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PS3 Controls

Regular controls

Look round Right Stick
Switch digital camera angle Right Stick (push)
Move round Left Stick
Quick flip Left Stick Down + X
Dash/Run Left Stick + X
Dodge Left Stick + L2 + X
Center digital camera angle/Dash Left Stick (push)
Melee assault R1
Aim/Ready weapon L1
Attack/Fire [L1 +] R1
Quick shot L2 + R1
Use well being pill R2
Quickly combine herbs in tablets RB + X
Displays path to purpose L2
Inventory Triangle
Solo motion X
Partner motion O
Reload weapon/Pick up gadgets Sqaure
Swap weapons D-pad left/proper
Swap grenades D-pad up/down
Mix Herbs R1+ Square
Game menu Start
Skip cutscenes Select

Partner Conversation

Move instructions O + D-pad up
Wait command O + D-pad left
Call command O + D-pad down
Follow command O + D-pad down
Thanks command O + L1
Praise command O + R1
Respond with “Yes” O + D-pad up
Respond with “No” O + D-pad down

Note: During ‘Dying Status’ you possibly can solely intention/fireplace your gun and transfer round.

Xbox 360 Controls

Regular Controls

Look round Right Stick
Switch digital camera angle Right Stick (push)
Move round Left Stick
Quick flip Left Stick Down + A
Dash/Run Left Stick + A
Dodge Left Stick + LT + A
Center digital camera angle/Dash Left Stick (push)
Melee assault RT
Aim/Ready weapon LT
Attack/Fire [L1 +] RT
Quick shot LT + RT
Use well being pill RB
Quickly combine herbs in tablets RB + X
Displays path to purpose LB
Inventory Y
Solo motion A
Partner motion B
Reload weapon/Pick up gadgets X
Swap weapons D-pad left/proper
Swap grenades D-pad up/down
Mix Herbs RB + X
Game menu Start
Skip cutscenes Back

Partner Conversations

Move instructions B + D-pad up
Wait command B + D-pad left
Call command B + D-pad down
Follow command B + D-pad down
Thanks command B + L1
Praise command B + R1
Respond with “Yes” B + D-pad up
Respond with “No” B + D-pad down

Advanced Controls

Inventory Menu

The D-pad shortly lets you change between weapons and grenades, however you may also enter the stock menu by urgent triangle or Y. This menu is ‘stay’, which means you can nonetheless get hit by enemies; in different phrases, the sport does not pause. In this menu you possibly can mix herbs and use their mixtures for well being tablets. Mixing Herbs might be achieved manually within the menu. Simply choose a menu, then choose mix and blend it with the herb of your alternative.

Quick Herb Mixing

Mixing herbs may also be achieved with out even getting into any menu in any respect. The solely factor you’ll want to do is press RB/R2, plus X (xbox360) or Square (PS3). Your character will routinely combine herbs into tablets for you.

Dying Status

You can solely transfer, prepared your weapon, and fireplace whereas within the dying standing.


During dashing you possibly can stumble upon obstacles or partitions. If you are fast, steering your character in one other route is feasible with out barely staggering. Climbing/hopping over obstacles shall be achieved routinely throughout dashing at any time when doable.

Dash Slide

During dashing you possibly can stumble upon obstacles or partitions. If you are fast, steering your character in one other route is feasible with out barely staggering. Climbing/hopping over obstacles shall be achieved routinely throughout dashing at any time when doable.

Dash Slide

It’s additionally doable to slip when dashing. Simply sprint and press the intention button whereas dashing. This transfer can be utilized to flooring or stagger enemies.

Dash Ram

Dashing and urgent the ‘fireplace’ button/set off causes your character to ram into an enemy. You’ll have to have dashed for a minimum of a second for this to be accessible.


Rolling might be achieved by holding the left stick within the route you need to roll, which might be left/proper/ahead (since backward drops your character to the ground), and urgent the LT/L1 plus A/X button.

Dodging Attacks

Many assaults might be dodged with rolling to the facet, however you may also duck at any time by urgent the LT/L1 plus A/X button.

