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Game Overview

Welcome to the Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide, the place we will likely be taking you thru the sport chapter by chapter following the continued journey of the well-known explorer, Lara Croft.

Throughout this guide we are going to show you how to navigate your manner throughout every area in addition to delve into the depths of the crypts and problem tombs, with options to every puzzle the sport has to supply, all whereas uncovering each relic and artifact alongside the manner!

Need a hand with these facet missions? We’ve received you coated proper right here in our complete guide to Lara’s quest in taking down the Order of Trinity.

Not to say the useful trophy guide so you’ll be able to earn your manner in direction of that shiny platinum.

About the Game

Following the 2013 sport Tomb Raider and it’s sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider, this third instalment in the action-adventure trilogy sees our well-known heroine dealing with the apocalypse as she races to avoid wasting the world from the Order of Trinity.

With Jonah returning to her facet as soon as extra, the story follows Lara by means of Mesoamerica and South America as she tries to rectify the Mayan apocalypse that she helped to unleash on the metropolis of Paititi.

Based on Mayan and Aztec mythologies, Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics current a lush jungle of secrets and techniques and journey, in addition to a descent into private battle as Lara desperately fights to be taught the fact, on this explosive conclusion to the trilogy.

Story Walkthrough


Region Summary
Base Camp 0
Challenge Tomb 0
Mission Giver 0
Region Challenge 0
Treasure Chest 0
Crypt 0
Relic 0
Document 0
Mural 0
Survival Cache 0
Monolith 0


After a short introduction you may achieve management of Lara. The very first thing it is advisable do is get out of the cave, so mash the appropriate button to free her from the particles after which maintain Up to crawl by means of the tunnel till you attain a big cavern.

You must climb the craggy wall forward of you, so jam the climbing axe in, then proceed to traverse upward to the path above. Head foward and round to stumble throughout the ruins.

Note: You’ll routinely choose up your first Path of the Stars collectible right here (a photograph of the Maya date) which counts in direction of the Completionist Trophy.

Chapter 1 – Cozumel

Region Summary
Base Camp 0
Challenge Tomb 0
Mission Giver 0
Region Challenge 1
Treasure Chest 1
Crypt 0
Relic 2
Document 1
Mural 2
Survival Cache 3
Monolith 0


After the cutscene, comply with Jonah down the steps and into the courtyard. Your aim is to comply with Dominguez, however you’ll be able to afford to go searching and gather sources, in addition to discuss to some pageant goers, earlier than you’re able to proceed. Once you’ve accomplished this, head for the tall picket gate on the far facet.

Jonah will distract the guards whereas Lara finds one other manner by means of. Once you could have management once more, proceed to comply with Dominguez (he’ll keep to your left). Head by means of the graveyard in direction of one other tall gate that results in the subsequent space. Instead of staying behind Dominguez at this level, go straight ahead in direction of an alley and comply with the pathway from there.

When you attain the finish, Lara will duck by means of a gap in the wall solely to search out the gate to the dig website is shut. It’s time to search out one other manner in.


Simply go to the proper by means of an open gate and scramble up the wall. Lara will equip her gear right here earlier than you’ll be able to proceed.


Head straight, in direction of the truck with the crimson lights, to search out the drain pipe in your left. Lara will routinely duck inside and you will notice two of Trinity’s males. Sneak up behind the first one to carry out a stealth takedown.

Note: To carry out a Stealth Takedown you will need to strategy an enemy from behind or look ahead to the icon to seem above his head. In order for the kill to go undetected, the enemy should be remoted from the others. You can use Survival Instincts to see which enemies are highlighted in yellow or crimson. If yellow, the kill is protected to carry out. If crimson, different enemies will see the assault.

Lara will then place herself in opposition to the wall the place you’ll be instructed to take out the second man together with your bow.

After the brief cutscene, you’ll be in a small space of ruins. Use your Survival Instincts to focus on sources in the space. Collect what you’ll be able to, then scramble up the wall coated in white paint (a standard signifier that will help you navigate the sport’s areas).

From right here, Lara will study a stone mural earlier than persevering with. In this climbing phase, you’ll learn to axe-climb, rappel from partitions, wall-run, and rappel-swing. Your vacation spot is a cave opening far under, so let’s start the descent.

Note: Sometimes when Lara makes a big leap she will lose her grip. To cease her from falling, press the appropriate button when prompted earlier than the brief timer runs out. Each problem setting has a decreased timer for this, however you should buy a talent in a while that removes this constraint altogether.

