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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Game Testing Basics
Chapter 2:
Put a Resume Together
Chapter 3:
Prepare Examples of Your Experience
Chapter 4:
Contacting Game Developers
Chapter 5:
Using the Correct Search Keywords

The technology of video games has progressed a great deal since the creation of the first video game systems. An example of an earlier video game would be Pong. In this game two players would control simple lines that could only go up or down on the screen. These lines were controlled by paddles and the point of the game was to hit the bouncing ball and make your opponent miss it. The video games of today are much more advanced than that. They offer multiple genres of games that are sure to meet the interests of almost any person. Most of them can also be played online which offers an entire new experience in itself.
Some people may not take the profession of video game testing as a serious career. Video game testing is actually quite important in the development of a game, some would argue that they are just as important as the programmers.
The main job of a game tester is to go through a game, level by level, scene by scene, and make sure that everything is working correctly and that the game is functioning up to par. You will need some knowledge in programming and you will need an eye that pays very close attention to detail. In most cases, the difference between a top seller and a game that does not do well at all is attention to detail.
Game Tester Triumph
The Secrets behind Game Testing and Making Some Cash

Chapter 1:
Game Testing Basics
Have you ever wondered whose job it is to make sure that video games are working correctly both during and after being developed? The answer to this question is a game tester. If you are interested in video games or really anything to do with electronics, video game testing might be a great career for you. Nothing beats waking up every day and going to a job that they love. It does not even feel like work at that point, it will feel like a purpose or a passion. Video game testers can also make quite a bit of money if they land a job with the right developers.
It is important to remember that being a video game tester does not only consist of playing a video game and simply telling the developer if you like it or not. You will have to have some level of understanding for programming so that you can inform developers and programmers of errors of glitches in the game.
As stated before, you will have to pay close attention to detail and always be watching for something that could be made a little bit better. Even though it may be hard work, if you enjoy video games being a video game tester can be a great way to make some serious cash while doing what you love.
The following chapter will go over the basics of video game testing and will give you some insight on what your responsibilities as a game tester would be.

The Basics
Game testers go through a game in its entirety and make sure that the game is functioning as it is meant to be. This can be for either online of local play. The main purpose of testing these games is to ensure that there are no glitches or other errors or bugs that will cause undesired results in the game during play. This could include graphic issues where things are not smooth enough or it could include other more serious problems such as bugs that may make the game crash.
It is very important that these issues are taken care of prior to the game being launched. With as easy as it is to spread reviews these days it is important that a game is completely bug free before it is released to the public. Failing to do so will result in bad reviews for a game which can lead to a lot of lost money, time, and effort.
Do not let the word game in game tester fool you. This career choice is by no means a bunch of fun and games. Just as with any other profession, game testers will be tested with challenges and will face tasks that are quite tedious and frustrating.
There will be times that you feel like you will not ever be able to fix the problem that you are facing with a game but it is important that you push on. Being a game tester actually requires a great deal of patience. It is not really a career for just anyone, it is one meant for someone who sees video games as a passion.
If you have the drive and determination it takes and also have an interest in video games then you might be interested in hearing the average pay of a game tester. Amazingly, video game testers get paid between $48,000 to $62,000 a year and that is just an average. If you land a job with a top notch company you can expect to make at least double that. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to make that much money while doing something that you love every day? Well stop imagining and begin turning this dream into a reality. It is possible, you just have to know the right things to do in order to land a job as a video game tester.
One thing that will help you a lot when it comes to being a video game tester is being good at video games. Being good at games is not a requirement of being a video game tester but it is definitely something that will help your resume stand out.
Having good controller skills and having top notch hand eye coordination will make this profession much easier and stress free. You have to keep in mind that games have levels that become more and more difficult as you progress. As a video game tester it is important that you are able to beat each of these levels because they should be played with the difficulty that they will be released with in order to ensure that there will be no glitches or other errors.
This career also demands a lot of hours. A lot of game testers find themselves also testing the games while they are home and not only at the office. In most cases, this does not bother the game testers because as stated before, most of the people who choose this career see it as a passion.
If you are a person with a lot of discipline and self-control and you also are able to pay large amounts of attention to detail, game testing is probably perfect for you. It will be important that you are familiar with some software and that you are familiar with different types of gaming consoles. You will also need very good communication skills because you will have to be able to relay information back and forth between yourself and the game developers and programmers.
If this sounds like an ideal opportunity for you then you should get started on becoming a game tester right away. What can be better than doing what you love every day while making some serious cash? Stop wasting your time with a boring nine to five job that you have a hard time getting yourself out of bed to go to every day.
Begin doing something with your life that you are excited about every day. Start challenging your mind and your gaming skills and have fun while making cash. All of this is possible by becoming a game tester.

