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Table of Content

Chapter 1:
Gaming Cheat Basics
Chapter 2:
PC Game Cheats
Chapter 3:
Console Game Cheats
Chapter 4:
Are There Gambling Cheats
Chapter 5:
Where to Find Cheat Codes
Chapter 6:
What to Stay Away From When it comes to Cheats

Video games can be a source of hours of entertainment for people who have nothing else to do. You can go on remarkable journeys that take you to new worlds. You can be a hero or a super villain. No matter what your interests are, there is bound to be a game out there that you will enjoy.
Video games have evolved quite a bit in the past decade. Do you remember the older gaming systems such as Atari and Nintendo’s? These games were simple in concept and did not have very good graphics. The video game systems that exist these days have absolutely amazing graphic capabilities and offer much better choices of games.
The way games are evolving is likely contributing to the fact that the number of people who play video games keeps increasing. For some people, playing video games is their favorite thing to do. At the same time, their favorite game can become their worst enemy. If you are a gamer you surely understand how this can happen. Sometimes you come across challenges so difficult in games that completing them seems impossible. After hours and hours of attempts you will most likely just give up and not play that game anymore. There is another answer, why not try using some cheats?
If you are interested in learning more about cheat codes and how they can help you with the challenges in your games, this book is perfect for you.

Chapter 1:
Gaming Cheat Basics
Video game cheats have been around for a very long time. They have probably been around since the beginning of video games. These cheats are not always used for the purpose of cheating in games however. Often times they are used by game testers and programmers. Certain cheats like ones that allow them to be invincible or not die let them go through a game’s levels and test the quality of the game. This would be much more difficult for them to do if they had to deal with all of the enemies on the level killing them over and over.
Eventually these cheats end up in the public’s hands, either intentionally or on complete accident. If you plan on using cheat codes for your video game you must remember to do so responsibly and to not ruin the game for other players, especially when you are playing an online multiplayer game. Cheats can be fun to use but they can really bother other gamers, this is important to keep in consideration.
The following chapter will go over the basics of game cheats and how they became so popular and so widely used. It will also discuss the different way cheats can be used.

The Basics
As mentioned before, video game cheats have been around for a long time. Some cheats are intentionally designed and put into video games for the gamer’s entertainment. Examples of this may be adding extra violence to the game or making things gorier. Other examples may include turning enemies blood the color green instead of red or giving the player an infinite amount of money.
Nearly all games have cheats in them, whether you are aware of them or not. As stated before, some of these cheats are intentionally placed in the game.
There are other cheats however that were never meant to be used in games. There people who can modify the way a game works. This is also referred to as “modding”.
This is typically done in online multiplayer games. If you plan on using mods you should be very careful while doing so. If you are modding on an online server people can file complaints on you.
Your game behavior will be reviewed after enough complaints. If the person who does your review can tell that you are modding or cheating your account can be banned. This can end up being very expensive for you because online memberships are not cheap.
As well, all content on your systems hard drive that you purchased with that account will no longer be accessible. That means that all the movies, games, and music you have will be gone for good. People take modding so seriously because in more cases than not, it gives extremely unfair advantages to the person doing it.
There are also glitches in a lot of games. Glitches are not cheat codes but they are a way you can gain a good advantage in your game, especially in online multiplayer games.
Glitching can be frowned upon but is more accepted in the game society than modding. Glitching involves finding rough areas in a game’s graphics.
You may be able to go behind walls and not be visible or you may be able to find a way to get on top of a building that you should not be able to get on to. An example of a game that was full of these glitches until just recently was Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.
There was an area on almost every map where the graphics were not coded properly and players could gain great advantages on the enemy if they knew where the glitches were.
Cheats can also be enabled in certain games by pressing a sequence of buttons in a certain order or entering in a cheat code in the menu or other parts of the game.
These types of cheats are usually only used on single player games. Each of the Grand Theft Auto’s for PlayStation has a large amount of these types of codes.
One of these codes can actually make the entire city break out into a riot. It is important that you do not save your game while using some cheats because they will become active for the rest of your gameplay. This can become quite frustrating; especially cheats such as the riot cheat for Grand Theft Auto 3.
With older gaming systems, cheats did not have to be manually entered every time a person wanted to use them. This was made possible with the use of a device that stored the cheats that a gamer entered into it.
An example of one of these devices would be the Game Shark for Sega. These devices are very convenient and can save a gamer a lot of time when they are trying to use cheats. There is also a large amount of memory in these devices so they can store a lot of codes. They are also good to have because they save you from having to keep track of countless papers with codes on them. Everything is stored in one place for easy finding.
Cheats can be fun to use and harmless to other gamers if they are used responsibly. You may want to save the ones that give you a completely unfair advantage you one of your trash talking friends. You will surely get a kick out of the fact that they cannot do any damage to you, even though they likely won’t.

