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Game Basics

Welcome to our Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Strategy Guide.

Firstly, thanks for the help. As a small firm, Gamer Guides depends in your continued help and we respect everybody who buys our guides. Without you, we can not proceed to do what we achieve this thanks once more!

We hope you will see that the knowledge inside helpful and insightful to make your journey by Hoenn a bit simpler. The sport has seen a substantial improve for the reason that unique variations and there may be a lot extra to do now.

The guide has seen just a few iterations since we first launched and we’ve labored on it extensively to ensure it reveals off the easiest that Gamer Guides has to supply. We will proceed to offer free updates sooner or later the place needed.

We hope you get pleasure from utilizing the guide and most significantly, hope you will have a blast catching and coaching your Pokemon. Enjoy!


Control Function
Circle Pad Move character, Sneak (press gently)
D-Pad Move character, Navigate menus
A Use, Confirm Option
B Cancel, Run (maintain button while shifting)
X Open/Close Pause Menu
Y Use registered merchandise if one is registered
Control Function
Start/Select Toggle PSS display screen
L Switch PlayNav show Hold and press A throughout the battle to verify the transfer
R Switch PlayNav show
Touch Screen Select/Confirm Option, Play minigames

Acro Bike methods

Technique How
Jump Press B whereas shifting backwards, left or proper
Wheelie Hold B briefly (you possibly can transfer whereas doing so)
Bunny-hop Hold B constantly (you possibly can transfer whereas doing so)

Changes Since Ruby/Sapphire

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as one may in all probability guess, are remakes of the GameBoy Advance video games Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, launched over a decade in the past.

Obviously, quite a few adjustments have been made to the Pokémon method since then. If Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire had been the final Pokémon video games you performed, you could be stunned at the entire adjustments, regardless of the acquainted setting.

Barring apparent adjustments like higher (and full 3D!) graphics, extra Pokémon (there are over 300 new ones), we have listed a few of the key variations so you will have a concept of what to anticipate.

Changes since Generation IV (Diamond/Pearl/and so forth.)

All Pokémon strikes are individually categorised as both Physical or Special strikes – the previous runs off Attack and targets the foe’s Defence, whereas the latter runs off Special Attack and is lowered by the foe’s Special Defence.

Prior to this era, strikes had been Physical or Special relying on the sort; for instance, all Fire-type strikes had been Special-oriented. This meant if a Fire-type Pokémon (akin to Flareon) had excessive Attack, however low Special Attack, it was sort of screwed when it got here to Fire strikes.

But now Flareon can study Physical-based Fire strikes, akin to Fire Fang to benefit from its excessive Attack. This change helps to diversify the strikes you wish to train your Pokémon, as you possibly can have Physical or Special-based movesets for every type.

Changes since Generation V (Black/White/and so forth.)

Ruby and Sapphire added Double Battles, which proved fairly in style, changing into the usual battle format within the official Pokémon VGCs (Video Game Championships). Black and White add to this combine, by introducing Triple and Rotation Battles.

These battle varieties are mentioned intimately within the Pokémon Battles part, however as you possibly can in all probability think about, including the 3rd Pokémon in battle will result in new methods and issues, whereas with the ability to rotate your Pokémon at any time will induce many mind-games.

Additionally, many Pokémon now have a 3rd, rarer (and infrequently, however not at all times superior) Ability, dubbed a ” Hidden Ability “. The strategies to acquire such an Ability fluctuate; on this sport, you will discover these Abilities hardly ever when sneaking up on Pokémon.

Changes since Generation VI (X/Y)

Thought Charizard was the ultimate evolution for Charmander? Think once more! By holding onto a Charizardite Mega Stone, Charizard can evolve right into a stronger type mid-battle – Mega Charizard, through the facility of Mega Evolution! Dozens of different Pokémon can Mega Evolve too.

Hands up should you ever wished to stroke a Pokémon? Don’t be shy! Thanks to the magic of Pokémon-Amie, you possibly can play together with your Pokémon (any of the 719!) on the underside display screen – petting them, feeding them or simply making humorous faces. It’s primarily for enjoyable, however, that is what video games are for, proper?

