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Greetings Pokemon fans–new and old–and welcome to this GamerGuides technique guide that options the thrilling seventh technology of Pokemon video games: Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Over at GamerGuides, we’re all (or most of us) huge followers of Pokemon. Perhaps you could have seen our library of Pokemon technique guides spanning the basic Black and White to the subsequent latest Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Needless to say, we have expertise and keenness in addition, so that you’re most definitely in good arms!

In our in depth guide, we’ll be masking all the important thing elements of the games–helping you to deal with the principle story and refill the Pokedex, whereas offering oodles of useful particulars concerning the recreation’s in-depth mechanics, to offer you an edge over your lesser rivals.

With our skilled assist and ideas, you are set for a satisfying keep in Alola. So with out additional ado, strap in your Z-Ring and begin pondering forward about your ridiculous Z-Move pose, as a result of we will guarantee you that is the one factor you will be worrying about!

Version History

One of the nice issues about digital guides versus their paper counterparts is the power to replace the guide with new info or corrections. Of course, this may not be an excuse for us to shirk our duties as we intention to supply probably the most full model of the guide upon launch.

Later on, we might replace the guide with extra pages if it turns into related. Naturally, all updates will likely be out there free of charge.

Version 1.0 (12th December 2016)

This is the primary (and really superb) model of the guide that features:

  • Detailed introduction of the core gameplay and mechanics.
  • Full walkthrough that covers the principle story, sidequests and postgame.
  • Explanations of the varied facet actions (Festival Plaza, Zygarde, and so forth.).
  • Extensive breeding guide that can assist you breed your good Pokemon.
  • Mini Pokedex with important info for all the native Alolan Pokemon.
  • Hundreds of informative screenshots taken straight from the video games.
  • Plus way more!

Version 1.1 (10th January 2017)

Newly added:

  • Advanced Trainer Info – Hyper Training.
  • Festival Plaza – Tips and Tricks.
  • Numerous minor fixes and additions.


Control Field Menus
Circle Pad Move Character Navigate menus
D-Pad Poké Ride shortcut Navigate menus
A Interact Confirm possibility
B Run (maintain button whereas transferring) Cancel possibility
X Open/Close recreation menu Pokémon: Switch held merchandise
Y Access/Cancel Poké Ride Pokémon: Switch Pokémon, Pokémon Summary: Toggle stat show, Battle: Open Poké Ball menu
Start/Select (Not used) (Not used)
L (Not used) Switch to first (left) web page, Battle: Hold and press A to verify transfer
R (Not used) Switch to second (proper) web page
Touch Screen Interact with Rotom Select/Confirm possibility

Soft Reset

To reset the sport again to the title display screen, maintain L, R and Start/Select concurrently. Beware that you’re going to lose all progress for the reason that final time you saved the sport!

Major Changes in Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon herald the seventh technology of Pokémon video games. As with every new technology, you’ll be able to anticipate a number of shake-ups to the tried-and-tested system. Of course, we’ll be discussing these in depth all through our guide, however for now, here is a preview of issues to return:

1. A Fresh Type of Adventure

For six successive generations, the fundamental purpose of the Pokémon video games has remained unchanged: defeat the eight Gym Leaders, Elite Four and change into the Pokémon League Champion.

When you arrive within the tropical Alola area, you will discover there isn’t any Pokémon League and positively no Gym Leaders. Instead, the youth of Alola are inspired to journey throughout the 4 islands of Alola to go the varied island trials, thereby finishing Alola’s distinctive Island Challenge.

The gameplay remains to be largely the identical, so you will nonetheless be battling and catching Pokémon, whereas exploring a brand new and mysterious area. However, it is positively refreshing to have a unique theme of development for a change.

2. The Rotom Pokedex

The Pokédex you are given in Alola is like no other–it actually homes a Ghost and Electric-type Pokemon generally known as Rotom.

In addition to the standard options you’d anticipate of a Pokédex, comparable to routinely recording knowledge on Pokémon caught and seen, the Rotom Pokédex doubles as a helpful touring companion, displaying your present location in actual time and offering recommendation for those who ever get caught.

Hmm, maybe we must always spend money on a Rotom for GamerGuides!

