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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Role Playing Game Basics
Chapter 2:
Choose Your Game
Chapter 3:
Hooking Up With Like Minded Players
Chapter 4:
What about the Game Master
Chapter 5:
Choose Characters and Options
Chapter 6:
Know the Rules
Chapter 7:
Make Sure To Have Fun
Chapter 8:
Getting In the Player Mindset
Chapter 9:
The Best Role Playing Games
Chapter 10:
Learning To Separate These Games from Reality

Chapter 1:
Role Playing Game Basics
The innovation of technology has brought a huge change to the whole world. It greatly and significantly changed that it is able to provide something for everyone. This is especially true to the people who want to fulfill their entertainment requirements. Online games have offered a lot for many people and it becomes a craze ever since its origin. And up until now, it still manages to amaze everyone with the newer versions and types of games being introduced.
One of the most trending forms of online games today is the one known as RPG, which stands for Role Playing Game. However, not all people are already aware what a role playing is and how it is being played. Hence, it is a good idea to start off by learning about RPG and its basics.
Defining Role Playing Game
A RPG or Role Playing Game is known to be a “pen and paper” game, which motivates players from making use of their problem solving skills and imagination to face concerns and problems in fictitious settings.
It is true that Role Playing Games have been written in and originated from books that are rich in history, stories and information regarding the worlds they are holding in. You may envision your favorite movie or book that is applied with rules, such as the laws of physics, and is presented in front of you. With this opportunity, you will get the chance to be a gorgeous problem solver, an action hero or maybe even the villain in your favorite story! In this case, you will be the one to think how to do things differently and at the same time you will be free to make your choices.
The RPG Basics
Role Playing Games ask adults to reminisce the past years they spent on their old-school playground when they have pretended to be attacking forts, heroes, saving damsels in distress or ensuring that their house is running smoothly at mealtime and that their unicorns did not escape from their pasture. This only means that Role Playing Games lets people play and enjoy being at the wonderful places that a normal person can only visit in his dreams. This what makes playing a RPG even more uniquely interesting and exciting.
If you are interested in playing a Role Playing Game, then you have to learn about its basics. There are some particular rules which envelop playing on the role playing server. For example, you are anticipated to be “in character” all the time in most channels (such as yell, party, say, emote, or whisper). It means that you will not talk about your newly bought car or just anything and everything that is not involved within your story’s world in yell, party, yell or emote. It is more relaxed in the General Chat, yet it must not consist of any overly Out of Character (OOC) material.
Things such as searching for guild, private messages, and trade are not imposed Role Playing zones and might consist of OOC statements. However, you should keep in mind that it is only a rule violation when somebody reports you and the Blizzard that the violation of “in character” has been done deliberately. When you omit a mistake, feel free to apologize to the person involved. Do not worry and think too much about it. When you observe someone who is breaking the rules, then deliberately feel free to let them know they are making the mistake. Or if not, you may have them reported once the issue is serious enough.
The names used must also be fantasy or medieval related. They should not relate to technology (such as cars, telephone, robots and the like) or something that is not common in the fantasy novels.
Blizzard does not control the different chat channels. Normally, they depend on the community to report once it is too much, so you need to report anybody who breaks the rules. It should be sufficient to deserve the attention of the Blizzard. At most times, people who are continuously Out of Character (OOC) and neglect to go In Character (IC) go with certain naming violations.
Knowing about these basics of role playing games must be very important and at the same time beneficial.

Chapter 2:
Choose Your Game
Are you now ready to take in the scene and reach a wider scope of your creative imagination? Do want to be the hero in your own story or maybe the villain? No matter what you prefer to be, you will surely acquire it in the best role playing game. So, how do you achieve this? Of course, you can obtain this through the best chosen game. You may want to discover how to choose the best game with the tips provided by this chapter.

