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On your approach again to the Police Station, Leon might want to cease off on the Gas Station the place you will face your first impediment. Your process is to find the Gas Station Key. Head contained in the station and easily stroll over to the left facet of the room the place you will see a doorway, comply with the hall alongside till you attain an open door the place you’ll enter a cutscene.

Here you will encounter your first Zombie the place you should have two strategies that can assist you take care of them.


  • You can shoot at their legs till they begin crawling, this may mean you can get previous simpler.
  • You can shoot at their head till they die however beware nevertheless, this might deplete alot of ammo.

Note: In Resident Evil 2, ammo is not straightforward to come back by so attempt to be extra correct when capturing Zombies.

Once you have handled the Zombie, stroll across the nook the place you will see the Gas Station Key hung up on the wall. Now you have retrieved the Key, stroll again to the place the Zombie was and head to the locked door on the left, use the Gas Station Key situated in your stock to open the door and make your method to the exit.

After the cutscene you will be surrounded by Zombies, merely flip round and dash to the police automotive and head left down the darkish alley, following the trail till you attain the Police Station.

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Welcome to the City of the Dead

Make it to the police station.


Once you enter the Police Station, gather the First Aid Spray from the Green bins to the best and the Handgun Ammo that is left on the desk, then save.

Police Station

Exploring the Police Station

As you enter the station, you will must work together with the pc that is close to the save level. From the pc, flip round and you need to see a shutter with an indication that claims Keep Out on it, flip the change that is on the wall subsequent to it and crawl underneath.

Follow the trail till you attain a cupboard that has fallen over. Firstly, go contained in the Press Room that is simply earlier than the cupboard, and gather the Handgun Ammo that is left on the physique in the midst of the room. Exit the room and maintain [X]/[A] on the cupboard to free your path. Before continuing to comply with the trail, head to the Bathroom to gather a First Aid Spray, then make your method to the Watchman’s Room.

Inside the room, raise the shutter to try to assist the Officer on the opposite facet. Due to the unlucky occasions, you’ll obtain the Officer’s Notebook which gives you the mixtures wanted for the three Medallions. Quickly take the identical path again to the Main Hall however beware, you will encounter a number of Zombies alongside the best way.

Note: As you progress by way of the sport you will come throughout many Zombies, it is a good suggestion to shoot their legs till they begin crawling. This approach you may merely run previous them to save lots of treasured ammo.

Locating the Spade Key

Once you have met Marvin for the primary time you may be given a Combat Knife, you should utilize this to chop open the tape that is blocking your entry to the change for the shutter. Enter the Reception and gather the Green Herb from the bins to your proper together with the Handgun Ammo that is on the chair to the left, proceed ahead till you attain the Operations Room.

Note: Throughout the sport you’ll gather several types of herbs, you may mix these in your stock to present you improved herbs.

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The Basics of Survival

Combine two objects collectively.


Inside you will discover some Handgun Ammo to your left, and the Record Of Events File that is positioned on prime of the blue desk within the again proper nook whereas the Police Station 1F Map is pinned on the board at the back of the room. Climb by way of the cracked window to drop down into the hall past.

From the place you dropped down, flip round to gather some Handgun Ammo off the Zombie, then comply with the hall round to the Dark-Room the place you will discover a Green Herb and a Wooden Board earlier than you enter. Make use of the Typewriter within the Dark-Room to save lots of your recreation.

Note: After you have recieved the Knife now you can unlock two Trophies/Achievements. The first might be unlocked by countering the Zombies assault together with your knife. The second might be earned by killing the Zombie together with your knife.

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Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gun

Defeat an enemy with a knife.


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Eat This!

Counterattack with a sub-weapon.


Tip: You’ll must revisit the Safe Rooms often all through the sport to Save and retailer objects.

Inside the Dark-Room, you’ll discover a Medicinal Benefits of Herbs File, some Gunpowder and extra Handgun Ammo within the lockers. From the lockers, stroll ahead into the smaller room and gather the Red Herb (combine this with a Green Herb to get better extra well being than with a typical Green Herb).

Note: Any objects with a crimson tick on it within the Inventory display screen is protected to discard.

Tip: Combining two batches of Gunpowder collectively can create ammo on your Handgun nevertheless in case you use completely different variants of Gunpowder, you may create ammo for different weapons.