3. Full 360 diploma Movement

Okay, Pokémon X and Y already allow you to transfer round in 360 levels with the Roller Skates and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire do enable free motion with the Circle Pad. However, these video games have been nonetheless restricted to the grid-based gameplay of yore.

Pokémon Sun and Moon mark a whole departure from the grid–and it is clear to see that your entire panorama of Alola is sculptured to take full benefit of the brand new 360 diploma motion. It may not sound like an enormous change, however belief us–you will not need to return!

4. All-Powerful Z-Moves

Pokémon X and Y launched Mega Evolution, which closely influenced the battle scene. Sun and Moon continues the pattern with its Z-Moves, extremely highly effective strikes you’ll be able to solely use as soon as per battle.

Like Mega Evolution, you will want a Z-Ring and the matching Z-Crystals, of which there’s one for every sort and a few extra for particular Pokémon species. Each Z-Move is accompanied by a foolish dance and a very over-the-top assault animation, as a result of why not?

5. Alolan Forms

Some Pokémon present in earlier video games, comparable to Exeggutor, have modified their appearances to adapt to the cruel Alolan local weather. These so-called “Alolan Form” Pokémon typically have differing kinds and talents in comparison with their customary counterparts.

This is Pokémon Sun and Moon’s intelligent manner of re-inventing previous favorites, considerably akin to how Mega Evolution was dealt with in X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

6. New Anime Tie-ins

Just earlier than Sun and Moon’s launch, many followers predicted that Nintendo would launch a definitive model or observe as much as Pokémon X and Y. Around this time, the Pokémon anime debuted new Greninja and Zygarde types, which might have been proper at residence in a hypothetical “Pokémon Z”.

However, this by no means occurred and as a substitute the Greninja and Zygarde types have been shoe-horned into varied spin-off video games, comparable to Pokémon Shuffle, earlier than lastly making it to Sun and Moon many months after. Well, higher late than by no means, we suppose!

7. Poke Finder

In lieu of a real Pokémon Snap sequel, that is most likely the closest factor we’re getting for now. Built into the Rotom Pokédex is the Poké Finder–a function that permits you to take images of Pokémon at designated Poké Finder photograph spots.

After every photograph session, you’ll be able to choose a photograph to appraise. The rarer the Pokémon and the higher the photograph, the higher your rating. As you total rating will increase, extra options will likely be unlocked comparable to the power to zoom or catch a Pokémon’s consideration.

8. Poke Pelago

An trustworthy arms up… who’s ever felt sorry for all of the Pokémon they saved stashed away of their Pokémon packing containers, by no means to see the sunshine of day? In Sun and Moon, these Pokémon bench-warmers can lastly be a part of within the enjoyable through Poké Pelago!

In this quaint mini-game, Pokémon deposited in packing containers can go to small island paradises, the place they will calm down and luxuriate in some recent air for as soon as. These islands will also be developed into services that yield objects or help you elevate your Pokémon and even make new pals.

9. Hyper Training

With Pokémon X and Y got here Super Training, a manner for novice and intermediate Pokémon trainers to coach their Pokémon’s “base stats” because the video games name them or Effort Values (EVs) as veteran gamers know them.

After Super Training, we now have the aptly named Hyper Training, which permits trainers to coach their Pokémon’s “innate stats” or in different phrases gasp Individual Values (IVs).

Prior to this, a Pokémon’s IVs have been largely randomized and couldn’t be modified after the actual fact. With Hyper Training, there may be the potential for any Pokémon to have the very best IVs, which is nothing in need of a game-changer.

10. Ultra Beasts

As the sport progresses, you will finally encounter the mysterious Ultra Beasts, unidentified creatures thought-about to be a risk to the Alola area. What precisely are these Ultra Beasts? Are they Pokémon or one thing extra sinister and disturbing? You’ll simply have to seek out out…

Sun Versus Moon

The mainline Pokémon video games usually arrive in pairs and this time it is no completely different. As normal, it does not matter an excessive amount of which recreation you pick–Sun or Moon–as the sport itself is actually the identical. The principal distinction lies within the Pokémon you’ll be able to catch, though there is a little more to it than that…

Time Offset

Actually, the most important distinction between Sun and Moon will be felt as quickly as you begin the sport. If you are enjoying Pokémon Sun, you will not discover a factor. However, Pokémon Moon gamers will uncover the time of day within the recreation has been shifted by 12 hours .

