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Intro and Gameplay

Alola, Pokémon trainers! You’re at present gazing at our unique GamerGuides technique guide, which covers the latest–and probably final–pair of Pokémon video games for the Nintendo 3DS household of techniques. Of course, we’re referring to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Here at GamerGuides, we’re large followers of the Pokémon sequence and we have been placing collectively Pokémon guides for a few years now–as far again as Black and White on the Nintendo DS. So relaxation assured: we positively know what we’re speaking about!

In our ginormous guide, we’ll be protecting all the things you should know to benefit from the video games. Naturally, we have now a highly-detailed story walkthrough, which incorporates the total lowdown on all of the areas you go to, the trainers you may battle–and many different stuff you may not even have observed!

For these in search of different sorts of thrills, we have ready a bumper-packed aspect actions part, which covers all the things from Mantine browsing to flying by means of different worlds. Finally, completionists will admire our compact Pokédex and helpful listings.

All in all, our technique guide is right for everybody, whether or not it is those that are setting foot in Alola for his or her very first time or skilled Pokémon trainers who’re in search of a touring companion that is not an uncontrollable chatterbox just like the Rotomdex.

Version History

One of the nice issues about digital guides versus their paper counterparts is the flexibility to replace the guide with new info or corrections. Of course, this may not be an excuse for us to shirk our duties as we purpose to offer essentially the most full model of the guide upon launch.

Later on, we could replace the guide with extra pages if it turns into related. Naturally, all updates will probably be obtainable without cost .

Version 1.0 (11th December 2017)

This is the primary (and really superb) model of the guide that features:

  • Introduction of the core gameplay and mechanics.
  • Extensive walkthrough that covers the primary story and all sidequests.
  • Explanations of assorted aspect actions (Totem Stickers, Ultra Warp Ride, and so on.).
  • Mini Pokédex with important info for all 400+ native Alolan Pokémon.
  • Hundreds of informative screenshots taken instantly from the video games.
  • Plus rather more!

Version 1.1 (11th January 2018)

  • Full post-game walkthrough.
  • Screenshots for aspect actions, and so on.
  • Island Scan, Battle Royal, Battle Tree and Pokémon Breeding.
  • Expanded Miscellaneous Tips.


Control Field Menus
Circle Pad Move character Navigate menus
D-Pad Access Poké Ride shortcut Navigate menus
A Interact Confirm possibility
B Run (maintain button whereas shifting) Cancel possibility
X Open/Close discipline menu Pokémon: Switch held merchandise
Control Field Menus
Y Access/Cancel Poké Ride Field: Save the sport Pokémon: Switch Pokémon Pokémon Summary: Toggle stat show Battle: Open Poké Ball menu
Start/Select (Not used) (Not used)
L (Not used) Switch to first (left) web page Battle: Hold and press A to verify transfer
R (Not used) Switch to second (proper) web page
Touch Screen Interact with Rotom Select/Confirm possibility

Soft Reset

To reset the sport again to the title display, maintain L, R and Start/Select concurrently. Beware that you will lose all progress for the reason that final time you saved the sport!

New to Ultra Sun and Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are enhanced variations of Sun and Moon, in the same vein to Pokémon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum. For essentially the most half, the final story is similar, though this time there is a bigger give attention to Necrozma. However, there are numerous new additions that make this pair of video games the definitive Alolan expertise!

1. New Pokémon and Forms

In latest years, it is commonplace for brand spanking new Pokémon varieties to be launched in an enhanced model, sequel and even remakes. Two of the brand new varieties added in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are blatantly apparent from wanting on the recreation packing containers and so on. These are literally new varieties for Necrozma after its absorbed Solgaleo and Lunala’s powers respectively.

The largest shock although is that new, numbered Pokémon have been added for the primary time in-between generations. Granted, there are solely Four such Pokémon (5 in case you depend the at present unreleased Mythical), nevertheless it’s a game-changer all the identical. These 4 Pokémon are all Ultra Beasts and will be encountered in the direction of the very finish of the sport (or afterwards).

2. Necrozma Takes The Stage

Debuting in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Necrozma is the third pillar of Alola’s Legendary Pokémon trio, very similar to Giratina, Kyurem and Zygarde of their video games. Just like these Pokémon, it was severely underpowered and did not actually have a correct position within the story. But with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it lastly has an opportunity to shine (RIP Zygarde).

