasions. (Weaknesses lengthen past bodily assaults to parts and such.) Additionally, lacking an assault or having one nullified will use extra Press Turns than standard.

After the battle, you may possible stage up. In that case, it is time to clarify what occurs. Akin to the bonus round of the Mario & Luigi RPGs, you’ll be able to distribute bonus stat factors as you see match to spice up stats in your individual distinctive method. There are 5 stats:

  • **Strength (St):** Makes Attacks and Physical/Gun-elemental assaults stronger
  • **Dexterity/Technique (Dx):** Makes Physical and Gun assaults stronger
  • **Magic (Ma):** Makes magical assaults stronger
  • **Agility (Ag):** Raises hit charges and evasion charge, permits extra escapes, and impacts flip order
  • **Luck (Lu):** Raises critical-hit charge and standing ailment restoration pace

Personally, that is how I are inclined to distribute them: mainly attempt to equalize every little thing, or favor the Strength, Dexterity, and Magic stats. It’s your alternative both approach, however that is simply me. You’ll get 5 factors to distribute.

You’ve additionally earned 10 App Points. These are gained upon leveling up and can be utilized to boost Burrough’s talents by unlocking options. They may be bought within the menu.

Now Hope will name, notifying you that the search has been accomplished, which nets you a pleasant 150 Macca. Of course, there might be one other – find out how to recruit demons. For this, any three demons have to be recruited. You’ll want the Scout app for this – it lets you speak with demons in battle and attempt to convert them to your aspect.

More on that later. For now, you may discover two doorways close by; one to the left and one to the fitting. If you undergo the latter, you’ll be able to communicate with some NPCs; the opposite is locked. So, for now, merely keep within the space close by and attempt to discover a demon to battle – they spawn randomly.

In the battle, it is best to “Talk”, then “Scout” to attempt to get them to your aspect. Before they’re going to be a part of, they’ll typically ask questions and make calls for, so tread fastidiously; honesty appears to be the most effective coverage from what I’ve executed. (Although the Napaea and Gryphon actually favored me rejecting her.)

Demons that be a part of your aspect are mainly further yous to assault with in battle – nonetheless, solely Flynn can do the recruiting. Luckily, you should use the “Next” command to offer that unit’s flip as much as one other unit.

After the recruitments are completed, Hope offers you your third job – studying the fundamentals of exploring labyrinths. He has hidden some merchandise deep within the Naraku – you must go seize it. This can also be a contest between the others – whoever grabs it first will finish the train.

You additionally must return to the Aquila Statue Plaza with it. Burroughs recommends grabbing the Mapper App, which lets you see a map on the Touch Screen. Go forward and purchase it.

Let’s see… If you head north from this space and alongside the west wall, you’ll be able to enter a room with some NPCs in it, together with Walter and Navarre. To the east, because it turns north, you may be notified of one thing on the japanese wall. Look down (Down on the D-Pad) and press the A Button to discover a hidden path.

Follow it a bit and search for on the ledge to climb, then proceed on. At its finish is a pile of one thing containing a relic: Deep Green Moss . Backtrack to the primary corridor now.

Not a lot additional north, alongside the east wall, you may discover one other room with NPCs, this one together with Jonathan. Further west, you may discover a fork within the path. For now, head to the west. You’ll see some gap within the flooring, so go down.

Second Stratum

Nearby is a pile of stuff containing a Deep Green Moss . Continue south and down the ledge, then undergo the door close by. Here, alongside the japanese wall, you could find a gap within the decrease portion of it to discover a path to the opposite aspect. There, you may discover a Deep Green Moss on the bottom, however that is it.

Return into the primary room and head to the southeastern nook. There, search for and climb onto the ledge.

Boss: Disaster Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
6 Horde Force, Light N/A Dark

This battle should not be too troublesome, provided that it’s a first boss, in any case. It’s solely actual benefit is its excessive energy. You can count on about 4 occasions the injury the opposite enemies right here have dealt out – that is simply 40 ~ 80 factors, so maintain these Healing Waters and therapeutic expertise (i.e. Napaea’s Dia) on the prepared.