Actually, Pokémon-Amie is the one technique to evolve Eevee into Sylveon, one of many new Fairy-type Pokémon. Fairy-types are super-effective towards Dragon, Fighting and Dark-types and proof against Dragon strikes, making them an ideal counter for the growing threatening Dragons.

Additions to the Formula

Moments in the past we spoke of a few of the main new options launched between Ruby and Sapphire and the video games earlier than these ones, X and Y. Now it will be pretty boring if Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire had been simply reskins of Ruby and Sapphire with the legacy options added in.

Fortunately, that is not fairly the case, because the builders have made an effort so as to add in model new options not seen in previous titles. So without additional ado, we’ll present you all of the notable additions, with as few spoilers as potential (for extra particulars, simply learn on forward in our guide).

More to Mega Evolution

Upon glancing the quilt of the video games, keen-eyed followers might discover there’s one thing totally different about Groudon (Omega Ruby) or Kyogre (Alpha Sapphire). Those aren’t Groudon or Kyogre as you understand them, however Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre.

The legendary duo can remodel into their primal states mid-battle, not in contrast to Mega Evolution, by a way referred to as Primal Reversion. Like Mega Evolution, a maintain merchandise is required to endure Primal Reversion and you’ll strive it out when you encounter Groudon or Kyogre in your sport.

Speaking of Mega Evolutions, there are 20 new Mega Pokémon on this sport, ranging from Mega Sceptile all the way in which to Mega Diancie. It’s additionally mentioned that the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza holds a secret to Mega Evolution (after all, it Mega Evolves, however, there’s extra)…

Super Secret Bases

This is dishonest barely (if the above characteristic wasn’t already a cheat), as a result of Secret Bases had been already in Ruby and Sapphire. Super Secret Bases are the Secret Bases you knew and liked, however with just a few fancy additions to make them actually “tremendous”.

For starters, now you can invite trainers you have met in different Secret Bases to change into your Secret Pals. These buddies will seem in your Secret Base and you may re-battle them as soon as per day and borrow certainly one of their particular abilities, which could be an instantaneous Level Up or free merchandise.

How do you get different Secret Bases although? Well, you will routinely trade Secret Base information should you StreetPass one other one who’s performed the identical sport or often whenever you join on-line through the PSS. You also can share Secret Bases through QR Codes.

Cosplay… Pikachu!?

We simply talked about Secret Bases, so we’ll shortly point out Pokémon Contests are again in as properly, remixed barely as Pokémon Contest Spectaculars (they love including new phrases to make issues appear cooler). So get pleasure from displaying off your Pokémon’s toughness, coolness, and so forth. exterior of battle.

After participating in your first contest, you’ll be gifted a really distinctive Pikachu, one who likes to cosplay (brief for “costume play”, which is principally fancy costume). This Pikachu has 5 distinction appearances relying on its costume: Rock Star, Belle, Pop Star, Ph. D. and Libre.

Each look is geared in the direction of a selected Contest kind; for instance, Rock Star is Coolness. In addition to this, every costume allows Pikachu to make use of a transfer it can not usually study. The costumes additionally carry over to battle and Pokémon-Amie for some fairly foolish conditions.

Soaring the Skies

Towards the top of the sport, you’ll obtain the Eon Flute, permitting you to soar on the again of Mega Latios or Latias and fly throughout Hoenn (albeit, a scaled-down and simplified model) as you please. This is as superior because it sounds.

Soaring successfully replaces the Fly HM (you continue to get the HM), so you possibly can manually fly to any vacation spot you have already visited, together with routes and dungeons (though you are able to do the identical with Fly). It’s barely extra time-consuming after all, however undoubtedly extra attention-grabbing.

There are some places solely accessible by hovering too – particular locations referred to as “Mirage Spots”. These mysterious areas are sometimes residence to Legendary Pokémon – actually, you possibly can anticipate finding each Legendary (not Mythical) from Johto, Sinnoh and Unova!