While Solgaleo and Lunala nonetheless have an vital presence, the endgame story now revolves round Necrozma. Certain truths about Necrozma will come to gentle and Necrozma itself positive factors an enormous energy increase due to its two new varieties: Dusk Mane Necrozma, which appears to be like like Solgaleo, and Dawn Wings Necrozma, which resembles Lunala.

However is that really the total extent of its energy…?

3. Expanded Alola Pokédex

During you travels in Alola, you may encounter over 400 Pokémon, slightly than the 300 or so in Pokémon Sun and Moon. With 100 extra Pokémon to catch, this enormously will increase your crew choices and makes it thrilling to run by means of the tall grass once more. Of course, opposing trainers might also have new Pokémon of their squads, making for a refreshing problem.

4. Brand New Z-Moves

Z-Moves had been an thrilling addition in Pokémon Sun and Moon–and now there are much more of them to shock your foes with! Pokémon with new Z-Moves embrace Lycanroc (all varieties), Mimikyu, Kommo-o, Solgaleo, Lunala and Necrozma. Of course, all of the earlier Z-Moves are nonetheless obtainable and all event-exclusive Z-Crystals can now be obtained in-game.

5. Alola Photo Club

Pokémon is not nearly battling, it is about having enjoyable along with your Pokémon! Newly added is the Alola Photo Club, which will be present in Hau’oli City and Konikoni City. Here, you may take images along with your Pokémon and beautify your images with snazzy stickers. Afterwards, your favourite picture will be shared publicly through Festival Plaza for all to see!

6. Mantine Surf

Besides the ferries and Charizard, there is a new solution to journey between the islands of Alola: through Mantine Surf! In this mini-game, you trip the waves atop a Mantine and carry out superior tips within the air, whereas avoiding obstacles floating across the sea. It’s a neat solution to let off steam between battles and you’ll even earn BP to spend on new Move Tutors!

7. Battle Agency

Later on, you may entry a brand new battle facility inside Festival Plaza generally known as the Battle Agency. Here, you may crew up with gamers met through communication options, and struggle with borrowed Pokémon. Rather than relying in your Pokémon companions, you will have to adapt to the instruments made obtainable to you. Triumph towards the percentages and you’ll earn a number of FC!

8. Ultra Warp Ride

Near the very finish of the sport, you may borrow the assistance of Solgaleo or Lunala to enter Ultra Space seeking wormholes resulting in different worlds. Cue a mini-game, the place you direct your Legendary Pokémon to weave out and in of obstacles seeking new horizons, with the potential to come across Ultra Beasts and Legendary Pokémon from throughout the generations!

9. Episode RR

Upon completion of the primary story, a brand new postgame story, titled “Episode RR” will change into obtainable. Similar to Episode Delta in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a brand new menace has appeared and your assistance is as soon as once more wanted to avoid wasting the day! This time, you opponent is Team Rainbow Rocket, consisting of all of the earlier evil crew leaders!

10. The Little Things

Last, however not least, there have been a number of small high quality of life modifications, like an easier-to-find Save button and new Rotom powers that perform just like the previous Pass Powers and O-Powers. On high of that, there are many new sidequests scattered round that make Alola fascinating to discover. Some of those additionally present entry to beforehand hard-to-acquire objects.

Ultra Sun vs. Ultra Moon

Exceeding expectations, the improved model of Sun and Moon turned out to be a pair of video games. As all the time, there is not an enormous distinction which of the 2 games–Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon–you play, as the final story and recreation world are mainly the identical. The most important distinction lies within the Pokémon you may catch, though there is a bit extra to it than that.

Time Offset

The first noticeable change is clear as quickly as you play the sport. Since Pokémon Gold and Silver (though it took a short hiatus), the time within the recreation world follows the time in the actual world (or not less than the time based on your 3DS or 2DS’s clock). This is 100% true for Ultra Sun, however in Ultra Moon, the in-game time is offset by 12 hours .

That means when it is day in Ultra Sun, it is evening in Ultra Moon, and vice versa. Since the in-game time runs off your system’s clock, you may merely offset your system’s clock by 12 hours to cancel out the impact in Ultra Moon. Of course, you will need to be cautious about affecting different video games you are taking part in (like Animal Crossing)!

