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Story Unlocking Conditions

Well, after all the Pokémon video games having post-credits stuff to do, it’s best to have anticipated this to return! After beating Nobunaga and watching the credit roll, you may have many tales in regards to the different characters to cope with. Some will unlock as you progress by way of those presently there; there are thirty-three in all, although just a few are the identical ones simply from a unique perspective.

Unlocking Conditions

There are actually a whole lot of hours of leisure contained inside the facet tales alone, primarily due to the sheer quantity, but additionally due to the sheer size. As effectively as the truth that you’ll be able to play all of them instantly. You’ll unlock some by taking part in others. Here, we have listed the unlocking situations of all the tales:

— Happily Ever After (Hideyoshi): Beat the primary storyline

— The Burden of Peace (Ieyasu): Beat the primary storyline

— The Way of the Warrior (Yukimura): Beat the primary storyline

— The Joy of Battle (Kenshin): Beat the primary storyline

— Pride and Precociousness (Ginchiyo): Beat the primary storyline

— Tragic Determination (Mitsuhide): Beat the primary storyline

— A Shroud of Darkness (Kotaro) : Beat the primary storyline

— Not Worth Fighting Over … 1 (Mitsunari): Beat the primary storyline

— Teaching Them a Lesson (Nene): Beat “Happily Ever After”

— The Reluctant Genius (Hanbei): Beat “Happily Ever After”

— The Unparalleled Warrior (Tadakatsu): Beat “The Burden of Peace”

— A Ninja amongst Ninjas (Hanzo): Beat “The Burden of Peace”

— Archenemies (Shingen): Beat “The Way of the Warrior”

— Time for Battle! (Kunoichi): Beat “The Way of the Warrior”

— The Road to Conquest (Nobunaga): Beat “The Way of the Warrior”

— Land of Love and Righteousness (Kanetsugu): Beat “The Joy of Battle”

— Love is a Battlefield (Aya): Beat “The Joy of Battle”

— The Final Gamble (Yoshihiro): Beat “Pride and Precociousness”

— Blowing within the Wind (Muneshige): Beat “Pride and Precociousness”

— Ransei’s Legendary Beauty (No): Beat “Tragic Determination”

— All Grown Up (Gracia): Beat “Tragic Determination”

— The Rebel (Motochika): Beat “A Shroud of Darkness”

— That Which He Holds Dear (Ujiyasu): Beat “A Shroud of Darkness”

— Not Worth Fighting Over … 2 (Kiyomasa): Beat “Not Worth Fighting Over…1”

— The Rose of Ransei (Oichi) : Beat “Not Worth Fighting Over…1”

— The Visonary’s Quest (Kanbei): Beat “The Reluctant Genius”

— Grace and Beauty (Ina): Beat “The Unparalleled Warrior”

— Pokémari and Me (Yoshimoto): Beat “Archenemies”

— The Dragon’s Dream (Masamune): Beat “Land of Love and Righteousness”

— Putting the Books Down (Magoichi): Beat “Blowing within the Wind”

— This One Goes out to My Fans (Magoichi): Beat “All Grown Up”

— Simply the Best (Kai): Beat “That Which He Holds Dear”

— Not Worth Fighting Over … 3 (Masanori): Beat “Not Worth Fighting Over…2”

— The Two Heroes of Ransei (Main Character): Beat all the different tales

Happily Ever After (Hideyoshi)

We start within the kingdom of Ignis. There, Hideyoshi is pondering a world crammed with individuals that might talk with Pokémon; not simply Warriors, however all individuals. After being denied by Kanbei, he thinks of conquering all seventeen kingdoms to summon the legendary Pokémon…

Now, that’s NOT a joke. You will successfully replay the entire recreation once more and conquer all seventeen kingdoms. So, yeah, crap.

Now, the extra painful factor is this. The different Warlords usually tend to invade different Warlords. For instance, Valora is understood to be Steel-typed, appropriate? Well, after Nobunaga conquered it, we noticed Scyther, Roggenrola, Cubchoo, and so forth versus what was there earlier. ANY walkthrough ANYONE makes for this story is untrustworthy.

So you may be compelled to rely by yourself smarts for this one. Early on, it may well nearly be assured you may battle the pure enemies. But, by the point you begin hitting kingdoms eight and 9, you may be seemingly preventing very completely different Pokémon than earlier than.

Go by your personal smarts, and study to verify every space every month for first rate recruitment choices. Good luck.