Chapter 2:
PC Game Cheats
If you are a PC gamer, you are aware of all the enjoyment and hours of entertainment that your games can provide you with. I’m sure that you are also aware of how frustrating some of the challenges that your games present to you can be. It is alright to occasionally use a cheat to complete a part of your game that you are having difficulty with but it is not advised that you make a habit out of it and do it on a regular basis. Cheating at a video game should only be done as a last resort.
There are a lot of different types of cheats that can be used on almost every PC game. The following chapter will discuss PC cheats and tell you some good places to get some.

PC Cheats
There are many different games for PCs and most of these games have cheats that can be enabled in them. In fact, there are probably more cheats available on PC games than on console games.
A person should always try their best to complete a game without using cheats. They will get much more satisfaction out of it in the end. Also keep in mind, cheating while playing online multiplayer games for PCs can ruin the gaming experience of other people. When using cheats you need to think about if you would appreciate that cheat being used against you.
To help you better understand game cheats for PCs a few examples of some cheats have been provided below:
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas:
There are numerous cheats for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. You can do multiple things from changing the appearance of your character to changing the layout of the city. You can also change the behavior of the other people in the city. The following are some specific examples of cheats for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. These cheats should be entered during gameplay so you do not need to pause the game in order for the codes to work.
 FOOOXFT- This code will make all pedestrians in the city carry fire arms. This can be quite entertaining and it is a cheat that does not necessarily make gameplay any easier. If anything it will likely make the game much harder for you because you will constantly have people shooting at you.

 ONLYHOMIESALLOWED- This code will make it to where the entire city of San Andreas is filled with your gang. This code will actually make gameplay much easier; it might actually make it too easy. You might want to be careful while using this code because it can make the game boring.
 STATEOFEMERGENCY- This code will make the entire city break out into a riot. It is advised that you do not save your game with this cheat active because it will remain active and stay that way.
 PLEASANTLYWARM- Have you ever gotten tired of sliding around all over the road when it is raining and you are trying to drive? Well then this code is perfect for you. It will make it nice and sunny in San Andreas which will make your driving missions much easier.
 BUFFMEUP- This code will make your character rise to full strength instantly. You will be able to walk around the city and knock people out who get in your way with one single swing.
 PROFESSIONALKILLER- This code will raise all of your weapon stats to hitman level. This will make your missions and gang fights much easier because your weapons will be much more accurate and pack a larger punch.
 AEZAKMI- These cheat allows you to do whatever you want without ever receiving a wanted level. This can make the game much easier but be careful when you use it. Half of the fun of this game is out running the police so if they never chase you it might get boring.
 BRINGITON- As previously mentioned, half of the fun of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is trying to outrun the police. If you want to really crank it up a notch try using this code. It will cause you to have a six star wanted level. You will have swat teams chase you down. There will be FBI agents after you and you will also have tanks and the army chasing you down. Death is almost certain but it can be quite fun trying to get away.
 FULLCLIP- This code provides you with infinite ammo and makes it to where you never need to reload. You will be able to plow through the enemies in San Andreas without even breaking a sweat.
It is important that you remember not to save your game while using these cheats because many of them will remain active on that profile for good.

Chapter 3:
Console Game Cheats
Console gaming systems also have many games that contain cheats that can be enabled. These cheats can make single player games much easier and can also provide you with an advantage when it comes to online multiplayer games. Keep in mind that if you use cheats while playing online games you are taking the risk of being caught. The servers for online games have special programs that watch for cheating and if you are caught your account will be suspended or cancelled completely.
If you are stuck on a level of one of your favorite games or are looking for a way to just change things up a bit, there is sure to be a cheat for your needs. The following chapter will discuss the risks and benefits of using cheats on consoles as well as provide you with a few examples of different console cheats.