Exclusive Pokémon

Most of the Pokémon you encounter would be the similar irrespective of in case you’re taking part in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, however holding with custom, there are some Pokémon that you simply can’t catch in a single recreation or the opposite. To receive these Pokémon, you will have to commerce with anyone else. Or maybe commerce with your self in case you personal the opposite game–or even a earlier recreation.

Newly added in Sun and Moon

These Pokémon debuted in Sun and Moon and may solely be present in Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (on the time of writing). As it occurs, the exclusivity guidelines are the identical in Sun and Moon. So when you’ve got Sun and Ultra Moon, for instance, you may catch all the listed Pokémon.

Exclusive to Ultra Sun Exclusive to Ultra Moon
Passimian Oranguru
Turtonator Drampa
Vulpix (Alolan) Sandshew (Alolan)
Ninetales (Alolan) Sandslash (Alolan)
Solgaleo Lunala
Buzzwole Pheromosa
Kartana Celesteela

**Newly added in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon**These Pokémon solely exist in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (on the time of writing). As such, you will want entry to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to get each. Fortunately, you’ll find two of every Pokémon per recreation, making it rather more simpler to commerce!

Exclusive to Ultra Sun Exclusive to Ultra Moon
Blacephalon Stakataka

**Returning Pokémon in Sun and Moon**These are Pokémon present in earlier video games within the sequence (previous to Sun and Moon) that is also caught in Sun and Moon. As such, you too can commerce with Sun and Moon to get these Pokémon. Or alternatively, when you’ve got Pokémon Bank, you may probably switch these Pokémon as much as fill your dex.

Exclusive to Ultra Sun Exclusive to Ultra Moon
Cottonee Petilil
Whimsicott Lilligant
Rufflet Vullaby
Braviary Mandibuzz

**Returning Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon**These are Pokémon present in earlier video games within the sequence (previous to Sun and Moon) that could not be caught in Sun and Moon, however will be caught in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Likewise, you can use Pokémon Bank in case you’d slightly not commerce between these newest pair of video games.

Exclusive to Ultra Sun Exclusive to Ultra Moon
Houndour Electrike
Houndoom Manectric
Golett Baltoy
Golurk Cladyol
Clauncher Skrelp
Clawitzer Dragalge

**Legendary Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon**Last however not least, we have now Legendary Pokémon present in earlier video games within the sequence (previous to Sun and Moon) that may be captured through the brand new Ultra Warp Ride mini-game. Again, in case you’re missing an Ultra Moon or Ultra Sun commerce companion, you may strive searching for these Pokémon in older video games.

Exclusive to Ultra Sun Exclusive to Ultra Moon
Raikou Entei
Ho-oh Lugia
Latios Latias
Groudon Kyogre
Dialga Palkia
Heatran Regigigas
Tornadus Thundurus
Reshiram Zekrom
Xerneas Yveltal

Exclusive Evolutions

Rockruff is a singular Pokémon that may evolve into one in every of two totally different varieties relying on which recreation you are taking part in. In Ultra Sun (and Sun), Rockruff evolves into the Midday Form Lycanroc. Meanwhile in Ultra Moon (and Moon), Rockruff evolves into the Midnight Form Lycanroc.

There’s a tiny catch although! Midday Form Lycanroc and Midnight Form Lycanroc–the Pokémon themselves–are not unique to anyone model. Later within the recreation, you will discover each varieties within the wild–Midday throughout the day and Midnight throughout the evening. But if you would like your Rockruff to evolve into a unique Lycanroc, you will want to commerce.

Similarly, there’s yet one more very particular Pokémon that evolves into one in every of two totally different Pokémon relying on which recreation you are taking part in. But for the advantage of these venturing into Alola for his or her very first time, we’ll maintain our lips sealed! (Don’t fear, it ought to change into very apparent once you attain that time.)

Alternate Events

While the story and occasions that happen are largely the identical in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there are some small variations. Most notably, the 2 members of the Ultra Recon Squad (newly added to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) that you simply meet. Also, the Totem Pokémon encountered on the finish of your first island trial. And, after all, the scenes involving Solgaleo and Lunala.

Journeying in Alola

Adventure Flow

Your aim is precisely the identical as in Pokémon Sun and Moon. As a newly arrived Pokémon coach within the Alola area, you will journey throughout the varied islands of Alola in an effort to full the island problem. Rather than compete at Pokémon gyms like in different areas, you will need to show your price by passing the quite a few island trials and grand trials.