Mostly, that is only a slash-and-hack struggle. Abuse what Force or Light assaults (corresponding to Napaea’s Zan) you might have, and regulate your HP. It’s not arduous to be one-hit-killed right here, although fortunately Game Overs depend on greater than your essential character dying. I do know that concern all too effectively.

However, your demon allies cannot use gadgets, simply their expertise, so it isn’t a good suggestion to only let the gadgets sit.

After the battle, decide up the close by merchandise within the chest, the Woman’s Ring . Afterwards, Hope will name, noting this to all. You now are to return to the plaza.

Backtrack to the slender corridor close to the place you entered. East of the doorway, you may discover a 1-Star Jewelry relic on the bottom. There’s a doorway on the east wall should you proceed northward. Inside, you may discover a glowing pulsing egg within the wormwood.

Attack it and the door might be unblocked, though nothing is inside. (That signal on the left, although, is extra fascinating.) To the south are two westbound pathways. Hope will cease you from getting into the primary; nonetheless, the second … effectively, it simply leads again to that blocked space from earlier than, bear in mind? Destroy it nonetheless.

Return north and backtrack alongside the trail again outdoors – you have got a map. I personally advocate grinding simply inside the partitions of the dungeon till you might be compelled to make use of non-Skill sources. That ought to final you till Level 6 or so.

To My Fellow Samurai

After returning and claiming the 500 Macca talked about within the earlier part, the group roughly disperses, Navarre leaving on a troubling be aware. Meanwhile, Walter and Jonathan will provide to take you to the rooftop. He’ll wait there for now. You can examine a few of the different areas (though you’ll be able to’t go to the Castle City).

Head to the Plaza if you wish to store – the small print are nonetheless talked about in B’s Apothecary and Q’s Blacksmith. There’s not a lot price shopping for until you discovered a bunch of relics; I’d stick with a bunch of restoratives earlier than heading to the Meeting Spot.

Up there, you get to talk with Jonathan and Walter about being a samurai. Your responses…

  • Alignment -5 = It comes naturally to me
  • Alignment +5 = It’s a worthy obligation
  • Alignment ±0 = I do not know

The group finally heads off to relaxation and, later that night…Well, no matter. The subsequent morning, you may be woke up by Jonathan and Walter, who be aware that apprentices have been informed by Hope to fulfill in K’s Tavern. Shop first if you must, then go on. After some senseless speaking, it is best to take a look at the blackboard. There, there are a bunch of requests – Challenge Quests.

You get rewards from them, though a lot of them are fairly elective – consider the requests in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

Navarre decides to place up a problem – whoever can end three Challenge Quests first wins. There are three whole:

  • Give Q the blacksmith three Gryphon Talons
  • Give B the pharmacist three Deep Green Mosses
  • Defeat an Orthrus inside Naraku’s second stage

“Collect Demon Claws:”

This mission is fairly easy. Go down into Naraku and defeat enemies mindlessly till you have got collected three or extra Gryphon Talons. It’s largely primarily based on luck, so make sure you deliver alongside a number of Healing Waters.

Also, Gryphons are ever-so-slightly extra focused on the First Stratum, so begin there. Keep in thoughts that they are weak to Gun-based assaults.

“Gather Some Naraku Lichen:”

You ought to have already got sufficient – observe the walkthrough within the Naraku part if you don’t. They regenerate anyhow, I believe, so you may get a bunch the extra occasions you enter.

“The Lion’s Roar Within Naraku:”

Time-wise, it’s best to only settle for this primary. Since the opposite two require you to seek out gadgets, you’ll be able to mainly multitask by doing this one (because it have to be activated first) and discovering gadgets on the aspect.

When the item-based ones are accomplished, go to K’s tavern and decide to ship the gadgets. Go forward and be aware that when you ship the Gryphon Talons, B may also promote a Bone Sword.

Further into Naraku

As for the placement of the Orthrus? Go to the Naraku entrance. As you arrive, Burroughs will notify you of the Demon Fusion app. It acts kind of just like the Polymerization spell in Yu-Gi-Oh! or fish breeding in Dark Cloud – attempt to combine two demons collectively to try to get a superior one.