Chapter 2:
Put a Resume Together
Knowing how to put together a professional looking resume is very important if you want to land a potential career, no matter what the career field is. Trying to land a career as a video game tester is no different. As stated before, even though video game testers may play games as part of their career it is still a very serious job. A great deal of responsibility comes down to the tester when it comes to the performance of the game as well as meeting release deadlines. That is why it is important to look very professional when submitting a resume.
Getting a job is no longer done the way it used to be. There is not nearly as much face to face contact as there used to be. Your resume is your key to getting a potential employer’s attention and making yourself stand out from the rest of the people trying to get the same job.
The tricky thing about a resume is that it needs to contain all relevant information pertaining to the position you are trying to attain. At the same time it cannot have too much information and must not appear cluttered. There are many other things that are very important to consider when you are making a resume.
The following chapter will go over some tips to help you write a resume that will stand out.

Make Your Resume Pop!
As mentioned above, resumes are extremely important since the old ways of face to face meetings are almost obsolete. There was once a time when people picked up their application in person and had a chance to leave an impression with the team that they were trying to get hired on to. In today’s fast paced life, everything is done on the internet, including applications. This takes away the opportunity to make an impression before you are given a chance for an interview and even some interviews are now done over the phone or via Skype. That is why it is extremely important that you know how to make a professional looking resume that will stand out or pop from the rest of the resumes in the pile.
Keep in mind, even a perfect resume will not always get a call back, you have to keep trying and get your resume out there as much as possible. The following are some tips that will help you create a resume that will surely stand out from the rest: Contact Information
It is very important that you leave all forms of contact information that you have on your resume. You would be surprised by how many people actually forget to do this step. Many of them cut their selves short of a great job because the employer was interested but did not have a way to contact them. Also, forgetting to leave your contact information looks highly unprofessional on a resume. If you are trying to get a job as something like a video game tester, attention to detail is crucial. Failing to pay attention to details as simple as contacting you will surely end in you not receiving a call for an interview. Keywords
Keywords are very important in many things that we do in life. This is also true when it comes to writing an effective professional looking resume. When you create your resume you want to make sure that it is specific to the job that you are trying to get hired for. For example, when trying to get a job as a video game tester it is very important that you include keywords that pertain to video game testing. This will show your interest in the field and show that you do not have a general resume and are not trying to get any job that you can get your hands on. As stated before, video game testers are very serious about what they do and it demands a certain type of person. Therefore, those who are hiring for video game testers want people who are seeking a job in that certain profession and not just anywhere in the available job market.
List Things Smartly
It is important that when you create your resume that you list information in the order that you would like it to be seen. Obviously, you are going to want to list your experience and qualifications as one of the first things to be seen. You want to make sure that the employer immediately knows that you are qualified for the position and that you do have experience in the field.
Make Your Own, Not a Template

If you are trying to become a video game tester it is probably a good idea for you to make your own resume and not try to use a template. Most resume templates are centered on a certain type of job and there are not too many out there for video game testers. As well, customizing your own resume will give you a chance to list your own specific experience and qualifications and show the employer that you are perfect for the position.
Choosing the correct format for your resume is highly important. It needs to op and appear professional. Text should not run too close together or be too big or too small. This step will usually involve a person trying several different formats until they find the one that looks the best and fits the position that they are trying to land the best.
Review Examples
It would probably be a good idea for you to review and study examples of other resumes pertaining to your field of interest, especially if you do not have experience writing resumes. Remember, a resume is your only chance of an interview so you need to have the best one possible.

Chapter 3:
Prepare Examples of Your Experience
Just as with any other job, if you plan on landing a career as a game tester it is important that you begin putting together examples of all of your experience. This is especially true if you are trying to land a job with a major game development company and you want to start raking in some serious cash.
There is a great deal of responsibility that falls on video game testers. Game testers are not just people who sit on their couch at home and simply give a review on if they like the game or not. Video game testing is a serious job and there is a serious demand for qualified and experienced game testers. As mentioned before in a previous chapter, game testers can a minimum average of around $42,000 a year. If you plan on landing a job like this you better have examples of your experience prepared.
Video game testers will need to provide examples for more than just how well they can play a game. The following chapter will go over some important things that need to be addressed when it comes to your level of experience.