To achieve this, you will have to seize and befriend Pokémon, and make them struggle wild Pokémon and Pokémon belonging to trainers like your self. All the whereas, you are inspired to fill the Pokédex–an digital encyclopedia containing all info on Pokémon–by capturing all of the Pokémon you’ll find. Plus you will inevitably find yourself having to avoid wasting the world.


You’re a seemingly common youngster who’s simply change into a Pokémon coach. Despite being new to the Alola area, it isn’t lengthy earlier than you are thrusted on an thrilling and Pokémon-filled journey. Your powers are myriad, together with the flexibility to journey endlessly with out want of relaxation, or meals… or sleep. Nevermind your bag that may match something and all the things inside.

To transfer your character round, you utilize the left Circle Pad (situated above the D-pad). You can run by holding the B button . If you notice something or anyone of curiosity, press the A button to work together. This will allow you to speak to folks, learn messages, choose up objects, or simply poke one thing. Whatever the case, do not be shy with that A button.

Your Pokémon

Pokémon are your companions in crime… wait, that sounds fallacious. No, they’re your companions in bringing justice to the world. Or one thing like that. Anyway, Pokémon–those amiable pocket monsters–are extraordinarily vital. Without them, you may’t get far within the Pokémon world. Heck, you’d most likely wrestle to make it past the entrance door.

At the very starting, you will be given one in every of three starter Pokémon to accompany you. From there, it is your accountability to seize new Pokémon and lift your Pokémon social gathering. With Pokémon by your aspect, you may struggle off the aggressive Pokémon discovered within the wild and battle different Pokémon trainers to earn invaluable expertise.

Your Adventure

Your journey takes place within the bountiful Alola area, which consists of 4 pure islands and fifth, synthetic island. Alola is a big place, with all kinds of locations–from populated cities to peaceable pathways or dwelling locations for unique Pokémon. Whilst the locations you go to can differ rather a lot in look, they typically fall into two varieties:

  • **Town or metropolis** : A spot the place folks dwell, typically with their Pokémon. Here, Pokémon battles are usually far and few between. Most of the time, there’s a Pokémon Center the place you may relaxation your Pokémon.
  • **Route or dungeon** : A spot of nature, the place wild Pokémon roam free. These locations entice different Pokémon trainers like bees to honey, so Pokémon battles are aplenty. Usually, they join totally different cities and cities.

Pokémon Battles

We have a complete part devoted to Pokémon battling simply forward, however for now we’ll simply briefly talk about the fundamentals of Pokémon battles. There are two sorts of Pokémon battles:

  • **Wild Battles** : Randomly triggered when shifting by means of tall grass or different locations the place Pokémon could reside. When this happens, you will encounter a random wild Pokémon from that habitat.
  • **Trainer Battles** : Triggered by talking to or being noticed by a battle-ready Pokémon coach.

For essentially the most half, Pokémon battles happen between two Pokémon–yours versus the wild Pokémon or the opposing coach’s Pokémon. During battles, trainers choose strikes for his or her Pokémon to execute, whereas wild Pokémon use a random transfer. The battle is gained in case you defeat all the opponent’s Pokémon or in case you KO or seize the wild Pokémon.

Winning battles grants Experience Points in your taking part Pokémon, which finally permits them to Level Up and change into stronger. If you defeat a coach, you will additionally earn Poké Dollars (cash) **** that you would be able to spend in outlets or elsewhere. Capturing Pokémon helps develop your crew choices and replenish the pages in your Pokédex.

Managing your Pokémon

During every Pokémon battle, your Pokémon’s HP and PP could deplete. HP (Hit Points) are your Pokémon’s health–once their HP drops to 0, your Pokémon will faint and be unable to take part in battle. If all Pokémon are knocked out, you will routinely run again to the Pokémon Center you final visited, dropping a few of your cash within the course of.

PP (Power Points) are the variety of instances a Pokémon can use a specific transfer. Each transfer has its personal most PP worth; usually the stronger the transfer, the much less PP it has. Once a transfer’s PP reaches 0, the Pokémon will probably be unable to make use of the transfer. HP and PP will be restored by visiting a Pokémon Center or by utilizing objects equivalent to Potions or Ether.