Go forward and purchase the app. Head as standard to the second stratum – the northern path of the fork on the primary stratum is perfect. Head into the primary eastbound door and you may quickly discover the goal, already glowing crimson…

Boss: Orthrus

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
8 Beast Ice Dark Fire (Drains)

This battle will certainly be at a unique stage than that versus the Horde we fought beforehand. This man likes to assault you a number of occasions with the identical assault, both hitting a number of allies or one ally a number of occasions – neither is nice for you. The essential factor right here is to complete him as quick as you presumably can.

Having three demon allies might be nice for diluting the injury you are taking in addition to offering further offensive forces.

The solely Ice-elemental ability I had discovered at this level was the Bufu spell on the Centaur. If Whispered to Flynn, you have got a fairly formidable pressure already. One use must be dealing circa 80 injuries, which ought to make this battle final about two turns when mixed with two different allies.

Once that battle is completed with, return to the floor. Report again at K’s Tavern.

A Missing Fellow Samurai (Part 1)

As you report again after having completed that third Challenge Quest, a samurai will inform you that Navarre has gone lacking in Naraku. Of course, Navarre is a prideful piece of sh– I imply snob, and could be prepared to decide on demise over … being rescued by a Casualry, so you need to be quiet about it publicly.

Anyways, put together for the journey (make sure you relaxation within the Barracks and seize some Detox Solutions!) and enter Naraku.

Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Centaur 1 Yes Yoma Electric
Chagrin 6 Yes Wilder Electric
Grudge Horde 5 No Horde Fire, Light
Melchom 5 Yes Fallen Ice, Force
Myrmecolion 3 Yes Vermin Electric
Samurai Zombie 4 No Undead Fire, Light
Samurai Zombie 5 No Undead Fire, Light
Slime 2 Yes Foul Physical, Ice, Fire, Electric, Force, Light
Tengata Manu 2 Yes Flight Gun, Electric

Begin your journey by heading to the third Stratum. To get there, return to the place you fought the Orthrus earlier and look to the south. There must be two westbound paths; break the wormwood off the northern of the 2 and go alongside right down to the following flooring.

As you arrive, you may discover a hooded man – one who was absent should you got here earlier than. He abruptly summons two Naga!

Boss: Naga x2

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
10 Snake Fire Dark, Light, Electric Ice

As you possibly can in all probability guess, you get pre-emptively attacked by the hooded man’s Nagas. They have the power to additional enhance their Strength past that which is already essentially the most highly effective you have seen insofar – in truth, they have a tendency to make use of that originally and shoot you with an assault.

This can deal 50 ~ 80 injury fairly simply, which frequently spells one-hit-kill for you. You in all probability additionally have no Fire-based assaults until you have been utilizing Demon Fusion, though they’re actually weak towards that – simply 150+ injury per hit.

Otherwise, the primary factor you are able to do is focus your offense on simply one of many Nagas at a time. They may be put to sleep if in case you have Dream Fist (discovered by Mokoi), though it isn’t widespread.

After the battle, head south, then learn the signal. You’ll discover that there is poison to be fared towards afterward, which is true. If you did not get the Detox Solutions as I earlier really helpful, return and get them. Go by way of the door close by, then assault the wormwood you’ll be able to see in entrance of you.

Behind it’s a gap close to the bottom. Press Down then A to enter it. Once inside, to the fitting is a Detox Solution .

Return outdoors and head east. As you go the torches, you may abruptly meet Walter, who’s been injured, who reveals one thing vital that you just in all probability already knew about Navarre. Further to the east is a gap close to the wall base, though it yields nothing.

So you may must go north. Through that purple water. Crap. Just beeline north to the fork and head west. Break down the wormwood there and you will find a chest containing a Dies Irae ! Equip it now; the comparatively low hit charge is made up for by an over 50% increase basically energy.

Turn round and end cross the poison by way of the opposite department of the fork. On the opposite aspect, remedy your self of the poison with an merchandise or ability, and doubtless heal some HP as effectively. From there, head east on the north/east fork, then north on the subsequent fork.

Crawl up the ledge partway throughout and proceed alongside to the chest, which accommodates some HP-healing Medicine . Now beeline your approach southward and undergo the door.

