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Greetings, and welcome to the Gamer Guides technique guide for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The goal of this guide is to stroll you thru each mission of the recreation’s important marketing campaign, cowl each facet of its elective side-missions, serving to you to finish each Challenge Tomb, discover all 430 collectibles and earn context and achievements/trophies alongside the solution to earn further rewards.

The guide is written as a whole begin to end walkthrough encompassing each facet of the recreation to make sure that if adopted appropriately, you’ll hit 100% completion at the finish. You’ll additionally discover a full achievement/trophy unlock part under the important walkthrough.

I hope you get pleasure from utilizing the guide as a lot as I loved writing it!

About the Game

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the newest title in the lengthy working Tomb Raider recreation collection which first noticed the mild of day again in 1996. It is the second title in the new re-booted franchise (following on from Tomb Raider (2013) and its enhanced version) and as such can also be the second to be launched on the Playstation four and Xbox One.

The recreation follows the exploits of Lara Croft as she makes an attempt to find the historical metropolis of Kitezh while concurrently attempting to stop Trinity, a paramilitary group from getting their palms on a robust artefact. To this finish, she’ll must befriend the repressed locals, use an assortment of new and returning tools and devices to discover a range of completely different environs, try some downright difficult Challenge Tombs, seek out scores of collectibles and battle each man and nature… All in the title of archaeology or one thing.

Mountain Peak

Prologue – Ascension

Objective: Reach the mountain summit

Once we’re in management of Lara, we’ll must comply with her good friend Jonah alongside the slim ridge. After a short spot of carefree adventuring the floor will give away and we’ll must hit the button immediate that seems on-screen to have Lara seize onto a ledge.

Shimmy to the proper, leaping to the subsequent ledge when required (and urgent button prompts that seem over Lara’s head). Climb up the handholds at the finish to succeed in a ledge above. Approach the massive ice wall and press the pickaxe button (X/Square) to connect to the wall. As you close to the high of the first ice wall, soar to a second ice wall to the left and proceed to the high. From right here, soar to the platform together with your good friend on the left.

Now that we’re reunited, proceed to comply with our good friend up the slope and all the manner by way of the cave we come throughout till we exit the far facet. Continue alongside the icy ledge till a scene performs.

Following the scene, pilot Lara to the proper alongside the slim ledge and soar and fix your pickaxes to the ice wall beside it. Climb up the ice wall and seize the handhold at the high. Jump to a different to the proper after which as much as the ice wall above. Follow this to the proper till a scene performs.

When you’re again in management, soar to the proper and mash the pickaxe button to have Lara seize onto the ice wall under as you fall by it. At the high of this ice wall, soar straight upwards and hit the pickaxe button to seize one other ice wall above. Climb to the high for a cut-scene.

After the scene we’ll be suspended from a rope. Swing backwards and forwards till you’ll be able to attain the ice wall on the proper hand facet. Hit the pickaxe button to seize on. This will take two makes an attempt. When efficiently connected, climb to the high for one more scene.

Upon regaining management of Lara, dash for the wood ledge forward and soar the hole to the subsequent (hit the button immediate that seems). Jump down once more to a different platform under and proceed alongside the slim pathway. When you attain the downed airplane, use the swing pole right here to seize onto a zipper line.

The zip line will quickly transition into sliding down a slope. Hit the button immediate when it seems to seize the ledge. Quickly soar to the ice wall on the proper and climb it to the high. Sprint alongside the collapsing ledge right here, hopping between sections of strong floor. At the far finish, soar in direction of the ice wall reverse and hit the pickaxe button to seize on.

A scene will play to finish the prologue.


The Lost Tomb

Objective: Search for ruins in the cliffs

Once you’re again in management of Lara proceed forwards alongside the Cliffside path. When you attain the useless finish, hop up onto the cliff ledge in entrance and climb the wall to the high.

As quickly as you pull your self up onto the ledge above, you will see a small entrance with water flowing from it. Before approaching, comply with the cliff ledge to the proper to discover a chest containing Relic [01/02 – Gilded Cross] . Move as much as the round entrance and Lara will robotically climb by way of.

Continue into the cave till a scene performs.

Objective: Explore the chamber of murals

After a short cut-scene we’ll have the ability to discover the room. We’ll need to decipher the pillar in the middle of the room (it is a Monolith and can reveal hidden gadgets on the map), however gained’t have the ability to take action till we’ve got elevated Lara’s proficiency in the Greek language. Fortunately, there are a number of Murals right here that we are able to work together with for some back-story and to spice up our Greek language ability. You can discover the following:

  • A round **Mural [01/05 – Greek]** subsequent to the tunnel entrance we entered from.
  • A **Mural [02/05 – Greek]** in the alcove to the proper of the pillar in the middle of the room.
  • Another **Mural [03/05 – Greek]** on the wall at the high of the small ramp behind the pillar.

Once you’ve got examined all three of these Murals, your Greek language ought to transfer as much as stage 1 – excessive sufficient to work together with the pillar.

Trophy icon


Reading the Past

Translate one Monolith


Reading the marker will reveal the location of a Coin Cache [01/03] close by. This specific one occurs to be on the floor simply to the proper of the pillar. Approach the location of the icon on the map to have a button immediate seem.

With that out of the manner, use the tunnel main from the space. There is one last Mural [04/05 – Greek] in the tunnel right here that we are able to make the most of earlier than interacting with the weak wall to carry it down.