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What is Reus?

Reus is a component puzzle sport, half God sport. A lovely tackle the God style that focuses on the expansion of settlements by the usage of interconnected assets, relatively than within the micromanagement of required parts and the quibbling happiness of your man-servants.

To put it merely, Reus is a sport about giving the folks what they need, when they need it. You need not give a settlement meals for it to reside, nor does it want wealth or science to thrive. Instead Reus duties you with answering the requests of a village by intelligent positioning of environmental options, comparable to animals and crops.

This is the place the puzzle facet comes into play. The objects you place upon the world generate particular assets, however the way in which you place objects is necessary; parts of the ecosystem speak to one another. Place two primary crops subsequent to one another and each will produce a pleasant little bit of meals, however place a plant subsequent to an animal and the 2 might share a ‘symbiosis’, creating extra meals collectively than the 2 would aside.

Different terrain results in totally different animals, crops and minerals, and so each village request has its personal particular quirks so that you can work round and fulfil.

Reus remains to be a God sport, although. You might not need to particularly make sure that a village can survive however the denizens of your planet can nonetheless develop offended and assault issues ought to they get grasping, and typically you will be compelled to squash a rebellious settlement. Reus is all about stability and brainwork.

So that is Reus in a nutshell. It’s about laying the foundations for a settlement, after which reacting to the calls for of the folks, utilizing your professional information of your Giant’s talents with the intention to maximise the useful resource output with what it’s a must to hand.

Great, and the way do I win?

An fascinating query. Reus does have methods to progress, and issues to unlock, however it provides you a modicum of selection on the subject of how you progress by its challenges.

To minimize an extended story quick Reus has a tiered construction of developments – one star, two star, three star, and 4 star – and fulfilling the necessities of a sure variety of developments will ‘unlock’ the subsequent tier of developments alongside new Projects, new Giant powers, and an extended in-game clock.

So you ‘win’ by undertaking growth standards, and so long as you’ve got reached the required tier then you’ll be able to try to unlock any growth you so need.

Using This Guide

As Reus just isn’t a typical sport, this isn’t a very typical guide. We will element find out how to accomplish each growth with the minimal of fuss however it’s necessary that you just perceive the quantity of freedom you may have when you really play the sport.

We will speak about every growth in flip, specializing in it with the precision of a scientific laser as the one factor you might be aiming to perform in your session present session, however you need to know that you just can earn a number of developments throughout a single play session if you happen to so need. This guide won’t assume you might be, and even counsel that you just do, however it will be important so that you can know that you just’re not tied all the way down to enjoying the sport as a inflexible sequence of developments.

What’s extra the character of initiatives is that they’re random, each in what venture seems but in addition within the specialisation connected to the present venture; Reus is designed on this method in order that the progress of every sport session is considerably unpredictable and distinctive. It’s as much as you to learn what your village wants and work out find out how to obtain this, answering the distinctive specialisations the sport throws at you every time. The nature of initiatives is finally why our growth guides are extra akin to pointers, as that’s the nature of Reus.

As such you are advisable to make use of our growth guides in tandem with the extra detailed data within the later sections of the guide. The ‘Optimum Tile Layouts’ descriptions and data directories in the direction of the tip of this guide will provide you with in depth information that may be utilized in quite a lot of conditions, from early play to later levels. Reus is a sport about utilizing what you realize to maximise the potential of your present settlement, and that’s the reason these sections are themost helpful ones on this guide.

This guide will educate you a lot issues about Reus, however finally it is as much as you to use that information throughout play.



Button Effect
Mouse – Left Click Tap to pick out talents/giants from the HUD, to pick out tiles for additional inspection and to ‘place’ powers on tiles. Hold and drag mouse to pan digital camera left and proper.
Mouse – Right Click Command present large to maneuver to location.
Ctrl Cycle Tile Output Information.
Space Bar Pause (Gameplay stays stationary however you should still look across the map and situation instructions that will likely be acted upon the second you un-pause the sport).
Arrow Keys Left and Right Pan Camera Left and Right
Arrow Keys Up and Down Zoom digital camera In and Out.