On a facet word: We will let that, given your preliminary situation, your first finest bets are Greenleaf, then Aurora, then Fontaine after recruiting some Grass Pokémon from Greenleaf.

The Burden of Peace (Ieyasu)

After you conquered Ransei and returned the kingdoms to their Warlords, there was some speaking in Valora. Ieyasu speaks eagerly on the peace of Ransei, considering there may be nothing left to need.

Tadakatsu disagrees with him. He believes there may be however another factor left – Pokémon companions. Is that not a Warrior’s aim: to be with buddies with as many Pokémon as potential? Ieyasu decides to purpose for 100 Pokémon as his companion, then. And claims it affordable.

So, how will THIS one work? You can just about simply recruit Warriors and Link with Pokémon wherever you need. You haven’t any want to overcome a kingdom, however will probably be immensely useful. Especially assuming you crazily go for all seventeen such as you’ve carried out a few times previous, you’ll be able to simply unfold Warriors throughout all of the kingdoms and set most to delegate for looking out.

Note: But, yeah, such a walkthrough right here could be pointless, pointless, and a waste of area. You know find out how to Link with Pokémon; you understand how to find them. The solely factor walkthrough-worthy could be kingdom fights, however, because the earlier story is, Warlords will invade one another and scramble the whole lot up.

But, sure, you may should Link up with 100 Pokémon. This contains the Warriors in your military. So, in impact, you’ll be able to simply go forward and Link throughout recruit battles or one thing. But, given the scale of the menu markers, I’d say somebody can solely recruit as much as six or eight Pokémon. You’ll have to have 13 ~ 17 or extra Warriors for that, which requires three or extra kingdoms. So, sure, you’ll have to conquer just a few kingdoms.

Initially, at the beginning, you may need to conquer Nixtorm, then get some Ice Pokémon from there and beat up Dragnor and Avia. That’ll get you began fairly effectively.

Again, recruit 100 Pokémon. All Pokémon owned throughout the military rely. Good luck.

The Way of the Warrior (Yukimura)

Once, way back, it was determined in Ransei that there was to be a take a look at carried out to find out the junior Warriors’ of every kingdom’s energy. This take a look at would have a Warrior from every kingdom get a random fortress and show their abilities on the battlefield. The Warlords weren’t allowed to assist.

The time for the take a look at has come once more. Shingen informed the Warlord gathering that Yukimura is the most effective there may be, that he ought to take this take a look at.

And guess what? This is principally one other model of Hideyoshi’s storyline. Man, Nintendo’s loving you to do that. Just this one, the primary play, and Hideyoshi’s line can take about sixty hours whole!

And, as ironic because it appears, we won’t allow you to right here. As the take a look at dictates, you’ll obtain a kingdom at random. You’ll have to overcome all seventeen of the kingdoms. All you are able to do is study Pokémon weaknesses and technique, study to seek for good recruits, and so forth. Good luck!

The Joy of Battle (Kenshin)

For a very long time, the seventeen Ranseian kingdoms had been divided by two Warlords earlier than you and Nobunaga. These Warriors had been Shingen — the trendy grasp of Terrera — and Kenshin — the trendy grasp of Illusio.

After a while, the 2 rivals determined that it was certainly too small a kingdom for 2 to carry energy. Shingen names the problem: the primary to win 5 battles versus the opposite’s kingdoms shall be named the winner.

Any walkthrough for this may be balancing on the top of a pin; for those who lose one battle, the whole lot will simply go off-kilter and the guide will change into ineffective from that time onwards. It can’t be anticipated for one to guide you completely by way of this; as there is not any actual sure-fire approach to predict what opponents you may be up towards. As with all Pokémon video games, study weaknesses and study your kingdom for good Pokémon to make use of within the subsequent battle, be they recruits or in any other case.

Battle Tips

Our Top 5 Pokemon Conquest Tips

Note: Pokémon Conquest is not fairly like your common Pokémon recreation in that you simply battle trainers to maintain theirs. Instead, you battle on an isometric battlefield and also you select the trainers who’ve the Pokémon you need to take into battle with you. So we will provide you with 5 suggestions that may assist make your life a good bit simpler as you make your approach to the ultimate encounter.

Tip 1 – Dont Just Skip to the Next Month

Once you begin having to go away some trainers guarding a unique fortress, make the most of this by utilizing them to both mine for gold earlier than you finish the month. Just since you’ve fought some trainers/Pokémon, does not imply it’s best to simply skip to the following month. Instead, go to each city separately and both use them to dig for additional money within the mines, or even perhaps see if there’s any new trainers laying in wait.