What this implies is that if it is day time in actual life, it can most likely be evening time in Pokémon Moon and vice versa. The in-game time is set by the 3DS clock, so for those who do not fancy the time asymmetry, you’ll be able to set your clock again or forth 12 hours. Just be cautious of attainable unwanted effects in different video games!

Exclusive Pokémon

The different huge difference–and one you’ll be able to’t reliably control–is the Pokémon species which you could solely catch in a single model or the opposite. If you are a Sun participant and also you need a Pokémon unique to Moon (or vice versa), you will have to commerce with someone otherwise you’re out of luck.

New Pokémon

Exclusive to Sun Exclusive to Moon
Passimian Oranguru
Turtonator Drampa
Vulpix (Alolan) Sandshew (Alolan)
Ninetales (Alolan) Sandslash (Alolan)
Solgaleo Lunala
Buzzwole Pheromosa
Kartana Celesteela

Returning Pokémon

Exclusive to Sun Exclusive to Moon
Cottonee Petilil
Whimsicott Lilligant
Rufflet Vullaby
Braviary Mandibuzz
Cranidos Shieldon
Rampardo Bastiodon
Tirtouga Archen
Carracosta Archeops

Exclusive Evolution

Related to the above, Rockruff can evolve into one in every of two types, relying on which recreation you are enjoying. Those enjoying Sun can witness Rockruff evolving into Lycanroc (Midday), whereas these with Moon will find yourself with Lycanroc (Midnight) as a substitute.

Likewise, for those who just like the look of the opposite Lycanroc, you’ll be able to commerce with someone who’s received the sport that you do not personal. Or for those who actually need your individual Rockruff to evolve into the opposite kind, you possibly can briefly mortgage the Rockruff and have it evolve within the different recreation, earlier than taking it again.

There’s another Pokémon that evolves into one in every of two Pokémon relying on the sport, however we’ll preserve quiet as a result of story spoilers.

Alternate Events

Without spoiling an excessive amount of, a number of the occasions that happen throughout the story can fluctuate relying on for those who’re enjoying Sun or Moon. For occasion, the Totem Pokémon you encounter on the finish of a trial could also be completely different or chances are you’ll be compelled to combat a unique form of Ultra Beast.

Journeying in Alola

Adventure Flow

Throughout the 20 years of Pokémon, the final gameplay has remained unchanged, though Sun and Moon does try to spice issues up.

Previously, the purpose of the sport was to defeat the eight Gym Leaders scattered all through the land, incomes you the rights to problem the Pokémon League and change into the Pokémon Champion.

This time there aren’t any Gym Leaders and no Pokémon League in sight. Instead, your purpose is to finish the Island Challenge, by touring to every of Alola’s 4 islands and passing the varied trials and grand trials.

While this is occurring, you will even be tasked with filling the Pokédex, an digital encyclopedia containing the small print of Pokémon you’ve got caught or befriended in Alola and the areas past.

Plus not every thing is because it appears and finally your help could also be required to avoid wasting Alola from a sinister risk. Just the lifetime of an on a regular basis Pokémon coach then!


You’re a seemingly common Pokémon coach who simply moved into the Alola area lately. Despite being new to those components, it is not lengthy earlier than your boundless aspirations ship you off on yet one more Pokémon-filled journey.

Your powers embody the power to journey endlessly with out want of relaxation, or meals… or sleep. Wow, you are a reasonably robust man or lady! To transfer round, you employ the left Circle Pad (positioned above the D-pad). You can run by holding the B button .

Additionally, you are a really curious sort. If you notice something or anyone of curiosity, press the A button to work together. If it is an individual, you will strike up a (slightly one-sided) dialog, which can advance the storyline or present clues on tips on how to proceed.

If it is an merchandise, chances are you’ll decide it up. Otherwise, it might be a set off for a puzzle or a touch for tips on how to proceed. In any case, positively do not be shy with that A button. After all, you will not get something achieved by doing nothing!

The Locales

Alola is an unlimited place with all kinds of places, from populated cities to peaceable pathways or dwelling locations for unique Pokémon.