Hot Keys

Button Effect
1 Select Ocean Giant
2 Select Forest Giant
3 Select Rock Giant
4 Select Swamp Giant
Q First Giant Ability (Terraform)
W Second Giant Ability
E Third Giant Ability
R Fourth Giant Ability
S Fifth Giant Ability
D Sixth Giant Ability
F Seventh Giant Ability

How to Play – Tips

What is Reus – Recap

Reus is a component puzzle sport, half god sport. Your activity is to put the foundations for a settlement after which react to the calls for of the folks, utilizing your information of the Giant’s talents to maximise the useful resource output with the instruments it’s a must to hand. Occasionally you will must smush folks in the event that they get too rowdy, however that ought to solely occur often.

How to ‘Win’ – Recap

You ‘win’ Reus by assembly the necessities of its ‘developments’. You earn these awards by hitting their parameters by the tip a sport, or ‘period’. Complete sufficient developments and you will transfer on to the subsequent tier of developments. Complete sufficient tier 2 and you will transfer on to tier 3, so on and so forth till you earn all of them, together with final satisfaction.

Starting a Game of Reus

1 – The most necessary factor to determine earlier than beginning any sport of Reus is, ‘what growth am I aiming for this time’. This determination will assist set up a sport plan in your head immediately and can inform your selections by way of creating terrain and in the way you develop your planet.

A number of important newbies tricks to comply with throughout any sport of Reus embrace…

  • To start with, do not attempt to preserve a number of villages until it is advisable to. Attempting this may occasionally merely result in confusion or worse, failing your growth. Focus on the event at hand.
  • Don’t construct an excessive amount of terrain. Given a big house a number of settlers might seem on the identical terrain supply, denying border enlargement as soon as they conflict. If you are attempting to maximise one village, increase one or two tiles at a time.
  • Don’t develop connected to the useful resource factors you construct. It’s important to work in the direction of what your villagers need, to not get petty about one valuable mineshaft having to be eliminated.
  • Pause typically. Pausing merely offers you time to suppose and work out your subsequent transfer, serving to you carry out essentially the most attainable actions within the shortest quantity of actual sport time attainable.

2 – When the sport begins, pause immediately. You ought to know what it is advisable to begin constructing so motion it. If you are going desert, invite the rock Giant to construct a mountain (and use the Ocean Giant to take away the desert from one aspect if you wish to comprise the event space). If you are going Forest or Swamp then have the Ocean Giant create water the place he’s standing and have the Forest or Swamp Giant already transferring into place as that is taking place, we wish them to be producing the forest/swamp the second the Ocean Giant begins hammering away.

3 – With your terrain created you will wish to place assets with a watch to forcing settlers as near the centre of a patch as attainable. This normally means putting the primary useful resource three or 4 tiles ‘into’ the sting of the territory, it will encourage a settlement to be created in the midst of a zone and make their progress as simple to visualise as attainable. Placing the primary useful resource with one among your ‘free’ giants will encourage the primary settlement sooner, and you’ll at all times construct over it later.

Obviously this rule, as with something in Reus, is versatile. If you are aiming for the ‘fishing village’ growth, you then’ll wish to place assets, and terrain, that forces the settlement nearer to the water. Always take into consideration the event.

4 – From right here you will must adapt your designs to suit together with your desired growth, however this offers you a primary intro to any sport in roughly 30 in-game seconds.