Delta Episode

Having defeated the Pokémon League and change into the Champion, the sport does not fairly finish there. After the credit roll, there is a model new side-story dubbed the “Delta Episode”, the place you need to save the world from a brand new risk that is poised to carry doom to Hoenn.

At the top of this prolonged episode, you should have the possibility to catch Deoxys, a Mythical area Pokémon beforehand solely obtainable from limited-time occasions.

Exploring Hoenn

Adventure Flow

The aim of each mainline Pokémon sport is identical: to journey the area (this time, Hoenn) within the hopes of changing into the Pokémon League Champion.

To change into the Champion, you need to defeat every of the eight Gym Leaders, scattered across the varied cities and cities of Hoenn, and purchase their Gym badge.

Once you will have all eight, you possibly can then proceed to the Pokémon League and battle the Elite Four and, lastly, the reigning Champion, for an opportunity at his or her title.

While you do that, you’re additionally inspired to catch as many Pokémon as you possibly can, to fill in your Pokédex . In Hoenn alone there are over 200 Pokémon; worldwide, the present whole stands excessive above 700. So principally you are in for a busy time!


Before we talk about anything, let’s begin with your self: a humble Pokémon coach. Even although it is your first day in Hoenn, you will be thrust straight into an unknown journey together with your Pokémon.

Fortunately, for a wholesome teenager like your self, getting around Hoenn is not too tough, for probably the most half. You can use the Circle Pad or D-Pad to stroll or, if you should get locations faster, run with the B button held down.

If you occur throughout one thing attention-grabbing or suspicious, you possibly can attempt to examine it with the A button . If it is an merchandise ball, you will obtain the merchandise inside; in any other case, it might be a set off for a puzzle or maybe a clue for methods to proceed.

Likewise, if there are different folks round, you possibly can press the A button when dealing with them to strike up a dialog. Don’t be a stranger; typically chances are you’ll be rewarded with objects or hints to assist your journey.


Throughout your journey, you’ll go to quite a few places, starting from cities, cities, connecting routes, mountains and even the huge seas.

Quite typically, the place you should go subsequent is not instantly apparent. If unsure, verify the AreaNav app on the underside display screen to view a basic map of the Hoenn space.

To start with, strive heading for the subsequent nearest city since that is the place a Gym Leader could also be discovered. If that line of thought does not work, merely strive heading to anywhere you have not been earlier than. (Obviously, should you comply with our guide, you will not ever get misplaced.)

The precise places themselves fluctuate in content material and purpose, however, they will often be labelled into certainly one of two varieties:

  • **Town/City**: An space of the human residence, the place battles are usually few and much between. Here, there may be often a Pokémon Centre the place you possibly can relaxation your celebration and infrequently a Gym.
  • **Route/Dungeon**: An undisturbed space, residence to many wild Pokémon, in addition to Pokémon Trainers anticipating battle. Most of the time, these areas join two totally different cities/cities.

Your Pokémon

Naturally, you possibly can’t name your self a Pokémon coach without some Pokémon below your belt. Before you possibly can correctly depart your property city and journey past, you will be given certainly one of three starter Pokémon of your option to accompany you.

Your Pokémon are your biggest property for extra causes than one.

Firstly, the Hoenn area (and the Pokémon world normally) is a relatively unforgiving place to be, stuffed with harmful wild Pokémon and Pokémon Trainers anticipating battle – completely unsafe and not using a Pokémon by your aspect.

At the identical time, should you want to triumph towards the Gym Leaders and the Champion, you will have to depend on your Pokémon in battle – and one of the simplest ways to enhance your bonds is thru battling.

Furthermore, sure obstacles on the sphere, in any other case unimaginable to clear by your self, could be surpassed with the assistance of your Pokémon companions.

Pokémon Battles

At this level, we are able to hardly ignore the Pokémon battles themselves.

We’ll talk about the precise battles in depth later as they’re integral to the video games, however normally battles are between two Pokémon – yours and both the wild Pokémon or one other coach’s Pokémon.