Whilst the locations you go to can differ rather a lot in look, they typically fall into two varieties:

  • Town or metropolis: A spot the place folks dwell, generally with their Pokémon. Here, Pokémon battles are usually far and few between. Very typically, there’s a Pokémon Center the place you’ll be able to relaxation your Pokémon.
  • Route or dungeon: A spot of nature, the place wild Pokémon roam free. These locations additionally appeal to different Pokémon trainers, so battles are aplenty. Most of the time, they join completely different cities and cities.

Your Pokémon

What’s a Pokémon coach with out Pokémon? A not very attention-grabbing particular person within the Pokémon world that is what! …We child. Anyway, true to the sport’s identify, Pokémon–those amiable pocket monsters–are extraordinarily essential.

Before your journey correctly begins, you will be given one in every of three starter Pokémon to accompany you in your journey. From there, it is your accountability to rigorously elevate your Pokémon, whereas additionally capturing and befriending different Pokémon.

With Pokémon by your facet, you will be protected exploring the wildernesses of Alola, that are teeming with aggressive wild Pokémon. Additionally, you can battle different Pokémon trainers, incomes helpful expertise and enhancing the bonds between you and your Pokémon.

Pokémon Battles

We have an entire part devoted to Pokémon battling simply forward, however for now we’ll simply briefly focus on the fundamentals of Pokémon battles.

There are two forms of Pokémon battles:

  • Wild Battles: Randomly triggered when transferring by way of tall grass or different locations the place Pokémon might reside. When this happens, you will encounter a random wild Pokémon from that habitat.
  • Trainer Battles: Triggered by talking to or being noticed by a battle-ready Pokémon coach.

For probably the most half, Pokémon battles happen between two Pokémon – yours versus the wild Pokémon or the opposing coach’s Pokémon.

During battles, trainers decide strikes for his or her Pokémon to execute, whereas wild Pokémon choose a transfer from random. The battle is gained if the coach manages to defeat all the opposing coach’s Pokémon or, if it is a wild Pokémon encounter, you KO or seize the wild Pokémon.

Winning battles earns expertise on your Pokémon, making them stronger. If you defeat a coach, you will additionally earn cash which you could spend in retailers or elsewhere. Capturing Pokémon helps broaden your workforce and refill the pages in your Pokédex.

Managing your Pokémon

After every Pokémon battle, your Pokémon’s HP and PP might deplete. HP (Hit Points) are your Pokémon’s health–once their HP drops to 0, your Pokémon will faint and be unable to take part in battle. If all Pokémon are knocked out, you will be despatched straight to the Pokémon Center you final visited.

PP (Power Points) are the variety of occasions a Pokémon can use a selected transfer. Each transfer has its personal most PP worth; usually the stronger the transfer, the much less PP it has. Once a transfer’s PP reaches 0, the Pokémon will likely be unable to make use of the transfer.

HP and PP will be restored by talking to the nurse manning every Pokémon Center. If you are removed from city, you may as well use objects comparable to Potions or Ether, which you should buy from retailers or often discover mendacity on the ground.

Saving the Game

Last, however not least, remember to save your recreation , particularly earlier than or after you’ve got accomplished one thing essential or if it’s essential to take a prolonged break from the sport. The last item you need is your lengthy day’s progress slipping by way of your fingers!

Just The One

As with all mainline Pokémon video games, you solely get one save file. If you need to begin over, you’ll be able to delete your save file by holding Up (on the D-Pad), B and X concurrently after the Nintendo 3DS brand seems and earlier than the title display screen exhibits up. Keep in thoughts that erased knowledge can not be recovered!

Catching Pokémon

Creating an unstoppable workforce of Pokémon is all the time a delight, however first it’s essential to truly purchase some Pokémon. To begin you off, you will be given one in every of three starter Pokémon from Professor Kukui; after that, you will must catch your individual Pokémon.

Now, each Pokémon coach price their salt is aware of tips on how to catch a Pokémon, however for these of you who’re new to the entire “Catch ’em All” factor or want a refresher, that is for you.

The Art of Capture

Catching Pokémon is straightforward in idea. When you encounter a wild Pokémon, you throw a Poke Ball merchandise at it and there is a likelihood the Pokémon will both stay within the ball (success, you’ve got captured the Pokémon!) or it can break away from the Poké Ball (oh no!).