Jump to the craggy wall in entrance of you by jamming in the axe. Climb down and rappel when instructed to land on the ledge under, then head ahead and leap to the handhold forward. Traverse round to leap to the subsequent craggy wall, rappel down once more and proceed to comply with the path.

You’ll come to your first wall-run, so comply with the on-screen directions to catch the handhold in your proper. Climb down and round slightly to see the doorway into the cave under. Rappel from the rock and swing over to the door.


Enter the cave and head straight till you come to some stairs with water at the backside. Wade by means of the water and search the left-hand facet of the room for the mural – Heart of the Serpent (half). There’s additionally a monolith on the proper, nevertheless it’s unreadable.

You’ll discover the exit to the room is blocked, however you’ll be able to pull it down with a rope-pull utilizing your arrows. Using the rope-pull is not going to burn up any of your arrows, so purpose the bow at the white rope to yank the particles out of the manner. Behind it’s a spear entice – stroll shut sufficient to see the knife immediate pop up and take away the rope at your toes prolonged between each partitions. This disables the entice, so now you’ll be able to safely scramble beneath the spears.

Note: There are two sorts of traps present in caves, tombs, and crypts. Those set off by tripwires (which you’ll reduce or leap over), and collapsing flooring. Survival Instincts is not going to spotlight any traps till you buy the talent crucial to take action.

Look as much as discover a unusual inexperienced carving hanging from the ceiling. This is the begin of the area problem, Whistle in the Dark, which we cowl in our Region Challenges part.

Now head by means of the tunnel in your proper to achieve the subsequent room. Your goal is underwater, however we advise exploring the room first (together with underwater) for sources, survival caches, and two relics.

Note: Survival Caches supply random sources and will be discovered by the faint glow they provide off. When shut sufficient, a shovel icon will seem and immediate you to uncover the dust with a knife.

The first relic will be discovered on the proper facet of the room. Stay near the wall till you discover a cubby gap and a wall coated in white paint. Scramble up this wall and climb to the higher stage, the place you’ll discover a Ceramic Jar in a field tucked in the nook to your proper.

The second relic is in the water under, so dive in to search out the field at the backside simply earlier than the tunnel straight forward of you. Open it as much as discover the Carved Bowl.

When you’ve collected all you’ll be able to, comply with the goal beacon by means of the tunnel underwater and comply with all of it the strategy to the finish till you’re in the subsequent room. There is a pocket of trapped air that you should use alongside the manner, signified by a bubble icon.

Once you exit the water, go down the hall on the proper.

Note: To the left of the room is a ‘braided rope barrier’ – a barricaded door that requires a bolstered knife to get by means of. You don’t have this gear proper now, however you’ll be able to come again later.

Cut or leap over the tripwire, then climb up the craggy wall at the finish.


Follow the path to the proper the place you’ll see some pendulums – it’s a must to use these to get throughout, so leap to the first one to see that it lowers from Lara’s weight. Quickly leap to the second, after which left on to the third earlier than scrambling as much as the subsequent platform.

From right here run proper and comply with the path round to the left (you’ll be able to choose up some sources alongside the manner) to discover a cart and a barricade with a coil of white rope. Pull the barricade away and push the cart down the slope in order that it lands on one of the pendulums to behave as a counter-weight.

This will elevate a fourth pendulum that you just couldn’t get to earlier than, so climb the steps to leap on to it. Before doing so, leap to the platform behind you to choose up some Gold. Now proceed throughout the pendulums till you attain the walkway reverse.

To your left will likely be a doc – Rearguard Report (1/1) – make certain to choose it up.

Find the picket put up at the finish with white rope round it – on the far facet reverse you’ll be able to tether a rope to the beam above the platform and climb throughout.

Once there, transfer ahead to see the second mural – Temple of the Moon (2/2) – simply to your proper, after which look ahead to the tripwire forward of you to keep away from springing one other spear entice. Before you go any additional, nonetheless, backtrack to the place you dropped off the rope and hold over the ledge. Climb down the craggy wall, then rappel right down to swing your self over to the platform beneath.

Here you’ll be able to choose up one of three survival caches in addition to an Explorer Backpack that can replace the area map for you.

Tip: Explorer Backpacks and Archivist Maps will provide you with XP and uncover hidden objects on the map. The maps will reveal relics, paperwork, monoliths, and murals. The backpacks will reveal crypts, treasure chests, and survival caches. Securing these two issues will show you how to gather something you might have missed when you’ll be able to quick journey again to earlier areas.

You can climb again as much as the higher platform by utilizing the craggy wall in entrance of you from the place you picked up the backpack, so head again up there to proceed the stage. Head proper and leap to the pendulum – because it lowers, the second pendulum will get caught in opposition to the rock. It’s time for a puzzle!