Saving the Game

Last–but positively not least–don’t neglect to save your recreation through the X button menu, particularly earlier than or after you have accomplished one thing vital or if you should take a prolonged break from the sport. The last item you need is dropping all of your hard-earned progress for the day! This is very vital in an age the place auto-saving is quite common.

Just The One

As with all mainline Pokémon video games, you solely get one save file. If you wish to begin over, you may delete your save file by holding Up (on the D-Pad), B and X concurrently after the Nintendo 3DS emblem seems and earlier than the title display reveals up. Keep in thoughts that erased information can not be recovered!

Catching Pokémon

Creating an unstoppable crew of Pokémon by no means will get previous, however first you should truly purchase some Pokémon. To begin you off, you will be given one in every of three starter Pokémon from Professor Kukui; after that, you will need to catch your personal Pokémon.

The Art of Capture

Catching Pokémon is straightforward in principle. When you encounter a wild Pokémon, you throw a Poké Ball merchandise at it and there is a probability the Pokémon will both stay within the ball (success, you have captured the Pokémon!) or it is going to break away from the Poké Ball (drat!).

Poké Balls on the Ready

To rapidly entry your Poké Balls, press the Y button or faucet the little Poké Ball icon within the top-left nook of the underside (contact) display. If you actually wish to, you may choose the Bag icon and navigate to the Poké Ball tab, however that is fairly quite a lot of further steps.

You can enhance the possibility of the Poké Ball working by lowering the wild Pokemon’s HP –the nearer to 0, the higher the percentages. However you shouldn’t scale back the Pokémon’s HP to Zero or the Pokémon will faint and disappear, making it unavailable for seize. Therefore, you will wish to fastidiously monitor the wild Pokémon’s HP because the battle progresses.

At the beginning, it is OK to make use of your strongest or subsequent strongest strikes; simply be further cautious in the event that they’re super-effective towards the Pokémon. Once the Pokémon’s HP drops, begin swapping to weaker or not-very-effective strikes. There are additionally sure moves– False Swipe and Hold Back –that can’t drop a Pokémon’s HP to 0, as a substitute leaving it at 1.

In addition, you may additional enhance the percentages by inflicting a standing ailment on the wild Pokémon–we suggest Paralyze (for extra constant outcomes) or Sleep (higher, however much less constant). Finally, you may strive throwing higher balls, equivalent to Great Balls or Ultra Balls, or balls that is likely to be higher suited to the duty, like Dusk Balls throughout the evening.

Hands Off!

Only wild Pokémon will be captured, so do not trouble losing your Poké Balls making an attempt to catch one other coach’s Pokemon.


Any Pokémon you seize is straight away prepared to be used in battle. Although in case you needed to weaken the Pokémon to catch it, you will most likely wish to heal it–it would not do to ship out a Pokémon with low HP throughout a coach battle… Plus since wild Pokémon are usually decrease Level, you will have to coach it earlier than it turns into a viable social gathering member.

At anyone time, you may have a most of six Pokémon in your battle social gathering. If you catch any extra Pokémon, you may ship them to a Pokémon field , which will be accessed from the PC inside any Pokémon Centre. You may use the PC to maneuver Pokémon out of your social gathering to your field(es) and vice versa–useful for altering your crew.

Pokémon Refresh

Pokémon Refresh is slightly mini-game that lets you care in your Pokémon, in a really private method, by feeding them and stroking them, and so on. If you used Pokémon Amie within the earlier video games, it is primarily that. You can entry it through the X button menu, whereas on the sector.

Aside from the blatant cuteness, Pokémon Refresh has a surprisingly great amount of in-game advantages too, equivalent to boosted expertise acquire, elevated crucial hit charge, and even permitting you to clear standing circumstances after a battle! You’d be foolish to not not less than give it a cursory look!

Compared to Pokémon-Amie, Pokémon Refresh has just a few variations. The in-game battle advantages have been expanded upon, however there are not any extra minigames or facial recognition video games. Additionally, Poké Puffs have been changed with Poké Beans, however they do the identical factor.

Playing With Your Pokémon

Inside Pokémon Refresh, your Pokémon will seem within the heart of the underside display. Sometimes, after not utilizing Pokémon Refresh for some time, your Pokémon could also be going through away from you–in which case, it is best to prod them to get their consideration. Once you’ve their consideration, you may rub your stylus on their physique to pet them.