Tip 2 – Never Leave a Castle Without 1 Trainer/Pokemon in it

Later within the recreation, for those who begin shifting Trainer/Pokémon away from castles (leaving it empty), you then’ll begin to discover enemy leaders sending three of their goons to take over it and you may’t battle them straightaway to reclaim it again. So by leaving at least one Trainer at every fortress you’ll be able to forestall this from taking place.

Tip 3 – Keep Eevee and Jigglypuff Buffed Up

Throughout your journey, it is advisable to take Eevee and Jigglypuff with you into the primary kingdom battles. So ensure you give attention to holding your hyperlink with them sturdy, give them a few of your finest equipment and apply the suitable evolution stones to them. Whilst Jigglypuff mightn’t be the strongest, the ‘Sweet Song’ energy will replenish 50HP to each workforce member that is been injured, saving you on losing Potions or Super Potions. Eevee will remodel into the super-useful Jolteon who’s most important transfer can overpower fairly just a few Pokémon who face ‘regular’ injury from Electric Types.

Tip 4 – Dont Commit Until Youre Ready

Our most necessary tip of all! Take your time with every transfer and suss out the easiest way to make use of every Pokémon’s assault. So you’ll be able to choose a Pokémon, place it the place you need to and so long as you do not click on on both ‘battle’ or ‘wait’ then you’ll be able to skip again with ‘B’ and retry putting it some other place or select one other Pokémon fully. This permits you to see which transfer is essentially the most strategic on that flip. You might uncover that you’re going to want to maneuver one different colleague out of your method earlier than you make your transfer (in any other case you would possibly harm them). Or you might uncover you’ll be able to threat hurting them if it means victory. There’s no time-limit in your flip, so profit from it!

Kingdoms One to Seventeen

Kingdom One – Aurora

Some of the weather of this recreation appear to have a little bit of randomness because of sure issues being triggered at sure instances within the recreation. The walkthrough, so far as the elective recruiting battles, will assume that you’ve got adopted the walkthrough up to now and are on the identical in-game month/yr we had been. Otherwise, few issues will probably be comparable between your playthrough and ours: the dominion battles and some others are just about it. We apologize for any inconvenience and inconsistencies that this will trigger.

Our First & Second Kingdoms: Aurora & Ignis

After you begin up the sport, decide to play a “New Game”. You will probably be requested as as to whether you may play as a boy or a lady, then be requested to offer your (character’s) identify. Afterwards, after a number of the most gorgeous graphics and music ever on the DS (effectively, form of), we’ll start within the kingdom of Aurora.

As you start a dialog, everybody notices that you are the new Warlord of their kingdom. They pay attention to your Eevee, a relatively uncommon Pokémon (and customary in these side-games). Suddenly, some Warriors from Ignis, the close by kingdom, come to problem to a battle in an try to take over your kingdom.

Battle: Hideyoshis Army (Turns: 20)

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Tepig Fire
Bidoof Normal


**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

And thusly, you rapidly start your first-ever battle below a novel battling system – at the least, for Pokémon. It performs a bit like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, so you’ll be able to go off that. Basically, you might be allotted a set variety of turns — 20 on this case — and your Pokémon will battle the opposing military’s. These battles might have sure win/lose situations. Here, it is merely beat all enemies to win, and lose your Eevee to lose (as a result of Eevee is your solely Pokémon proper now).

As Hideyoshi begins their flip, an un-named character brings in her Jigglypuff that will help you out. This character may even provide the fundamentals on shifting your Pokémon — start by choosing your Pokémon with the A Button twice, then utilizing the D-Pad to pick out the multi-color tile you need. However, it’s a must to choose a sure tile for the needs of the tutorial. Regardless, press the A Button to decide to maneuver the specified tile. At that time, you’ll be able to “Fight” and battle, or “Wait”. Fighting solely works when an enemy is close by, so simply look forward to now.

On your subsequent flip, Jigglypuff will mechanically get rid of Bidoof with Doubleslap. You want to maneuver your Eevee subsequent to the remaining Tepig and defeat it. After shifting subsequent to it, decide to Fight, then go for dealing with the Tepig. Eevee will use Quick Attack and will very seemingly defeat Tepig, ending the battle in your favor.

After the battle, your Link percentages will go up and you will return to the dominion of Aurora. The different character will introduce himself/herself. They’ve been on a journey with Jigglypuff for some time and need to be a part of your military. Of course it’s best to settle for.