Pick The Best Game At Play!
Role Playing Game is indeed very enjoyable and exciting. However, this may only be achieved once you get to choose the game that is best suited to your requirements and personal preferences. The following steps should guide you to the best role playing game suited for you:
Step 1: Be aware of the type of RPGs you like and want. For instance, do you appreciate those games which allow you from taking turns, or are you the type of person who appreciates real time attacks?
First Hand Shooters can be a great choice. An example of a fine first hand shooter is the Metroid Prime: Hunters of the Nintendo DS. Actually, it is another thing you have to consider.
Step 2: Choose your preferred type of game control. Do you like to use a console or portable one? This question would be a huge help for giving you the best game that you will love. If you are an on-the-run type of gamer, you may freely go with the portable one and be able to bring your action story in any place you would go to. On the other hand, if you are more of the must-concentrate type, a console could be your best pick.
Step 3: Choose the game with the characters you prefer to be in play. Picking the game you like to play may mean taking into considerations the characters that will be in play.
Do you want to play a game with heroic characters or the ones with some sort of monsters in it? Are you fond of viewing and controlling villain characters? No matter what your pick might be, there is always something for you in Role Playing Games. However, you just have to be certain about the game you want to have in play.
Step 4: Go for the game with the best gaming options. The options you will use when playing a game is indeed very important. It might make or break your enjoyment upon playing the game. Hence, you certainly need to decide choose the game that is complemented with the best options suited to what you like.
Step: Lastly, decide the level of game you want to play. In choosing your desired game, you have to decide on the level of its complexity. There are other games that are more complex as compared to others. Hence, you should make sure to go with the ones with favorable level of complexity.
Considering these steps when choosing the game you want to play will lead you to enjoying the whole process.

Chapter 3:
Hooking Up With Like Minded Players
Online games do not only serve as a form of entertainment. It may also be performed to develop one’s socializing skills. Once you get engaged in a certain role playing game, you will likely to cooperate with other players. It is needed for you to have the proper cooperative skills so as to become efficient and successful with game playing. Know how to better hook up with likeminded players.

Play to Socialize
Playing a Role Playing Game is quite different than other typical online games. Unlike other dependently played games, role playing games encourage players from socializing with other people as it requires collaboration among players.
In a Role Playing Game, you will need to find and form a group of players with interest same as yours. You will have to locate those people who are also interested about playing these types of games just as you are. Generally, a role playing game is a social activity, which needs cooperation among RPG players. Therefore, once you have decided on the form of game you wish to give emphasis tom, it is then the time to search for 2 to 3 other people who are interested in similar thing.
You may find these people within discussion forums in which RPG players are talking about the same thing that they are interested in. By browsing through these forums or blogs, you will get a better idea on how you will be able to make your playing even more successful and enjoyable. In fact, you may even find more helpful details about the strategies and techniques you can use as you play your game.
In RPG discussion forums, you may even get to have a word with like-minded players within chat rooms. In this case, you can ask them about suggestions with respect to the specific game you are playing. In the same way, you may also like to share your thoughts about the game that may also help the ones who do not know about them yet. Hence, you will then create a mutualism relationship on which both of the involved participants are acquiring benefits from the conversation.

Therefore, this only means that participating and playing a Role Playing Game is not just for fun, but it also offers you the chance to collaborate with others.

Chapter 4:
What About The Game Master
In every story, there is someone who drives the scene. This also applies to the law of Role Playing Games. Hence, when playing a role playing game with the like-minded players, you will need to decide who the Game Master will be. In most cases, it should be the one who is aware about the rules more than others. Hence, to know about the roles of a game master, this chapter will explain it better.
Who Sits Behind the Screen?
Referred to as the person who sits behind the screen, a Game Master is known for several other names such as Lore Master, Dungeon Master, Referee, The Computer, Storyteller, Spymaster and a lot more.
The Game Master (GM) is considered as one of the most important participants at the table. It does not literally mean that a run at the urge of the game master not it belongs to him. In a standard role playing session, when the game master is none existent, the players will likely to resort to boringly playing with board games, card games, or simply get home to sleep.
To simply put, the GM is in charge nominally of the entire role playing game as well as the way it is run. The game master technically has a number of responsibilities to fulfill. These responsibilities basically include the following:
-World Building
-Scenes and Settings
-Creatures, Bad Guys, and Monsters
-Skill Checks, Traps and Challenges
-Creating The Overall Plot or Structure of the Story
-Rules Adjudication
-Maintaining Focus for the Players
-Experience, Points, Rewards, and Treasure
-NPCs (Non-Player Characters) or the characters inside the world who are not under the control of the players.
-Campaign Style and Game Setup
-Campaign’s Backstory
-Maps, Maps and Maps!
– Dungeon Stocking (if any)
– Managing Interpersonal Issues
This might seem that the game master is controlling quite a part of the whole game. Yes, he does, yet the true choices within the game still depend on the players. When the game has been run rightly, the real story is regarding the PCs (Player Characters), and not the Monsters , NPCs or Bad Guys. GMs are the ones who prebuilt the plot line or any other things. Even though it will not quite read as the next popular genre novel, such story being told must rotate around the individuals on the outside screen of the game master. These can be the most exciting gaming campaigns and sessions. The game master is more like the tour guide the lets the tour participants from getting off the compressed path and discover the wilderness once they opt to do so.
It is recommended that each role player must play the role of a game master for at least a single story. It may last for one session or even several years or somewhere in between. By acquiring the experience of what it is like to be behind the screen of the GM, it will certainly help you widen your horizons as a player and your outlook of the game.