During such battles, trainers decide strikes for his or her Pokémon to execute and, to chop an extended story brief, whoever has the superior Pokémon and technique wins.

Successfully profitable battles earns you expertise in your Pokémon, making them stronger. In addition to this, whenever you battle wild Pokémon, you possibly can catch them utilizing Poké Balls to develop and strengthen your staff.

To really provoke a battle it’s a must to do certainly one of two issues:

  • **Wild Pokémon** : You have to stroll/run round tall grass or different places the place Pokémon would possibly dwell. Doing so will randomly set off a battle with a random Pokémon discovered within the habitat.
  • **Pokémon Trainer** : You can both communicate to him/her or stroll into their line of sight. For the latter, if the coach is prepared to battle, an exclamation mark will seem over their head and they’re going to stroll as much as you.

Note : If you want to keep away from wild Pokémon, you should utilize Repel objects; for trainers, merely avoiding their eyes is sufficient. However some trainers can’t be averted, so be careful.

Keeping Your Pokémon Healthy

Participating in Pokémon battles will probably scale back your Pokémon’s HP and PP. HP (Health Points) replicate your Pokémon’s stamina–once it reaches 0, your Pokémon will faint and change into unable to battle.

PP (Power Points) are the variety of instances a Pokémon can use a selected transfer. Each transfer has its personal most PP worth; usually the stronger the transfer, the much less PP it has.

You can restore HP and PP by utilizing objects akin to Potions or Ether, which you should purchase from Poke Marts or discover on the ground, or without cost by visiting the nurse on the entrance of the Pokémon Centre.

Saving Your Game

Last however not least, every time it is time to take a break or should you’re proper earlier than (or simply completed) one thing essential, keep in mind to Save your sport progress!

Saving could not be simpler; merely press the Y button on the sphere to open the menu, then navigate to “Save”. You also can save time by urgent the pen and notepad icon alongside the underside of the underside display screen, which does the identical factor.

Catching Pokemon

Assembling your invincible staff of Pokémon is without doubt one of the enjoyable issues about Pokémon. To do this, you will have to acquire some Pokémon first. Initially you will be given a starter Pokémon to get you began. But the remainder is on you and that is the place Poke Balls and catching Pokémon turns into key.

Basics of Capture

Catching Pokémon is sort of easy on paper. You simply have to throw a Poke Ball at it and there is a probability the Pokémon can be caught (yay!) or it’s going to break away (oh no!). To enhance your odds, you need to weaken the Pokémon down together with your strikes.

However, you do not wish to drop the opposing Pokémon’s HP right down to 0, as it’s going to faint and magically disappear, losing your efforts (however offering expertise). So attempt to watch their HP and use weak strikes till their HP bar could be very low or as little as it will go earlier than you suppose you will faint it.

In specific, the transfer False Swipe (or Hold Back, in case you have that) is ideal for whittling down a Pokémon’s HP, because it can not KO a Pokémon, decreasing its HP to 1 at greatest. (To acquire it, communicate to the person with shades within the Rustboro Poké Mart.)

It additionally helps should you use a transfer that inflicts an ailment, akin to Sleep or Paralyse , on the Pokémon, as this may enhance the seize price considerably. Later, you may also use improved Poke Balls, just like the Great Ball or Ultra Ball, when the critters change into more and more more durable to snare.

Note : Only wild Pokémon could be caught, so do not trouble attempting to throw Poke Balls at different trainers’ Pokémon!


After you have caught a Pokémon, you should utilize it for battle immediately. Although should you simply caught it, chances are you’ll have to heal it and prepare it earlier than it turns into a viable celebration member. Do notice that you may solely have as much as 6 Pokémon in your battle celebration without delay.

If you catch any extra Pokémon, they are going to be transported to a Pokémon field , which you’ll be able to entry from the PC inside any Pokémon Centre. You also can use the PC to maneuver Pokémon out of your celebration to your field(es) and vice versa–useful if you should rearrange your staff.