Stumble Recovery

Whenever your character stumbles, which normally occurs once you’re attacked by enemy fireplace, shortly press the A/X button to forestall your character from falling to the bottom. They’ll carry out a backward barrel roll as a substitute.

Taking Cover

Whenever you are close by a wall or platform, maintain LT/L1 to lean towards it. From this place you possibly can press A/X to face up. While in a canopy place, transfer out of canopy by wanting across the nook; this lets you shoot enemies as your character routinely goals on this place.

Lying Down

You can lie down by holding LT/L1 and urgent A/X whereas transferring again with the left analog stick. In this place you possibly can roll to the left and the precise and crawl ahead or backward. With the exception of crawling ahead, there is a quick and a gradual variation for transferring to the left/proper/again. Lightly pulling the left analog stick within the route you need to go will transfer your character slowly. Quickly pulling the left analog stick again/left/proper without delay will make your character crawl or roll a lot sooner. In order to do that repeatedly you will have to return the left analog keep on with its default center place after which carry out the fast pull within the route you need to transfer once more. The desk under sums all of it up:

**Lying Move** **Controls**
Crawl ahead LT/L1 (maintain) + Left analog (barely) up
Crawl backward LT/L1 (maintain) + Left analog (barely) down
Crawl left LT/L1 (maintain) + Left analog (barely) left
Crawl proper LT/L1 (maintain) + Left analog (barely) proper
Roll left LT/L1 (maintain) + Left analog absolutely left (without delay)
Roll proper LT/L1 (maintain) + Left analog absolutely proper (without delay)
Crawl again shortly LT/L1 (maintain) + Left analog absolutely down (without delay)

Quick Shots

A fast shot might be activated by urgent each triggers on the identical time and makes use of up one stamina slot. It’s extraordinarily helpful as a counterattack towards ambushes and jumpers, it does double the common injury, and in addition causes a light-weight stagger. A fast shot prices ammunition, until achieved with a weapon that does not use ammo (such because the knife).

The Menu

Under OPTIONS, varied settings might be tweaked:


Attack Controls: Swaps intention/assault/choose up controls.

Aiming: Swaps intention/transfer controls.

Aiming Reticle: Default is a dot. Classic additionally grants a laser sighting.

Dominant Hand:

Reload: Automatic or default.


  • Invert X-axis and Y-axis, plus modify digital camera pace.
  • Aiming: Invert X-axis and Y-axis, plus modify aiming pace.
  • Change aiming route and digital camera sample for dashing.

Game Settings

  • Subtitles: On/Off
  • Online ID Display: On/Off
  • HUD Position: Default/Left/Right
  • Laser Sight Color: Red/Green/Dark Blue/Yellow/Pink
  • Icon Display: Turn On/Off in-game icons

Under DISPLAY you possibly can modify the brightness of the sport. A lightweight brightness may make it simpler so that you can discover gadgets.Under AUDIO you possibly can modify the BGM, Sound Effects (SE), Voice (performing), and Chat volumes.

DEFAULT will re-adjust all settings to their preliminary place.

During gameplay you possibly can deliver up the primary menu at any time, however all gameplay will proceed stay; the sport does not pause. The menu seems on a smartphone, however the performance and choices are as above.

Chapter 1: Escape from the Campus


Leon and Helena discover themselves trapped contained in the campus of Ivy University, which is roaming with zombies.


  • Zombie
  • Zombie Dog
  • Shrieker
  • Bloodshot
  • Whopper


#1. In the room the place you meet the person on the lookout for his daughter. Look for the logo within the small storage room.

#2. When you are on the lookout for the keycard of the backyard’s gate you will transfer by way of a library. Search the drawers of the desk within the second to final room to search out it.

#3. When you enter the subway tunnel, instantly look to your proper. The emblem is beneath the subway carriage.

#4. Not lengthy after you defeat the primary Shrieker you will enter a bar. The emblem is laying on the shelf to the left, not too removed from a machine with ‘sprouls’ on it.