Poké Balls on the Ready

To entry your Poké Balls, press the Y button or faucet the little Poké Ball icon within the top-left nook of the underside (contact) display screen. If you actually need to, you’ll be able to choose the Bag icon and navigate to the Poké Ball tab, however that is too many additional steps…

You can improve the prospect of the Poké Ball working by lowering the wild Pokemon’s HP –the nearer to 0, the higher the chances. However you could not scale back the Pokémon’s HP to Zero or the Pokémon will faint and disappear, rendering it unable for seize. Oops.

Therefore, you will need to rigorously monitor the wild Pokémon’s HP because the battle progresses. At the beginning, it is OK to make use of your strongest or subsequent strongest strikes, assuming they don’t seem to be super-effective in opposition to the wild Pokémon. Once the Pokémon’s HP drops, begin swapping to weaker or not-very-effective strikes.

If you’ve got them, there are particular strikes like False Swipe or Hold Back that can’t drop a Pokémon’s HP to 0, as a substitute leaving it at 1. Which is ideal for those who’re apprehensive about unintentionally knocking out a wild Pokémon–even in case your maths is ideal, vital hits can occur.

In addition, you’ll be able to additional enhance the chances by inflicting a standing ailment on the wild Pokémon–we advocate Paralyze or Sleep. Finally, you’ll be able to attempt throwing higher balls, comparable to Great Balls or Ultra Balls, or different balls that could be higher suited to the duty, like Dusk Balls throughout the evening.

Hands Off!

Only wild Pokémon will be captured, so do not trouble losing your Poké Balls making an attempt to catch one other coach’s Pokemon. They will not be too impressed for those who attempt to steal their valuable pet.

After Capture

Any Pokémon you seize is instantly prepared to be used in subsequent battles. Although for those who simply caught the Pokémon, you will most likely need to heal it and practice it earlier than it turns into a viable social gathering member.

At anybody time, you’ll be able to solely have as much as six Pokémon in your battle social gathering. If you catch any extra Pokémon, you’ll be able to choose to ship them to a Pokémon field , which will be accessed from the PC inside any Pokémon Centre.

You also can use the PC to maneuver Pokémon out of your social gathering to your field(es) and vice versa–useful if it’s essential to change your workforce.

Pokemon Refresh

Pokemon Refresh is a bit mini-game that permits you to care on your Pokemon, in a really private method, by feeding them and stroking them, and so forth. If you used Pokemon Amie within the earlier video games, it is basically that. You can entry it through the principle menu, by press the X button whereas on the sector.

Aside from the blatant cuteness, Pokemon Refresh has a surprisingly great amount of in-game advantages too, comparable to boosted expertise acquire, elevated vital hit charge, and even permitting you to clear standing afflictions after a battle! You’d be foolish to not not less than give it a cursory look!

Compared to Pokemon-Amie, Pokemon Refresh has just a few variations. The in-game battle advantages have been expanded upon, however there aren’t any extra minigames or facial recognition video games. Additionally, Poke Puffs have been changed with Poke Beans, however they do the identical factor.

Pokemon Refresh Stats

There are three stats particular to Pokemon Refresh:

Affection is the king of all stats. Unless traded, a Pokemon’s Affection stat won’t ever go down. Maxing out Affection will earn you all the advantages from Pokemon Refresh attainable.

Fullness refers as to if the Pokemon will nonetheless eat Poke Beans or not. At max fullness, for those who provide them a bean they’ll reject it. Feeding Poke Beans will improve Affection, however you’ll be able to’t simply stuff them till they burst!

Finally, Enjoyment will inform you how a lot your Pokemon has been performed with. Petting your Pokemon will improve Affection, however after being pet rather a lot, your Pokemon will cease gaining Affection and as a substitute acquire Enjoyment.

When you begin seeing musical notes come out of your Pokemon’s mannequin, it’s totally joyful however its Affection is not going up!

Content, But Not Happy

It will be extraordinarily complicated, however the Affection stat in Pokemon Refresh will not be the identical as “Happiness”. So if you wish to max out the Happiness of a Pokemon, for instance for evolution functions, you’ll nonetheless have to do this.

