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Things to Remember

General Tips

Aim of the Game

The recreation has a fairly beneficiant auto-aim mode tucked away within the config’ menu within the choices display. Set the focusing on mode to informal and you will have a better time as your gun has a way more dependable lock-on to enemies. If you need extra of a problem, merely flip it to knowledgeable and all auto-aiming will likely be off.

Lootin’ Tootin’

You’ll kill a ton of dangerous guys as you make your method by way of the sport, remember to run over their corpses to not solely refill your ammo depend, however by urgent Y/Triangle , you may additionally loot their our bodies for some simple cash. You might not get a lot money, nevertheless it all provides up!

Save Often!

Whilst the sport has the power to save lots of routinely, it is smart having not less than 2 separate saves on the go at anyone time. This means you possibly can have two separate video games on the go without delay, one for being good in, and one for being dangerous in.

Dead Red Eye

Your Dead Eye means that you can sluggish time right down to line up a number of pictures. It’s primary firstly, however the variety of targets you possibly can mark improve as you undergo the sport. You have to kill extra enemies to refill it, or purchase acceptable bottles on the normal retailer to prime all of it up in a single go.

Bright White

Keep an eye fixed on the brightness of your weapons recital, because the whiter it’s, the extra correct your shot will likely be as this means that the enemy in your sights is inside vary of that specific weapon! If it begins to fade, then you definately’re too distant.

Bad-Boy Bandana

You should buy a fairly helpful piece of garment from both the tailor in Thieves Landing or the General Store in Escalera (Mexico), the Bandana means that you can commit crimes with out affecting your Honour ranking!

Cover Up

Common sense this, however as you possibly can take cowl behind most inanimate objects, doing so in a battle can save your life. However, make certain the duvet is appropriate, as a low wall can nonetheless get you killed by enemies on increased floor.

As lengthy as your head is roofed you possibly can both come out of canopy, or just maintain fireplace to do a ‘blind shot’ into the overall space of your enemies (with a lot much less accuracy).

Bonnie Macfarlane

Exodus in America

Once you leap off of the practice, head over to the saloon and as soon as the cut-scene is over, comply with Jake to the horses. Jump on yours after which maintain down A/X to routinely sustain pace along with your buddy (with out operating down your horse’s stamina).

Ride along with your guide till you method Fort Mercer after which experience on as much as the yellow level designated in your radar/map. This’ll set off one other collection of cut-scenes and the top of this mission!

New Friends, Old Problems

Once the cut-scene with Bonnie is completed, head exterior and stroll to your left and across the dust path till you attain Bonnie’s home (the place the blue dot resides). Walk over to her porch after which have a dialog along with her earlier than leaping onto your horse (that is hitched up close by).

Bonnie will take you on a short tour of the city, so maintain down A/X and preserve a continuing pace along with her as you head across the numerous components of city. Once you arrive again at the start line, hitch your horse with X/Square and comply with Bonnie again to her home.

You’ll decide up your first further gun right here, the Repeater Carbine , a rifle that you’re going to discover utilizing over and over all through your journey. At the again of her home, Bonnie will spot a pile of Waskily Wabbits consuming at her crops.

Jump off of your horse; carry your rifle as much as goal and use LT/L2 to auto-lock your goal onto every rabbit one by one. Once you’ve got shot a few them, get again in your horse and comply with Bonnie once more.

As you head round, you may encounter a gaggle of coyotes who have to really feel a number of bullets, so lock onto them and take your pictures fastidiously. There’s 5 to eliminate, and so they’re all simple sufficient to dispatch. As quickly as you attain your own home, hitch your horse up after which go and save your recreation!

Obstacles in our Path

This is actually a horse driving tutorial disguised as a race, and it is not a assured simple race both. A number of the trail has some very tight chicanes, which means you may have to preserve your eyes not solely on the trail, however in your radar within the nook as effectively.

Try and preserve a rhythm of faucets going with a small break in between. So, faucet, faucet, faucet, pause for a second or two, faucet, faucet, faucet, pause and repeat. You’ll discover that this’ll assist preserve your total pace up, while not utilizing actually any of your horses stamina.

You do not achieve or lose something for profitable or shedding, so as soon as you’ve got crossed the road, you may open up entry to the sheriff’s workplace in Armadillo. But for now, we’ll persist with Bonnie’s missions (as they’re nearer).

