Well, nicely, it is that point of the year once more! Where winter is in full swing and Christmas is simply across the nook. That can solely imply one other journey is looking to us, right here at GamerGuides. Yes, one other huge journey involving children working round ensnaring the native wildlife and utilizing them to compete in opposition to different troublemakers.

Ahem! Welcome to the GamerGuides technique guide for Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee! As you may see, we’re again for one more huge Pokémon adventure–this time for the marvelous Nintendo Switch! At lengthy final, we are able to lastly play a fully-fledged Pokémon RPG on the large display, and should you miss the hand held days, you may nonetheless take it out with you!

If you have not been with us earlier than, we’ll simply point out now that we’re big followers of the Pokémon video games. On high of that, we have been modifying Pokémon guides for fairly some time now. Wow, is that this actually our seventh guide? Time positive flies. But we digress! The key factor is that we’re Pokémon specialists, so that you’re in very succesful hands–don’t fear!

In our in depth technique guide, we’ll be going over the whole lot you should know to get pleasure from these video games to the fullest. That, after all, features a full walkthrough out of your first steps in Pallet Town all the way in which to your Pokémon League problem, and past. Included are all of the wild Pokémon you will discover, trainers you may battle, etcetera, ecetera!

For those that have solely began moving into Pokémon, we have an in-depth part explaining all of the gameplay mechanics in the beginning of the guide. Meanwhile, extra skilled gamers should not really feel not noted, as we’ll be going over the extra refined mechanics as nicely! Basically, there’s one thing for everybody!

In closing, we hope you get pleasure from our guide, and that it helps you in your highway to turning into a Pokémon Master!


The controls for this sport are fairly easy, however there are four management schemes to maintain observe of (though technically solely three distinctive ones). So should you’re unsure of something, do not worry–we’ve obtained you coated!


Right Joy-ConLeft Joy-ConFunction
Right stickLeft stickMove character/transfer cursor in menus
A, ZR, click on proper stick inwardsRight (D-Pad), ZL, click on left stick inwardsInteract/affirm selection
BDown (D-Pad)Cancel selection
XUp (D-Pad)Open fundamental menu
YLeft (D-Pad)Open choices, field, examine strikes and many others.
+Toggle Buddy, change Pokédex show
RLInteract/affirm/transfer Pokémon or objects
ShakeShakeOpen play menu, set off Partner Power and many others.

Handheld Mode

Left stickMove character/transfer cursor in menus.
D-PadMove cursor in menus.
A, ZL, ZR, click on left/proper stick inwardsInteract/affirm selection
BCancel selection
XOpen fundamental menu
YOpen choices, field, examine strikes and many others.
+, –Toggle Buddy, Pokédex
L, RInteract/affirm/transfer Pokémon or objects

Not Available

There is not any button to shortly entry the play menu or set off Partner Powers.

Poké Ball Plus

Circle stickMove character/transfer cursor in menus.
Click circle stick inwardsInteract/affirm selection
Top buttonCancel selection, open fundamental menu
ShakeOpen play menu, choices, field, set off Partner Powers and many others.

Not Available

There is not any button to shortly transfer Pokémon or objects, shortly toggle a Buddy, or examine strikes throughout battle, and many others.

About “Let’s Go”

We’re assuming most of you studying this already personal the sport(s), however for these of you who’re merely studying our guide out of curiosity, Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee are the most recent Pokémon adventures, out there solely on the Nintendo Switch.

They are remakes of Pokémon Yellow–the third version of Pokémon Red and Blue, which initially got here out on the GameBoy. Unlike different remakes, the Let’s Go video games are closely influenced by Pokémon GO–the worldwide phenomenon–and they cater extra in direction of informal gamers.

Officially, the Let’s Go video games are thought-about mainline Pokémon video games, though there are some preferring to name them spin-offs. Regardless of labels, they’re fully-fledged Pokémon RPGs, the place you may journey the lands, catching Pokémon and battling with them.

