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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Accessory Basics
Chapter 2:
Wii Accessories
Chapter 3:
Playstation Accessories
Chapter 4:
Xbox Accessories
Chapter 5:
Computer Accessories
Chapter 6:
Where to Get Free Accessories

Gaming is becoming more and more popular on both consoles and computers. This is likely due to the fact that technology is advancing and video games are becoming more and more amazing. The graphics are getting much better than they were in the early types of video games. In fact, it can be quite difficult to tell the difference between real life and scenes from the game. As well, more and more options are being added to the ever expanding world of games. There is a game for everyone these days. Whether you want to build things, shoot at stuff, go fishing, play basketball or go on magical journeys, there is a game for you.
Some of your favorite games can be made even better with the use of certain gaming accessories. Certain accessories may actually be required to play certain games as well. There are many different types of accessories for consoles and PCs. Each has their own benefits and if you are serious about gaming you should definitely find a gaming accessory that fits your needs. If you do not know much about gaming accessories, you are reading the right book. The following chapters in this book will give you some insight on gaming accessories and provide you with some valuable information that you will be able to use while determining which accessories would be beneficial for you.
All in One Accessory Guide
A Peek into Gaming Accessories

Chapter 1:
Accessory Basics
Gaming has evolved from its early stages more than anyone probably ever thought it would. Can you remember the games from years ago such as Pong and Atari? Now compare one of those systems to the newer systems, it is amazing how far video games have advanced in technology. With the advancements in technology came a need to start using accessories with video game systems. The days of 64 bit are over, in the new age’s games you will need more than a system and a game to get the highest potential out of your gaming experience.
The following chapter will provide you with some valuable information on the basics of gaming accessories. We will go over different types of accessories for different systems in later chapters of this book but this chapter is meant to give you a general understanding of gaming accessories. Continue reading if you are a person who is serious about gaming and wants to unlock the full potential of their gaming experience.
The Basics
In order for you to understand the importance of gaming accessories, you must first have a general understanding of their purpose and benefits. Gaming accessories are used by many different types of gamers on many different types of games. Professional gamers actually make a living by playing video games so it is very important that their gaming is always at its best. That is why gaming accessory use amongst professional games is quite common. However, it is important to know what you need and know what to watch out for when shopping for gaming accessories.
Accessories for gaming consoles and PCs can be quite expensive. This is especially true for PCs because their games often times require upgraded graphic cards and extra ram sticks in order to operate properly. It is very important that you know what type of accessories you will need in order to play a certain game. Knowing exactly what you need will keep you from buying accessories that are not necessary for your current set of needs. This will save you a lot of money in the long run,. Video game accessories can amp up your gaming experience but they are also quite expensive in most cases. The price in most cases is worth it however, if you are a serious gamer.
An option that can save you some cash is to shop for used accessories. You need to be cautious when doing this. You do not want to spend your hard earned money on something that does not work properly. If you are going to buy used accessories it is advised that you shop at a gaming store. You will likely find better quality used items there rather than buying them off the street. One place you want to steer clear of when purchasing gaming
accessories is pawn shops. Most pawn shops will not refund your money once you purchase something because everything is sold “as is”. The last thing you want is to spend money on something and then try to use it at home and it does not work. It is quite common for people to try to sell broken merchandise to pawn shops. That is why it is best to stay away from them.
You can find awesome deals online that will save you quite a bit of money. You need to exercise caution when buying gaming accessories online as well. In most cases, if it seems too good to be true, it is. For example, if you find something online for $5.00 when it is usually $100.00 you need to do some research on the seller before buying the product. Using sites like Craigslist and Amazon can be quite useful but since you are purchasing items from a person who could be anywhere in the world, there is always the danger of fraud and theft.
One of the best things a person can do when purchasing video game accessories is to wait until the items they want are on sale. Prices on accessories can easily drop 15 – 20% during a sale. Also, you may want to wait until a newer version of the accessory you want comes out and buy the older one. The price will drop dramatically and it will likely perform much of the same functions just as well as the newer one, it will just be cheaper.
The following chapters of this book will go into detail about specific gaming consoles and the types of accessories that are available for them. We will go over their uses and the benefits that can be provided by them.