Rank Accuracy Allowed Deaths Completion Time Enemies Killed
A 70%> 2 80+
B 60-69% 5 85-110 Minutes 60-79
C 50-59% 7 110-130 Minutes 40-59
C 7+ >130 Minutes 0-39

Ivy University

With President Evil out of the way in which – sure, that joke was lengthy coming – Helena must ask what hair conditioner Leon is utilizing. But since they produce other ‘priorities’ proper now, that’ll have to attend for now, so transfer into the corridor. The door in your proper results in an workplace you possibly can examine, though there are not any gadgets to be discovered. Head down the corridor into the foyer and undergo the doorways on the left, main you into a big eating room. At this level you possibly can intention together with your gun, though you can not shoot with it but. Move downstairs and you will spot somebody within the far again. Run after it and transfer to the again of the kitchen. Open the pink door on the finish of the corridor collectively together with your companion to set off a cutscene.

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As you observe the daddy, undergo the kitchen and you will spot some rats. It’s doable to shoot these, however you are higher off sparing your scare ammo since they do not drop something. Shooting one will add it to your ‘enemies killed record’ nonetheless, so for completion functions it isn’t a foul concept. Make your method by way of the dimly lit eating room and head by way of the doorways close by the steps. In the subsequent room, look forward to the person to unlock the doorways. In the imply time, head upstairs and listen to a remark from Leon concerning the corpses and seize a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] by the corpse on the finish of the walkway. Go by way of the door that the person opened and observe him by way of the subsequent door.

In this corridor, transferring in direction of the exit signal provides you a taster of what you will be up towards sooner or later; you will hear some barking coming from the streets. In any case, observe the person to the far finish of the corridor and head by way of the door (which has ‘assist’ written on it with blood, in addition to two positive hand prints of blood). Inside this piano room is certainly the person’s daughter, Liz, however she’s in dangerous form. As an knowledgeable on this sort of state of affairs, the very first query that ought to pop up in Leon’s head must be to ask the woman if and when she was bitten.. however as a substitute, we’ll simply head again down the corridor. Move the beams out of the way in which collectively together with your companion and head for .. what!? We’re going into the elevator with that contaminated woman? Is {that a} sensible transfer, Leon? Really? After Raccoon City and the Ganados incident, you actually assume that is sensible? Alright then, let’s social gathering, however do not inform me I did not warn you!

Well, now can be the time to say I informed you so Leon, but it surely seems such as you’re too busy wiggling the left analog keep on with the left and the precise as quick as you possibly can, after which serving to out Helena as she is attacked, by taking pictures the woman. If you are enjoying as Helena, you will first have to shoot the woman off Leon after which wiggle the left analog stick to flee from her grabbing you. The scene quickly ends as some previous pals knock on the elevator doorways and abruptly immediate you to abuse the melee button (RT/R2) varied occasions, permitting you to shortly exit into the parking storage.

There are extra zombies right here, however there’s loads of room to make use of melee assaults, saving your treasured ammunition. A person collapses close by a automobile in the course of the world; as quickly as you possibly can examine him he is already lifeless and does not thoughts that you just seize the [ HANDGUN AMMO ] close by him. You can both idiot round with the zombies or make your solution to a monitor room on the far proper finish of the parking zone to progress.

Tip: If you need to carry out a neat contextual melee combo, discover the zombie on the precise facet of the parking zone, standing close by a shutter. This zombie has a knife sticking in his physique which you need to use in a particular melee transfer by taking pictures the zombie in his head and standing in entrance/head to head with him whereas performing the melee with RT/R2. There are extra contextual melee assaults; that is merely considered one of them.

Before you head upstairs, seize the [ 9MM AMMO ] close by the sunshine subsequent to some bins. Head upstairs and make your method by way of the corridor. You can destroy any of the home windows and crops right here and take a look on the darkish metropolis, however apart from that, there’s not a lot to do on this corridor.