This is Armadillo USA

Head again throughout to Bonnie’s home and you may begin the subsequent mission in her strand. This is a quite simple introduction to utilizing a horse and cart and the one actual distinction is that if you happen to maintain the slowdown button (RB/R1), you may begin to reverse slowly.

Jump onto the driving force’s aspect of the carriage and drive Miss Macfarlane to Armadillo. As lengthy as you do not attempt to rush it and stick with the yellow route on the map, you may attain your vacation spot after a chat with Bonnie.

Once you get off the carriage, head throughout to the docs (indicated by a yellow X). When you get inside, purchase the potion off the doc at no cost (after this you may should pay for any extra). Now return exterior and converse with Bonnie, the place she’ll go away you to discover the city of Armadillo!

Women and Cattle

(If you need to do that mission instantly after the final Bonnie mission, then merely run exterior Armadillo, set a waypoint for Bonnie’s home and use a campsite to warp to it). Run into the acquainted yellow marker after which run to your horse as soon as the cut-scene finishes.

Follow Bonnie to the cattle and begin from the yellow spot within the subject, earlier than driving your horse slowly behind the cattle. Stay behind them till they go away the pen, cross the railway line and go up the hill.

The trick to getting the herd to go the place you need them to is to goal your self within the reverse path of the place you need them to go. So transferring to the best of them will make them flip left, transferring to their left will make them flip proper. The mission will finish as quickly as you get them to the large oak tree.

Wild Horses, Tamed Passions

Once once more it is advisable head again to Bonnie’s home to begin this mission, this time nonetheless, her father will likely be becoming a member of you for a spot of ‘horse breaking’. This entails driving the horse ‘buck-o-bronto’ type to tame it.

But earlier than you get the possibility to do this, it is advisable head exterior and comply with the 2 of them in your horse till you attain the sphere full of untamed horses. Your lasso will already be outfitted, so once you get comparatively near a horse, maintain down LT/L2 after which press fireplace to get the lasso round its neck.

Now maintain fireplace down till Bonnie or her dad additionally lasso’s the horse after which leap off your horse and climb onto the brand new one. It’ll begin to kick and flail round, so it is advisable press your stick within the reverse path of the place John is falling (to steadiness him out and preserve him on the horse).

This will go on for round 20 – 30 seconds, till you handle to remain on and tame the horse. If you discover that John’s arms are beginning to flap round, that is your signal that he is near being thrown off, so shortly press in the other way to maintain him on!

Once you’ve got tamed the primary horse, you now have to repeat this step for a second horse, solely this time once you lasso the horse, preserve holding fireplace right down to preserve the rope – and the horse – regular earlier than getting off your horse and climbing up on this one.

Again it is advisable tame it by urgent your stick in the other way that your horse tries to throw you. Now dismount the horse as soon as it is tamed after which get again in your horse earlier than following Bonnie dwelling.

A Tempest Looms

This mission will get you utilizing these cattle hustling expertise you realized a bit earlier on. The principal distinction with this herd although, is that they will cut up up from the group, which means it is advisable preserve a continuing eye in your radar to be careful for any dots that seem.

This signifies that the herd has cut up, so it is advisable guide it/them again to the principle herd earlier than persevering with. Remember to go to the alternative aspect of the place you need them to go, and shortly you may collect all of them by a big oak tree.

When the lightening goes off, the herd will scarper for the cliff up within the distance! You have to race your horse to the cliff edge first (being very cautious to not go over the sting your self). As quickly as you see the herd coming your method, let off a firing shot over their heads to get them to decelerate faster.

Now make certain the herd make their method again to the ranch (ensuring any stragglers re-join the group) and you may full the mission as quickly as they’re all within the pen.

The Burning

Start this mission off on the yellow marker on the map, and Bonnie will let you know how frightened she is about her father. Follow Bonnie in your horse till you monitor her dad down within the outback, who’ll ask you to move again for a carriage.

On your method again, you may discover a hearth within the distance! Charge right down to the burning barn and leap off your horse. You have to climb up the again aspect of the barn, up and round onto the windmill platform (use Y/Triangle to tug your self up) and grasp off the wood pole on the barn.

Now shimmy throughout to your left, run across the platform and into the barn, the place it is advisable slide down the ladder, pull the pitchfork out that is blocking the door after which slap the horses on their rears to get them to go away. The remaining horse will not be fairly so co-operative, so it is advisable mount it and experience it out of the barn (press leap earlier than the doorway to clear it) to finish the ultimate principal mission in Bonnie’s story arc.