Increasing Affection

When a Pokemon is petted, cured of a standing, or fed, you will note small hearts come out of it. These hearts are literally very related. The variety of hearts your Pokemon sends your manner will not directly present you its Affection.

At sure milestones your Pokemon will all of a sudden make its joyful gesture twice in a row and sparkle. When this occurs, this implies its Affection has gone up a degree!

The following desk exhibits you what number of small hearts whole your Pokemon wants to offer to you to achieve every degree of Affection. When within the Pokemon switching menu, the Affection meter is proven with 5 hearts, so there are 5 attainable ranges of Affection (not together with 0).

Affection Level Small Hearts Required
One Heart 1
Two Hearts 50
Three Hearts 100
Four Hearts 150
Five Hearts 250

If your Pokemon has maxed out Affection, you’ll be able to take it to an NPC in Malie City’s Community Center. Show the NPC your spoiled candy Pokemon to obtain the Best Friends Ribbon.

Out of Poke Beans?

Go to Poke Pelago and provides the beanstalk a bit shake. Every day, you will get a set variety of beans from Isle Abeens. Poke Pelago is not unlocked till you’ve got Charizard registered to your Poke Ride Pager. Complete the Fire-type trial, led by Kiawe, to get Charizard’s quantity added.

Using Pokemon Refresh to Care for Your Pokemon

Occasionally after battle you will note on the contact display screen a hairbrush icon with the immediate to press the Y button. This implies that your Pokemon is troubled with a standing (Poison, Paralysis, Burn, Sleep, or Freeze) or that it received a bit soiled throughout its battle.

You will then see a particular care equipment menu present up as a substitute of the Poke Beans menu, permitting you to treatment your Pokemon of statuses and get it cleaned up. After tending to your Pokemon, you will be rewarded with a cured Pokemon and Affection factors!

Here’s the record of care objects you need to use and what they do.

Item Effect
Medicine Heals your Pokemon of standing affliction
Comb Neatens a Pokemon’s fur. Use for those who see white fluff balls in all places
Towel To wipe off soiled Pokemon. Use for those who see darkish brown grime globs
Brush Removes sand from Pokemon. Use for those who see clumps of mud
Dryer Dries off moist Pokemon. Use for those who see water drops

Battle Benefits

We’ve been speaking rather a lot about why it is best to use Pokemon Refresh for the in-game advantages, so it is time we truly inform you what they’re! Each degree of Affection offers you new advantages, providing you with loads of incentive to max the Affection of any Pokemon you employ regularly.

Story Mode Only!

Pokemon Refresh advantages are just for in-game battles that give expertise! They will not set off throughout Wi-Fi battles with actual gamers or throughout the Battle Tree, however they will be there for you throughout your Elite Four rematches.

Affection Battle Benefits
2 Hearts 20% imcrease in expertise factors gained. Flavor textual content whereas awaiting directions is extra personalised
3 Hearts Pokemon has an opportunity of surviving an assault that may KO it with 1 HP. Chance of survival is larger with larger Affection. Flavor textual content when despatched to battle is extra personalised.
4 Hearts Chance of evading opponent’s assaults or curing itself of standing circumstances earlier. Pokemon might look again at you when getting despatched to battle
5 Hearts Boosted likelihood of touchdown a vital hit

Quick and Easy Boost

If you are not fussed about counting on likelihood, it is best to nonetheless intention to get the 20% expertise acquire enhance. Two huge hearts may be very simple to attain and you probably have any “uncommon” Rainbow Beans from Poke Pelago, a kind of will enhance your Pokemon’s affection to not less than Three hearts.

Alolan Forms

During your travels in Alola, chances are you’ll come throughout Pokémon present in earlier video games which have modified drastically to adapt to their Alolan habitats. These Pokémon are categorised as Alolan Forms .

Alolan Form Pokémon share the identical Pokédex quantity as the unique Pokémon, however might have completely different stat distributions or varieties. Because Alolan Form Pokémon have change into this method to match their environment, they can not all of a sudden change to their initially found kind and vice versa.

Spoiler Warning!

Ahead is an inventory of all of the Alolan Form Pokémon in Sun and Moon. If you favor to be stunned, cease proper now and avert your eyes!