In the top-left nook, there is a button to open the Poké Bean menu, the place you may seize a Poké Bean and feed it to your Pokémon. Poké Beans will be obtained by visiting the café in any Pokémon Center, or by shaking the beanstalk in Poké Pelago’s Isle Abeens. Each Pokémon has a selected colour of beans that they like.

Meanwhile, within the bottom-right nook is a button that permits you to change the present Pokémon to a different one in your social gathering. Finally, the bottom-left button takes you again outdoors. As you play along with your Pokémon, there are three stats particular to Pokémon Refresh that it is best to be mindful. These stats are proven within the Pokémon-changing menu.

  • **Affection** : How “joyful” your Pokémon is. Can be elevated by petting or feeding the Pokémon. The greater the Pokémon’s Affection, the higher the in-battle advantages. Completely unrelated to the “Happiness” stat.
  • **Fullness** : Determines whether or not the Pokémon will nonetheless eat Poké Beans or not. At max fullness, in case you provide them a Poké Bean they’ll refuse to eat it.
  • **Enjoyment** : Shows you ways a lot your Pokémon has been performed with. After a sure level, Pokémon will cease gaining Affection from being petted and acquire Enjoyment as a substitute.

Increasing Affection

When a Pokémon is petted, cured of a standing situation, or fed, you will notice small hearts come out of it. These hearts are literally very related. The variety of hearts your Pokémon sends your manner will not directly present you its Affection. If musical notes seem as a substitute, meaning your Pokémon is gaining Enjoyment.

At sure small coronary heart milestones your Pokemon will out of the blue make its joyful gesture twice in a row and sparkle. When this occurs, this implies its Affection has gone up a degree! The following desk reveals you what number of small hearts in complete your Pokemon wants to supply in an effort to attain every degree of Affection.

Affection Level Small Hearts Required
One Heart 1
Two Hearts 50
Three Hearts 100
Four Hearts 150
Five Hearts 250

Post-Battle Care

Occasionally after battle you will see on the contact display a hairbrush icon with the immediate to press the Y button. This signifies that your Pokémon is bothered with a standing situation (Poison, Paralysis, Burn, Sleep, or Freeze) or that it acquired a bit soiled throughout its battle.

You will then see a particular care equipment menu present up as a substitute of the Poké Beans menu, permitting you to treatment your Pokémon of standing circumstances and get it cleaned up. After tending to your Pokémon, you will be rewarded with a cured Pokémon and additional Affection factors!

Here are all of the care objects you should utilize and what they do.

  • **Medicine** : Heals your Pokémon of standing circumstances.
  • **Comb** : Neatens a Pokémon’s fur. Use in case you see white fluff balls all over the place
  • **Towel** : For wiping soiled Pokémon. Use in case you see darkish brown grime globs
  • **Brush** : Removes sand from Pokémon. Use in case you see clumps of mud
  • **Dryer** : Dries off moist Pokémon. Use in case you see water drops

In-Battle Benefits

After making the trouble to care in your Pokémon, you will be rewarded with some cool advantages throughout battle. The degree of advantages is dependent upon your Pokémon’s Affection degree.

Story Mode Only!

These advantages solely apply for in-game battles that give expertise factors! They will not set off throughout multi-player battles with actual gamers or throughout the Battle Tree.

Affection Battle Benefits
2 Hearts 20% enhance in expertise factors gained.
3 Hearts Chance of surviving an assault that will KO with 1 HP; probability will increase with greater Affection.
4 Hearts Chance of fully evading an assault or breaking freed from an present standing situation.
5 Hearts Increased probability of touchdown a crucial hit

Alolan Forms

During your travels in Alola, it’s possible you’ll come throughout Pokémon present in earlier video games which have modified drastically to adapt to their Alolan habitats. These Pokémon are categorised as Alolan Forms .

Alolan Form Pokémon share the identical Pokédex quantity as the unique Pokémon, however could have totally different stat distributions or varieties. Because Alolan Form Pokémon have change into this solution to match their environment, they can not out of the blue change to their initially found kind and vice versa.

Furthermore, a small number of unchanged Pokémon can evolve into Alolan Forms slightly than their unique varieties. For instance, an everyday Pikachu will evolve into the Alolan Raichu. It would not matter the place these Pokémon originate from, so long as they evolve whereas inside the confines of Alola.