When you enter the lecture room, transfer proper and go downstairs. You’ll wake two zombies, so now’s a superb time to follow headshots (or in any other case killing them with melee assaults, which is usually a good suggestion if there aren’t loads of enemies round). As you head down, a zombie professor rises from behind the desk, so watch out for that. Be positive to identify the [ GREEN HERB ] on the high of the leftmost stairs, then exit the room on the precise.

In this corridor, have a look from the home windows, then transfer across the nook. As you open the double doorways, put together to instantly carry out a melee assault towards the zombie leaping at you. The feminine zombie behind the lecturer additionally comes alive, however a couple of melee strikes will do her in. And sure, the zombie sitting subsequent to one of many chairs within the classroom may additionally shock you. With these out of the way in which, go searching to search out [ 9MM AMMO ] and a [ GREEN HERB ]. Don’t combine any herbs simply but; you will discover some pink herbs quickly, which grant a greater combination.

Move by way of the subsequent corridor and ignore the innocent physique. Enter the lecture theatre space and go downstairs. There’s a zombie standing along with his again in direction of you right here, permitting for an on the spot loss of life melee transfer, however watch out for the second zombie mendacity on the ground that comes alive once you strategy him from close by. Immediately carry out a fast shot on him to repel any hazard and end him off with a melee assault. Your reward are the [ 9MM AMMO ] and the [ GREEN HERB ] he was guarding.

Head down the subsequent corridor and (optionally) enter the classroom to your left. You can discover a [ RED HERB ] within the nook to your higher proper as you enter, and there are additionally [ INCENDIARY GRENADE x2 ] and [ 9MM AMMO ] mendacity on the desk up forward, though these are guarded by two zombies who come alive once you strategy them. One doable technique is to run previous the zombie on the ground, noting the hearth extinguisher close by him, operating to the nook on the left, flip round, and shoot the hearth extinguisher subsequent to him. The different zombie may additionally get hit; if not, merely shoot him or use melee assaults.

There are a number of zombies across the nook of the corridor, which you may need to try to shoot from a distance, ideally in these bruised heads of theirs. With just one or two of them left, melee assaults can prevent some treasured ammunition.

Ivy Campus Garden Area

The double doorways might be opened collectively together with your companion and results in the backyard reception space, clearly roaming with a number of zombies. While your purpose is to achieve the gate as Hunnigan tells you, there are a couple of gadgets you possibly can search for when you’re right here. The zombie straight forward might be arrange for a contextual melee transfer with a bottle of wine, as can be the case with the zombie catering woman to your left (transfer across the small gate first). Hopping over the desk staggers her quickly, permitting you to unleash a number of lethal kicks. You can discover [ 9MM AMMO x2 ] close by the merchandising machines.

There are a couple of extra zombies within the space (one within the middle, two on the pink carpet, and one close to the catering desk left from the gate you are transferring in direction of), however none of them are an actual menace; they’ll all be downed utilizing melee assaults. You can discover a [ RED HERB ] and [ GREEN HERB ] on the tables left of the gate (which you will discover closed), guarded by one other zombie catering woman.

You’ll have to undergo the double doorways on the left facet of the backyard (considered out of your unique level of entrance) to fetch the important thing for the gate. Fair sufficient. After going by way of these double doorways you will attain a brief corridor with a number of our bodies and two sports activities fields on each side. It’s no use killing the zombies outdoors (no matter what occurs quickly), so do not hassle. Do be aware of the 2 fireplace extinguishers within the corridor, and accumulate the [ 9MM AMMO x2 ] and [ GREEN HERB ] earlier than making an attempt to open the door.

The anticipated occurs, and zombies shall be flooding the room inside seconds. You’ll have to carry out for 90 seconds whereas conserving as a lot ammo as you possibly can. A great way to do that is to instantly run towards the again of the corridor and shoot the hearth extinguisher(s) as quickly as there are a number of zombies inside. Use melee assaults to complete off any survivors and use one well being capsule as soon as your stamina meter has been drained; this can fully replenish it, permitting you to kill a couple of extra zombies. If you possibly can handle to throw an incendiary grenade at a gaggle of zombies then that works positive as effectively. Once the door opens, Leon and Helena routinely rush in direction of it. Simply shoot the zombies blocking the door and proceed.