Providing Examples of Experience
There is more to video game testing than simply playing a game. A video game tester needs to have the ability to focus on small details. They also need to be able to utilize critical thinking skills. They as well need to be able to communicate well as well as problem solve. Any type of previous experience that involves these traits would be great to include in your previous forms of experience.
As well, there is a lot of programming and writing scripts that goes into a game. Although it is not necessarily in the main job description of a game tester to have experience with programming and writing scripts, but it definitely does not hurt. Game developers and programmers will appreciate it a great deal if you do not have to constantly waste their time to fix small errors.
If you have some prior experience with programming you will be able to fix smaller errors or glitches on your own and save them a great deal of time. In the long run this leads to the company saving money since time is money. One of the quickest ways to land a job is to show an employer that you can save the company money.
Providing examples of previous experiences with communication skills is highly important.
There will be some problems that you will not be able to fix on your own and you will have to inform the game programmers and developers of the issue. It is highly important that you are able to relay the information in an effective manner that will be well understood. Remember that professionalism is always important in any career, no matter what it is.
You really just need to make sure that you have a list of experience that pertains to the position that you are trying to get hired for. You may have to find ways to further your level of experience before applying.
This can be done by attending a few classes about programming and games at a local community college or university. You may also consider doing volunteer work at a company that will allow you to add more experience to your resume.
Remember to keep your experience relevant to video game testing. Having too much experience listed may actually drown out the important information.

Chapter 4:
Contacting Game Developers
Once you have created your resume and you are satisfied with the listed experience and qualifications you have, it is time to move on to the next step of becoming a video game tester. If you are serious about becoming a part of a game development team as a tester you are going to have to learn how to contact game developers while remaining professional at all times.
There are certain things that you need to know about a company before you try and contact them for a position. One of the most important things that you need to do is to perform research on the company prior to contacting them so that when you speak to them you can seem well informed on the company. It seems much more professional when you know what you are talking about when it comes to a company. The last thing you want is for the employer to ask you a question such as why you are interested in that specific game development company and you cannot come up with an answer. Not only would this be embarrassing but it would be very unprofessional as well. As stated before, video game testing is a profession and it is important that you remain professional if you want to be one.
The following chapter will give you some tips on how to contact game developers and how to get your resume noticed.

Get in Touch
You’re not going to get lucky and suddenly find that you have a game testing job that lands in your lap. You are going to have to get out there on the grind and get your name on the minds of potential employers. One of the best ways to do this is to contact game developers directly. It is very important that you are careful in the manner that you handle this approach as it can be a make or break type of method. It can be one of the most effective ways to land a job though if it is done in the correct manner.
The following are some tips that you should consider when contacting a potential employer directly: Try to Get Referrals
Referrals can be a great way of opening doors of great opportunity. If you are not friends with someone on the game development team that you are trying to get a job with, try making some friends there. Having someone that will allow you to use their name as a reference is a great way of landing a job. It will show the potential employer that somebody else that they have already put trust into is willing to put their name on the line for you. It is highly important that you do not let the person down that let you use their name as a reference. Always keep in mind that their good name is on the line for the sake of your job.
Send Emails
Emails are a very effective form of communication and professional email skills are vital in today’s working industry. Emails are just about as common as a phone conversation of face to face meeting these days. It
Is important that you know how to compose a well written professional looking email. Emails are very effective for contacting potential employers if they are used correctly. You do not want to send too many however because bugging the potential employer will likely be off putting. The trick is to find the balance so that you seem interested but you are not being a pest.
Call the Game Developer
You can always call the game develop as well. If you choose to contact the game developer in this manner it is important that you know what you are going to say before you call them. Writing out notes that you can look over during your phone call would not be a bad idea. Unlike with emails, phone calls cannot be revised before being sent. You want to make sure you say everything that you want to and not anything that you don’t. You also want to make sure that you retain a calm and courteous voice through the conversation and make sure to ask if it is a bad time.
Walk In
If you are a person that likes to do things the old fashioned way then you can always go about the task of contacting a developer by simply trying to get a walk in meeting. Chances are though that this method will not be very effective as game developers can be quite busy and their time is very valuable. Your best option if you want to exercise this method of contacting a potential employer would be to leave a name and phone number and ask if an interview can be scheduled.
No matter what method you use to contact a game developer it is important that you always remain professional. Do not bother the developer by calling their phone numerous times throughout the day or by sending them an endless list of emails. As stated before, it is important that you are able to find the balance and project yourself in an interested manner without being bothersome. If you use the tips that have been provided above you will have a much higher chance of contacting a game developer and having beneficial results.