Use the Wooden Board you discovered eariler to patch up the window close to the steps, then make your method to the West Office, the place you will discover the Uses of Gunpowder File on the brown desk alongside some Gunpowder. From the desk, stroll alongside the best facet of the desks till you attain Elliot Edwards’ desk the place you will discover the Operation Report File. Now stroll to the brown desk that is nearest to the steps the place you will discover the Rookie’s First Assignment File positioned on prime.

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That’ll Hold ‘Em

Use Wooden Boards to board up a window.


To open the desk you will want to seek out two mixtures to open each locks. There are three nameplates on either side of the desks, you will want to recollect the primary letter of all three plates and put them into the lock (for instance, Neil, Elliot and David would make “NED”).

The proper facet mixture is MRG and the left facet mixture is NED. Inside will probably be a High-Capacity Mag on your Matilda Handgun, mix the gun with the customized half in your stock. Before exiting the Office, shoot the Raccoon that is sitting on prime of a cupboard on your first collectible.

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Vermin Extermination

Destroy a Mr. Raccoon.


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Customize a weapon.


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First Break-In

Open a dial protected.


Note: There are 15 Raccoons scattered throughout the sport, discovering all of those is not going to solely unlock a Trophy/Achievement but additionally an infinite Combat Knife for future playthroughs.

From the West Office, head up the steps close to the Dark-Room and seize the Handgun Ammo off the Zombie on the prime of the steps. Continue proper from the Zombie till you see the Red Herb subsequent to the merchandising machine. Now head into the Men’s Locker Room the place you will discover some Shotgun Shells within the locker on the best and a Portable Safe close to the towels subsequent to the lockers.

To open the Portable Safe, you’ll want to press the buttons within the appropriate order till all of the lights are on. Look on the protected as if it had numbers, so prime left to backside proper could be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and eight, then strive inputting 42317865. Inside you’ll obtain your first Square Part to position on the terminal within the Safety Deposit Room.

Note: There could also be an opportunity that the mixture could possibly be completely different for you, preserve attempting completely different mixtures till it unlocks.

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A Vault-like Mind

Open a conveyable protected.


Head again downstairs to the Safety Deposit Room and place the Square Part on the terminal earlier than selecting up the Storage Locker Terminal Memo from the brown desk to the left. Before leaving, open locker #106 to retrieve the Roll Film then head again to the Dark-Room. Place the Roll Film within the sink to obtain the Commemorative Photo.

Head upstairs to the third ground, preserve following the trail till you attain a gap within the wall, step inside to seize the Spade Key from the brown desk. Continue by way of till you attain the tip of the hall the place you will discover the To any survivors file, head for the West Storage Room and decide up the Gunpowder and Wooden Board, then stroll to the west facet of the room to seek out some Handgun Ammo, now make your method to the again of the room the place you will discover a Hip Pouch and Some Guy’s Scribblings on the desk.

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Hip to Add Squares

Increase your stock slots.

Finding the Medallions

Head in direction of the place the Zombie is hanging from the ceiling and undergo the door to the Library. Go down the steps and thru the primary door in your left to seek out the Police Station Upper Floors MapGunpowder and the Unicorn Statue. To discover the right mixture for the statue, you will want to try the Officer’s Notebook that you simply discovered at first of the sport.

The code for the Unicorn Statue is Fish, Scorpion, Pot Spilling Water. Go again into the Library and use the Spade Key to unlock the door again to the Main Hall. Before you enter the Main Hall nevertheless, keep in mind to select up the Red Book that is positioned on the desk.

In the Main Hall you will discover some Handgun Ammo on the second couch to your proper together with the Lion Statue sitting on the prime of the steps. The code for this Statue is Lion, Herb, Bird.

Note: You’ll have the ability to discover all of the mixtures for the three Medallion Statues within the Officer’s Notebook.

With the Red Book you collected earlier, head to the opposite facet of the Main Hall and enter the Waiting Room the place there will be a Green Herb sitting on the desk and a Guide Pamphlet on the desk. Use your Spade Key to unlock the door and head down the hall to enter the Art Room.

Inside you will see the Art Article: “The Red Stone” and a Key Card on the desk subsequent to it. From the desk, stroll in direction of the Statue and gather the Statue’s Left Arm off the desk and mix it with the Red Book in your stock. Now join the Left Arm with Book to the Statue, which gives you the Scepter. With the Scepter in you possession, open up your stock and study it, then rotate the Scepter round till you see a change, work together with it to achieve the Red Jewel.

Make your approach again to the Main Hall, in direction of the West Office and use your Spade Key to unlock the West Office door to achieve entry to a shortcut. Using the West Office shortcut, make your method to the Safety Deposit Room and use your Key Card on the terminal in the back of the room to retrieve the W-870 Shotgun and a few Shotgun Shells.