You’re now in an space with a Sephiroth-esque tune remixed within the background. That might be worse. Inspect the desk on the left facet of the door on the opposite facet to search out [ 9MM AMMO ], then undergo the door. There’s nothing of curiosity on this library room, however the desk within the subsequent holds [ 9MM AMMO ] on its left facet and..

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The desk additionally incorporates a serpent emblem. Simply open up the drawer on the precise facet of it as you enter, then shoot it.

Kick within the door and accumulate the campus key from the nook with the pink mild. Do be warned; the zombie closeby to you instantly comes alive once you seize it, so dodge the seize or counter with a melee assault. The woman within the chair within the different room additionally comes alive, though the physique within the library does not. The zombie mendacity on the bottom within the first room is a jumper, so be extraordinarily cautious; the sitting zombie is – luckily – simply killed with melee assaults. And sure, two of the zombies within the corridor come alive as effectively.

Once you enter the backyard, a number of zombies drop down. Melee assaults must be sufficient to complete them off, and the identical applies for some other zombies within the backyard. Open the gate with the keycard and transfer by way of the steel detection system, which naturally goes off. Don’t hassle taking pictures any of the zombies behind the gate; merely transfer to the opposite facet, killing the three zombies you could encounter and undergo the door.

You’re nearly off the campus! Go proper across the nook of the road and shortly make your solution to the automobile on the far finish, largely ignoring the zombies however attacking any who get in your method. Although it is doable to kill all zombies on this space, this is not value it and takes method an excessive amount of ammunition.

In the automobile you even have infinite time to press the command, which is nice to know. Check the decrease proper, then higher proper of the automobile and drive away from the campus. Hey Leon, keep in mind Raccoon City? Now that you just’re away from these zombies, why do not you cease the automobile instantly and examine if there are any different zombies aboard or on high of the vehic… Never thoughts. Looks like you haven’t any different choices than to enter the sewers. The solely factor you are able to do right here is watch the zombie hoard strategy (although they’ll by no means truly attain you, it is nonetheless doable to waste ammo on them). Enter the sewers, then!

The Sewers & Subway

Head down the sewers till you attain a [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] and [ WOODEN BOX ]. Yeah, the sewers are such a superb place to retailer your wares, huh? Go by way of the door and switch left on the subway tunnel; the opposite method is blocked due to electrical energy wires hanging in a pool of water.

As you proceed you will run into a number of zombies. You can largely ignore them, however be sure you step out of the way in which for the incoming subway prepare by urgent the 2 indicated buttons. Just a little additional forward you will encounter three zombified canine, fairly a harmful pack, particularly on the upper difficulties. Don’t overlook you can truly dodge sideward with the left analog stick, the intention button and A (xbox360) or X (PS3) respectively. Be positive to destroy the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] and the [ WOODEN BOX ] close to the burning barrel right here.

The method forward is easy. You’ll run into a couple of extra zombies, and the subway prepare will go one other time, however you should not have an excessive amount of hassle avoiding both. At the top of the street, electrical energy blocks your path as soon as once more. A couple of zombies will run by way of it; hold your distance and kill them by taking pictures and meleeing ’em to loss of life.

Head by way of the door to your left by kicking it in together with your companion, and head down the very darkish stairs. You’ll discover a [ WOODEN CRATE ] within the nook down the second flight of stairs, however be very cautious of the jumper mendacity towards the wall closeby; a fast shot saves the day right here. There are one other [ WOODEN CRATE ] and [ WOODEN BOX ] within the subsequent nook, so be sure you snatch their contents as effectively earlier than heading by way of the subsequent door.

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As you drop down into the subsequent subway tunnel, look to your proper instantly. The emblem might be seen instantly beneath the subway carriage; it is on the decrease proper facet.

As you proceed, you will quickly run into a gaggle of zombies, together with a couple of jumpers. Moving in shortly, then hold your distance. Any jumpers falling on the bottom might be simply killed by shortly smashing their heads. The others are greatest killed by a mix of melee and taking pictures. Be cautious of the prepare approaching on the opposite observe, which can trip over a few of the zombies as effectively.