There are three fundamental audiences that these video games are focusing on. Firstly, there’s the final Pokémon fanbase who need one thing to maintain them busy earlier than the subsequent huge Pokémon sport in 2019. Secondly, there are newer followers launched through Pokémon GO. Finally, there are lapsed followers who began with Red, Blue or Yellow.

We will not lie–these video games aren’t for everybody, regardless of the very fact they’re essentially the most accessible and polished Pokémon video games up to now. Namely, the extra hardcore followers could also be postpone by the extra streamlined and casual-friendly gameplay. But should you can look previous that, they’re extremely enjoyable video games to expertise!

Pikachu versus Eevee

As is usually the case, Let’s Go is available in two editions: Pikachu and Eevee. Both variations play precisely the identical; they’re the identical sport. So you need not purchase each of them, until you actually wish to. However, there are some variations between the two–some minor, some much less so.

Your Partner Pokémon

The first and maybe greatest distinction is your companion Pokémon, who at all times accompanies you throughout your journey. In Let’s Go Pikachu, your companion is Eevee… no, it is Pikachu after all! Meanwhile Eevee is your companion in Let’s Go Eevee.

Your companion is mainly your starter Pokémon–your very first. But there is a twist this time. Firstly, your companion will at all times be with you, though you may take away them out of your social gathering. Secondly, your companion can not evolve, however they’ve enhanced stats and a wide range of unique strikes to make them stand out.

Exclusive Pokémon

The fundamental purpose the Pokémon video games are available in pairs (in addition to making more cash) is to encourage buying and selling! For essentially the most half, you’ll encounter just about the identical Pokémon in each Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. But there are a couple of Pokémon that solely seem in a selected model.

Therefore, should you’re planning to catch ’em all, you will must commerce with anyone who has the model you do not. That might imply anyone in actual life. Or, due to trendy know-how, you can too commerce with different gamers on-line. See, it isn’t so exhausting!

Let’s Go PikachuLet’s Go Eevee
Sandshrew, SandslashVulpix, Ninetales
Oddish, Gloom, VileplumeBellsprout, Weepinbell, Vileplume
Mankey, PrimeapeEkans, Arbok
Grimer, MukKoffing, Weezing

Travel Tips

Adventure Flow

Even should you’ve by no means performed a mainline Pokémon sport earlier than, you in all probability have some obscure thought of what the journey entails.

You’re a Pokémon coach that is simply began their profession within the Kanto area. Your process is to catch and befriend mysterious creatures generally known as Pokémon, and use them to battle different trainers like your self. At the identical time, you are requested to fill within the Pokédex–a system containing knowledge on all of the Pokémon native to Kanto.

To show your abilities as a Pokémon trainr, it’s essential to defeat the eight Gym Leaders–some of essentially the most expert trainers around–and get hold of their badges. Once you’ve got acquired all eight Gym badges, you may step foot on the head of the Pokémon world: the Pokémon League. There, you will face the very best of the very best: the Elite Four and their Champion.


You’re a younger boy or woman who lives in Pallet Town, not not like a sure Ash from the Pokémon cartoon. Despite your age, you do not actually have any obligations like going to highschool, and your Mom by no means will get frightened whenever you journey for days, weeks and even months. As far as we have noticed, you by no means appear to eat or sleep, so that you’re mainly a superhuman.

To transfer your character round, you should utilize the analogue stick in your Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus. Your character will routinely sprint should you transfer the stick into the farthest place. If you notice one thing of curiosity, you may work together with it by urgent the A button (or by pushing the analogue stick inwards on the Poké Ball Plus).

Your Pokémon

These are your slaves… er, ahem, greatest mates. Although you’ve got obtained some fairly exceptional powers, you are severely missing within the combating and getting-things-done division. That’s the place Pokémon are available in actual useful. Your Pokémon buddies may also help you battle in opposition to different Pokémon, and so they may even be helpful when touring the world.