Sneaking and the DexNav

Brand new to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is the flexibility to bodily sneak upon Pokémon on the sphere. Sneaking gives a brand new and thrilling technique to encounter and catch Pokémon, particularly these of a rarer calibre.

Pokémon caught on this approach could be larger Level than standard, have higher stats (IVs), uncommon strikes (Egg Moves, even), maintain objects and even uncommon talents (together with their Hidden Ability ).

To sneak, all you should do is gently press on the Circle Pad ; doing so will trigger your coach to slowly tip-toe – the gentler you press, the slower you progress. Now sneaking by itself is pretty ineffective, though it does look humorous whenever you attempt to sneak close to folks.

Hidden Pokémon

No, the very best use of sneaking is in locations the place Pokémon could be discovered. Here, a Hidden Pokémon might seem within the tall grass, cave inside or water. In basic, these Pokémon are represented as a shifting, shadowy determine – typically displaying a tail or different physique half – giving out their signature battle cry.

Essentially, Hidden Pokémon are just like the uncommon Pokémon present in shaking grass in earlier titles and may trigger the grass to shake too. However in contrast to the uncommon Pokémon of outdated, it is potential to find out the Pokémon’s id earlier than you encounter them, from their look and cry.

Anyway, as soon as a Hidden Pokémon has been positioned, you possibly can try to sneak up on them. If you efficiently contact the Hidden Pokémon, a battle with them will immediately ensue.

Before this happens, be cautious of shifting too shortly, as it could scare off the Pokémon. Furthemore, Hidden Pokémon in caves and water are identified to fade and transfer round. So it isn’t at all times that straightforward.

Note : Sneaking reduces the encounte price of untamed Pokémon, however you can nonetheless encounter wild Pokémon. As such, should you’re intent on catching a Hidden Pokémon, contemplate spraying some Repels on your self.

The DexNav

To make sneaking simpler, Devon Corp. has invented the DexNav – a helpful app designed for Pokémon-catching lovers, accessible from the underside display screen (quickly after buying the Pokédex).

The DexNav capabilities in two methods, though they’re each the identical ultimately.

  • If a Hidden Pokémon abruptly seems, the DexNav will routinely seek for the Pokémon and try to show details about it.
  • Having encountered a selected Pokémon on the sphere, you possibly can faucet the Pokémon’s icon on the DexNav display screen and press the ” **Search** ” button. Doing so might trigger a Hidden model of that Pokémon to look close by (if it does, the DexNav will change to the above perform).

During Search mode, quite a lot of info can be displayed for the Hidden Pokémon – the upper the **Search Level** , the extra info can be obtainable.

  • **Search Level** : The variety of instances you have encountered the Pokémon, whether or not within the wild, in coach battles and even in cities (whenever you work together with them).
  • **Level** : The Pokémon’s Level; an exclamation mark signifies a better Level than the typical wild Pokémon.
  • **First Move** : The Pokémon’s first transfer; an exclamation mark means it is an Egg Move, not usually discovered on wild Pokémon.
  • **Type** : The Pokémon’s Type(s).
  • **Potential** : A measure of the Pokémon’s stats; every star signifies an ideal IV.
  • **Held Item** : An merchandise held by the Pokémon, if there may be one. (Cannot co-exist with “Ability”.)
  • **Ability** : The Pokémon’s Ability; an exclamation mark signifies a uncommon Hidden Ability. (Cannot co-exist with “Held Item”)

Furthermore, the upper the Search Level , the upper the possibility of the Hidden Pokémon uncommon and/or helpful options (as famous by the exclamation mark icons).

DexNav Chaining

Similar to the PokéRadar in earlier video games, you possibly can chain Hidden Pokémon encounters with the DexNav. Doing so has comparable properties to having a excessive Search Level, boosting the possibilities of having helpful options and presumably the probability of Shiny Pokémon …

We really briefly touched on the strategy earlier; having seen a Pokémon (so it is recorded in your Pokédex), it’s going to seem on the splash display screen of the DexNav. Now, should you faucet on the Pokémon and “Search” for it, there’s an opportunity it’s going to seem as a Hidden Pokémon close by.