Cheats For Consoles
Gaming on consoles is becoming more and more popular. This is probably because consoles can be a bit more convenient to game on than PCs can. Using cheats on consoles is becoming more and more popular as well. There are many different types of cheats and not all of them will necessarily make the game easier to beat or give you some type of unfair advantage. Some cheats are only meant to add humor to games or make cut scenes more violent or gore more intense.
The following are some examples of different cheats for a popular console game. These examples should help you better understand console cheats and why they are used.
Doom For Xbox 360:
This is a very popular game and has been around since earlier generations of consoles. There has always been cheats associated with doom. If you would like to know a few examples of the cheats for doom the following information should be helpful.
 Invisibility- This code will make it so that the enemies cannot see you as you progress through the level you are currently on. As long as you do not touch any enemies or attack them they will have no idea that you are there. This code can be enabled by holding down the left trigger and then pressing x,x,y,y.
 Skip Level- This code will allow you to automatically skip to the next mission of the game. You can do this is you are tired of trying to complete a mission time and time again and continuously failing. Keep in mind, you may miss important parts of a game’s story line if you skip missions. It is not advised that you do this on a regular basis because it kind of makes the game pointless. You can enable this code by holding down the left trigger during gameplay and pressing b,a,x,y.
 God Mode- This code will make your character invincible. You will be able to effortlessly slay your enemies as you progress through your missions on the game once you have enabled this cheat. This is a cheat that should only be used once in a great while. It can make the game become quite boring because nothing can ever kill you. It is understandable to want to beat a game but I am sure that you still would like a challenge. To activate this cheat you need to hold down the left trigger during gameplay and then you need to press x,y,b,a.
 All Keys All Weapons and Full Ammo- This code will give you all the keys you need for every door in every mission. You will also have every weapon there is in the game and each weapon will be loaded with full ammunition. This cheat will give you somewhat of an advantage but will still allow the game to present you with a certain level of challenge making it worth the time to play. To enable this code you must hold down the left trigger during gameplay and then press a,b,a,b.
 Temporary Invincibility- This code is somewhat like god mode only it does not last for the duration of your gameplay. It can be used if you are facing a difficult part of one of the levels and you are getting frustrated with your game but do not want to be invincible for very long. You can activate this cheat by holding down the left trigger and the pressing x,x,x,x.
 Radiation Suit- This code will put your character in a radiation suit. It does not really do anything to make the game any easier to beat, it just looks cool. This cheat can be activated by holding down the left trigger and then pressing x,y,y,y.
There are many other games on the market for consoles and many of them have cheats. If you are a person who likes to use cheats, all you have to do is look around on the internet and you will surely find all the cheats you will ever need.

Chapter 4:
Are There Gambling Cheats?
You may be wondering if there are any cheats out there that can give you an advantage when it comes to online gambling. Many people have wondered the same thing and have done extensive research to find the answer to their question.
There is no need for you to do extensive research. The reason for this is that the answer to this question can be found in the following chapter. The topic of gambling cheats will be discussed as well as if they exist and if they are a good idea to use or not. If you are interested in learning about gambling cheats continue reading.

Can You Cheat At Online Gambling?
You might be asking yourself, is there any cheats I can use to make more money and not take any risk while I gamble online? The answer to this question sadly is no. It is a good thing when you think about it that you cannot get cheats for online gambling. Think about it, you would not want someone using cheats if they were gambling against you, would you? I did not think so.
There are cheats in all other types of games but gambling should be thought of at least somewhat safe and secure. You should be able to trust that if you lose your money it was due to a bad bet and not the fact that someone is using gambling cheats against you.
Although there may not be codes to cheat at online gambling, some people still try to find way to cheat. They may try to hack the server and gain access to things they should not be in. They may try to manipulate the software of the casino providing the online service as well. They are not successful with their attempts. This is because the security of the servers of these online casinos is unbelievably strong. Everything is encrypted and even the best of hackers would get nowhere if they tried to steal any money. This seems like it should be common sense. Why would a casino trust an online gambling market if they did not know for certain that every last cent of their funds as well as their customer’s was safe? The answer is they wouldn’t.
Studies show that you have a much better chance of being cheated by an online casino than you have of ever successfully cheating at online gambling. This is because the gambling software that is being used by the casino can be manipulated and the operators of the software can set how often the customers will win. Some casinos like to be a bit greedy and set it to almost never pay out. When you gamble in person you can see what is going on. On the other hand, when you gamble online you have to put trust in a stranger that they are running a legitimate business. Online casinos can be very risky and it may be a good idea to avoid them entirely.