Jump left to the craggy wall and climb up. You can use your survival instincts right here to focus on something you should use to resolve the puzzle. It’s fairly easy and you should not have any downside finishing it.

  • In the center of the platform is a picket turntable. Grab the cart at the high of the slope in your proper (highlighted blue) and push it in order that it wheels right down to the turntable.
  • Go proper of the turntable from right here to discover a wheel crank – there’s already a rope hooked up from this to a picket beam.
  • Rotate the crank till the cart’s roped deal with is dealing with you, then tether a brand new rope between the crank and the deal with.
  • Rotate the crank once more till the cart is at the very high of the slope and can go no additional.
  • Then reduce the rope and watch the cart crash into the particles that can launch the second pendulum.

This pendulum now swings straight forward of you, so use the rock jutting out on the proper of it to leap straight on high of it. It will start to decrease, so rapidly leap to the ladder and climb up.

Now comply with this walkway to the proper the place you’ll must scramble up on to a handhold and traverse round to a craggy wall. Rappel down from the wall to land on high of the pyramid and activate the subsequent cutscene.


After the cutscene, run down the hall and break by means of the wall utilizing the axe. Lara will clamber by means of and also you’ll be again exterior. There are some enemies round, so look ahead to her to cover in the wall of vegetation earlier than you could have management once more.

Note: Concealment Bushes and Vegetation Walls will be highlighted with Survival Instincts and supply cowl from enemy sight. You can Stealth Takedown remoted enemies from this place and conceal their our bodies.

Take out the first man and loot his physique earlier than climbing up the wall on the left and making it over the muddy hill into the subsequent space.

Crawl into the lengthy grass after which manoeuvre to the first vegetation wall – you’ll be able to stealth kill the first enemy from right here. Then transfer the crates in entrance of you to remain hid from the different two enemies. Pick up a bottle from the crate and throw it straight reverse in direction of the far wall to distract them. Move to the vegetation wall on the proper and stealth kill the first man, then you definitely’ll be free to take down the second earlier than scrambling up the wall.

The subsequent space has 4 troopers – three on the floor, and one standing on the platform above on the proper. After Lara crawls into the lengthy grass, scramble to the low vegetation wall slightly to your proper to carry out one other stealth takedown. Fire an arrow by means of the head of the man standing on the higher platform subsequent, which can go away the remaining two.

Move to the subsequent vegetation wall on the proper to quietly take out the roaming man, then cope with the remaining enemy nonetheless you want. Now you’ll be able to scramble up the wall to the higher platform the place you’ll see three extra enemies under.

If you haven’t been noticed but, and want to stay stealthy, use an object to distract the first man and convey him nearer to you. You can do the identical once more with the second man, after which use an arrow to kill the final one.

However, regardless of how this goes, reinforcements will present up. If you resolve being stealthy isn’t value it, you’ll be able to stay on the higher platform and take all of them out. Switch to the rifle – there are explosives scattered round the space you should use to your benefit. Stay in cowl and choose all of them off one after the other. You can retreat to the final space if it is advisable recollect your self.

Tip: Remember that Scramble and Roll are good for stealth techniques when shifting from cowl to cowl – enemies are much less prone to spot you. It’s additionally a great way to dodge enemy assaults.

There are additionally just a few issues you’ll be able to choose up whereas on the higher platform, too, so have a fast go searching whilst you’re up there.

Once all the enemies are gone, head by means of the archway on the far facet. Check the small room on the proper for sources, after which use the axe to interrupt by means of the gate and activate the subsequent cutscene.


As you achieve management of Lara once more you’ll must navigate her to security by means of the tsunami. You’ll must manoeuvre left and proper by means of all the particles; the sooner you’ll be able to transfer the proper manner, the extra possible you might be to outlive.

When a construction falls on you, you’ll be pressured beneath the water. Swim by means of the doorway and discover the pocket of trapped air to your proper to regain breath, then swim ahead in direction of the exit.

Rapidly faucet the Interact button to interrupt by means of the door after which purpose for the truck above you in the high nook. Mash the melee button to interrupt by means of the window and return to the floor.

Lara will pull herself atop some floating particles, however you’ll must maintain shifting rapidly. Jump to the truck and straight on to the body of the billboard speeding by, and run alongside it to maintain following the path of particles forward of you.

When you attain a roof, rush for the climbable wall forward and traverse left on to the picket planks. Shimmy proper alongside the ledge till you attain the window, then climb up on to the roof to finish the chapter.