Chapter 5:
Choose Characters And Options
When playing a Role Playing Game, you indeed need to choose the right character you basically like. The choosing process might take quite some time, so you may want to know how to make the right choice.
Play a Unique Personality
When you have enough time, you may become comfortable with the game’s rules. Every games holds its individual “flavor” and a part of enjoying your chosen character is learning about the possible and what is not in game and its world.
In a few games, it is simple to play the brave warrior, while in others, playing the lone soldier is almost impossible to perform in an enjoyable way.
Discover what other people within the group are interested to play. In several games, holding a fine combination of powers or professions may be the key to have a good and successful adventure. Hence, you can consider asking around, exploring what other people is interested to play in. Know what most of the players wish to include in the game setting. In the majority of games, it may help when players select professions, classes or roles that blend from one another. For instance, when player 1 wishes to play a Alien Diplomat and player 2 wishes to play the Marine, you may select the character which will fill out the group. Perhaps, you can be the hard-bitten medic, the shape-shifting spy or a reckless but skilled pilot.
Although the group desperately likes you to play the character they lack, do not or never allow yourself to be forced from playing the character you do not think you like to play. However, if you are willing to face the challenge of playing the character you have not played before, then good for you. You could have the ability of being a great role player. But then, it is never acceptable to play the role you are not comfortable with. It is a collaborative game that entails everyone to have fun.
Creating a background and the reason to stay in a group encourages a better role playing. This not necessarily in the entire games, yet people playing several role playing games will anticipate at least a bit of the effort for the background. You can select a character from a certain book of a movie. You may even use the one you daydream and then modify it a bit in order to fit the game and enjoy!
An attractive background can truly make a game even more interesting. It will also help you from getting into character even faster, hence making a game more exciting for you. A good background must have plot devices or “hooks” that can be used by the game master in the future adventures.
Properly considering the decisions created by your character is also important. Such decisions might add up and may eventually make your character’s definition. The decisions and actions made by your character may end up defining it and, in many ways, will decide his utmost legacy inside the world. Moral decisions are considered as key events in role playing.
You may also work with some experiments! There are other players who are nice in real life and greatly enjoy playing villains in their games. Provided that it does not disrupt or obstruct other players in the game, then it is normally allowable. However, good or bad, the consequences have to be appropriate.
Effectively collaborate with others in your character. When you character does not speak with anyone, recoils from discussions, decisions or conflicts, you might never enjoy playing it. You converse with other characters or the NPCs in the manner and voice your character will.
Consider the goals of your character as well as the goals you want for your character. These could be short term or long term. Search for ways which may take place within the game and request the GM to provide you certain opportunities you like for your character.
Making the most of your chosen character will enable you to enjoy and feel satisfied for playing the game. So, if you wish to enjoy participating in a Role Playing Game, taking these tips into consideration should harvest you the best crops.