Chapter 2:
Wii Accessories
The Nintendo Wii is a very popular video game console. If you do not own one, chances are that you likely know at least one person who does. One of the awesome things about the Nintendo Wii is the fact that it encourages movement and activity. It is not like other video game systems that allow a person to sit and only move their thumbs while playing, That is why many parents began getting this console for their children. Since the Wii is motion controlled it has many numerous accessories. Basically, no matter what type of game you are playing, there is an accessory for it.
Different types of accessories for the Wii have different purposes. Some games will actually require you to have certain accessories in order to be able to play them. If you do not know much about Wii accessories and would like to learn more, continue reading the next chapter as it will go over different types of Wii accessories and their benefits.
Accessories for Nintendo Wii
As states before, there are numerous accessories for the Wii. Most of them are designed to enhance a gamers experience or make the game feel more realistic. There are also Wii accessories to make certain activities more convenient such as typing or surfing the web. The following are some different types of accessories and what their purpose and benefits are:
Exercise Accessories:
The fact that the Wii encourages people to be active is probably one if its best selling points. There are a lot of games for the Wii that are focused on improving the health of the person playing the game. For example, there are many different exercise games for the Wii. These types of games can be entertaining and healthy for the person playing them but you will usually need accessories to be able to play them. These accessories may be a bit expensive but it is well worth the investment. This is especially true if you are someone who is not really in shaoe and play a lot of video games anyways. You might as well better your health while you do what you love, right?
Shooting Accessories:
There is a large amount of people who enjoy games that are centered on warfare and shooting. These games can be quite entertaining on their own, but with certain accessories they can become amazing. Using shooting accessories for the Wii can make a gamer feel like they are actually living the experience. There are different types of wireless guns you can get for the Wii. Some of them even have motors In them that make them vibrate so
when you pull the trigger it feels like you have actually fired a weapon. These accessories come in different forms as well. For example, different games will have different weapons, you may play some with a shotgun and you may use a pistol in another. You need to make sure that your accessories will be compatible with your game before purchasing them.
Sports Accessories:
As mentioned before, a large amount of Wii games focus on making a person move so there are a great deal of sports games for the Wii. You will need different accessories when you switch from one sport to the other. There is a Wii accessory for just about any sport you can think of. You can play most of these games without paying for the extra accessories but they will not be as entertaining. Think of how cool it would be being able to fish from your living room while using a rod that makes the entire experience feel real. Other games like tennis and golf can also be made much more entertaining with the use of gaming accessories. There is even a baseball bat you can use when playing certain sports games on the Wii.
There are also accessories for the Wii that are not used for actual game play. The following are a couple examples of these types of accessories:
Some people like their consoles to be stylish. Wii has several accessories that can accommodate their needs. There are many different cases and covers for controllers that come in different colors and designs. This offers gamers the ability to personalize their Wii’s.
You will need to clean your games from time to time. It is important that you use the correct type of cleaner while cleaning your games. Only use products that are designed to clean games. Many people make the mistake of using things that are not designed to clean games and end up damaging their games, do not be one of these people.
No matter what your needs are interest are, there is sure to be a Wii accessory that will give you exactly what you desire. Remember, gaming accessories are the secret to unlocking the full potential of a video game.

Chapter 3:
Playstation Accessories
Playstation also offers a wide array of accessories for their consoles. Most of these accessories are designed to make a gamer’s experience more intense and full of excitement and entertainment. There are also Playstation accessories that are meant to make transportation and use of the console more convenient.
Serious gamers know that there is much more to gaming then owning a gaming system. If you want to unlock the full potential of a Playstation, you must purchase certain accessories. Do not be a fool and fall for knock off accessories either. These accessories will often times be over priced and be low quality items.
The following chapter will provide you with some information on Playstation accessories and why they are important for a proper gaming experience.
Accessories for Playstation
There is a massive number of different accessories that are available for Playstations. Each one has a different purpose and a different set of benefits that it can offer. The following are a few examples of the different types of accessories you can get for a Playstation and the benefits of the accessory.