Chapter 5:
Where to Find Cheat Codes
If you are interested in finding some cheat codes for some of your favorite games after reading some examples of the different types of things cheat codes can do this chapter will be very helpful for you.
You may not be aware of where to find cheat codes. It is not as complicated as you may think to find these codes. There are all over the place online and there are different subscriptions you can get to certain magazines that will also be full of cheat codes that will make your game play much easier.
The following chapter will provide you with the information you need to be able to find all the cheat codes you desire. Keep reading if you would like to learn more.

Places to Find Cheats
As mentioned before, cheat codes for video games can be found just about everywhere. This is especially true when you use the internet to your advantage. There are also many magazine and book subscriptions that you can purchase that will deliver cheats straight to your mailbox. Really all you need to do to find cheats is to search for cheats for a specific game on google. You will surely get multiple results of websites that contain the best cheats you can find.
You can also find many websites that contain walkthroughs for games for all consoles and PCs. Walkthrough are good for people who do not really want to use cheat codes on a game but are still having difficulty with it. It is understandable that you may become frustrated after a while or trying to beat a game over and over again and continuously getting game overs. That is where walkthroughs can help you greatly. The best thing about walkthroughs is the fact that you can learn ways to help you beat a game while still keeping it fair and not using cheat codes. Beating a game with cheats can take the meaning out of a game and take the sense of accomplishment you usually get from beating a game away entirely.
Subscriptions are a good source of not only cheats but game information and reviews as well as walkthroughs. Some popular game magazine subscriptions include Gamer magazine, PlayStation magazine, PC World and PC Gamer magazine. These subscriptions are not that expensive and will provide you with loads of useful game information.

Chapter 6:
What to Stay Away From When it comes to Cheats
When using cheats there are some things that you need to watch out for. There are malicious websites out there that will try to infect your computer with a virus. It is a good idea to avoid downloading anything.
There are many other things you need to watch out for as well and the following chapter will go further into detail about things you should be aware of.

Watch Out!
It is very important if you are going to use cheats that you are aware of the negative outcomes that can come from using them. As stated before, if you are an online gamer and you decide to use cheats you need to be considerate of others. You need to keep in mind that people had to pay money to get that game just as you did.
They expect to be able to play without people having ridiculously unfair advantages. If you cheat at online multiplayer games it surely will not be long before someone files a complaint on you. Once you have received enough complaints your game activity and behavior will be reviewed.
If it is discovered that you are cheating you can have your account suspended or cancelled. It tells you this in all the terms and conditions you agreed to for your account registration. It is ok to have fun with cheats every once in a while but using them on a constant basis is frowned upon and can turn you into a bad sport.
You also need to watch out for the fact that some games may punish the player for incorrectly entering cheats or trying to use cheats from other games. You may try to enter in an invincibility cheat but if you hit the wrong button you might end up dying instantly. Make sure you are careful while entering in your cheats.
You should avoid saving your game progress while using cheats whenever possible. Many games are programmed so that when a person saves the game all the cheats will remain activated for the duration of that accounts use. Some cheats can make games more fun but some cheats can really get in the way of you completing some of your tasks. The last thing you want is to have to completely start your game over because all of the cheats you saved your game with basically ruined it.
Expect people to get angry. If you cheat and it is obvious to other players, it is only going to be a matter of time before someone gets mad and tells you off for using cheats.

Wrapping Up
Cheat codes can be very helpful for a person who is having difficult with a certain challenge of a game. They can do many different things and not all of them are designed to make the game easier for a person to beat.
Keep in mind, you will always feel a better sense of accomplishment if you beat the game without using cheats. It may be difficult and it may take quite a while to do, but isn’t that why you bought the game in the first place. Games are supposed to be challenging and using cheats constantly can make a game very boring very quickly. The last thing that you want to do is ruin one of your favorite video games by making it too easy for yourself because you enabled too many cheats.
As mentioned before, walkthroughs can be a great alternative to using cheats. You still have to play fair and not have an advantage while using a walkthrough, you are just shown how to play the game. You will be provided with pictures to help you better understand along with detailed step-by-step instructions.
Remember, cheating can be considered as acceptable in moderation. Constant cheating is not advised. The only time you should use cheats to beat a game is for a last resort.
I hope this book has been helpful and has answered all of your questions about game cheats. I hope that your gaming will now go to a whole new level. I wish the best of luck and I hope this book has been helpful for you. Thank you for your time.