Unfortunately, Searching does not at all times work and the DexNav might complain, telling you to look elsewhere. In which case, simply run round for a bit till the RNG is in your favour and check out once more.

If the Hidden Pokémon does seem (whether or not by Searching or simply randomly), sneak up on it to provoke a battle like regular, then both catch or KO the Pokémon. Do not run or, clearly, scare off the Pokémon.

Immediately after this, you should utilize the DexNav to proceed looking for a similar or totally different Pokémon. Unless you are actually unfortunate, the DexNav will discover a Hidden Pokémon nearly right away, which suggests you have efficiently began your chain!

From right here, repeat the cycle till you get drained or catch the Pokémon you need. Beware that as your chain will increase, the Hidden Pokémon will begin to run away earlier or, if in a cave or the water, transfer round quicker. Meaning you can’t afford to dilly dally.

Exploration TMs and HMs

As you go off the crushed path or progress deeper into Hoenn, there can be instances the place you will encounter an impediment than you possibly can’t cross with out the help of Pokémon.

During these moments, you will have to make use of the corresponding TM (Technical Machine) or HM (Hidden Machine) discovered by your Pokémon. TMs and HMs could be discovered naturally by the course of your journey, though some are simpler to seek out than others.

Note : Although you possibly can freely use HMs in battle, you possibly can’t use the exterior of battle – to clear obstacles – till you have acquired a sure Gym badge.

Beware that after discovered, HMs can’t be forgotten (till you attain the Move Deleter in a while). This could be particularly annoying in case you have a number of nice strikes in your Pokémon and you do not wish to break their move pool.

For this objective, some gamers prefer to carry alongside a HM Slave (or two) – a Pokémon whose solely objective is to make use of HMs. This approach, you do not have to compromise your battle Pokémon, but it surely means you will be losing certainly one of your six celebration slots.

HM01: Cut

Location: Rustboro City (Cutter’s House)

Required Badge: Stone

This transfer lets your Pokémon – with sharp claws or a scythe – minimize down a thorny plant blocking your technique to a secret path or merchandise. In battle, its harm is fairly poor and out of doors of battle, there are few (if any) thorny crops in the way in which of progress.

TM70: Flash

Location : Granite Cave (Hiker within the first room)

Required Badge : N/A

Used to brighten up darkish areas, notably in caves. Not needed, since even the darkest of caves can nonetheless be navigated in case you have an excellent eye, but it surely helps loads. In battle it reduces the opponent’s Accuracy; not terribly helpful, but it surely does goal adjoining opponents in Double/Triple Battles.

HM06: Rock Smash

Location : Mauville City (from Wally’s uncle, close to the Gym entrance)

Required Badge : Dynamo

Does… precisely what it says, breaking small, cracked rocks in the way in which. Besides opening up aspect routes, Rock Smash often enables you to encounter wild Pokémon hiding contained in the rocks, objects or – after buying the Eon Flute – even Pokémon fossils (present in Mirage Spots)!

HM04: Strength

Location : Route 112 (after assembly your rival)

Required Badge : Heat

Strength flexes your Pokémon’s muscle mass, permitting you to maneuver massive cubic rocks, supplied there is no such thing as a different obstruction in the way in which (akin to a wall). Cue quite a lot of Strength-based puzzles, the place you need to cleverly manoeuvre the rocks, typically dropping them into pits, to get precisely the place you need.

Once you have used Strength as soon as, it is possible for you to to constantly push rocks till you allow the world, so there is not any have to preserve making use of Strength every time you wish to nudge a rock.

TM94: Secret Power

Location : Route 111 (after the Fiery Path)

Required Badge : N/A

Secret Power is relatively distinctive, permitting you to create entrances in sure suspicious partitions, bushes or bushes. Now you will not precisely discover something new past – simply empty area. However, that area could be remodelled as your personal private Secret Base.