Note : Hidden Abilities are denoted with an asterisk .

Pokémon Type Ability
Ratata, Raticate Dark/Normal Gluttony, Hustle, Thick Fat*
Raichu Electric/Psychic Surge Surfer
Sandshrew, Sandslash Ice/Steel Snow Cloak, Slush Rush*
Vulpix Ice Snow Cloak, Snow Warning*
Ninetales Ice/Fairy Snow Cloak, Snow Warning*
Diglett, Dugtrio Ground/Steel Sand Veil, Tangling Hair, Sand Rush*
Meowth Dark Pickup, Technician, Rattled*
Persian Dark Fur Coat, Technician, Rattled*
Geodude, Graveler, Golem Rock/Electric Magnet Pull, Sturdy, Galvanize*
Grimer, Muk Poison/Dark Poison Touch, Gluttony, Power of Alchemy*
Exeggutor Grass/Dragon Frisk, Harvest*
Marowak Fire/Ghost Cursed Body, Lightning Rod, Rock Head*

Poke Ride

Poké Ride is a brand new addition that permits you to trip on so-called Ride Pokémon. As nicely as being a handy type of transport, these Ride Pokémon have all kinds of capabilities, comparable to breaking rocks in your path, traversing our bodies of water or flying again to beforehand visited places.

Indeed, many of those capabilities used to belong to sure Hidden Machines or objects in earlier video games; thus Poké Ride has successfully changed them. Even higher, Ride Pokémon don’t be a part of your social gathering and as a substitute immediately come to your support if you use your Ride Pager .

You will routinely obtain the Ride Pager after defeating Kahuna Hala in Iki Town. Afterwards, you’ll be able to activate the Ride Pager by urgent the Y button. Additionally, from the Ride Pager menu, you’ll be able to set as much as 4 D-Pad shortcuts for regularly used Ride Pokémon.

Naturally, not all the Poke Ride Pokémon can be found straightaway. So, like in earlier video games, some areas will stay blocked off till you’ve got progressed far sufficient into the story and gotten the contact particulars for the Ride Pokemon you want.

Here’s all the Ride Pokémon you’re going to get to discover each nook and cranny of Alola:

Strictly Service

To emphasize, the Pokémon registered to your Ride Pager can’t be utilized in battle, nor will they be a part of your Pokémon social gathering. Of course, they will not be registered in your Pokédex both. Hey, they don’t seem to be truly your Pokémon in spite of everything!

Pokémon Service Unlock
Tauros Charge Hold the B button to cost at excessive pace, form of like a Bike. Tauros also can break small rocks in your path whereas charging. When driving, encounter charge drops by 50%. Obtain the Ride Pager
Stoutland Search Faster journey methodology. Hold B to have Stoutland slowly sniff the bottom for hidden objects. Blue (!) means it is close by, crimson (!) means you’ll be able to decide up with the A button. Encounter charge additionally drops by 50%. Mallow at Paniola Ranch
Charizard Glide Lets you immediately journey to areas you’ve got beforehand visited, just like the Fly HM. There should be a landmark; not all locations will be straight flown to. Complete Kiawe’s trial
Mudsdale Gallop Only method to traverse particularly rocky floor in a number of areas. Gallops slowly; maintain the B button to gallop barely quicker. Encounter charge drops by 33%. Hapu at Route 12


Pokémon Service Unlock
Lapras Paddle Lets you swim in our bodies of water, just like the Surf HM. Its regular pace is pretty sluggish; maintain the B button to hurry up. You can fish off of the again of Lapras. Lana at Brooklet Hill
Sharpedo Jet Lets you swim in our bodies of water, like Lapras however quicker. You can maintain B to sprint and break small rocks in your path. However, you can not fish off of Sharpedo’s again. Grimsley at Route 15
Machamp Shove Hold B and Machamp will push large rocks within the route you are going through, just like the Strength HM. Hapu’s grandmother at Ancient Poni Path

QR Scanner

After reaching the very first Pokemon Center, the QR Scanner will likely be added to the sector menu (chances are you’ll have to toggle the web page with L/R if it is on the second web page). This will open up a brand new display screen the place your cameras will activate and you’ll be instructed to scan a QR Code.