General Advice

  • **Pause Often.** You’re going to get bored with listening to this one however pausing helps you maximise your productiveness throughout actual ‘sport time’ by supplying you with limitless room to cease, step again, and take into consideration find out how to obtain the job at hand with out the in-game clock ticking away.
  • **Focus.** It’s simple to get distracted while you’re ready for a village to assemble the assets and end a venture however the satan makes work for idle arms, and a lack of focus might result in lacking growth objectives if you happen to begin occupying your self elsewhere. If you are doing something, you have to be putting additional assets on the tiles simply exterior your present settlement to make sure it’s as resource-rich as attainable (do not forget that an animal exterior of a village’s border’s should still add one thing to a village by its ‘animal vary’).
  • **Focus 2.** Your growth takes delight above all, and the way you ‘increase’ ought to adhere to this. If you are engaged on a single village venture then you shouldn’t make an enormous forest simply because you’ll be able to – a second settlement would possibly mess up your first village’s enlargement (you would at all times simply destroy them, in fact, however that is imply…).
  • **Apply Aspects.** Your Giants are all geared up with facets. Aspects are used to ‘transmute’ assets from one factor to a different, however Aspects additionally apply a useful resource buff the second you utilize them on a useful resource (assuming the useful resource has a free ‘slot’ to simply accept the buff. As such it is price making use of Aspects to assets even if you happen to do not plan on transmuting it because it’s primarily a free useful resource buff of your selection.
  • **Animals.** Animals have a variety wherein they unfold assets, so it is price putting them on the world ‘exterior’ a village’s borders as their vary will permit them to feed the village from exterior its typical vary.
  • **Move Around.** It’s simple to go away your giants stood someplace unhelpful, so keep in mind to maintain them hanging round the place you want them, not on the opposite aspect of the planet.



Welcome to is Reus’ first coaching session. In this session you’ll learn to:

  • Move Giants world wide.
  • Terraform land to create ‘Biomes’.

First factor’s first, transfer your two giants collectively. To choose a Giant you’ll be able to both faucet the numbered scorching key related to them (look to the underside left) or proper click on their portrait down within the nook. Once chosen merely proper click on on a tile to ship your Giant there.

Next we’ll find out about Terraforming. Select your Ocean Giant after which choose his ‘create ocean’ capability by both tapping the hotkey (Q) or choosing it from the bar on the backside. Next, proper click on on the planet to create an Ocean!

The Ocean occupies 9 Tiles and generates 13 tiles of Fertile land to both aspect of itself. This land can then be used to create Swamps and Forests, as we’ll do in a minute. The Ocean is a crucial factor to have, as its creation facilitates the constructing of different parts, however nomads won’t create a village on the Ocean (No Mel Gibson rivalling Waterworld antics right here) and the assets you’ll be able to place on an ocean are restricted to animals.

With this completed your Forest large, and his large cash face, will erupt from the bottom. Say hello. Then, as soon as the pleasantries are over, choose his first capability as you probably did with the Ocean Giant’s ‘Create Ocean’. This is the ‘Create Forest’ capability. Look on the flooring and you will discover some darker floor rising from the Ocean, that is the place we will place the Forest.

The Ocean generates 13 Tiles of fertile land, and the Create Forest energy occupies 13 tiles, handy no? Get used to the sensation of making an Ocean and a Forest, will probably be a useful instrument.

Next lesson, deserts. Select the Rock large and choose his terraforming capability. Unlike the opposite Giants the Rock Giant can create terrain all by himself, elevating a mountain that creates a desert on each its sides. It’s price creating this mountain on the opposite aspect of your Ocean to higher perceive a few of the mechanics pertaining to this specific terrain.

A desert will likely be shaped on the base of a mountain so long as the bottom is dry, and has not been made ‘fertile’ from an ocean. While this might be seen as limiting, it is a good factor to know because it’s one thing you need to use to ‘comprise’ a desert if want be.

The final stage of this coaching mission is to cowl a big portion of the world in liveable land. To do that you’ll be able to both use the Rock Giant to boost extra mountains, or carry out one other Ocean and Forest duet between the Ocean and Forest Giants. After you do that, the Giants will go to sleep.