Chapter 5:
Using the Correct Search Keywords
When trying to get your resume out for potential employers to view it is very important that you use the correct keywords in your resume. This is especially true when it comes to video game testers. It is reported that the number of jobs currently held by video game testers would be much higher if they used the correct search keywords when both looking for a job and creating a resume.
It may actually be a better idea to use terms such as quality assurance or QA when creating your keywords or conducting your employment listing research. This makes sense when you think about it because that is basically what the job is of a game tester. Their duty is to ensure the quality of a game and to make sure that it is performing to the best ability possible.
The following chapter will go over the importance of selecting the correct keywords for your job searches and your resumes. It will also provide you with some tips that you may want to consider when creating your search keywords.

Use Effective Keywords
There is more to using search keywords to find employment and create resumes than just getting lucky. There is an actual science behind keywords and there is a system that can make them very effective, if used correctly. The way that these keyword work is that potential employers such as the head of a game development team will provide their human resource or hiring team with a set of keywords. These keywords are then used to seek out potential employees. Without the correct use of keywords it is highly unlikely that you will find the position you are looking for or that a company that is hiring will view your resume online. Keywords can literally make or break the efforts of your job search. If you think you have an amazing resume and are qualified and have enough experience but you are still not getting calls from game development teams, you may want to consider revising your search keywords.
The following will be a few tips that will help you to make the best keywords and help you to get your resume discovered: Study Other People’s Keywords
One very effective way of making the best search keywords is to find other people who are in the profession of which you would like to become, such as a game tester. Once you find these people you want to analyze the keywords that they have selected. Obviously if they are already in the industry they have done something right and it might be a wise idea to follow their example. Try to find these people on social sites such as Facebook or other social sites.
Do Not Use Acronyms
In today’s fast paced life, acronyms are commonly used. You want to avoid doing this when creating your keywords or when putting any other details into your resume. Potential employers want to be able to read your resume and be able to easily understand the information in it and not have to try and think about what an acronym means.
Research The Game Development Website
It would be a very wise idea for you to do some research on the game development website that you plan on trying to get a job for. Take the time to go through their website and find the keywords that are used on a regular basis. This is probably one of the best ways to make sure that you are using effective keywords that will get noticed.
Spell Correctly
It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to make sure that you are using correct grammar and spelling when it comes to creating search keywords. Spelling your keywords wrong will make your resume much harder to find and will also make it much more difficult to find job opening online. Even if you are lucky enough that a potential employer from a game development team finds your resume, they will surely notice the misplelled keywords. As mentioned before, game testers need to pay attention to detail so misspelling keywords would be a sure way of ensuring you do not get the job. Think about it, would you want to hire someone to work on your game that made spelling or grammar error in their resume? I’m sure you would probably not and neither would I. In fact, not too many people would so make sure you use correct grammar and make sure everything is spelled correctly!
Include Location Keywords
Believe it or not, something as simple as including location keywords in your searches and your keywords can make a huge difference. Some employers choose to do their employee searches by using location keywords. The reason they start with locations is so they can find people in a certain area and then go through those until they find a candidate for their open position. This is a great way of getting your resume seen by a game developer in your area so it is something that you should seriously consider doing.
The above are just a few examples of things to consider when making your keywords. The best thing you can do is keep in mind that you need to make your keywords relevant to game testing and the experience necessary to do so.

Wrapping Up
You can become a video game tester and you can become one of those happy people who enjoy the line of work that they do for a living. In no time at all you could be living a life that you are content with and could have some serious cash flowing in. It just depends on how much effort and determination you are going to put in to it. The more you work towards your goal the quicker it will come.
You must remember that even the best written resumes and all the effort in the world does not necessarily guarantee a call back, and interview or a job. The only thing that will guarantee that you land your dream job of being a video game tester is getting out on the grind and trying game develop after game developer until you get hired. Remember, even if you do not end up with your desired company at first, any game testing job is more experience and will possibly open doors of opportunity into the company of your dreams.
I hope that this book has been helpful for you and has answered your many questions about becoming a video game tester. If you are interested in becoming a part of this industry it is up to you to start the process. You have to get out there and start spreading around your resume, start contacting game developers and start trying to put together some professional references.

I thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck. Now get out there and land your dream job of testing games while making serious cash!
Keep in mind, video game testing can be a great choice of careers for a person who enjoys to play video games. However, video game testing is not as easy as just playing a game for your entertainment. It is a serious job, but it can be a fun job.