You’ll catch your very first Pokémon on the very starting of the sport. This might be Pikachu in Let’s Go Pikachu and, you guessed it, Eevee in Let’s Go Eevee. From there, you are answerable for catching new Pokémon and elevating your Pokémon staff. The extra you practice your Pokémon, the stronger they get and the simpler your journey might be.

Your Journey

You’ll be touring throughout the Kanto area, which is the place the very first Pokémon games–Red, Blue and Yellow–took place. Decades later, Kanto has been utterly recreated in full vibrant 3D. However the final structure of the area is just about the identical. There’s nonetheless the identical cities, cities, forests, routes, caverns, and many others.

Locations are typically divided into a couple of varieties.

Town or City: These are locations the place individuals dwell along with Pokémon. There is often a Pokémon Centre, the place you may relaxation your Pokémon, and a Poké Mart, the place you should buy provides. Sometimes, there is likely to be a Pokémon Gym.

Route or Dungeon: These are locations largely inhabited by Pokémon and the place you may catch wild Pokémon. Very typically, Pokémon trainers collect right here to battle one another. Routes are roads that join completely different places, whereas dungeons are typically extra maze-like.

Catching Pokémon

In most circumstances, the one strategy to get new Pokémon is to catch them within the wild. Unlike earlier Pokémon video games, you may bodily see wild Pokémon roaming round in routes and ungeons. If you contact the wild Pokémon or they contact you, you’ll enter catching mode. We’ll focus on catching Pokémon in additional element very quickly, however for now, we’ll go over the fundamentals.

Originally, you used to battle wild Pokémon, however that is typically now not the case. Instead, they’ve gone for a extra friendlier strategy. After encountering a wild Pokémon, you may throw Poké Balls at them by utilizing movement controls. Each time you throw a Poké Ball, there’s an opportunity the wild Pokémon will keep within the Poké Ball–and change into yours–or break away.

Pokémon Battling

In the world of Pokémon, Pokémon battling is a severe sport, in addition to a passion. Since you are a Pokémon coach, you will be challenged by different trainers wherever you go, so that you’d higher get used to it! On very uncommon events, sure highly effective or offended/stunned wild Pokémon could assault you, which additionally triggers a Pokémon battle.

Trainer’s Eyes

If one other Pokémon coach sees you, they are going to problem you to a Pokémon battle there after which. You can not run from a battle; you may solely win or lose. Depending on their place, it is doable to keep away from sure trainers by shifting exterior of their line of sight.

Now we have a complete part on Pokémon battling, so we’ll simply go over the fundamentals actually shortly. Battles are turn-based, with every coach choosing a transfer for his or her Pokémon to carry out, whereas wild Pokémon use random strikes. The battle is over when one aspect now not has any Pokémon in a position to battle. Hopefully that is your opponent and never you!

If you win a coach battle, you earn expertise factors in your Pokémon, which may allow them to Level Up and change into stronger. You’ll additionally obtain cash, which you’ll spend in Poké Marts, and Poké Balls for catching extra Pokémon. Whereas, should you win a wild Pokémon battle, you may try and seize the wild Pokémon that you just fought.

Managing your Pokémon

When you battle together with your Pokémon, their HP and PP could go down.

HP (Hit Points) is the worth of your Pokémon’s well being. Once your Pokémon’s HP reaches 0, your Pokémon will faint and be unable to battle. If all your Pokémon faint, you will restart from the final Pokémon Centre with a few of your cash lacking. HP may be restored by utilizing objects or by visiting a Pokémon Centre.

PP (Power Points) are the variety of occasions your Pokémon can use a selected transfer. Each transfer has its personal PP worth. Typically, the higher the transfer, the much less PP it has. Once a transfer has Zero PP, you can not use the transfer anymore. Likewise, PP may be restored by utilizing objects or by visiting a Pokémon Centre.

As you catch new Pokémon, they are going to be routinely added to your social gathering. Pokémon in your social gathering may be chosen throughout Pokémon battles. You can have as much as 6 Pokémon in your social gathering at one time. Once your social gathering is full, Pokémon that you would be able to catch might be despatched to your Box as an alternative. Your Box may be accessed through the Party menu exterior of battle.

