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Welcome to the newest journey on the planet of catching all of these extremely artistic Pokémon. X and Y brings an entire raft of latest Pokémon to the Pokédex and is the sequence first true flip at a 3D journey (iffish N64 Snap-like video games apart). It’s additionally absolutely on-line enabled permitting you to take your kick-ass Pokémon crew to a worldwide area to lastly see when you actually are nearly as good as you suppose you might be.

Our X and Y guide is bursting on the Pokédex with real assist and strong methods so we’re extraordinarily pleased with it. We’ve used our specifically modified 3DS to take tremendous high-quality screenshots straight from the 3DS itself , so the guide is much more informative and fairly in addition. No different Pokémon guide will provide you with that.

Finally; thanks on your help by buying this guide. It actually means lots that you have invested your hard-earned cash in us. Enjoy the guide.


Control Function
Circle Pad Use Roller Skates
D-Pad Move character, Navigate menus
A Use, Confirm Option
B Cancel, Hold and use D-Pad to run
X Open/Close Pause Menu
Y Use registered merchandise, if one is registered
Start/Select Toggle PSS display screen
L Switch between minigames Hold and press A throughout battle to examine transfer
R Switch between minigames
Touch Screen Select/Confirm Option, Play minigames

Major Changes in X and Y

Like with any good sequel, Pokemon X and Y brings a whole lot of new options to the plate and improves on earlier recipes. Obviously we’ll focus on these adjustments all through our guide, however simply to whet your urge for food, here is what you’ll be able to count on!

1. Catching Pokemon Rewards Experience

Prior to X and Y, Pokemon solely gained expertise by fainting different Pokemon. However when you efficiently seize a Pokemon, you’ll now achieve expertise (and EVs). Now you have obtained much more motive to chuck Pokeballs at Pokemon!

2. Customisable Main Character

Bored of gamers having virtually an identical appearances? In X and Y, you’ll be able to change your coach’s coiffure, hair color and even clothes and accessories! The temptation is powerful to decide on a feminine coach only for their superior garments choice…

3. Massively Improved Exp. Share

Exp. Share is not a maintain merchandise and is a Tool as an alternative. When it is activated, all of your Pokemon that did not battle will obtain 50% of the battle expertise (and full EVs). If you might have a full get together of six Pokemon, you’ll be able to earn 250% extra expertise; evidently, coaching is a breeze.

4. New Pokemon Type: Fairy

Amazingly, the Pokemon scientists have simply figured on the market’s a brand new Fairy sort. Cue many new Fairy-type Pokemon and even older Pokemon now re-typed to Fairy. Fairies are sturdy towards Dark, Dragon and Fighting Pokemon and take no injury from Dragon-type strikes.

5. Mega Evolution

Did you suppose Charizard was the final in Charmander’s evolution line? Think once more! Many Pokemon can now Mega Evolve right into a extra highly effective type through the use of a Mega Stone. Unlike regular evolution, Mega Evolution solely happens throughout battle.

6. Pokemon-Amie

This is sort of a less complicated model of Nintendogs or Tamagotchi however with Pokemon, permitting you to play along with your Pokemon outdoors of battle. Ever wished to stroke Eevee or feed Snorlax? Well, your goals at the moment are a actuality because of Pokemon-Amie!

8. New Types of Battles

We virtually want a Pokedex for battle varieties at this charge. X and Y introduces Sky Battles that solely characteristic Flying-type Pokemon or these with the Levitate means. You may encounter hordes of 5 wild Pokemon without delay. Whoa, discuss harmful!

9. Wonder Trade

Surprises are all the time good, so it is cool which you can now shock different gamers and get stunned your self by way of Wonder Trade. How it really works is which you can ship any Pokemon you need after which get matched up with a participant who’s additionally sending any Pokemon. Hopefully not Weedle although.

10. Easier To Breed Outstanding Pokemon

Last however not least, one thing superior trainers will actually respect. It’s now tremendous simple to breed Pokemon with excellent IVs because of the improved Destiny Knot, which is now assured to move down 5 IVs when breeding Pokemon.

Your Pokemon Journey

Goal(s) of the Game

Becoming The Champ

One of your major targets in X/Y is to turn out to be the Pokémon Champion . This is completed by beating the Elite Four; 4 extraordinarily proficient trainers after which the present residing Champion. To be capable of face them nonetheless, it’s essential to defeat the eight Gym Leaders in your area, the Kalos area.

They are unfold out amongst numerous cities and it’s essential to journey to seek out, meet and problem them. If you beat one, they current you with a Gym Badge. Having all eight Gym Badges grants you the suitable to face the Elite Four. This activity is not simple and can take many hours to attain; however will progress naturally together with the remainder of the storyline.

Gotta Catch Them All!