Eventually, you may attain the overworld map of the Ransei area. We counsel going below “Menu” to save lots of your recreation, and maybe investigating the opposite numerous menus. Re-enter Aurora, now.

Back on the town, you may meet up briefly with one other un-named character earlier than being made conscious of the Farm, the place some wild Pokémon might be discovered to satisfy the present goal. After the scene ends, choose the factor that’s glowing on the map and decide to ship each characters.

Battle: Wild Pokémon (Turns: 10)

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Starly Normal/Flying
Bidoof Normal
**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

Starly is weak to Rock, Ice, and Electric strikes. It is resistant to Ground and Ghost. It’s transfer, Quick Attack, has a one tile vary and can do super-effective injury to nobody, half-damage to Rock and Steel, and nothing to Ghost.

Bidoof is weak to Fighting, and resistant to Ghost. Its transfer, Headbutt, has a one-tile vary and can super-effective injury to nobody, half-damage to Rock and Steel, and nothing to Ghost.

When this battle begins, you’ll be able to safely simply transfer as near the enemy as potential: Eevee to Starly and Jigglypuff to Bidoof. After the enemies’ flip by which they may seemingly assault, you, too, ought to Fight.

However, earlier than you’ll be able to, your companion will point out Pokémon’s skills: Eevee has Celebrate, which permits a transfer after beating an enemy, and Jigglypuff can use Lullaby, which may put close by enemies to Sleep.

Since your enemies will in all probability run away after surviving your first assault, chase them down and proceed to defeat them.


After the battle, your companion will train about Links. Links are like emotional mutual bonds between a Warrior and his Pokémon; as they spend time collectively, the Pokémon and the Warrior will start to belief one another increasingly more. This, in flip, permits the Pokémon to launch increasingly more of its energy, for the Warrior commanding it’s thought to know actually what to do.

You’ll additionally study that you would be able to solely battle together with your Pokémon or take them to go to a location as soon as a month. Lucky you, there is a “Next Month” button on the display when your Warriors are unavailable because of this purpose.

As we watch the sport progress into February, you may discover Hideyoshi planning an assault on Aurora. Anywho, when you acquire management, re-enter Aurora and go to the brand new function, the Ravine, for a battle. Bring all your whoppingly-huge military.

Battle: Wild Pokémon (Turns: 10)

**Opponent Pokémon** **Type**
Wooper Ground/Water
Meowth Normal


**Win Conditions** **Lose Conditions**
Beat all enemies. Have your Pokémon KO’ed.

Wooper is weak to Grass (4x) solely. It will probably be resistant to Electric assaults. Its transfer, Water Gun, will deal additional injury to Ground, Fire, and Rock sorts. Water Gun is ready to assault as much as two tiles away. It additionally has the Deep Sleep potential, which is able to let it restore HP whereas asleep.

Meowth is weak to Fighting and resistant to Ghost. It can the transfer Fury Swipes, which assaults an adjoining tile and offers super-effective injury to nobody, half-damage to Rock and Steel, and nothing in any respect to Ghost sorts.

As the battle begins, your companion will level out to you the Wooper and its Water Gun. Well, this the purpose within the recreation the place methods slowly start to get extra obscure. Anyways, transfer Jigglypuff in the direction of Wooper and Eevee in the direction of Meowth.

After the enemies’ flip ends, your companion will point out how a Warrior will help their Pokémon: by way of objects, clearly, and Warrior Skills. Your companion’s ability is Sweet Song, which may heal all allies’ HP. Yours is Top Speed, which may enhance assault vary. These skills can solely be used as soon as per battle, and are used with the X Button when opting to maneuver Pokémon.

Anyhow, proceed to eliminate your opponents. When Meowth went away, we seen {that a} Treasure Box appeared. If you stand on that tile with a Pokémon, you may get a random merchandise (we acquired a Fragment).

Advance to the following month afterwards. In March, some guys will come to you, commenting on the way you’re merely coaching your Pokémon, however for what? Eventually you may should invade one other kingdom; in any case, that elaborate occasion from earlier than meant one thing. Winning kingdoms can get Warriors and Pokémon to hitch you.

Obviously, you haven’t any alternative now. Two months after their preliminary invasion, it’s time to pay a go to to Ignis. But that is no peaceable go to. Select the dominion of Ignis and decide to “Battle”. Take your two Warriors with you.