Chapter 6:
Know The Rules
Just like any other forms of games, rules are being set before them. This is also common when playing the RPGs. For you to enjoy the game along with other players, you need to know, understand and obey the rules of your specific game.
Obey the Rules to Rule the Game World
If you are going to be the performer of the game, of course, you will need to know, understand and obey the rules being set. The following are the rules you should consider when playing with role playing games.
1. Performers do not have the ability to modify the story’s direction set forth by the Game Master. Only the designated game master could make plot twists. Keep in mind that you are subjected to the whim of the game master once you accept the role of role playing game performer. This only means that the game master is the director of the story.
2. It is recommended yet not necessary that when you have a screen name for a certain character then you should acquire the matching avatar and stay as that character within the game. Once you don’t consider this, the avatar may then serve as the character you’re performing. It may mean some confusion on the exact role you are truly playing.
* When you do not have the character name as the screen name, you are then free to playing no matter what role you want to play. It may be a clear photo, fan art, or a simple art of the character you’re performing. If it happens that you don’t have an avatar, someone may gladly assist acquire one.
3. After you start performing within a Role Playing Game as a certain character, you may stay to be in that character for the game’s duration. You won’t be able to modify your character’s versions. Indeed, you cannot play 2 different characters simultaneously. Every performer will only be permitted to utilize a single character within the game. You may only act as your chosen character. You won’t have the ability to create a dialogue or action for the character of others. On the other hand, in order to thrust the story along, the game master may produce and utilize the cameo character. You also need to stay true to that character’s integrity and personality. Choosing characters follows the first come first served bases, so once the game starts, you must quickly jump in.
5. When keeping personalities, some items that have to be worked on are existent. Other characters hold limited dialogue, when there is. In a Role Playing Game, it is very important that every character talks at some instances, so you could.
6. When you are playing within the game, it is important for you to read the initial post in order to comprehend about the plot of the story. If in case you join in late, make sure that you read the whole game or at least do some scanning in order to come up to the present point or scene of the game. If you get back to play the game, you also need to scan back to the last post and then read everything you see after that to keep track of the action and story of the game. Do not simply hoist from that last post because more might have happened within the game after that.
7. The Role Playing Game won’t be the right place to create opinions about creeds, religion, politics, sex, or any other subject that won’t be in the integrity or personality of the characters on play within the game. You may go to the different folder and make a diverse thread for such conversations. In the same way, you may post the entire questions about the Role Playing Games, or any other game-related comments, in such particular thread.
Keeping these rules in mind should help you make the most of the game!

Chapter 7:
Make Sure To Have Fun
Playing a Role Playing Game means you want to enjoy and have fun. So, make sure you know how to do so by considering the tips discussed in this chapter.
Play And Enjoy!
If you wish to make your RPG more enjoyable, you have to consider certain points. These points should include the following:
1. Have some sense of scope. Discover the things found in your limitations and for them. Do not rush your output, yet do not take forever on assorted details. Make a complete plan for the game and then assess your possibilities.
2. Storyline. When you are not creating an open world RPG, you must pay close attention to its storyline. Discover ways in order to make more interactive and deeper as frequent as you could. Sometimes, a good storyline may save the RPG with the so-so game play. However, a poor storyline may kill RPG with significant game play. This is something a player will be following for a few 20 to 80 hours of his life. Once they do not appreciate the story within the least bit, they would drop it even in the initial hours.
3. Form a favorable atmosphere. It is fine when the game’s mood, setting and more is unusual to a player, yet ensure that it carefully fits and is crafted. An inadequate atmosphere may allow the player from feeling disembodied from a story, while a broken one may ruin immersion and destroy an ideally good story for its audience. Once done appropriately, your game may perform just its opposite and may draw in the audience.
Being able to perform all these considerations should deliver you the best level of enjoyment you want from the start.

Chapter 8:
Getting In The Player Mindset
Even a simple role playing game needs the right mindset in order to run smoothly. Hence, when planning to join in a story as the player, make sure that you have yourself ready for the possibilities.
Similar with the preparation you do when you participate into an outdoor sport, preparing in a role playing game is also important. To be able to make the game successful, of course, you need to the get in the right mindset as a player. To prepare yourself in the interaction, you certainly have to know your role as a player.
Get Ready To Take In the Scene
A player represents a certain character within the game world, who along with other characters, assists in comprising the set of characters who often work toward the common goals. Even though it is greatly suggested that newcomers play a single character at a time, sometimes some skilled players make the most and have fun representing two players or more. Normally, a player portrays a character by letting the character create decisions, conduct actions and converse with other characters based on the conception of the motives of the character, likes and dislikes, personality and more. Sometimes, it is also being based on the form of world a character is living in.
Once you know and understand what you will portray, it will be easy for you to broaden the scope of your imagination and thus your creativity.
Furthermore, as the game continues, you, as the player, should carefully keep track of the mental and physical well being of the character. For instance, when the character is injured in combat, a character should remember the injury acquired that based on the set of rules is often monitored in accordance to the numeric tally scheme.
After you are informed with these details, you then get the right mindset preparing to enter the world of fantasy, your game.