Continue south and break down the wormwood wall on the way in which, though it simply makes a shortcut to the begin of the poison-water pit. Go again north and thru the door, then west, then north on the fork. As you go alongside, you may once more meet the hooded man, who decides to show you one other “lesson”.

Boss: Wendigo

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
10 Jaki Fire, Electric Dark, Light, Force Ice

This struggle might be a lot simpler than the earlier one. Firstly, this enemy is unable to assault a number of occasions per flip; it is alone; and has extra (widespread) weaknesses. There’s not a lot to say about this aside from hack-‘n’-slash with weakness-abusing assaults, however do attempt to maintain your occasion’s HP excessive initially.

It’s not too unlikely that you would be able to combo round Agi and Zio to complete this factor earlier than it will get an opportunity. But…

Boss: DDS Horde

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
10 Horde Electric Dark, Light, Force Ice

Soon after having crushed the Wendigo, the person summons a horde of them as reinforcements! Jonathan quickly arrives, alongside Isabeau – which startles the hooded man, as it’s two Luxurors allying a Casualry.

So, in different phrases, mainly the earlier battle. It nonetheless stays fairly simple, though your enemy is now twice as harmful as a result of a number of turns per flip. Of course, if in case you have sufficient individuals with Zio – and also you ought to at this level – you’ll be able to cyclically kill this factor earlier than it will get a flip.

Be cautious, although, in case your allies are weak to Ice – this enemy typically opens with a power-boosting transfer earlier than a party-wide Ice assault.

After the battle, the hooded man is shocked on the failure of his plan to place the Casualries of their place. While Jonathan and Isabeau elaborate on why they helped Flynn, Walter walks in and Jonathan catches him up. Meanwhile, we resolve to go additional in, leaving the hooded man to be punished one other day.

He gladly flees, leaving a path of urine behind. The three others accompany you to Navarre. As you progress alongside the trail, one other particular person arrives in samurai armor. He seems somewhat suspicious, no? Continue alongside to what’s certainly a funny-looking wall and enter, regardless of the presence inside.

A Missing Fellow Samurai (Part 2)

Local Demon Bestiary

**Demon** **Level** **Scout?** **Race** **Weaknesses**
Bilwis 7 Yes Brute Light
Centaur 1 Yes Yoma Electric
Chagrin 6 Yes Wilder Electric
Grudge Horde 5 No Horde Fire, Light
Melchom 5 Yes Fallen Ice, Force
Myrmecolion 3 Yes Vermin Electric
Samurai Zombie 4 No Undead Fire, Light
Samurai Zombie 5 No Undead Fire, Light
Slime 2 Yes Foul Physical, Ice, Fire, Electric, Force, Light
Tengata Manu 2 Yes Flight Gun, Electric

As the group arrives, it rapidly turns into obvious that we won’t return – as Burroughs confirms, we have entered a demon’s Domain, or mainly a lure. What’s odd is {that a} demon highly effective sufficient to summon one has not been round for a lot of a moon.

Anyways, it nonetheless has a fairly easy construction. Go south, then east on the fork, north at one other, and head east. As you go alongside, you may merely see a lady seem and disappear – one thing Isabeau occurs to note, as does Jonathan. Not too positive about Walter, although, until he is simply being actually sexist…

If you head alongside the second of the southbound paths, you may once more see the lady. As you proceed alongside, you may meet up with a person, sitting in a chair. His identify: Stephen. After some odd babbling, he lets unfastened with the truth that the Domain will dissipate should you defeat its creator.

Anyways, if you must heal, merely enter this room – and achieve this while grinding. It’s in all probability a good suggestion to hit Level 9 or 10 about now.

Continue south and additional alongside the trail to a doorway. Within, you may discover a grasp samurai and Navarre, apparently trapped. And by who?

Boss: Alraune

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
11 Wood Fire Dark, Light, Gun N/A

This boss might be extra annoying than something. While it does not have that excessive of a Strength stat, it will probably undoubtedly begin ripping chunks out of your HP gauge with the Poison Breath ability, which, shock shock, can Poison everyone.