Saving the Game

Last however not least, it is essential that you just save your sport often! This may be executed by opening the menu with the X Button (or by urgent the highest, crimson button on the Poké Ball Plus) and going to Save, in direction of the far proper. This sport doesn’t assist automated saving, so make to save lots of earlier than shutting down!

Save Files

You can solely have one save file at a time. However, that solely applies for a selected Nintendo Switch profile. Thus you may have extra save recordsdata for every Nintendo Switch profile you create (as much as 8). Also be aware that save recordsdata are tied to your Nintendo Switch profile and not your Let’s Go cartridge.

Catching Pokémon

One of the largest appeals of the Pokémon video games is creating your personal unstoppable staff of Pokémon. But first you should really get some Pokémon. The majority of the time, you must catch your personal Pokémon by heading out into routes or dungeons the place wild Pokémon are identified to be discovered.

Encountering Pokémon

In the previous, you randomly encountered Pokémon whereas touring by means of tall grass and many others., however that is previous. Now, you may really see wild Pokémon round you. However, similar to at all times, sure Pokémon have a better or decrease likelihood of showing than others. Wild Pokémon will slowly seem and disappear over time.

Special Pokémon

You could discover sure Pokémon with a crimson or blue swirly aura round them. These point out massive and tiny Pokémon respectively. These Pokémon carry out the identical as different Pokémon, however catching them awards extra expertise.

If you might be very fortunate, you could spot Pokémon with stars round them–and they might be of a distinct color in comparison with others of the identical species. These are extraordinarily uncommon Shiny Pokémon. Likewise, they don’t seem to be higher than different Pokémon, however are in style amongst collectors.

Anyway, should you contact a wild Pokémon or they contact you, you will go straight into catching mode.

Preparing for Capture

When you enter catching mode, the wild Pokémon will begin close to the center of the display. There might be varied choices out there to you. The first one, Get Ready is what you choose to start throwing Poké Balls. If your Poké Ball misses or fails, it’s essential to choose Get Ready once more.

Next, you may press Bag to open your bag and use an merchandise. From right here, you may choose a greater Poké Ball or you choose a berry to make a Pokémon simpler to catch, and many others.

After choosing an merchandise, press Use to, y’know, use it. Once you’ve got chosen a Poké Ball, you’ll hold utilizing it till you alter. Also, you may solely apply one berry at a time. The berry’s impact will disappear if the Pokémon breaks free, however not in case your Poké Ball misses.

Finally, you may select Run Away to flee from the wild Pokémon. Obviously, you will be unable to catch the Pokémon anymore and it’ll disappear from the sector as nicely (until you are in a GO Park).

Co-op Play

If you’ve a second Joy-con controller synced up, you may shake it to summon Player 2. Player 2 can help by throwing Poké Balls and/or utilizing objects. They can achieve this by utilizing the Get Ready and Bag choices. However, Player 2 can not run away or view the assistance messages.

The Art of Capture

Upon choosing Get Ready, you may throw your Poké Ball at any time. If utilizing the Joy-con or Poké Ball Plus, you may throw by shifting your arm in a throwing movement. The commonest motions are overarm and underarm. Feel free to undertake the one which fits you greatest.

Safety first!

If utilizing one of many aforementioned controllers, please be certain to placed on and tighten the wrist strap! Also, be sure you’re nicely conscious of your environment, so you do not by accident hit a vase or individual, and many others.

Alternatively, if taking part in in Handheld mode, you may tilt your Nintendo Switch to goal your Poké Ball, and throw by urgent the A button.

To catch a Pokémon, it’s essential to throw a Poké Ball throughout the white circle that surrounds the Pokémon. On events, the Pokémon could carry out an “assault” and the white circle will momentarily disappear. Any Poké Ball thrown throughout this time will miss its goal. Also, should you take too lengthy, the Pokémon could run, so hold that in thoughts.