Continue down the tunnel and you will attain the subway prepare. As you put together to step on the platform adjoining to it, watch out of one other zombie within the nook under the precise platform; neglecting his presence may trigger him to get a nasty chew on you. Inspect the door of the prepare, then stroll to the again and increase Helena up so she will open the door from the within.

Make your method by way of the primary and second carriage, then make your method by way of the third carriage, operating to the far finish. You’ll in all probability need to use a fast shot at this level on the zombie right here, adopted by a melee assault. Turn round and kill the opposite zombies in the same method earlier than continuing.

Make your method by way of the ultimate cabin and – earlier than exiting – shoot the zombie lurking simply outdoors of the prepare earlier than hopping off. There’s one other zombie in entrance of the prepare along with his again in direction of you, granting you permission to do a free head smashy (simply be sure you strategy him from the again).

Climb the platform forward and go searching for [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] to smash. At the far finish, press the button of the shutter and .. Hmm, perhaps you will have to calm that woman within the prepare first .. Oh, you possibly can’t progress then. Well, open it up then.

A horde of zombies seems, which is greatest thinned out by an incendiary grenade, ought to you could have one. You may additionally place a distant bomb and activate that from a distance. Be cautious of the acid spitting assault of the zombies; keep in mind that transfer from the sooner video games? Well, in some way its distance has improved by a magnitude of x50. If you grasp round some zombies will come at you from behind as effectively, so watch out.

The City

Head upstairs and kill the zombie stealthily, then smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] round right here. Open up the gate together with your companion and head upstairs. You can kill the firefighter by taking pictures his tank, however do it from a distance. A automobile will smash into an electrical energy pole; the zombies attacking it may be killed simply with melee assaults. There’s a [ WOODEN BARREL ] close to the container down the streets, and one other [ WOODEN BARREL ] within the disposal waste space on the left facet of the world. Help the person caught beneath a automobile on the far finish of the road, then proceed and take a left on the far finish of the street. While you might kill the zombies right here (together with an armored one with a machine gun), it is perhaps a greater concept to allow them to be.

Head down the hall and climb the ladder on the finish. As you make your method over the walkway, do not even hassle killing any of the zombies under you, they’re innocent. Leap over the hole and kill the zombie up forward, then kick within the door together with your companion. There are varied zombies on this space, together with a number of armored ones. One of them is standing close by the flames; should you strategy him from the again you get an on the spot kill as regular, which saves you some ammo. The different zombies on this space do not have to be killed, however you possibly can rack up some loot and ability factors should you do (the armored zombies are value 400 factors). Be positive to intention for his or her heads and carry out melee assaults on them to complete issues shortly.

Continue down the alley and kill the zombie across the nook; this one’s additionally standing along with his again in direction of you initially. There’s one other zombie (with flashlight!) across the nook, so maintain him as effectively. Don’t miss the [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] close to the fence earlier than heading up the ladder. On the walkway there is a zombie closeby whose head you possibly can smash by approaching him from the again as effectively. After you progress the container out of the way in which, shortly make your method over the bus and drop down on the opposite facet. From right here, head to the far proper finish of the world and undergo the door of the pub.

There’s a [ WOODEN BARREL ] subsequent to the counter. Head by way of the yard and open the door; watch out for the zombie laying on the bottom. There’s a [ WOODEN BARREL ] close by the fence so that you can smash; afterwards, head by way of the door closeby. Make your method by way of the lounge (be a part of watching tv to listen to extra of the story’s background) and adjoining corridor to discover a closed door. Fortunately for you (effectively, a minimum of it saves you time), this is not 1998 anymore and the secret’s discovered by backtracking .. a couple of meters, snatching it from one of many our bodies in the lounge. Will one of many our bodies come alive? Of course. Nothing a fast shot and melee assaults cannot deal with although.