Note : Hidden Abilities are denoted with an asterisk .

Pokémon Type(s) Ability
Ratata, Raticate Dark/Normal Gluttony, Hustle, Thick Fat*
Raichu Electric/Psychic Surge Surfer
Sandshrew, Sandslash Ice/Steel Snow Cloak, Slush Rush*
Vulpix Ice Snow Cloak, Snow Warning*
Ninetales Ice/Fairy Snow Cloak, Snow Warning*
Diglett, Dugtrio Ground/Steel Sand Veil, Tangling Hair, Sand Rush*
Meowth Dark Pickup, Technician, Rattled*
Persian Dark Fur Coat, Technician, Rattled*
Geodude, Graveler, Golem Rock/Electric Magnet Pull, Sturdy, Galvanize*
Pokémon Type(s) Ability
Grimer, Muk Poison/Dark Poison Touch, Gluttony, Power of Alchemy*
Exeggutor Grass/Dragon Frisk, Harvest*
Marowak Fire/Ghost Cursed Body, Lightning Rod, Rock Head*

Essentially, Alolan Forms present old–and typically outclassed–Pokémon with a brand new lease of life. The largest winners from shifting to Alola are Marowak (nice typing mixed with cumbersome stats), Ninetales (entry to Aurora Veil and Snow Warning) and Muk (improbable protection typing). The relaxation are both marginably higher, no totally different or worse.

Poké Ride

Introduced in Sun and Moon, Poké Ride is a gameplay mechanic permits you to trip on so-called Ride Pokémon. As properly as being a handy type of transport, these Ride Pokémon have all kinds of features, equivalent to breaking rocks in your path, traversing our bodies of water or flying again to beforehand visited areas.

Indeed, many of those features used to belong to sure Hidden Machines or objects in earlier video games; thus Poké Ride has successfully changed them. Even higher, Ride Pokémon don’t be a part of your social gathering and as a substitute immediately come to your support once you use your Ride Pager .

You will routinely obtain the Ride Pager after defeating Kahuna Hala in Iki Town. Afterwards, you may activate the Ride Pager by urgent the Y button. Additionally, from the Ride Pager menu, you may set as much as 4 D-Pad shortcuts for steadily used Ride Pokémon.

Naturally, not all the Ride Pokémon can be found straightaway. So, like in earlier video games, some areas will stay blocked off till you have progressed far sufficient into the story and gotten the contact particulars for the Ride Pokémon you want.

Here’s all the Ride Pokémon you should utilize to discover each nook and cranny of Alola:

Strictly Service

To emphasize, the Pokémon registered to your Ride Pager can’t be utilized in battle, nor will they be a part of your Pokémon social gathering. Of course, they will not be registered in your Pokédex both. Hey, they are not truly your Pokémon in any case!

Service Description Unlock
Tauros Charge Hold the B button to cost at excessive velocity, type of like a Bicycle. Tauros may break small rocks in your path whereas charging. When driving, encounter charge drops by 50%. Obtain the Ride Pager
Stoutland Search Hold B to have Stoutland slowly sniff the bottom for hidden objects, just like the Itemfinder. Blue (!) means it is close by, purple (!) means you may choose up with the A button. Encounter charge additionally drops by 50%. Mallow at Paniola Ranch
Lapras Paddle Lets you swim in our bodies of water, just like the Surf HM. Lapras’s regular velocity is pretty gradual; maintain the B button to hurry up. You can fish off of the again of Lapras. Lana at Brooklet Hill
Charizard Glide Lets you immediately journey to areas you have beforehand visited, just like the Fly HM. There should be a feather icon (landmark); not all locations will be instantly flown to. Complete Kiawe’s trial


Service Description Unlock
Mudsdale Gallop Only solution to traverse exceptionally rocky terrain. Mudsdale gallops slowly; maintain the B button to gallop barely sooner. Encounter charge drops by 33%. Hapu at Route 12
Sharpedo Jet Lets you swim in our bodies of water, like Lapras however sooner. You can maintain B to sprint and break small rocks in your path. However, you can not fish off of Sharpedo’s again. Grimsley at Route 15
Machamp Shove Hold B and Machamp will push large rocks within the path you are going through, just like the Strength HM. Hapu’s grandma at Ancient Poni Path