Moving Pokémon

Some Pokémon may additionally transfer left or proper, by which case you will want to alter your throwing angle. To be sincere, throwing left and proper may be very hit or miss. One factor you may strive is doing a windscreen wiper movement. If it is nonetheless early, you can too take into account ready for the Pokémon to maneuver again to the center.

If your Poké Ball reaches its goal, the Pokémon might be encapsulated by the Poké Ball. But it isn’t over simply but. Depending on how exhausting the Pokémon is to catch, the Pokémon could escape of the Poké Ball. Should that occur, you may select to strive once more. Otherwise, if the Pokémon stays within the Poké Ball, it is all yours!

Now, you will have seen a second circle inside the principle circle, which begins huge after which will get smaller because it goes close to the center. Pokémon GO gamers needs to be very accustomed to this. Basically, should you can throw your Poké Ball into the reducing circle, the smaller the circle, the higher your likelihood of catching the Pokémon.

Reading the Difficulty

There’s one thing else in regards to the reducing circle. If you look fastidiously, it may well typically be a distinct color. This color really tells you the way exhausting the Pokémon is to catch. Green is straightforward, yellow is reasonable and crimson is tough. Use this info to resolve whether or not to make use of higher Poké Balls or berries.

Throwing In Sync

If taking part in in Co-op mode, every participant can throw Poké Balls independently. However, if each gamers throw their Poké Balls on the similar time, their Poké Balls will merge collectively in a single. This is named a synchronised seize. As you may anticipate, doing this will even enhance the prospect of catching the Pokémon.

Finally, after you efficiently catch a Pokémon, your whole social gathering will obtain expertise factors and you may additionally obtain some objects. The higher your efficiency, the extra expertise you earn, as proven within the post-capture display. Also, should you’ve caught a brand new Pokémon species, their knowledge might be recorded in your Pokédex.

Catch Combo

Upon catching a Pokémon, you will begin to construct up a “Catch Combo”. This will increase by 1 every time you catch a wild Pokémon, nevertheless it must be of the identical species. The combo breaks should you catch a distinct Pokémon or the goal Pokémon runs (nevertheless it’s tremendous should you run).

Building a Catch Combo takes effort and time, nevertheless it’s helpful as a result of it boosts the expertise you earn. Plus when the Catch Combo rises above 11, you can begin to come across rarer Pokémon and Pokémon with higher stats. The impact maxes out at a combo of 31.

Your Partner Pokémon

Your companion Pokémon is mainly your greatest buddy. We are after all referring to Pikachu, should you’re taking part in Let’s Go Pikachu, or Eevee, should you’re taking part in Let’s Go Eevee. They will keep on with you for your entire sport, using in your shoulder or hat.

About Your Partner

You can establish your companion from the love coronary heart icon subsequent to their sprite when in menus. They’ll even be the primary Pokémon you get hold of.

First of all, your companion can not evolve–well, it’s Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, and never Let’s Go Raichu or Jolteon and many others. But to compensate, they’ve enhanced stats in comparison with different Pikachu or Eevee discovered the wild.

In addition, they’ve entry to a wide range of unique strikes that wild ones can not study. These strikes aren’t discovered naturally, however should be taught through sure Move Tutors present in particular Pokémon Centres. Once a transfer has been unlocked, it is going to be out there to all Move Tutors.


MoveTypeTutor Location
Zippy ZapElectricCerulean City
Floaty FallFlyingCeladon City
Splishy SplashWaterFuchsia City


MoveTypeTutor Location
Bouncy BubbleWaterCerulean City
Buzzy BuzzElectricCerulean City
Sizzly SlideFireCerulean City
Baddy BadDarkCeladon City
Glitzy GlowPsychicCeladon City
Sappy SeedGrassFuchsia City
Freezy FrostIceFuchsia City
Sparkly SwirlFairyFuchsia City

By the way in which, in order for you, you may ship your companion to your Box. They will nonetheless journey with you, however is not going to take part throughout battles. However, you can not commerce them.