Besides desirous to be the perfect, one other key aim is catching as many Pokémon as doable, in a bid to finish your Pokédex. In Kalos alone, there are over 300 Pokémon and, all through the six generations of Pokémon, there are barely over 700 Pokémon within the National Pokédex, so it is not at all a straightforward feat…

However because of the wonders of the web, it is now simpler than ever to get the Pokémon you need. Just attempt to be good along with your trades (i.e. chorus from providing a lowly Pidgey for a legendary Arceus) and it should not take too lengthy to seek out your required Pokémon.

Even when you do not intend to replenish your Pokédex, you’d nonetheless be sensible to catch what you’ll be able to, because the extra Pokémon you might have, the extra fascinating the sport turns into and the extra methods you’ll be able to make use of. As enjoyable as a Charizard solo feels like, it can most likely get boring quick!

Whatever You Want!

The smartest thing (or one among them) concerning the Pokémon video games is the whole freedom that you’ve. Okay, your progress might be hampered when you do not undergo the story in a well timed method, however moreover that you are able to do no matter you need at your individual tempo.

This can embrace searching for out human opponents in thrilling, difficult battles (so no extra overpowering the CPU trainers), making your Pokémon tremendous pleased in Pokémon-Amie or maybe breeding a fearsome get together of Pokémon with wonderful strikes and enviable IV values.

Exploring Kalos

An integral a part of any Pokémon sport is its sense of journey and seeing wondrous issues. Visiting cities and cities along with your Pokémon and chatting with residents to listen to most of the entertaining, informative (and quirky) issues that they must say; are only one aspect of the various that make up exploration.

The Pokémon world is made up of three major kinds of areas. Within cities and cities , there are few coach battles, besides in specifically designated areas comparable to Pokémon Gyms (the place there are various). In these locations you should buy and promote gadgets, heal your Pokémon and speak to different individuals, typically getting some very cool gadgets!

Routes are the first areas of wilderness that join cities. They virtually all the time characteristic many trainers which can be itching to battle. They additionally include grass (or darkish sand or one other equal relying on the local weather of the route) which might be moved by to seek out wild Pokémon to catch

The remaining space sort is particular wilderness areas . These typically do not join cities, however as an alternative department off from different areas of all types. They additionally characteristic wild Pokémon and trainers and very often must explored to advance the plot and have a tendency to have a extra fascinating ‘theme’ to them than what Routes do.

Exploring the Pokémon world is all about creativeness and shedding your self in a little bit of a child-like style. It’s concerning the sense of realism and the sensation that the world may be very a lot alive and never only a computer-generated entity.

Collecting Pokemon

Collecting and assembling your individual distinctive get together of Pokémon is among the many awesometastic issues that you are able to do in any and all Pokémon video games. At the very begin of your Pokémon journey you’ll obtain one among three starter Pokémon from the type Professor Sycamore (properly, from your mates from him).

Catching Pokemon

At sure factors within the sport, chances are you’ll obtain free Pokémon like your preliminary starter, however do not count on a whole lot of these alternatives. Instead, you may want to make use of your individual fingers and toes! What we imply is which you can receive extra Pokémon by catching them within the wild.

This is completed by throwing Poke Balls at them, ideally after they’re weak and about to faint. While you do that, watch out for the ability of your Pokémon’s assaults, as dropping a wild Pokémon all the way down to zero HP will trigger it to faint, stopping you from capturing it!

To make life simpler, you’ll be able to have an relevant Pokémon (one with sharp claws) use False Swipe , which might be realized early on – a transfer that may scale back an opposing Pokémon’s HP all the way down to 1 at most. It additionally helps masses when you inflict a standing ailment on the opposing Pokémon too – Paralysis or Sleep are good, however not Burn or Poison in case they faint.

Although you’ll be able to acquire as many Pokémon as your PC can maintain (which is lots), you’ll be able to solely carry six round with you at anyone time which type your get together (these are those that you simply use in battle). Collecting and assembling a robust get together is all part of the enjoyable!

Pokemon Trades

Besides in-game freebies and wild Pokémon, you can even purchase Pokémon – particularly Pokémon that can’t be present in your model of the sport (or Pokémon X and Y on the whole) – by buying and selling with different gamers. You can instigate a commerce domestically or on-line through the use of the PSS (Player Search System) on the underside display screen.

If you don’t have any pals, you’ll be able to nonetheless use the PSS to commerce Pokémon by way of the GTS (Global Trade Station), the place you’ll be able to hunt down commerce requests or submit your individual commerce request, then wait till it is fulfilled by one other participant. Or when you’re actually feeling fortunate, you should use Wonder Trade to immediately commerce Pokémon with a random participant.

Other Ways to Obtain

Finally, when you maintain your eyes peeled in the suitable locations, you’ll be able to sometimes receive uncommon and unique Pokémon from particular occasions or related avenues. For occasion, from 12th October 2013 to 15th January 2014, you can obtain a Torchic with Blazikenite by connecting to the web and utilizing the Mystery Gift choice earlier than loading your sport.

Note : Refer to Tips and Secrets – Event Pokemon Distributions for additional info.