It is important that you find the right controller for your type of game. Certain controllers come with different modes. These modes can alter the way that a controller reacts. For example, you can have a certain mode set up for racing and a different mode set up for first person shooter games. You will likely have the sensitivity much higher on the shooting mode than you would on the racing mode. This allows the player to fine tune their controller for their experience while still offering the convenience of being able to switch to other games and change their controller settings rapidly.
Another thing to look into is whether you want a wired or a wireless controller. Both have their own set of benefits. For example, wireless controllers do not restrict where a person can go with their controller but they constantly need new batteries. On the other hand, wired controllers restrict where you can take the controller but never need batteries.
There may come a time that you will need to transport your Playstation. It is important to make sure that you have the right accessories while moving your Playstation. There are carrying cases that are designed specifically for the use of carrying around Playstations. They are designed with
compartments that securely hold your Playstation. They are also designed with special padding that keeps your Playstation from being damaged if it gets bumped by something else during transport. If you are a person who is constantly transporting your Playstation, you should seriously think about getting one of these cases. It is much cheaper to buy a transportation case compared to buying a whole new Playstation.
Playstation Move:
Playstation move is an accessory for Playstation that allows games to be played with motion. This makes the gaming experience feel more realistic and enjoyable, just as with the Wii. These accessories are wireless and should be handled with care. If they are constantly dropped or smacked into things they will not work properly for very long. They can be quite pricey as well so take care of them!
Some people choose to use their Playstation for more than just gaming. For example, some people use Playstation’s online network to communicate with family and friends. This experience can be made even more enjoyable by using a camera. This will allow whoever you are speaking with to be able to see you while you talk to them. Some people may live so far away that this is the only type of face to face conversation that is possible for them.
No matter what you are looking for, Playstation has an accessory that will fit your needs. Boost your gaming experience to its full potential and begin collecting the accessories that you need for the best gaming experience possible.

Chapter 4:
Xbox Accessories
Just like with other gaming consoles, Xbox offers a wide variety of gaming accessories. There are also a lot of accessories for the Xbox One, but in this next chapter we will stick to accessories for the Xbox 360. There are different accessories with many different purposes. However, all of these accessories were made for the same reason, to provide a player with the best experience possible. If you truly want to unlock the full potential of your Xbox, there are some accessories that you will need to get first.
The following chapter will provide you with helpful information about Xbox gaming accessories and why they are beneficial.
Accessories for Xbox
There are some really cool Xbox accessories that you should check out if you consider yourself to be a serious gamer. Keep in mind, most of them are not cheap but if you want the most out of your games they are a must. The awesome thing about Xbox is that even though the Xbox One is out, products are still being developed for the Xbox 360. This means that there are always new accessories and video games that will be sure to entertain gamers.
If you are not very knowledgeable about Xbox accessories the following information should be quite useful for you:
Hard Drives:
Some games for Xbox require that the gamer has a Xbox hard drive. Some Xbox’s come with a hard drive and some don’t, it depends on what model you purchase. If you chose the cheaper model, chances are that for some games you will not have enough storage space and will be required to buy one. Hard drives range is size and price. The most common however are the 120 GB and the 250 GB hard drives. This may seem like an excessive amount of space but it really isn’t. You will be surprised by how fast this space can be filled up with downloads and mandatory updates for online games. As well, you can also save movies, music and pictures onto your hard drive.
If you enjoy playing online games, finding a good headset is a must. Headsets allow a gamer to speak with other gamers from all over the world.
This gives the gamer the ability to work cooperatively with others or face them head to head. Playing video games by yourself can become quite boring at times so spruce things up a bit and try some online gaming with a headset.
There are many different headsets and each type has its own set of features. A common major brand with excellent ratings is Turtle Beach, These headsets are designed for serious gamers and feature massive speakers with surround sound capability. Most of their headsets offer bass boost options and tone change functions. The model X32 in particular has four different sound modes with three different surround sound modes. This allows a gamer to completely customize the sound of their game as well as how loud their chat volume is. This headset also comes with a auto chat level boost feature. This feature boosts the chat level during loud scenarios in games allowing the gamer to always be able to communicate with their friends.