Hopefully, you have got some Detox Solutions left over or the Posumudi skill – both approach, you must prioritize Flynn’s life, provided that he is the one one actually in a position to make use of gadgets. Alraune also can deal considerably excessive injury, circa 40 factors per hit. Regardless, the plain weak level on this flower is fireplace. Lots and plenty of fireplace.

Some of the demons you possibly can’ve recruited, corresponding to Melchom, have already got Agi, which is nice for Whispering it to Flynn. It can deal about 100 injury per hit, which signifies that it is best to have this executed in about two turns. Maybe much less – if in case you have three individuals utilizing it, you possibly can maybe keep the chain lengthy sufficient to kill her.

After the battle, the area will disappear and you will be again in Naraku. After a somewhat humorous and odd scene, Burroughs will notify you that the search is completed. So, anyhow, backtrack outta right here. I’ll be aware that, south of the shortcut to keep away from the poison-water pit, I discovered a 1-Star Jewelry on the ledge.

Once out, return to the Barracks.

The Breakfast Club

It appears that the entire grasp samurai are out, so the apprentices get some kind of vacation. Walter, who conveniently watched you sleep, decides that the three of you (Isabeau preferring to be alone) ought to munch on the bakery’s wares outdoors

Feel free to buy up at Q’s and B’s earlier than going to the Mikado Castle space, then to the Castle City, then to the Bakery.

While Walter orders three loaves of kickin’ bread, the baker will get to speaking about some new style of literature known as “Literature”. Jonathan, an avid reader, apparently hasn’t heard of it, though the baker obtained it from the Black Samurai at a Sabbath.

After he will get onto some somewhat darkish ranting, Walter lastly manages to get us out of it. So, the place to eat?

I counsel Lake Mikado. Well … Awkward encounters, eh? We meet up with Issachar there. Do you want to affiliate your self with him? Is he an previous buddy?

  • Alignment +1 = Yes, he’s
  • Alignment -5 = I do not know this man

It’s a bit of miserable, although, and he has to go house to Kiccigiorgi anyhow. As the dynamic trio get onto consuming their breakfast, they focus on what the baker was speaking about, this “Literature”. And this “Black Samurai”. Well, no matter – demon fighters struggle demons, not learn books.The group elements methods there. So head alongside to the tavern. There, you’ll be able to see a number of extra Challenge Quests to do. One of them is the “Chagrin Slaying Competition”, which mainly makes you go into the Naraku and slay 5 Chagrin, which seem on the 2nd and third Stratum.

That I should not must guide you thru; be aware that they are weak to Electric (i.e. Zio). Meanwhile, there’s one other quest…

The Cursed Gauntlet

With this explicit job, plainly there’s an odd downside with one of many uncommon and precious Gauntlets. You want to go to the treasure room first – first to Mikado Castle, then to the Treasure Room. Confirm that you’re ready, and extra information might be divulged by the grasp samurai.

A strong demon resides in it, interfering with its operation. The Gauntlet have to be cleansed of such demons earlier than an inexperienced novice – corresponding to these within the Rite – peruse it. Of course, the demon inside doesn’t notably wish to go away its crib. None of the samurai thus far have managed to forcibly take away him, both.

The Gauntlet is activated and a gladiator-like demon rises from inside – Ares, named for the god of warfare.

Boss: Ares

**Level** **Race** **Weakness** **Resistance** **Nullifies**
12 Fury N/A Gun Dark, Light

While this God of War could solely have about two-thirds of the HP of our earlier boss, he additionally has a lot larger Strength and no true weaknesses, making him a formidable foe. He additionally has the assault Fatal Sword, which nearly actually will kill a celebration member if it strikes as a result of its excessive injury.

He additionally the primary foe to have the ability to counterattack. This struggle is greatest executed in an all-out assault, particularly when beneath Level 10. At just about any affordable stage, the specter of Fatal Sword will loom painfully over your head, making all makes an attempt at therapeutic or reviving stuffed with useless.

If you occur to have the Media Skill, that is the most effective that may be mentioned for therapeutic, however that may be about it. Just grind his HP down. Ares may be statused (besides Lost), albeit a bit of powerful if not Panic, so whereas you might have considered trying have that as a side-effect, not at all must be it change into a full strategem.

After the battle, Ares willingly leaves.