Playing With Your Partner

When touring, you may play together with your companion by opening the menu and choosing the large Play with Pikachu/Eevee choice alongside the highest. You also can shake your Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus as an alternative. Then go to Partner Play.

If you’ve got performed Pokémon-Amie or Pokémon Refresh, you then’ve seen this all earlier than. If utilizing the Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus, you should utilize the movement controls to maneuver your cursor. Then you may pet your companion by shifting the cursor on them and urgent the work together button. You also can choose a berry from the bottom-right nook and feed your companion.

Otherwise, should you’re in Handheld Mode, you may faucet the Nintendo Switch’s contact display to do the whole lot. In reality, that is in all probability one of the simplest ways, until you are afraid of getting your display soiled!

Benefits of Playing

The extra you play and feed your companion, the extra their Affection will develop. Eventually, your companion could provide you with little items whenever you come again later. During battles, your companion will begin to obtain random helpful results. Also, you could possibly set off a Partner Power.

Grabbing Your Attention

Sometimes, after a selected occasion, you might even see a companion icon close to the bottom-left nook. This is to encourage you to examine in in your companion. More typically than not, she or he may have a response to what simply occurred. Or you could obtain a present.

Playing Dress Up

You can change your companion’s hat, glasses, garments and equipment by going to the Clothing Trunk within the Bag menu. You can get a whole lot of clothes objects without spending a dime should you poke your nostril round. Additionally, you should buy unique clothes objects from the Celadon City Department Store.

Personal Item Finder

Outside of battles, your companion may also help you by figuring out hidden objects. If you discover your companion’s tail beginning to transfer quicker than regular, which means an merchandise is close by. Keep shifting round till your companion’s tail strikes tremendous quick (you will comprehend it whenever you see it) after which press the work together button to look that spot.

Buddy/Ride Pokémon

Once you’ve got obtained your second Pokémon, you may select to have a buddy Pokémon comply with you when you’re touring. To achieve this, you will have to entry the Party menu from the principle menu, then choose your Pokémon and select the “Take Out of Poké Ball” choice. Voila, your buddy Pokémon will now comply with you want a misplaced puppy–and in all probability simply as cute!

A Buddy for Both

During Co-op, each trainers can have a buddy Pokémon. Now, Player 2 cannot select their buddy Pokémon straight. However, the sport will routinely choose the Pokémon instantly after Player 1’s buddy Pokémon. But if Player 1’s buddy Pokémon is the final one within the social gathering, Player 2 will get nothing.

Benefits of Buddies

Obviously, having a buddy Pokémon is fairly cool, however there are precise advantages. Firstly, you may construct up Affection, which works in the identical method as taking part in together with your companion Pikachu or Eevee. The greater the Affection, the extra doubtless your Pokémon will obtain particular results throughout battle, like curing itself from a detrimental standing.

Secondly, your buddy Pokémon could run in direction of sure areas on the sector and uncover objects. You may additionally obtain objects by interacting together with your buddy. The kind of merchandise you may obtain relies on the place you might be. For occasion, you are more likely to discover berries from bushes. It also can rely upon the species or Type of Pokémon. Feel free to experiment!

Riding Pokémon

If you set sure Pokémon as your buddy Pokémon, as an alternative of the Pokémon following you, you will trip on high of the Pokémon! Some Pokémon supply elevated motion velocity whenever you’re using them, or different advantages. Others are simply there to look cool.

Pokémon You Can Ride

Faster Movement: Persian, Arcanine, Rapidash, Rhyhorn, Tauros Sea Skim: Gyarados, Lapras Reach Flying Pokémon: Onix Flight (when Champion): Charizard, Aerodactyl, Dragonite Nothing Special: Machamp, Dodrio, Haunter, Rhydon, Kangaskhan, Starmie, Snorlax

Secret Techniques

Throughout the Kanto area, there are masters that may educate “Secret Techniques”, that are Pokémon skills used exterior of battle. These strategies can take away obstacles and extra. Essentially, they’re the identical because the Hidden Machines (HM) in earlier video games. But they don’t take up a transfer slot. Also, solely your companion can study them.

