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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Gaming Addiction Group Basics
Chapter 2:
One On One Counseling
Chapter 3:
Family Counseling
Chapter 4:
About Online Gamers Anonymous
Chapter 5:
Addressing Anxiety And Depression
Chapter 6:
Looking To The Future Of Being In Control
Wrapping Up

Video game addiction is when one spends too much time on video games while forsaking all other life experiences. This addiction can also affect a person’s work, school, and relationships with friends and family. Get all the info and help you need here.
Gaming Addiction Group Ground Rules
How To Get The Most Out Of Counseling And Groups For Gaming Addiction

Chapter 1:
Gaming Addiction Group Basics
The American Medical Association (AMA) states that as a rule of thumb, people who spend more than 6 hours a day on the computer playing video games are addicted compulsive gamers.

The Basics
Symptoms of game addiction are,
* preoccupation with gaming
* craving more time to play video games
* drop in performance at work or school
* feeling ecstatic world gaming
* forgets about time when gaming
* goes into depression when not gaming
* lies about playing video games
* problems at work or at school
* social withdrawal from friends and family
* spends more than 6 hours online per day
Physical symptoms of gaming addiction are backache, dry eyes, headache, neckache, weight loss, and weight gain, sleeping disorder, poor personal hygiene and carpal tunnel syndrome.
The right way of approaching a loved one that is suspected to have gaming addiction is by being sensitive to them. Tell them the facts about their behavior and social solitary confinement. Try and get expert medical treatment as soon as possible.
The most effective treatment for video game addiction is psychotherapy and medication. Parents and loved ones can also lend support by participating in family or group therapy.

Chapter 2:
One On One Counseling
One of the most effective treatments for addiction that involves personal behavioral problems is one on one counseling. This type of treatment gives the patient privacy and confidentiality and more freedom to express themselves without fear of public scrutiny and humiliation.
Face to Face
The foundation of all effective treatment for medical conditions is the personal application of the appropriate approach to the specifics of the individual’s medical or psychological needs.
This type of treatment is specifically catered for one on one counseling.
Counseling techniques would include active listening, body language, psychotherapy and expressing one self. These therapy sessions are private and confidential between the patient and medical expert.
It becomes easier for a patient to express themselves and for feedback on feelings and emotions.
There is an exception with gaming addiction as the therapist or counselor needs to understand the video games to be able to treat the patient.
They have to understand why the patient might be fixated on a certain character or certain level of the game to be able to relate to the patient’s addiction.
That means it is much harder to treat a gaming addiction than other addictions as there are hundreds of games on the web in comparison to alcoholism or drug addiction. Each game has its unique features and characters.
For children with this addiction, therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness camp will be ideal to get them off this addiction and start experiencing the realities of life.

Chapter 3:
Family Counseling
Most people attest to the fact that getting counseling as a family is more helpful to the gambling addict then going through the process alone. With the involvement of the family, more things can be understood and the cooperation of all can be counted upon.
Including Family
Gambling is basically known for its very solidarity connotations thus having to go through the process of trying to beat the habit certainly presents a lot of challenges due to the fact it is mostly based on the solidarity issues to start with.
Therefore being able to get the support of family in the form of the willingness on the part of the family to participate in counseling session would certainly be a plus point and a step in the right direction to beating the addiction habit.
As a family unit it would be helpful to the addict if everyone is able to recognize and accept the fact that there is indeed a gambling habit present within the individual, and then be willing to take the necessary steps toward finding solutions to help overcome this negative indulgence with some level of success.
This would then ensure there is less likelihood of any member of the family expressing condemnation and discouragement in any way that will leave the addict feeling rejected and dejected.
Also family members are usually the ideal source of primary support that an addict can usually hope to count upon, due to the fact that they are usually in direct contact with the individual for most of the person’s daily life.
This will help them keep an every on the individual and also help to reinforce the commitment to beating the gambling habit whenever the urge to gamble surfaces. Most addicts will eventually come round to appreciating such support even if they initially feel stifled by the intrusion.