Head again to the Waiting Room and go proper on the hall, earlier than going by way of the door to the surface space nevertheless, keep in mind to seize the Green Herb that is sitting on the window. After the reunion with Claire, flip to your proper and seize the Handgun Ammo and the Cutting Tool.

Before heading by way of the door, seize the Wooden Board close to the steps and make your approach again to the Operations Room, utilizing your Cutting Tool to open the chained door. Inside you will discover an Electronic Gadget on the desk, the mixture for the locker within the Locker Room written on the board together with a Flash Grenade on the tables and a Wooden Board leant towards the step ladder.

Unlock the door and head again to the place you spoke to Claire. Break the chain together with your Cutting Tool and head to the East Office the place you will want to make use of your Cutting Tool once more to interrupt the chain. Once contained in the Office, seize the Green Herb off the desk, a Flash Grenade from the desk and a few Handgun Ammo that was left on the Zombie. Now head to the opposite facet of the row of tables and you will see that some Gunpowder earlier than persevering with alongside till you attain the tip of the tables the place there will probably be an Electrical Part.

Head into the room within the southwest a part of the workplace, the place you will discover a Round Handle together with some High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow). Remove the chair from the door to achieve entry to the hall and go proper till you attain a small storage room, inside you will see that a Wooden Board and a few Handgun Ammo. From the storage room, head in direction of the Main Hall and place the Electrical Part within the fusebox to open the shutter and achieve entry to the Main Hall.

Once you are within the Main Hall, make your approach as much as the Shower Room on the 2F with the Round Handle in your stock. Inside the Shower Room, open the locked locker by inputting the mixture CAP into it that we discovered earlier within the Operations Room. Now use the Round Handle on the valve to cease the steam from coming by way of, which can mean you can stroll previous. Follow the trail the place the steam was coming by way of and open the lockers to retrieve some Gunpowder earlier than heading by way of the door to a hall the place you will discover some Shotgun Shells to your left on the chair

Walk down the hall till you attain the S.T.A.R.S Office. Once inside, gather the Red Herb that is sitting on prime of some bins to the best. Head to the room within the northwest nook of the workplace the place you will notice a Battery and the Internal Memo. Head again into the primary space of the workplace the place you’ll discover some Shotgun Shells on the brown desk to the left, a Flash Grenade on a field between the left and center desks and a First Aid Spray contained in the medical bag between the center and proper desks alongside some High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow).

Note: Later within the recreation you will want to come back again to the S.T.A.R.S Office with an merchandise to entry the pc.

Exit the workplace and head left down the hall the place you will be launched to a brand new enemy, the Licker. Avoiding Lickers is in your finest curiosity as a result of they’ll deplete a variety of bullets/grenades to kill which might make the chance of dying very excessive.

Dealing with Lickers

If you are trying to keep away from the Licker, strolling very slowly previous them is your finest plan of action. Once you see a door, you may dash the remainder of the space earlier than they handle to catch you. Try to hold Flash Grenades/Hand Grenades with you to stun them in case you want be.

If nevertheless, you are prepared take your probabilities with the Licker and battle it, think about using your strongest weapon (the Shotgun for Leon proper now) and specializing in the Licker’s head while utilizing Flash Grenades to stun it in place.

After you have bought previous the Licker, head to the tip of the hall and unlock the door which can open a shortcut again to the Library. Now make your method to the West Office and head to the southwest nook of the room, the place you will discover a protected. By wanting on the Internal Memo you discovered earlier, enter the mixture Left 9, Right 15, Left 7 to retrieve your second Hip-Pouch.

From the West Office, make your method to the 3F West Storage Room and when you’re inside mix the Battery you bought from the workplace with the Detonator in your stock. Connect it to the C4 that is on the wall within the soutwest nook of the room to blast it huge open.

After the explosion, head by way of the outlet to achieve the Maiden Statue, enter the mixture Woman, Bow, Snake to retrieve the ultimate Medallion after which make your approach again to the Main Hall.

A Licker will chase you when you exit the room the place you discovered the Maiden Statue.

Activate the Goddess Statue

Place all three Medallions you have discovered all through your journey within the Police Station into the Goddess Statue that’s situated in the midst of the Main Hall to open a path all the way down to the Underground Facility. Make positive to seize the Shotgun Shells and Gunpowder earlier than saving.

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Path to the Goddess

Solve the Goddess Statue puzzle.