Intercooling Fans:
It is highly advised to purchase an intercooler for your Xbox, especially if it is an older Xbox. Although Xbox’s come with a fan in them, it sometimes can fail causing the Xbox to overheat. If a Xbox gets hot enough it will actually get what is called the red ring of death. This is when your Xbox basically becomes a paper weight. Every time you try to turn it on all you will get is an error message, if you even get that far. Intercooling fans are a great way to avoid this problem. They serve as a back-up in case your Xbox fan fails and also act as a crutch and assist your original Xbox fan. This simple investment can save you hundreds of dollars in the future by avoiding repair costs. You can find intercoolers for around twenty dollars.
Video Cables:
Xbox’s come with video cables, but they are standard cables and do not offer great graphic quality. If you want the best graphics possible out of your Xbox it is advised that you purchase a HDMI cable (If you own a HDMI TV). These cables produce graphics that are much clearer and crisper than the standard cables.
Wireless Adapters:
If you enjoy playing games online, you might want to invest in a wireless adapter. It can be really annoying having a internet cable running through house hooked up to your Xbox, especially if your Xbox is all the way on the other side of the house! Wireless adapters get rid of this problem. They can connect wirelessly to your router but be careful with which one you choose. Some of them do not work well at all. Make sure to check reviews online before purchasing a wireless Xbox adapter.
Xbox Kinect:
The new norm for gaming consoles is to have accessories that allow motion activated gaming. The Xbox Kinect took it a step further than the others though. I say this because the Kinect does not require the gamer to hold any sort of controller. Unlike the Wii or the Playstation Move, the Xbox Kinect has a scanner that picks up the movements of a gamer. Multiple people can play at once without interfering with each other’s characters as well.
Wireless Controller Charger Packs
If you have a wireless controller you know how expensive replacing batteries can be. You can avoid this issue by investing in a wireless
controller charging pack. These packs have rechargeable batteries and once they get low on power the gamer can recharge them, even during gameplay!
Text Pads:
If you own an Xbox, you know how irritating it can be while trying to send a message to one of your friends. It can be very time consuming to sit there and scroll through each letter with the joystick one by one. This problem is eliminated by using text pads. They feature a full keyboard that can easily be used with the thumbs. They are comfortable, light and convenient as well as a wise investment.
There are some really cool looking cases that you can purchase for your Xbox. Some of them feature really cool designs while others are themed after video games and feature some of their characters.

Chapter 5:
Computer Accessories
Computer gaming has been around for quite some time. The games for computers have become more and more advanced as time has gone by. Computer gaming is quite popular now and for good reason. Serious gamers know that no console can ever compare to the graphic capability of a gaming computer. However, there is a down side to gaming on a computer. There are many accessories that will be essential for you to purchase in order for your computer to be compatible with you games. This can become quite expensive and that’s why most gamers choose to go with consoles such as Xbox’s or Playstations.
The following chapter will help you to understand the benefits of computer accessories and if computer gaming is the best option for you.
Accessories for Computer Gaming
One of the biggest differences between computer gaming and console gaming is the fact that most of the accessories available for computer gaming are required and not just optional extras. There are many things you will have to purchase for your computer in order to get it to a level of performance that is acceptable for gaming.
The following are a few examples of the types of accessories that are essential for computer gaming:
Ram Sticks/Hard Drives:
Your standard levels of ram and hard drive space will never suffice for most computer games. You will need to purchase additional ram sticks and likely a bigger hard drive. Keep in mind, these can be quite costly.
Graphics Cards:
Most games, unless you are playing solitaire, require upgraded graphics cards. The level of graphic card needed for a game will be clearly displayed on the back of its box. Always check to make sure that your computer is compatible with the game requirements. Graphic cards are not cheap but they are necessary for computer gaming.
Audio Cards:
Audio cards may also need to be upgraded just like graphic cards. Most computers do not come stock with these cards upgraded, unless you are buying a gaming computer, sometimes even then you still need to upgrade them.
Having a gaming controller for your computer or a joystick can make your gaming experience much better and more entertaining. Without a controller or joystick, a gamer is forced to use the keyboard or mouse to play their game. This can get quire annoying. It is not an easy task to search through a keyboard to find a specific letter that has a certain action, especially while playing fast paced games. Joysticks can also make a gamer feel like they are actually in the game. For example, using a joystick while playing a game that has to do with flying jets will make the gaming experience much more realistic.