Chapter 9:
The Best Role Playing Games
RPGs have been around for quite some time. That is why it is no longer surprising why there are a lot of types of role playing games being played these days. Hence, you certainly want to know and play the best role playing games of all times.
The Best Play at Their Best
Few of the best played role playing games include the following:
1. Fable
The game originally introduced in year 2004. It was eventually acclaimed both by critics and fans alike. Fable will take you on the journey from your childhood into adulthood, having each of your actions acquiring consequences on a game world. All of these are experienced while establishing your reputation either as a villain or hero, varying on your preferences.
2. Dragon Age: Origins
This amazing game is not intended for the susceptible. It is indeed a complicated RPH which motivates you to act. Your journey will start as the man who transforms into the Grey Warden whose main goal is to fight and beat the darkspawn. It is the nasty creatures, which aim to take over and rule the world. In this game, you job will be to stop them.
3. Xenoblade Chronicles
Xenoblade Chronicles is a game that is visually beautiful to look at, as it contains some incredible cut scenes. The sequences in fighting are not just enjoyable, yet they are in depth and at the same time challenging. The game holds such a huge world in which the sandbox looks endless. This game seems to have a hundred of missions to accomplish. It makes this role playing game in rare category, such category that includes letting you taking over 100hrs to accomplish.
4. Final Fantasy XII
The series of this role playing game was initially established in year 1987 and has not turned back since then. Such amazing version of a strategic combat game was able to stand out because of several reasons. One of these reasons is the superb cut scenes, similar with the voiceovers and fight scenes. The primary feature of the game that other Final Fantasy games did not have was the innovative combat system. The system provides you a wider scope to execute the things you like. It was the much acclaimed addition to a well known franchise.
5. Dark Souls
This is probably the most frustrating RPG to complete in the world. Dark Souls holds the recognition of being one of the most difficult games to ever beat. Once you play it, you may sometimes feel like dying than living, yet that is the factor that will encourage you to keep playing. This game is set within the scary world, which you may not help but appreciate. Once you begin playing, it will be difficult to stop. You will simply want to continue and experience any other troubles and challenges you can find in it.
These RPGs are only five of the best that you can play. There are a lot more of them found in the online world, so make sure to check them out!

Chapter 10:
Learning To Separate These Games From Reality
Even though Role Playing Games are interesting and fun, in the end, it is still essential that you get your mind back to the real world. Hence, you must not neglect to have these games separated from the reality.
Distinguish Fantasy from Reality
More and more players are being encouraged to enter the amazing world of Role Playing Games. For one, such games could greatly help in the development of their reasoning and social skills, while some use it to enter the world that they cannot from the outside.
However, no matter how enjoyable and beneficial it is to play these games, you really need to learn to accept that they are completely different to the real world. Yes, playing these games is thrilling, adventurous, thrilling, and fun, yet you need to accept the fact that the roles of your character in the game is completely different with what you have in reality. In your game, you might be playing the role of a superhero that plans to save his mankind. But then, this is never possible in the real life, as you have to accept that as a simple and ordinary individual, you have your own duties and responsibilities that you need to fulfill at the end of the day.
Hence, the best possible thing you may do is to simply play your game and prevent yourself from being besieged by such things occurring in the game. Besides, Role Playing Games are created to offer enjoyment and entertainment to the players and not something which will stress you out and let you feel too affected, particularly when you become inefficient at playing.
Playing these games is never a bad idea as long as you are aware of the restrictions and you are aware where the boundaries have been set. Once you get to distinguish fantasy from reality, then you can assure to make the most of your Role Playing Game!