HM03: Surf

Location : Petalburg City (from Wally’s uncle after beating Norman)

Required Badge : Balance

Surf enables you to traverse our bodies of water, akin to rivers, ponds and even the huge seas of Hoenn. While browsing, chances are you’ll encounter wild, water-based Pokémon. Of all of the HMs, Surf is without doubt one of the higher ones for battle and very best in your particular Water attackers.

HM07: Dive

Location : Mossdeep City (from Steven after beating Liza and Tate)

Required Badge : Mind

This water-based HM permits you to dive the place there’s deep water, and resurface the place there’s gentle coming from above. Besides offering entry to in any other case inaccessible areas, you may also discover Pokémon and hidden objects whereas underwater.

HM05: Waterfall

Location : Sootopolis City (from Wallace after defeating him)

Required Badge : Rain

This last HM completes the unholy trinity of water HMs; with this you possibly can ascend and descend the enormous waterfalls encountered whereas utilizing Surf. Like Surf, Waterfall is a robust transfer in its personal proper and an excellent match for any bodily Water attackers.

Forms of Transport

Hoenn is a reasonably large place, even should you can run with out relaxation (and you may very properly do this, because you’re taking part in a videogame). Not to say roughly half of the area is full of water and, regardless of your superhuman stamina, you can’t swim.

Fortunately, there are some methods to get round faster or attain locations in any other case unimaginable for a standard videogame human.


No Pokémon sport is full with out one and, really, there are two kinds of bicycles on this sport (and within the unique Ruby/Sapphire). Both could be obtained freed from cost from Rydel’s Cycles in the direction of the east aspect of Mauville City.

The Mach Bike is the bicycle of selection for many who want no-nonsense speed-riding throughout the area; driving certainly one of these enables you to transfer at greater than twice the velocity of operating. In addition, sure slippery slopes can solely be scaled with a Mach Bike.

On the opposite hand, the Acro Bike is fairly nimble, however nowhere close to as quick because the Mach Bike. However this neat pair of wheels permits you to carry out hopping tips, enabling you to hop throughout parallel railings or rock steps and attain new locations.

Note : You can change bicycles by chatting with Rydel once more after receiving a bicycle. Later, after finishing the sport and satisfying sure situations, you possibly can personal each bicycles without delay!


Surf’s up dude! Ahem, as we hinted, Hoenn is relatively… infamous for its large stretches of water. Thankfully, there is not any have to get moist, as – like in all previous titles – you possibly can traverse the waters with a Water-type (or different) Pokémon with the help of HM03 – Surf .

Once you have taught Surf to a Pokémon and as long as you will have the required Gym badge, you possibly can Surf by approaching and inspecting the sting of the water (or by opening the menu and selecting Surf out of your Pokémon’s potential subject actions).

Note : If you Surf with Sharpedo, you will journey at round twice the traditional velocity; nice for getting round faster.


Even together with your bicycles and Water-type Pokémon, there can be instances when the place you wish to go subsequent is simply too distant to achieve in good time (AKA you are lazy). If this place is someplace you have already been, there may be one factor you are able to do: Fly.

By educating HM02 – Fly to a Flying-type (or comparable) Pokémon and with the related Gym badge, you possibly can near-instantly journey again to most places you have visited from the AreaNav or by selecting Fly out of your Pokémon’s subject actions.

Note : Unlike earlier titles, you possibly can Fly to locations moreover cities and cities, together with routes and dungeons! To achieve this, you need to go to the city or metropolis after the related location(s).


New to the collection, as an alternative of the auto-pilot nature of Fly, you may also bodily soar the skies of Hoenn after acquiring the Eon Flute, throughout an occasion in the direction of the top of the sport.

Soaring, in precept, is just like Flying, in that you may solely go to places you have already visited, however clearly with the ability to control your precise flight path and see the area of Hoenn from excessive up is an altogether totally different expertise.

The exception to the above rule is Mirage Spots – distinctive places solely discovered when Soaring. Because they cannot be visited in another approach, as long as you possibly can see them, you possibly can Soar to them without worries.

Note: Unlike Fly, you do not want a Pokémon able to Soaring in your celebration to Soar. Or even in your possession in any respect…