Surround Sound Systems:
One huge advantage to computer gaming is the fact that computer usually come with the ability to support surround sound. The sound that can be produced by computer games is amazing and that is why purchasing the accessory of a surround sound system is a must for computer gaming.
HD Monitors:
It is advised when purchasing computer gaming accessories to buy a HD monitor. You will be amazed by the difference in picture when comparing standard definition monitors to high definition monitors. Think of them as amped up HD TVs. Since you will need to purchase upgraded graphic cards for your computer to be able to handle your games, you might as well have a monitor that shows the true crispness of the graphics.
Laptop Case:
If you are a computer gamer that chooses to use a laptop instead of a desktop for your gaming you should seriously think about buying a laptop case. Some gamers like to be able to play at anytime and anyplace. The last thing they need is to be carrying their laptop and drop it or it get damaged some other way. Computers are not cheap, especially when they are full of upgraded accessories. Laptop cases are designed to absorb shock and be water resistant. This simple investment truly can save you a great deal of money. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. As well, many laptop cases are stylish and allow people to express their personalities.

Chapter 6:
Where to Get Free Accessories
Although gaming can be quite exciting and entertaining, it can also become quite expensive as well when the costs of all your accessories add up. If you are like other gamers you are probably wondering if there is another way, a cheaper way, or maybe even a free way of getting a hold of gaming accessories.
The following chapter will give you some valuable insight on how you can solve this problem and continue to get the most out of your gaming experience without completely breaking your bank.
Get Free Accessories
When you are shopping for gaming accessories do you ever feel like the prices are outrageous? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It seems that as time goes on they are becoming more and more expensive as well. This is probably due to the fact that gaming is becoming increasingly popular year by year. There are even people now a days that play video games for a profession and actually win large amounts of money from tournaments. You could possibly be a professional gamer one day in the future, but you will need the right gaming accessories. There is a way to be able to afford these accessories. In fact there are ways that you can even get them for free!
Video game companies are constantly having promotions where they give away free gaming accessories. Most of the time all it will take is for you to go to a website and fill out a registration form. You may feel like this is a waste of time and that you will never be the winner. If you do not participate, this will be true. However, if you enter the promotional sweepstakes you have a chance of winning. It is not like it is hard to fill out a registration form and you might get some really cool stuff out of it.
There are also sweepstakes where certain video game companies will put codes on the inside of certain bags of chips or candy or on the inside of the cap of a soda bottle. With enough codes, a person will receive some type of reward. The sweepstakes will often tell you what type of gaming accessory you are competing for as well.
Another place you can look for free gaming accessories is recycling plants. I do not mean a regular recycling plant. I’m talking about an electronic recycling facility. These are places where people bring their used and no
longer wanted electronics. Most of these plants will either sell these items for a very low price or give away the items away. The chances are slim, but you may get lucky and find some expensive gaming accessories at one of these recycling plants. It will take much time and effort to search from plant to plant. But on the bright side, when you do finally score some free gaming accessories you will be rewarded greatly.
Another thing that you may want to consider is the fact that many gaming shops accept used games and accessories for trade or cash. If you have old accessories or old games laying around that you no longer use, why don’t you trade them in and get something that you want. In most cases you will get much more of a trade in value than a cash value for your used items. This is because the game store wants the money to stay within their store; this is a really smart business plan if you think about it. It is advised to take the trade in option.
Also, being a member of certain game store member programs has its benefits. Some of these programs give you points towards free rewards every time you make a purchase. Being a member of a game store like Game Stop is advised as it is a great way to obtain free gaming accessories.
Finding free accessories will not be easy but it is possible, especially for a determined gamer who needs to save money.
Wrapping Up
In conclusion, no matter what type of console you game with or what type of video games you like to play, accessories in the world of gaming are highly important. I hope the information provided has been helpful for you and I hope you will be able to use the tips provided in a positive way. Thanks for reading this book, now get out there and enjoy those games!