Every Pokemon within the Alolan Pokedex has a QR Code, besides these with the next Pokedex numbers:

Special Pokemon : 203, 204, 205, 285 to 302.

QR Codes are completely different for various gender, forme, and glossy variations as nicely. Scanning a QR Code will unlock Pokedex information if you do not have it but, however solely Pokedex information for seen, not caught. This will be useful for plugging just a few holes in your dex with the intention to see the place every thing is.

Each time you scan, you will earn 10 factors , 20 factors for scanning particular QR codes, just like the one for Mythical Pokemon Magearna. Once you’ve got scanned 10 occasions max, or earned 100 factors, whichever occurs first, you will unlock a neat function known as Island Scan.

Don’t be Greedy!

Note which you could’t preserve scanning QR codes endlessly. You can scan as much as 10 QR codes in a single session; after scanning a QR code, you’ll have to wait roughly 2 hours for every particular person scan to recharge. Therefore, you’ll be able to solely feasibly carry out 1 or 2 Island Scans per day.

Island Scan

After acruing 100 factors, press and maintain the R button whereas on the QR Scanner display screen to scan the Island you might be at the moment on. Once the scan is full, a uncommon Pokemon not within the Alolan Pokedex will likely be detected.

Go to the realm it is telling you to and run round within the grass or wherever it’s essential to get wild Pokemon to spawn, and finally you will encounter the Island Scan Pokemon, which you’ll be able to then catch.

The Pokemon you will get depends on two elements: the island you might be on , and the day of the week . The following desk lists the Pokemon you could find on every day in every island. Fly to the island utilizing Charizard Glide to regulate the Pokemon you need in a given day.

Island Scan will solely final for one hour , however that must be greater than sufficient time so that you can find and catch the Pokemon. If you do not handle to catch it throughout the hour, all you are able to do is scan extra QR codes and attempt to catch it once more later. Possibly subsequent week for those who missed the window of alternative…

Plain ol’ Rare Pokemon

By the way in which, Pokemon that seem from Island Scan will not SOS chain and, sadly, can by no means have their Hidden Abilities.

Melemele Island

The very first island is residence to the Johto starters, which is bound to please followers of Gold, Silver, Crystal and the remakes. Deino is one other notable Pokemon, which finally evolves into the devastating Dark- and Dragon-type Hydreigon.

Day Pokemon
Sunday Cyndaquil
Monday Totodile
Tuesday Deino
Wednesday Horsea
Thursday Klink
Friday Chikorita
Saturday Litwick

Akala Island

An odd mixture of Pokemon await on Akala Island. Honedge finally evolves into the extraordinarily versatile Aegislash, which might swap between defensive and offensive modes on the fly. Marill is one other spotlight; with Huge Power, it is a drive to be reckoned with.

Day Pokemon
Sunday Gothita
Monday Spheal
Tuesday Luxio
Wednesday Honedge
Thursday Venipede
Friday Bellsprout
Saturday Marill

Ula’Ula Island

Ula’ula has a bunch of slightly odd-ball Pokemon, a few of that are of their center kind. None of those Pokemon actually scream “must-have”, however on the similar time would not be misplaced in an skilled coach’s social gathering.

Day Pokemon
Sunday Rhyhorn
Monday Swinub
Tuesday Duosion
Wednesday Roselia
Thursday Staravia
Friday Vigoroth
Saturday Axew

Poni Island

All the Island Scan Pokemon in Poni Island are absolutely evolved–and even embody the starter Pokemon from the Unova titles! Fans of the 4th and fifth technology video games will likely be proper at residence right here.

Day Pokemon
Sunday Eelektross
Monday Conkeldurr
Tuesday Togekiss
Wednesday Leavanny
Thursday Serperior
Friday Samurott
Saturday Emboar

No Cheating!

Don’t even trouble making an attempt to vary the 3DS clock to try to get extra scans or to skip forward to a day with an Island Scan Pokemon that you really want. Doing so will freeze your timer for some time or scale back your variety of scans to zero.

Although, for those who’re sensible, you possibly can attempt skipping forward to the day earlier than the Pokemon you need. Still, it’s kind of of a trouble and it may influence different time-related occasions. For different video games you personal as nicely, not simply Sun and Moon.