Open the door on the finish of the corridor and put together a fast shot for the zombie coming alive. Outside, seize the [ SHOTGUN ] from the lifeless soldier and smash the [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] close by the fence. Don’t hassle taking pictures any of the zombies behind it; undergo the door to set off a cutscene.

The new enemy – known as a Shrieker – shortly runs away, and you may go away or not it’s for now. Various zombies will climb over the fence; be looking out for one holding a hearth extinguisher. Shooting it amidst a gaggle of zombies is very useful right here. As you proceed, extra zombies leap out of the cabins, and the Shrieker is perhaps on its method again already. Its scream assault is tough to keep away from, so you will need to down it ASAP together with your shotgun and maybe a distant bomb. Looking issues from the brilliant facet, it is value 1000 ability factors.

With all enemies out of the way in which – or maybe you are operating from them, which is okay as effectively, undergo the door on the far finish of the walkway and examine the locked gate. Head upstairs and increase Helena to the opposite facet. Naturally, a number of zombies flood the world, so put together for some head popping and jaw dropping. Your place is not too dangerous, truly. There’s an explosive barrel on the left facet of the fence you can blow up, in case you needed to. After killing the primary (close by) zombie, merely forestall any others coming upstairs and kill the one after the opposite. Helena will quickly have the gate unlocked, permitting you to proceed.

Head by way of the door to enter a bar. There’s a [ WOODEN BARREL] behind the counter.

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As you stroll across the bar counter, look to your left. The emblem is laying on the shelf in your left facet, not too removed from the ‘sprouls’ machine.

Go outdoors to fulfill up with a number of different survivors. Various enemies encompass the world, together with a Shrieker. You’ll need to kill him first (together with your shotgun), though there’s loads of room to kill zombies as effectively. When the gasoline begins to leak, shortly shoot it from a distance to set off a scene. Be positive to gather gadgets from the [ WOODEN BARREL x2 ] earlier than you proceed; they’re close by the vehicles within the alley. Head by way of the gate once you’re prepared.

Head down the road and enter the gun store. The survivors are combating off the zombies from right here. Search the world to search out [ 9MM AMMO x2 ], [ INCENDIARY GRENADES x3 ], and a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ], then assist them hold the zombies away. After a couple of minutes a cutscene will play. At this level, a brand new horde of zombies will strategy the room, together with a brand new sort of skinless zombie that is known as Bloodshot. Their leap is deadly, so be sure you dodge it; seize your shotgun and get rid of them as quick as you possibly can. After clearing the world, which takes a short while, the gun store proprietor helps you to come upstairs.

Look round for a [ RED HERB ], [ 9MM AMMO ], and in addition [ 12 GAUGE AMMO ] within the desk, then put together to battle one other horde of zombies. With the gang thinned out, head into the subsequent room and instantly search the desks for [ 12 GAUGE AMMO x2 ] and a [ GREEN HERB ]. An fats zombie (aptly named Whopper), together with a number of common zombies quickly enter the room. Place a distant bomb within the opening of the door and head inside the opposite room; set off it when the fats zombie passes. Needless to say this significantly hurts him, as do incendiary grenades. Alternatively you possibly can empty your shotgun on him.

With all of the enemies killed, head into the subsequent room and switch left earlier than going upstairs. There are [ INCENDIARY GRENADES x2 ] on this small storage room. Go upstairs and seize a [ REMOTE BOMB ] left of the door earlier than going outdoors. Here, a cutscene takes place after which you will be pressured to battle a big group of zombies, together with a Bloodshot and a Whopper. Some zombies have canisters on their backs you can shoot. A distant bomb also can turn out to be useful. As quickly as you get the prospect to flee the world, shortly drop down and enter the bus. Inside, equip your shotgun and begin pumping lead into the top of the Whopper outdoors, however make sure to not get hit too usually by different zombies, together with acid assaults. Once you kill the Whopper, a cutscene performs and the chapter ends.

This provides you an opportunity to buy abilities. You’ll need to a minimum of buy a defensive improve, particularly should you’re enjoying on greater difficulties. Other than that, injury upgrades (towards zombies) are good to have as effectively at this level.