After you’ve got discovered a Secret Technique, you should utilize it by going to “Play with Pikachu/Eevee” from the principle menu and selecting “Secret Techniques”. Alternatively, you may select to make use of them if the scenario dictates as such. For instance, should you examine a thin tree, the sport will ask if you wish to use Chop Down.

Chop Down

The very first Secret Technique allows you to lower down skinny bushes blocking the way in which. It replaces HM01 Cut from the unique video games. You can study it from the Captain aboard the S.S. Anne.

Sky Dash

This means that you can fly again to any city or metropolis you’ve got already visited. A map of the Kanto area will seem and you’ll choose your vacation spot. Obviously, it replaces HM02 Fly. You can study it from a girl on Route 16.

Strong Push

This method grants your companion unimaginable energy, so it may well push stone blocks out of the way in which. After utilizing it as soon as, you may press the work together button to maintain utilizing it. It replaces HM03 Strength. You can study it from the Warden in Fuchsia City.

Sea Skim

Your companion rides aboard a surfboard, permitting the pair of you to journey throughout water. If Gyarados or Lapras is your Buddy Pokémon, you will trip on them as an alternative. It replaces HM04 Surf. To study it, you should discover a man subsequent to a Lapras in Fuchsia City.

Light Up

Finally, this method lights up extraordinarily darkish locations. The solely place you should utilize it’s the Rock Tunnel. It replaces HM05 Flash. You can study it from a Scientist who lives on Route 2. You’ll have to undergo Diglett’s Cave to succeed in him.

Zero Dependency

Secret Techniques can be utilized as quickly as you’ve got obtained them. So you need not have obtained a sure Gym badge like in earlier video games. This allows you to discover some places barely out of order, must you so select.

Alola Forms

First debuting in Pokémon Sun and Moon, sure Kanto Pokémon have tailored to life within the tropical Alola area, and have utterly modified. They have change into so-called Alola type variants. Alola type Pokémon share the identical Pokédex quantity, however have a distinct look, in addition to a distinct Type and strikes they’ll study.

Essentially, Alola type Pokémon are the identical Pokémon, however with very completely different traits. So a bit like distant cousins. Unlike another Pokémon varieties, you can not change a selected Pokémon from their Alola type to Kanto type or vice versa.

Alola type Pokémon don’t exist naturally within the Kanto area, however you may get hold of them by buying and selling with sure NPCs (non-playable characters) present in particular Pokémon Centres. These NPCs will ask for the unique Kanto type, and you’ll commerce with them as many occasions as you need. Just in case you wished a distinct Nature, or perhaps a shiny…

Choosing a Alola Pokémon

Alola type Pokémon are mainly similar to some other, so you are not going to choose one as a result of they’re stronger than all of the others. However, a whole lot of Alola type Pokémon have unique Type combos. In reality, they’re the one method you will get a Dark-type in Kanto.

Alola Form Pokémon

PokémonTypeTrader Location
RattataDark/NormalCerulean City
GeodudeRock/ElectricVermillion City
DiglettGround/SteelLavender Town
SandshrewIce/SteelCeladon City (Let’s Go Pikachu)
VulpixIceCeladon City (Let’s Go Eevee)
RaichuElectric/PsychicSaffron City
MarowakFire/GhostFuchsia City
GrimerPoison/DarkCinnabar Island (Let’s Go Pikachu)
MeowthDarkCinnabar Island (Let’s Go Eevee)
ExeggutorGrass/DragonIndigo Plateau

Another Way to Trade

Alternatively, should you play Pokémon GO or have a buddy who does, you may switch Alola type Pokémon obtained in GO to Let’s Go. But keep in mind you should attain Fuchsia City, which is barely previous the midway level, earlier than you may switch from GO. Also, Pokémon transferred from GO can not return to GO.