Getting Around

Strolling throughout the countrysides, badlands, and many others. of Kalos is all good and enjoyable, however it’s a killer in your digital toes. Even when you do start with the Running Shoes (maintain the B button to run). To save time and vitality, there are a number of methods to make your journey speedier and extra environment friendly.

Roller Skates

This athletic and trendy footwear permits you to journey at velocity, as long as you are not inside a constructing. You can nab your self a pair proper outdoors the primary gymnasium in Santalune City , offering you’ll be able to greatest the donor in battle. To use your new Roller Skates, merely press any route within the Circle Pad after which use the Circle Pad to manage your actions.

While skating, you are not restricted to the grid-based motion and also you grind on particular rails on the sector to succeed in in any other case inaccessible areas. You may carry out tips realized from fellow curler skaters throughout Kalos, that are primarily for present, though the Running Start (realized at Vert Plaza in Lumiose City) helps to spice up your velocity.

To deactivate the Roller Skates, merely press any route on the D-pad.


Worried that the great ol’ Bicycle had been changed? Fear not, as you’ll be able to purchase one within the biking store in Cyllage City . As quickly as you enter, you may be given a spot check after which you’ll be able to choose from a yellow bicycle or a inexperienced one – the color selection issues not, however you’ll be able to’t change it later, so choose properly!

Like the Roller Skates, the Bicycle permits you to zip throughout Kalos (however not inside buildings, as a result of it is harmful).


When you might want to leap from one facet of Kalos to a different, it will take aaaaages even with the Roller Skates or Bicycle. That’s the place HM Fly is available in. Once you get to Coumarine City, you may get this Hidden Machine from Professor Sycamore, however you’ll be able to’t use it outdoors of battle till you have crushed the Coumarine Gym Leader, Ramos.

Once you have earned the rights to Fly out of battle, simply train it to an relevant flying Pokémon, choose your Pokémon and go to “USE A MOVE”, then Fly. Now you’ll be able to immediately (when you ignore the marginally overlong flying animation) fly to any city or metropolis you have already visited!

Exploration TMs and HMs

As you go off the crushed path or progress deeper into the sport, there might be events the place you may encounter an impediment than you’ll be able to’t move with out assistance from Pokémon. At these instances, you will have to make use of the corresponding TM (Technical Machine) or HM (Hidden Machine) realized by your Pokémon.

Note : Although you’ll be able to freely use HMs in battle, you’ll be able to’t use them outdoors of battle – to clear obstacles – till you have acquired a sure Gym badge.

Also beware that after realized, HMs can’t be forgotten (till you attain the Move Deleter in a while). This might be annoying you probably have a whole lot of nice strikes in your Pokémon and also you’re compelled to delete one when studying a brand new one (though fortunately there’s additionally the Move Reminder who lives in the identical home).

For this function, some gamers prefer to carry alongside a “HM Slave” (or two) – a Pokémon whose solely function is to make use of HMs. This manner, you do not have to compromise your battle Pokémon, however it means you may be losing one among your six get together slots. Man… when will Game Freak lastly take away HMs?!

HM01: Cut

Acquired from the Parfum Palace again backyard, this transfer lets your Pokémon – with sharp claws or a scythe – reduce down a thorny plant blocking your option to a secret path or goodie. In battle, its injury is fairly poor and out of doors of battle, there are few (if any) thorny crops in the best way of progress.

TM94: Rock Smash

Obtained from Ambrette Town ; Rock Smash does… precisely what it says, breaking small, cracked rocks in the best way. It’s not a HM, so might be relearned or forgotten as usually as you want. Since it has been demoted to TM standing, that is a touch that it is not very important for getting round Kalos.

However, moreover opening up facet routes, Rock Smash sometimes permits you to encounter wild Pokémon hiding contained in the rocks, gadgets or – after beating the Elite Four – even Pokémon fossils (hardly ever present in Glittering Cave)!

HM03: Surf

Given to you while you step foot into Route 12 and after acquiring the Mega Ring; Surf permits you to traverse medium-depth water, comparable to rivers or ponds. While browsing, chances are you’ll encounter wild, water-based Pokémon. Of all of the HMs, Surf is among the higher ones for battle and supreme on your particular Water attackers.

HM04: Strength

Found in Cyllage City ; Strength flexes your Pokémon’s muscle mass, permitting you to maneuver large cubic rocks, offered there is no such thing as a different obstruction in the best way (comparable to a wall). Cue a wide range of Strength-based puzzles, the place it’s essential to cleverly manoeuvre the rocks, usually dropping them into pits, to get precisely the place you need.

Once you have used Strength as soon as, it is possible for you to to constantly push rocks till you allow the world, so there is no must maintain making use of Strength every time you wish to nudge a rock.

HM05: Waterfall

The remaining HM is given to you close to the top of Route 19 ; with this you’ll be able to ascend and descend the enormous waterfalls encountered whereas utilizing Surf. Like Surf, Waterfall is a strong transfer in its personal proper and a great match for any bodily Water attackers.