Chapter 4:
About Online Gamers Anonymous
Most of these platforms are designed around the need to extend help to those seeking to rid themselves of the online gaming addiction without actually wanting to go public about their individual addictions.

The main idea for most of these groups would be to have some sort of self help fellowship sessions that will allow those participating to share various aspects about the online gaming addictions.
There usually take on the form of both the negative and the positive elements all parties have experienced with the intention of allowing everyone participating, the chance to be able to relate to each other without being judged or ridiculed in any way.
The most common problems that almost everyone relates to would be the over indulgence of excessive online game playing of any sort. This ideal platform provides the necessary help from those who understand the addiction and are able to relate to the individual’s struggle and also understand the apparent triumphant feelings these indulgences provide.
For those who are not online gaming addicts, trying to provide support may be quite difficult as they would not be able to fully understand and accept the hold such online gaming activities have on the individual.
This will eventually be quite frustrating for both parties as they would not really be able to help each other adequately, therefore it would be better to seek the help to platforms such as online gamers anonymous if complete understanding and support is to be gained.
Most of those involved in the online gaming anonymous session would be there for the purpose of being able to significantly provide elements such as open discussions on the actual addiction, support, education and even referrals should the need be apparent for professional intervention. The participants usually find strength in helping each other to overcome the addiction by reinforcing the desire to kick the habit.

Chapter 5:
Addressing Anxiety And Depression
A lot of the group support systems in place do actively broach the subject of anxiety and depression in connection with the gambling addiction. Here the ideas of trying to help the individual overcome such negative feelings that are brought on by the gambling habit are addressed in a very open and non judgmental way.
The Issues
Most people would be able to find a connection between the actual depression and anxiety issues that are brought on by the gambling and vice versa.
However tacking this alone would be quite a feat and would probably cause the individual to eventually give up and give in to the gambling habit all over again.
This of course is not the main intention of bring light to the connections, but is actually one way of making the individual aware of just how damaging the gambling habit has become.
One of the reasons it has been hard to separate the anxiety issues and the close connection it has to the gambling habit would lie in the fact that the gambling addiction is very much a rather lonely, isolating and demoralizing disorder, thus the need for the support group would present the ideal platform for understanding and eventual support sought.
The compulsiveness of the gambling addiction act would further create the stress and chaos that causes the individual to be despondent, experience lack of sleep, hopelessness, helplessness, low self esteem, sadness and even suicidal thoughts in more extreme cases.
The group counseling session will help the individual to understand and acknowledge that there is a very real possibility of being able to look toward a better future sometime down the road if the commitment to beat the gambling addiction is complete and evident. This will allow the individual to at least have a glimpse of what might be possible if the resolve is evident to beat the habit.

Chapter 6:
Looking To The Future Of Being In Control
Group counseling is a great way to help to beat the gambling addiction. This is mainly because the individual will be able to able to express all the feelings and thoughts without the worry of being judged or looked down upon. This is definitely a plus point when it comes to using this platform to attempt to curb the gambling habit.
Looking Forward
Through the group counseling style the individual is able to look forward to the support generated from the group structure and will always be present should the need arise for calling upon this support.
The individual would be more comfortable knowing that there is a re course available, should he or she feel the pull to indulge in the gambling act again.
This also provides an ideal platform for the recovering gambling addict, where there is no need to feel isolated as the mere presence of the group support will be able to give the individual confidence to look positively towards a gambling free life.
While making a conscious effort toward being in better control over the future without gambling the individual can also be certain of the fact that through the various exercises experienced to be rid of the gambling addiction, the individual would have come to terms with the addiction mindset and thus successfully start the journey towards recovery without looking back.
This acceptance phase is usually designed to allow the individual to understand the reason for the gambling indulgence and to work towards avoiding it in the future.
Wrapping Up
Part of the positive future would also be to include some form of accountability that will help to further cement the resolve of the individual to avoid the gambling habit indefinitely. This is also one way of celebrating the success of beating the gambling habit among like minded people.